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Biden, Trump agree to ABC News and CNN debates. CNN said they won’t be allowed to use any props or pre-written notes but will be given paper, a pen and water. The CNN debate is the first of two debates agreed on by the campaigns. The second will be hosted by ABC News on Sept. 10. CNN announced the rules agreed on by both President Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s campaigns. They include microphone muting, a coin flip and more when the two candidates face off at the network’s Atlanta studio on Thursday, June 27. The debate, which is being moderated by CNN anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, will run for approximately 90 minutes with two commercial breaks. There will be no live studio audience, one major change from debates past. Biden and Trump will stand at podiums decided by a coin flip. Their microphones will be muted unless it is their turn to speak, the network said, which is likely to limit how much the candidates can interrupt one another. The Biden campaign set out some conditions for the debate, including that they be conducted by news organizations, not the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, and Biden, Trump agree to ABC News and CNN debates. CNN said they should have no in-person audience to limit disruptions. This month’s debate, the earliest ever in a presidential race, comes before the Republican and Democratic conventions later this summer -- when both Trump and Biden will officially accept their party’s nominations.


10 Years Ago-2014

The invasion that never should have been. Iraq finds itself in a civil war with the problem going way back when Cheney and Rumsfeld talked Geo. W. into invading and occupying Iraq, despite advise from his father, former President Geo. H. Bush, and military experts. The biggest con game was pulled on the American people with claims of Saddam having weapons of mass destruction. It was a lie, they knew it was a lie. We invaded, spent $1 trillion and lost nearly 5,000 young lives, with over 30,000 injured but in the process we destroyed all Iraqi military and cheered when Saddam was hung in public. The truth is Iraq never was a threat to the U.S. Saddam had been our friend. Iraq had great universities and a high middle-class. Saddam ran a tight ship. No terrorist could survive under his rule. Cheney and Rumsfeld had their eyes on Iraq’s oil production, plus most of the money spent to rebuild the country went to Halliburton.*****We were sorry to learn of the death of Vergie Mansfield Scales, 102, who passed away Monday night. Please see story and obituary in this publication.*****A little about the natives: Donna and Judge Jimmy Scales attended the wedding of son Jared and Alyssa DeRamus, in Key West Florida last week. I can’t wait to hear Donna’s version of that trip. She always tells a good story. In fact, when Roy retires she should take his place with Life’s Highway. *****Former Orangeites James and Janet Fontenot were in town from Round Rock. They visited with brother Ray and daughter Brenda then had a Lunch Bunch outing with Corky and Betty Harmon.***Sunday morning, during an early shopping trip to Market Basket, I met a guy, Bobby Barras, who introduced himself to me. He and his wife had moved to Waterwood 17 years ago from Port Arthur, he’d retired from Texaco Chemical and was also a great fan of The Record and had read most of the “Down Life‘s Highway” columns.. He told me he had graduated from Bishop Byrne in 1953. I learned he had attended school with some of the great folks I knew like Roland Angelle, Donald Boneaux, Raymond Meyer, Gene Cropper, Don VanEten, Max Forster, Eddie, Kenneth and Gene Bourgeois and a mess of others. Bob Barras’ folks came from Loreauville, La. His mother was a Braquet and he knew all of the Judices and Berard’s, Oubre’s and such. Even though he lived in Port Arthur he keeps in touch with the folks back in the old Cajun country and visits often. It was an enjoyable visit. It’s nice to find and old, new friends.*****The San Antonio Spurs defeated defending champions Miami Heat in five games. The Spurs put on a clinic, beating the Heat 104-87 in game five to win the team’s fifth NBA title. No team in the league plays better as a team. No big names or outlandish stories. *****Chief Deputy County Clerk Brandy Robertson not only has two 15-year-olds, Nathan Hayes and Payton Robertson, with driving permits but also son Payton is playing on a local select team, Bullet Baseball 16U, coached by Roderick Robertson, Tony Dallas, of Dallas Insurance and Stephen Patterson, Superintendent of Orangefield ISD. The select team will be playing games in Lake Charles, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin and Florida.

20 Years Ago-2004

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Heubart “Snuffy” Smith, 77, died Saturday, June 19. A native of Mississippi, he had lived in Bridge City many years. He was survived by wife Rachel, sons Kenneth, John and Grady. Pallbeares were L.K. Jarrell, Ed Osburn, Bill Kiihnl, James Perkins, John Banken and Tom Brooks.*****John R. Moore, 78, died June 18. He was a WWII vet and former POW. Services were held June 20 with full military rites. He is survived by wife Tina, sons John, Donald, Wayne and Marlin and daughters Jane, Judy, Rita and Kellie.*****Our friend Patty Harris, of Bridge City Bank, gave birth to her “Little Billy Goat” on June 17. Arriving early, Landon Reed Harris weighted in at five-pounds, one-ounce and was 18 inches high. *****Former Bridge City football star Luke Wolford will be taking a bride on July 17. His bride-to- be is pretty Ashley Womack, a 2003 LC-M grad. Luke, who has been playing football at Southern Arkansas, will be attending Lamar next semester. *****The Museum of the Gulf Coast celebrated its first 10 years. Jo-El Sonnier was inducted and also performed.

45 Years Ago-1979

President Jimmy Carter and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev signed the SALT II treaty limiting the nuclear arsenal of the United States and the Soviet Union.*****Billie Sol Estes in the news again for violating his parole agreement. In question are strings placed on him preventing him from entering private businesses. *****Junior Bruce is a target of local daily newspaper. The stories are seen as a vendetta.*****Betty and Corky Harmon host the monthly dinner club. After a cocktail and visit at their home, the gourmet group also visited a Beaumont restaurant.*****Orange baseball star Andre Robertson signs a contract with the Toronto Blue Jays and is assigned to Dunhedin of the Class A Florida State League. He was signed off the Texas University campus. (Editor’s note: Andre went on to star with the New York Yankees.)*****Beaumont’s James “Bubba Busceme, who hasn’t fought professionally in three years, will fight Robert Tijerino of Dallas. The fight will be held in Beaumont. The 10-rounder will be taped by cable television. Also boxing on the card will be Wilfor Sypien of Port Arthur. Busceme 27, a 1972 Olympic quarter-finalist, had a 116-11 amateur record and 12-2 as a pro with 11 knockouts. He will weigh in at 135 pounds for the junior lightweight class.


Our friends of many years Karen Fisher, Tax Assessor/Collector, who worked for us many years ago, is retiring in July. She has only five months left in her term. Over the years she has been a great representative for the people. We will miss our friend. She will be replaced by Octavia Guzman who was elected in the primaries and with an early appointment by Commissioner’s Court.*****Clear your calendars for June 29, a Saturday, for Bridge City’s inaugural Red, White and You celebration with a fun family evening including the first lighted drone show. For anyone not familiar, drone shows have lighted, flying drones synchronized to put on colorful displays of patterns. It’s similar to a fireworks show, but without the smoke and noise. Not only will there be a drone show, but the popular ‘80s band Bag of Donuts will be playing after the drone show. The big event will be at 105 Parkside off West Roundbunch Road. Gates will open at 5 p.m. Food vendors and crafts booths will be set up. It’s a bring-you-own-chair event for the family.***** For many years our friend Clint Landry has been coaching Babe Ruth baseball in Nederland. His players come from different area schools, Orangefield and Bridge City are represented. I will have the players names at a later date. The team will be playing in the World Series playoff and championship in August in Missouri.*****King George Strait set a record concert audience record on Saturday in College Station at Kyle Field. The King drew 110,905 to the audience that included a number from Orange County. A preliminary list includes mothers-in-law Debbie Hughes and Pam Cheek. They went with daughter and veterinarian Dr. Kayla Hughes Cheek. Also there were Christi and Larry Moerbe, Kody Smith, Dana McMillan Strokos, Phyllis Case, Kim Bonnin Smith, and Kathy Mullins-Brown. Parrish Permenter Bird went with companion Tim Talbert and her daughters, Marlee Bird and Morgan Latiolais, plus son-in-law Brian Latiolais...The next night, Alanis Morrisette played at The Woodlands. Margie Stephens and daugher Stephanie Duval made the show and even traveled behind the famous singer’s travel bus after the show.*****Skipper Yeaman took a tumble off a ladder last week and had to get some stitches put in at the new Christus emergency room. Luckily, he was in good enough shape to accompany wife, Gina, to her conference with the Texas Association of School Boards in San Antonio. Gina, who is a trustee with West Orange-Cove, went along with other board members, including Roderick Robertson. He was accompanied by his wife, Orange County Clerk Brandy Robertson and they worked in a night boat ride along the Riverwalk.*****John and Marla Blanke took an impromptu trip to the beach in Galveston to see how their rescue dog Trooper took to the sun and sea. Looks like the retired empty-nesters may be taking Trooper for some more beach time.*****Brandi Griggs, who is always on the go, along with daughter, Kiley, took in their ocean creatures at Sea World in San Antonio. Congrats to Kiley for earning more honors at Tiger Rock Martial Arts.*****Orange City Councilor Caroline Hennigan and husband, Mike, welcomed new grandson Jaxxon Estes.*****Ellisia and Jay Carpenter with daughter Mckinlee spent some time at Ellisia’s old haunts at Plum Ridge. Mckinlee is on the Bridge City High fishing team and got to practice some skills.***** Ross and Eva Smith helped introduce new great-granddaughter Athena to some good Swamp Pop by Crossroads band. Grandparents Denisha and Matt LaFleur were also there for the big event.*****West Orange City Councilor Lanie Brown, who works for U.S. Representative Brian Babin, went to Washington, D.C., and got to meet some bigwigs, including Speaker of the House Mike Johnson.*****Julie and Sam Patronella also traveled to D.C. They took in lots of sights with the special trip to see grandson Rustyn Ackerman graduate from high school.*****Judge Derry Dunn, on the LCM school board, last week attended a meeting in San Antonio about what school districts are dealing with in the state. It’s mandated that uniformed police officers are on every campus but Derry said they give the districts just enough to pay for one officer. He thinks they might increase that. The new law is why Pinehurst Police Chief Chris Humble left for the LCM job.*****Former commissioner Owen Burton grew plenty tomatoes but now he’s pulled up all his plants before I got the first ‘mater.’ Also deer got in his pinto bean patch and ate up half of it. Not a good gardening year for Owen.*****I hear Renee Dillion’s dad raised a good crop. I have feelers out to try to get some.*****A large Farmer’s Market will be held July 13 at the Bridge City Community Center. Fresh crops of summer vegetables.*****Thursday June 20 is the first day of summer.***** ****Our friend sports writer Dan Perrine has retired. We will miss him. He did a great job covering high school sports. We need a sports writer. In the next few weeks we hope to find one.*****Speaking of sports , Coach Cornell Thompson has finished his book. It has gone to the publisher and should be on sale in September. I can’t wait to get my copy. It covers a great time in high school sports and one of the state’s most successful programs.***** Danny Brack, who was in ICU in a Houston hospital, is now in a Groves rehab center. He is expected to be there about a month with hopes to continue to improve. I spoke with him for a few minutes last week. We go back many moons, through good and bad times. Best wishes to Danny and Sherry for better days ahead.*****Boston Celtics defeated Dallas in game 5 to become basketball champs.


Folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days: June 19: Taylor Landry, Christie Kasko, Betty Norwood, Wyetta Carter, Shelby Permenter, Chelsie Moerbe, Cortnie Moerbe, Marianne Choate, Myrtle Howell.*****June 20: Trish Williams, Cindy Overman, Keith Kay, Marie Norton, Justin Roberts, Debbie Johansson, Gregory Darbonne, Loretta Beck.*****June 21: Dr. Clay Greeson, Dustin Hartsfield, Shelly Arceneaux, Jane Johnson, Tyler Bailey, Sarah Claybar, Sharon Wright, Wesley Darbonne, David Dubose, Melanie Broussard. Wade Phillips will be 77 on this day.*****June 22: Don Finley, Paul Richardson, Gean Hammett, Caitlin Wells, Charlene Braus, Nora Anne Minor, Phyllis Nimitz.*****June 23: Laurie Louvier, Ken Johnson, Roberta Overstreet, Sissy Braus, Betty Merchant, Jeania Craus, Kim Turbeville, Jaden Trahan.*****June 24: Brian Holmes, Kathy Marsh, Blake Amy, Ronnie Broussard, Barbara Garza, Wesley Smith, Amanda Adams, Judy Gerrald.*****June 25: Rowan Knox Greeson, Gary Stelly, Chris Humble, Elise Becker, Cher Becker, Erin McFarlane, Linda Taylor.*****Also birthday greetings this past week to celebrants including Carole Nance, Don Hartsfield, Bob Murphy, Brook Lemley, Louise Adele Barns, Rachael Parker, Jerod Barnes, Kaitlyn Guillory, Stephanie Robinson, Kim Boyd, Adam Caillavet, Eric Bonnin, and Desia Davis. Two Orange city councilors, Paul Burch and Caroline Hennigan, had birthdays two days apart.*****Lots of June wedding anniversaries. Ronnie and Margaret Peveto celebrated No. 55.*** Orange native Carrie Joiner Woliver, who led the preservation of the historic train depot, marked 57 years married to her husband, Ron.*** Pat and Patty Cook were at the baseball park for their 51st anniversary to watch a grandson play. It’s something they love.***Former Orange residents, and natives, Alan and Myra Sanders had their 47th anniversary.*** James and LisaKay Foyle had their 11th year in of marriage.***New Orange City Councilor and church minister Matt Chandler has now been married to Brittany for 15 years. And he has one heckuva honeymoon story to tell.***Donna and David Riley celebrate 49 years of marriage.***Nolance and Irene Blanchard celebrated 69 years of marriage on June 16th, congrats.


 Alcid Thibodaux, wat is 76 years old, went to see Dr. Remus Comeaux for his annual check up. Doc Comeaux axe, “Mr. Thibodeaux, how you feeling you?”

“Doc, I’ve never felt better me, I got me an 18 years old bride wat is pregnant and having my child. Wat you tink bout dat Doc?” Thibodeaux axe.

Doc Comeaux him, he tink bout dat for a moment den said, “Mr. Thibodeaux, let me tell you a story. I knew dis guy name Walter who was an avid hunter him. Walter never missed a hunting season but one day he went out in a bit of a hurry and his mind wasn’t as sharp as it once was and he accidentally grabbed his umbrella instead of his gun.” Doc Comeaux continued, “So Walter him was in da woods and suddenly one of dem big, black bears appeared in front of him. Walter was so frightened and nurvoes him, dat he raised up his umbrella and pointed it at dat big, ugly bear and squeezed da handle. Do you know wat happen Mr. Thibodeaux?” Doc axe.

Dumfounded, old man Thibodeaux replied, “I don’t know me.”

Doc Comeaux continued, “Well, dat bear dropped dead, rat dere in front of him.”

“Dats impossible, said Thibodeaux, somebody else must of shot that dere bear.”

“Dat’s kind of wat I’m getting at,” replied da doctor. (Editor’s note: I love this story.)



President Biden on Tuesday announced sweeping new protections for hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have been living in the United States illegally for years but are married to American citizens. President Biden, introduced by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, detailed the policy at the White House on Tuesday while marking the 12-year anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, which protects people who came to the United States as children from deportation. Under the policy, undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens will be shielded from deportation, provided work permits and given a pathway to citizenship. Officials said the announcement could amount to the most sweeping unilateral move by a president to provide relief to unauthorized immigrants since President Barack Obama implemented DACA. The President also announced new ways to help people in DACA, known as Dreamers, gain access to work visas.*****Gotta go. Thanks for your time. Read us cover to cover, take care and God bless.


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