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Dade Phelan, Speaker of the Texas House, has beaten David Covey in a runoff election that pitted Phelan against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and millions of dollars in the most expensive, dishonest, mud-slinging campaign ever run in this district. A record nine members lost their primaries, and eight were sent to runoffs, including Dade Phelan, who has run the House for two sessions and is the main target of right-wing Republicans’ efforts to push the lower chamber further to the right. Phelan had come in second place in his primary, possibly setting him up to be the first speaker ousted from the legislature. In recent years, as the Texas Senate has lurched to the right and embraced culture war issues, the House has emerged as a more moderate and deliberative chamber. At the end of the day, Phelan and others said his race and the other runoffs would be a referendum on the direction of Texas politics. Far-right donors, led by West Texas billionaires Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks, poured millions into the race. Former President Donald Trump also endorsed Phelan’s opponent David Covey. Another endorsement loss for Trump. The next thing to come out of the Covey camp will be sour grapes.


The Texas Republican Party on Saturday voted on two new party platform planks aimed at barring the teaching of sex and sexuality in schools while simultaneously calling on Texas schools to teach the “dignity of the preborn human” and that life begins at fertilization. The party planks specify what the Texas GOP believes students should and should not be taught in the classroom about gender and sex, signaling further shifts to the right. Critics say such policies would be harmful and discriminatory.   “The issue of gender has nothing to do with education,” said Cindi Castilla, president of the Texas Eagle Forum. “Education is about reading, writing, math, science, history and fine arts. Maybe some foreign language and PE. Schools aren’t the social educators of our kids.” The newly approved Texas GOP party platform broadly places the culture wars at its core, as the party adopted a slew of new platforms that shift the party further to the right on Saturday. Delegates Saturday voted on 275 platform planks, which will now need to be tallied and certified in Austin. It is rare for a plank to be rejected, The delegates voted to choose 8 among 15 legislative priorities to be shared with Republican lawmakers ahead of the legislative session that starts in January. “The Texas GOP is out of step with the majority of Americans who believe in equality,” said Zeph Capo, president of the Texas chapter of American Federation of Teachers.


10 Years Ago-2014

I first met Carmela Ceja the day she and Ricardo opened their new Tequila’s Restaurant in Bridge City.  I was stunned to learn that at age 50, this beautiful lady’s life had ended. She had three great children Vaneza, Kimberly and Ricardo, Jr. Carmela was a devoted Catholic and supported many worthy causes. She died May 20, services were held May 23.  *****I understand Judge Thibodeaux can see straight ahead now not around his glasses after cataract eye surgery Tuesday. *****Congratulations to Todd “Big Daddy” Landry who was named “Farmer of the Year” by the Lower Sabine Neches Soil and Water Conservation District. Last year our publication was honored with the award. That’s when our buddy, Rubin Stringer headed up the organization. Since his death, he has been replaced by Mauriceville native Larry Peveto, of Buna.*****Judge Pat Clark and Rosalie’s granddaughter, Whitney, a sophomore at a 5-A Houston school, was named “First Team All District” in soccer. She still has two years to go and is shooting for All State. *****Congrats to Cathy Riley, of Bridge City, and Summer Diamond, of Little Cypress-Mauriceville, who were honored with the Reaud “Excellence in Education” award.*****Brad Paisley accompanied President Obama on a surprise visit to the troops in Afghanistan. Brad and his guitar entertained the troops. The President personally shook every soldier’s hand which took nearly two hours. *****Bill Gaither’s homecoming tour is coming to Ford Park on Aug. 1. That’s my kind of gospel music. *****Roy said his uncle, Dan Duplantis, bordered on being a genius. Dan invented a way to separate color by designing filters for a Kodak camera. The company flew him to New York and gave him $5,000 for his invention. It’s made billions since. Anyway here’s what’s ironic. Dan’s great nephew, Mark Dunn, the advertising agent for King Save Warehouse Foods was the very first person to develop and run a color process ad in this market. Mark furnished the color separations (4) to the Port Arthur News, Beaumont Enterprise and Orange Leader. He stayed up all night to see the first fully colored ad he had built. Our paper, The Opportunity Valley News, couldn’t run it; we didn’t have enough unit capacity.

20 Years Ago-2004

Beloved Bridge City teacher MiMi Hollier retires. She has spent 33 years in the same classroom. When school begins in the fall, the classroom will be in a brand new building but without Ms. Hollier. She says, “It’s with mixed emotions that I leave, I have spent 33 years with tremendous students and special colleagues. It will be strange that for the first time in all those years I won’t be teaching public school.” She and husband Bob will be doing several things. MiMi will be teaching at Lamar College, running an antique business and traveling. (Editor’s note: Ms. MiMi helped many students go on to successful careers. She is remembered fondly by some who are now grandparents.  A SIDE BAR: A few days before her retirement Ms. Hollier wrote a letter to Mark Dunn and sent him a copy of a story he had written the year she arrived in Bridge City as a young teacher, titled “A Young Soldier.” She was so impressed she had kept the story all those years and sent it back to him. (Editor’s note: I believe she was Mark’s favorite teacher. His long-suit has always been his writing. He hasn’t cultivated it but no doubt Mark could have been a great writer if he had pursued it as a career.)*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Jimmy “Jimbo” Carpenter, 63, died May 29, service was held June 1. Born in Des Allemands, LA, the lifelong Orange resident was a member of the well known, large Carpenter clan, which included football star Sammy Carpenter.*****Melissa Jenkins, 69, of Bridge City died Monday, May 24. She is survived by daughters Dr. Jan Jenkins, Melinda Faulk and Leslie Jenkins and one son Neal Jenkins.*****A few days ago Earl Darby, of Bridge City, passed away and also young Michael Reeh, 21, lost his life in an auto accident in Beaumont.*****Novrozsky’s comes to Orange with a grand opening to be held May 25. The restaurant located at 501 16th St. Regional manager is Jim Larkin, manager, Scott Thorn. Judge Thibodeaux and Councilman Ben Culpepper assisted in the ribbon cutting. 

50 Years Ago-1974

Terri Lynn Stakes, 18, due to graduate on Friday night, met her death in an auto accident Thursday night. Her classmates openly wept. Terri had a genuine love for people. She loved life and God took her home to be one of his angles. Terri was put to rest with her graduation cap and gown. She was the daughter of Bobbie and Calvin Stakes, Sr.*****Dick Bivens swears he caught Bill Clark stealing roasting ears of corn out of Hubert Marshall’s corn patch. Doris Ann was with him said Dick, but she sat in the car and wasn’t stealing. Since Bill admitted it on the air and promised not to raid the corn patch again Hubert will not prosecute. *****Tommy Segura flies 36 hours over land and sea to get home to Bridge City. He is in Uncle Sam’s Air Force and will be home on a 30-day leave. On arrival he slept for 14 hours. *****Orange County bids farewell to “Mr. Ted.” Several of his former players and assistant coaches were on hand to honor Jefferies on the same ground where the successful mentor had made it all happen, the Stark High football field. In 1941 he coached Wichita Falls to the state championship. On hand for the ceremony was quarterback of that 1941 team, Gene Hill. H.W. “Chief” Wilson told about playing for “Mr. Ted” at SFA. Glenn Green recalled playing for Lamar Tech and facing SFA, who the previous week had completed 25 of 31 passes. Glenn said, “Lamar worked all week to stop the pass so Coach Ted changed the entire offense in one week. SFA ran multiple traps and threw only twice and beat the hell out of us.” Stark high coach Dexter Bassinger spoke about his career as an assistant under Coach Jefferies. “Mr. Ted’s” overall record was 256-117-8. He is an inductee of the Texas High School Hall of Fame.


Teresa Hearne George, a Bridge City native and former beauty queen, has been in town since her father Ray Hearne passed away a few weeks ago. She has been staying with her mother Elaine. Last week Teresa visited her friends Charlotte and Dow Gene Anderson. Teresa has spent many years in Nashville producing country music shows and has written a couple of books. One, ‘Take These Chains from my Heart’ has over 200 quotations from country music greats. I still have my autographed copy. It reads, “Thanks for your help over the years, Love Theresa.” She is no longer in the music business.*****Peggy Claybar’s family is ready with the cookies and lemonade for their seventh summer benefit to help Traci’s Texas Tails, the non-profit dog rescue group run by the tireless Traci James. Peggy spends a lot of time with her grandkids, and a few summers ago the kids got the idea to sell cookies and lemonade to raise money for the pups. It’s now an annual affair for sisters Annabelle and Caroline Claybar, with their cousins Keller Claybar and Breelyn Lemaire. Each year gets bigger and bigger. This year gift baskets will be raffled, decorative hand-painted garden rocks will be sold, along with the cookies and lemonade. The benefit will be this Wednesday, May 29, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the yard of 602 Pine Avenue in the Old Orange Historic District. Watch for the traffic. It’s a popular event.*****Graduation ceremonies have about ended and a lot of grandparents around Orange County are thankful. They were rushing around last week catching all the high school graduations. Dance recitals are still going on.*****Speaking of graduations, Rebecca Johns graduated from Ole Miss with all kinds of honors , included being the class marshal. She’s the daughter of Rebecca and Bret Johns.*****Elvis Rushing retired from the West Orange-Cove school district after 25 years. He’s been the longtime technology director and we bet he has seen a lot of changes in that quarter century with tech in schools.*****Outdoors writer and nature expert Chester Moore went up to Massachusetts, site of the novel and movie “Jaws” on the 50th anniversary of making the film. He made a stop to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. Do you know the conservancy has a phone app that will track white sharks they are monitoring?.*****Gary Bonneaux has a mystery. Why is he flying to Milwaukee?.*****County Commissioner Johnny Trahan with wife, Becky, went with friends, including County Judge John Gothia and his wife, Glynis, to the U.S. Virgin Islands for some tropical beach time with white sands and blue seas.*****Roderick and Brandy Robertson are vacationing in Louisville, Kentucky, to watch son Peyton play minor league baseball. Their trip has included seeing the Louisville Slugger museum and factory. They found Andre Robertson’s signature from his New York Yankee days. Andre is Roderick’s brother, and Roderick also played professional ball.*****Cody Caples with the Orange Fire Department graduated last week from peace officer school. The double training will help him serve as an investigative fire marshal. He had another graduation as his son, Colton, graduated from kindergarten...The Orange Public Library is bringing back summer miniature golf. Individuals and families can play for free on a miniature golf course the library staff will set up among the bookshelves. Clubs and balls will be provided and no reservations are required.  It’s going to be Thursday, June 6, from 3 to 7 p.m. *****Orange City Councilor Brad Childs and wife, Terri, are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a cruise.***Charles and Bianca Garrett marked their 18th wedding anniversary.*****Our prayers go out to Danny Brack, our longtime friend, who is battling health problems that had him hospitalized over a month. Danny is a fighter. More later on his condition.*****Dunn turns 90, June 5.. A gathering of friends will take place next Wednesday, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Robert’s. Roy says no gifts please. Seeing friends will be a wonderful gift.


A few folks having birthdays in the next few days. May 29: Sam Kitchel, A. J. Lemoine, Christina Cunningham. *****May 30: Dr. Amber Dunn, Dr. David Olson, Judge Rex Peveto, Carla Court. Jerry Jackson, Stacey LaRose, Brian Ousley, Clint Worthy Kimberlea Worthy, Derek George, Nikki Barron, Nikki Fisette.*****May 31: Brad Spooner, Irene Storment, Florence Evans, Rebecca Cartwright, Lauren Brownlie, Macey Joubert, Terry George, Rhonda Wilson, Brooke Edwards.*****June 1:  Linda Wolfford, Shirley Griffin, Emily Culpepper, Gene Armand, Joyce Bourdier, Rollie Cardner, Sheila Deason, Claudia Lyon, Janice Prevost.*****June 2: Kayla Hickey, Levastie LeBlanc,  Nina Acen, Susan Broussard, Pete Modica, Jr., Julie Lummus, Kathy Holland, Miranda McClure.   *****June 3: Herman Dupuis, David Lopes, Harold Trantham, Matthew Jagoe, *****June 4: Brittany Yu, Paige Ousley, Jade Ousley, Brooklyn Goldsmith, Aaron McNeil, Sandra Hoke, Donna Benefield, Donna Rogers.***** Birthdays celebrated last week include Nelda Burton, who always promotes and works for the betterment of Mauriceville. Also, blowing out candles were Jo Harris, Chloe Abshire, Joline Clark, Corey Stark, Hillary Gravett, Lainie Brown, Mary Ann Fetchin, Lois Ferrell, Julie Mashaney, Joey Claybar, Morgan Latiolais, Jo Ann Clark, CarlyRay, Krystal Sanche, Hunter Peveto, Summer Kovatch, MaQuettia Ledet, Kelly Morphew, David McDuffie, Chad Bornholdt, D.J. Dugas, Angie Claybar, Jimmie Barnes, Deborah Harris, Lisa Moore, Cindy Gunn, Benitris Petterway Edwards, Cassie Grizaffi, Rose Lori Briggs, and Cap’n Jack the parrot, who turned 18.


Tee Nonk Comeaux was scheduled to have major open heart surgery.         Dr. Primeaux told Tee Nonk dat the surgeon, Dr. Trahan, had told him dat he had a 50/50 chance of survival. Dr. Primeaux said, “I’ll be praying for you Comeaux.”

Wen Comeaux awakened after da serious operation, he found da room dark, wit all the blinds drawn.

“Why are all da blinds closed, hanh?” Comeaux ake.

“Well,” da surgeon responded, “Dey fighting a huge fire across da street dem, and we didn’t want you to wake up and tink da operation had failed.”



It seems like just the other day that little Johnny or little Mary started Pre-K but in the next few days 12 years would have flown by. Those years, from elementary through high school, will be the years that will follow them the most as they travel through life. Many will look back years from now and really appreciate what great few years those were. What they don’t realize today is that as time passes they will drift away from those they consider their best friends. They will vow to stay in touch and for a time they will, but life for these youngsters is getting ready to make some drastic changes. New friends, in different walks of life, will be made but what will always remain is that the friends made in the formative years will always be. Hometown pride and childhood memories made there will always be in their thoughts. However, five years from now 80 percent of all today’s grads will have moved away never to make it their home again. Some will marry far away girls or boys, start families elsewhere and that place will become the hometown of their offspring and the cycle starts all over. We’re proud of our grads and wish them a great, successful life filled with happiness and good health. There is no telling where life will take them, some have an idea of what they want to do but there are no guarantees in life.******Thanks for your time. Thanks for your loyalty. Take care and God bless.


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