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Back a few years ago, I wrote that this day would come, maybe not in my lifetime but I lived to see it arrive. I had written that all that was needed was a stacked Supreme Court willing to bend our Constitution. Donald Trump was elected president and made three far-right appointments to the Supreme Court. Then came the darkest day in my lifetime when our democracy was challenged and Trump urged a mob to overrun our United States Capital. The mob even built a scaffold and threatened to hang Vice President Mike Pence because he would not follow orders to overthrow our government. Then up jumped the devil. Trump’s Supreme Court Monday found that Donald Trump could not be prosecuted for his Jan. 6 actions. In a landmark ruling, recognizing for the first time, in a 6-3 ruling, any form of presidential immunity from prosecution. Trump’s alleged role in assembling fake pro-Trump electors to be used in the certification process. The ruling marked the first time since the nation’s 18th century founding that the Supreme Court has declared that former presidents may be shielded from criminal charges in any instance. The Court’s conservative majority includes three justices Trump appointed. The Court decided the case on the last day of its term. Trump, 78, is the first former U.S. president to be criminally prosecuted as well as the first former president convicted of a crime. What happened on Jan. 6: Donald Trump snapped after he lost the 2020 election and encouraged a mob to overthrow the results of a free and fair election. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, joined by Justices Elena Kagan and Ketanji Brown Jackson, delivered a sharply worded dissent, saying the ruling “makes a mockery of the principle, foundational to our Constitution and system of government, “that no man is above the law.” The court gives former President Trump all the immunity he asked for and more. Trump’s trial had been scheduled to start on March 4 before the delays over the immunity issue. Now, no trial date is set. Trump was found guilty by a jury in Manhattan on May 30 on 34 counts of falsifying documents to cover up hush money paid to a porn star to avoid a sex scandal before the 2016 election. If Trump regains the presidency, he could try to force an end to the prosecution or potentially pardon himself for any federal crimes. When I wrote, a few years ago that we were slowly marching towards a dictatorship-type of government, my friends and our readers said we had too many checks and balances for that to ever happen under our Constitution. I argued it would just take a runaway Supreme Court. If Trump is re-elected he has told us what he will do. It’s not good. He and all the presidents to follow have been handed a blank check to become dictators, like in a third world country. It can be reversed but will take a president and congress willing to save our democracy.


This week marks the 248th year of our Independence. On July Fourth we celebrate throughout the United States. This year, the Fourth falls on a Thursday making for a four-day holiday weekend for some. Celebrations throughout the country will feature fireworks. *****Bridge City is also celebrating its 54th birthday. Chartered on July 6, 1970, the small community was named Bridge City after the school district, made possible after the swing bridge was built over Cow Bayou and the Prairieview and Winfree school districts merged. Today Bridge City is a fine city and a great place to live.*****Also, this week, 60 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act. Most southern senators opposed the Bill. LBJ recruited the help of the Republican Party to pass the Bill. LBJ said at the time that he had signed the south to the Republicans. He was right; the strong Democratic south has since voted Republican. LBJ said, “It was the right thing to do.” Sammy Davis, Jr. said “It opened the door to someday elect a person of color president of the United States.” Barak Obama, 44 years later, was elected president.*****This also marks 22 years since Dannarriah Finley was murdered and her body dumped near Pleasure Island in Port Arthur. She had been taken from her bed in Orange while her mother was away. No one to this day has ever been arrested for her murder. The little girl “lives” in the hearts and minds of many Orange citizens. Maybe by the next anniversary we can report that the killer has been charged and convicted. The Record Newspapers has published Dannarriah’s story annually since her death.


10 Years Ago-2014

The last time I wrote about turnout was after the county judge’s race where Brint Carlton was elected with only 2900 votes and no Democratic challenger in November. Democrats should have run a candidate for county judge. When Democrats controlled all local offices and there weren’t any Republican primaries (same thing in reverse) Republicans and Independents voted in the Democratic Primaries. Proof of that, when Judge Pete Runnels and Judge James Stringer ran against each other, they drew 25,000 votes in the primary. Last month the county judge’s race drew less than 6,000. Republicans voted in the Democratic race back then. The GOP created that all over the country with gerrymandering or scaring off the Democratic candidates with straight party voting. Suppressing the vote is part of their strategy. They control elections with low turnout.***** Marlene Merritt, who for weeks has been caring for son Robert, came down with a bad ear infection that kept her indoors during the bad weather. *****We spotted Judge Joe Parkhurst visiting with his eldest grandson Dylan, who was in from his Coast guard duties in Kentucky. He has been in the Guard for a year. Dylan’s other grandparents are Bill and Wynona Stark. *****Earl Thomas and some of his Seahawk friends and fellow players were in town putting on a football clinic last Friday and Saturday. Nearly 900 youngsters attended.*****In 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed there were 2.5 million people living in the 13 colonies. Today there are more than 300 million Americans inhabiting 50 states, who will celebrate the founding of our great nation. The Declaration that secured our independence still stands as the foundation of democracy. Remember it’s more than a backyard BBQ, red-white-and blue streamers, downtown parades or fireworks displays. The Fourth of July is a celebration of the freedom afforded to us as citizens of the United States of America.


20 Years Ago-2004

Frances Collins Harris went to prison for kidnapping her then three year old granddaughter, Nocona Smith, whose name had been changed to Burton in 1994. Harris fled the country with the child for eight years. This week, she completed her seven months at Carswell Federal Penitentiary. She will now find out what a year’s probation will consist of. (Editor’s note: Frances has been free the last twenty years and has written a book about the entire story.)*****Seventy years ago this week, in 1954, Elvis recorded his first song “That’s Alright Mama” recorded at Sun Record. His first million seller however was “Heartbreak Hotel” in 1956.

45 Years Ago-1979

Paul Roy and A.J. Judice and some other good folks hosted some high school youngsters for the Fourth of July fun day on Cow Bayou.***** Jessie Hebert, membership chairman of the Bridge City B&PW sent four members to the state convention in Lubbock. Delegates were Sue Pate, Mary Railey, Lennie Rutledge and Jeanne Wood. They will report at the July meeting. *****Gene Edgerly is home facing a long recovery after having back surgery.*****The champion Bridge City Raven softball team is made of Angie Boudreaux, Theresa Benoit, Kellie Little, Lori Landry, Sharon Landry, Angie Foreman, Tara Demler, Lisa Trahan, Marilyn Gamble, Kathy Fleming, Nancy Fleming, Vicki Lloyd and Shelly Weeks. Coaches are Robert Boudreaux and Walter Delcome. Team mother is Nell Tramble, team sweetheart is Karen Linden. *****Bubba Hubbard’s team won the Bridge City Rotary attendance contest. The losing team, led by Roy Dunn, will host the winners to dinner at Sartin’s in Sabine Pass July 12. The gas shortage will cause members to car pool unless Dunn can be talked into chartering a bus.

50 Years Ago-1974

David Hamlett, Bridge City police agent, was stabbed while making a traffic stop. Hamlett stopped three men who were knocking down garbage cans in a neighborhood off of Ferry Drive. When he asked one of the men for identification, instead of his wallet, the man came out of his back pocket with an opened knife and stabbed the officer in the belly. Hamlett managed to put the barrel of his gun in the assailant’s mouth and cocked the hammer. He pulled the knife out of his belly and arrested and secured all three. Bleeding badly, he attempted to drive to the county jail. Near the county airport on hwy. 87, he pulled over and was losing consciousness when sheriff’s deputy Aubry Bickham arrived on the scene. Deputy Hamlett is hospitalized with severe injuries. Bridge City Police Chief Wilson Roberts was attending a movie when he was summoned. He praised his police agent and then added, “Our juries will just have to start throwing the book at these kinds of people who have no respect for the law. David is lucky to be alive.” (D.A. Sharon Bearden prosecuted the case and the assailant was given 30 years.)*****Barbara Gillis and Crip Trahan are both in the hospital, not with the same ailment however.


Today, as I sit here on July 2, 2024, I’m reminded that 14 years ago on this day our friend ‘Buckshot’ Winfree passed away. ‘Buck’ was special, he was in the last bunch of men who lived the western tradition, along with his son Will. ‘Buck’ comes to mind every time I hear a good story.


Bridge City Mayor David Rutledge will have a tough job topping the initial Red, White and You celebration this past weekend. They had the first drone show in this area and the displays were not a disappointment. The crowd oohed and clapped for formations that included a melting red, white, and blue rocket frozen pop, the moon landing, the Statute of Liberty, and other displays. Music accompanied the drones, which didn't produce the noise and smoke of old-fashioned fireworks. City councilors Aaron Roccaforte and Gina Mannino were seen in the crowd, along with Brandy Slaughter, Annie Reeve, Robert Simonton, Ida Schossow, Darrell Segura, Judy Aycock, Lucy Fields, Laura Childress, Melissa Lambert, Ronald LeBlanc, and Donna Little. A lot of dancing went on, too, to the live bands.*****Our longtime carrier, Sandra LaMont, arrived at St. Elizabeth Hospital at 8:15 a.m., June 26th and had a triple bypass that same day at 2:30 p.m. She is out of ICU and will be transferring to rehab soon. We wish her a speedy recovery. We miss you Sandi.*****We heard through the grapevine that Orange native Sylvia Dickey Smith went ziplining through the treetops of Costa Rica last week. She’s been traipsing the world with her beau Glenn Chandler. They will be heading to England in August.*****Our hometown celebrity, Dolores Cantu, returned to the town she was born in, Refugio, Texas last weekend to participate in their Fourth of July celebration. Saturday was declared “Dolores Cantu Day” by the mayor. Cantu received the key to the city and was honored as the Grand Marshall of the Independence Day parade.*****Congratulations to Tucker Flatt for being named Big Red mascot for the upcoming school year. He's been studying and practicing for the job.*****Regina and Kristopher Marple took their sons on a beach trip around the Alabama-Florida Gulf coast. Son Kolton, who recently graduated from LCM, is set to go into the U.S. Marine Corps.*****Chris and Christi Kovatch took their kiddos to Disney World again. Son Thayer, remembering his younger days and a tragic ice cream bar incident, refused to hold brother Stryker's ice cream this year.*****The Pruter sisters, Susan Swan and Ann Seals, took a trip to Las Vegas and saw Lionel Ritchie along with the Beatles Love Show.*****April and Scott Goodman went to Boston with their trip including taking in a game at Fenway Park.*****Kimberly and Bob Manning took off for cooler weather in Oregon, Bob's home state. Their visit will include seeing lots of relatives, including grandkids.*****Elizabeth and Lee Ludwig went to Branson, Missouri, to see their grandchildren.*****Brandi Griggs played bunco and is hoping her kids aren't rough this year on their new above-ground swimming pool.*****Above-ground pools are popular. Orange Mayor Larry Spears and wife, Trish, have turned their backyard into a vacation oasis with a pool.*****Orange City Councilor Paul Burch and husband, Raul, sold their house in the Old Orange Historic District to a house in Little Cypress in the Chasse additions.*****Father Jim Sichko and his knack for getting special gifts donated, has helped boost the sales of the annual St. Mary School Gala, set for September. Almost all the tables are already sold out for the event that will also be marking the school's centennial anniversary. The theme this year is Met Gala, Black and White.*****Keep Private First Class Cody Strause and his family in your prayers, along with his family. The Record Newspapers featured the 20-year-old paratrooper who jumped at a D-Day reunion last month. This past week, he had an accident while on duty and suffered a cracked skull, leaving him in critical condition. His mother, Janois Grizzaffi, and father, Rob Strause, went to his side and reported improvements in his condition. His other father, Mark Grizzaffi, was being treated at M.D. Anderson in Houston at the same time.*****It is the season for eating my favorite, ripe right off the tree, fruit. Figs are one of the oldest fruit and is mentioned in the Bible (Garden of Eden) and was considered sacred by the Romans. It is believed that Spanish explorers brought them to the Americas in the 14th century. Figs enjoy summer heat. For several years, since I lost my tree, Sue and Tommy Simar have been providing us with enough to can. Sue’s son, Bud, along with Tommy, picked and delivered our supply for the year. We had a nice visit.*****Special thanks to Judge Chad Jenkins, who sent us some homegrown tomatoes.*****Thanks also to Kay Williams and Thelma Sterling for the best carrot-pecan cake known to man. The homemade cake came from “Nanny’s Sweet Temptations.” bakery in Mid-County.


A few folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. July 3: Cyndee Fleetwood, Dean Crooks, Thomas Findlay, Jeanne Donahey, Kathy Simmons, Ellen Ray.*****July 4: Dewayne ‘Tobby the Clown’ Marsh, Lillie Mae Henderson, Kathie Wilson, Katy Maloney, Kellie Derouen.*****July 5: Pat McCombs, Shane Hanks, Susie Bickham,

Billy Boehme, Debbie Moreau, Donna Dohmann.*****July 6: Lori Winstead, Makayla Peveto, Tom Arnold, Aaron Myers.*****July 7: Alyson Nicku-Smith, Donna Peterson, David Peck, Necey Mumbach, James Swan, Jason Barclay.*****July 8: Elizabeth Dupuis, Lynda Barulich, Amber Seiler.*****July 9: Teri Chaffin, Kayla Gallegos, Eryn Lucas, Liz Barclay, Patrick Halliburton, Clark Eastman.


Clotele Nunez was shopping at da Kroger Supermarket where she selected a quart of two-percent milk, a carton of large eggs, a quart of orange juice, a head of lettuce, a two-pound bag of Seaport coffee and a one-pound package of Bum Phillip’s Blue Ribbon Bacon.

Wen Ms. Nunez was unloading her items on da conveyor belt to check out, Amos Boudreaux, da town drunk, was standing behind her holding a six pack of beer.

Boudreaux watch as Ms. Nunez place dem items in front of da cashier.

Boudreaux holding himself up by leaning against da counter say to her, “You must be single you.”

Ms. Nunez was a bit startled but intrigued by da drunk’s intuition. She look at her six items seeing dat nuttin was particularly unusual about da selection of groceries.

She turn around and says to drunk Boudreaux, “Well, you know wat, you absolutely correct, you, but how on earth did you know dat hanh?”

Boudreaux still holding his six pack, swaying back and forth, answer, “Cause you’re so ugly.”



President Joe Biden lost the debate based on appearance. Something was definitely wrong, Biden wasn’t his normal self. Some say the truth will come out. He reportedly had a cold and sinus, causing a hacking cough. What diagnosis did he get? What medicine did he take? The Biden campaign and its allies have tried to describe the night as just another bad debate performance not so different from a weak showing by Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. Since the debate, Biden has looked more competent in public appearances, but his struggles during the debate will be hard to forget. Yes, he may sometimes be as sharp as ever. And, yes, he has accomplished a great deal during his first term. Biden and his aides insist he will not drop out but the race is clearly more volatile than before the debate. Trump lost based on his lack of integrity and truthfulness. Fact Check by three organizations show that Trump told a half-hundred lies in 90 minutes, 18 major ones. On substance the debate wasn’t even close. Most Republicans are committed to Trump, even as he continues to tell lies and reject core principles of democracy. Some of my Republican friends however, are concerned about the new Supreme Court’s ruling. The situation with Democrats and Biden is more uncertain.*****Thanks for your time. Please shop our family of advertisers and take care. God Bless America and Happy Fourth of July.


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