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Democrats need to vote for President Joe Biden. He’s earned their support. No president since L.B.J. has accomplished more in his first term. Biden did it with a split government, many of his accomplishments due to his skill to bring together bi-partisan support from both Democrats and Republicans. In just three and a half years his record of accomplishments is really amazing. Congressional Democrats, Black Caucus and Hispanic Caucus unanimously support the president. Top Democrats in Congress indicated on Tuesday that they were ‘ridin’ with Biden,’ at least for now. No effort was made to push aside President Biden. Both in public and behind closed doors, House and Senate Democrats from across the political spectrum have raised profound fears about Mr. Biden’s viability as a candidate but no Democratic leader on Capitol Hill was willing to ask the president to withdraw. Instead, they emerged on Tuesday swearing allegiance to President Biden, if not exactly in enthusiastic or expansive terms. Don’s count Joe out or count him short, he’s a fighter.


10 Years Ago-2014

Thanks to President Obama our unemployment is at its lowest in six years, 6.1 percent, down from 10.2 percent when Obama took over. Over 288,000 jobs have been added in the last month, seven million in all. The Dow is at an all-time high.***** Congratulations to Keith Ellis who just graduated from basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. Keith is the son of Mark and court coordinator Jennifer Ellis.*****Aurora Silveira is the “Fig Lady” at the County Courthouse. It seems Aurora occasionally surprises employees with bowls of fresh figs, making fig lovers very happy.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays: Our buddy Donna Riley, who we have known since she was a bumbling teenager, celebrates on July 10. She has fared well.*****On July 11, a lovely lady we’ve known through two lifetimes, Dayle Gunn Weatherford, celebrates. Celebrating also, a good ole boy, Cleon Hogan, notches another year. Lana Griffith is also a year older. *****On July 12, a nice lady, our friend Christy Khoury celebrates. *****On July 13, Coach Billy Bryant and Steve Sarver share this birthday. Two great guys.*****Former educator Ella Stuebing, retired, celebrates, as does Dee’s other half and David’s big brother, Calvin Rutledge, celebrates on July 14.*****On July 15, lovely Peggy Stringer Claybar celebrates a birthday as does Melissa Eshbach. *****Local Bullet Baseball team played a perfect game in Fort Myers, Florida. They won three games and lost three. The team finished 33 out of 88 teams. Coaches are Tony Dallas, Stephen Patterson and Roderick Robertson.***** I understand Commissioner Burton had a couple of stints inserted two weeks ago. It’s getting to be if you don’t have a stint you’re not one of the “Jet” set. I hear Burton never missed a beat.

20 Years Ago-2004

Todd Lindsey, 45, met a tragic death on July 13. *****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs drop down to 24 3-A. *****Parker P.T. Thompson gets three stints. Everyone seems to be getting them. Judge Carl Thibodeaux got one and had another one replaced. “Buckshot” Winfree got a couple and Franklin Scales got a couple, as did Curtis Lee. (Editor’s note: Twenty years later Carl is the only one still living.)*****A big party is planned for Jessie Brown’s 86 birthday on July 18. Jessie and Nolton have been married 65 years. (Editor’s note: Both have left us.)*****The Bridge City Pony playoff action begins. Dustin Breaux, Clay Edwards, Anthony Cessac, Kyle Kressler, Blake Hubbard, Jared Raggio, Michael Seal, Sean Cade Gros, Grant Encalade, Eric Matthews, Justin Reynolds Carr are 13-year old All Stars. Coaches are Joey Encalade, Scott Raggio and Scott Snyder. (Editor’s note: Not a bad group. I wonder where all those boys are today. They are now 33 years old.)*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Patricia Delay Hall, 73, of Bridge City died July 5, 2004. A Lamar grad with an accounting degree, she was a superintendent of accounting at Dupont where she had worked for 33 years. She is survived by husband Miles Hall, several children and grandchildren.***

45 Years Ago-1979

Sue, Penny and H.D. Pate return from a vacation trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.*****The Chapman’s, Fred, Violet, Lisa and Fred, Jr., have returned from visiting the home folks in Florida.*****Mark Dunn is recognized by the Texas Community newspapers Association as the recipient of the award for Best Original News Feature, of which there were over 2,600 entrants. The award winning feature story was titled, “Profile of Child Neglect, A Danger to Society.”*****Staudt’s Jewelry holds big Christmas in July sale. Everything is 25 percent off.*****Frenchie Credeur, head mechanic at P.S. Tire and Supply, will put his “Wildman” Ford race car on the line July 22 and July 23 at the Lake Charles Dragway. The NHRA sanctioned Louisiana State Championship is on the line. Frenchie is ready to put the pedal to the metal. *****Now open: Orange Plumbing, 1301 Main St., Denis Cable is owner.***Paul’s Paint and Body Shop, 2420 Texas Ave. in Bridge City, is owned by Paul Eason and has 24-hour wrecker service.*****Tony Griffin, native Orangeite and longtime business man dies.*****Ten years ago, on July 20, we put the first man on the moon. Neil Armstrong will forever be in the history books. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” were his first words as he stepped out of the space ship. *****Steve Worster, former Bridge City football player, University of Texas All American and father of a two-year-old son became the proud dad of a baby girl on June 8.*****State Representative Wayne Peveto was guest speaker at Bridge City Rotary.*****The Village Squire, 240 Dobbyn, Bridge City, celebrates fifth anniversary. “Today’s fashions for men and women,” is owned by Ed Cone. The unique clothing store is housed in a building that was originally built as the First Christian Church. *****Bridge City hires Andy Verrett as new police chief. The former Bridge City resident was hired from the Port Neches Police Department. *****The day after Gene Edgerly was released from the hospital with back surgery, his son Todd was involved in an auto accident. Willie Gregg is short a drummer with Gene out of commission.

50 Years Ago-1974

Jim Dunaway, 34-years-old, a native of Cleburne, Texas, runs for Orange City Council, Place 1. Dunaway, after graduating from Arlington State College, attended the University of Texas Law School and graduated in January, 1964. After working for the state comptroller for six months he became associated with the law firm Hurstmeyer, Harris, Dorman and Dunaway. (Editor’s note: Jim was elected and later became mayor of Orange and is still practicing law.)***** Jerry Wilson, wife of Congressman Charlie Wilson, writes an exclusive weekly column, “Petticoat Politics,” for the Dunn family owned Opportunity Valley News. Jerry writes a behind the scene report about Washington happenings not reported in the media. (Editor’s note: Charlie and Jerry later were divorced. At one time, as youngsters, H.D. Pate and Jerry dated. She always remained a good connection for H.D. In politics you never know how some people are wired together.)*****Bob Wills, who introduced western swing to the world, is in a Fort Worth hospital and not expected to live. (Editor’s note: Bob Wills was the king. His music lived on.)*****Some of the area folks doing tournament fishing are Tom Humphrey, Willie Hayes, Troy Woodall, Bob Zavada, Durwood Shull, Bill Gregory, Gary Glende, Gerald Thibodaux, Jim Taylor just to name a few. *****Orange Savings Little League champs are Paul Remano, Kenny Smith, Sam Moore, Allen Townsends, Randy Boon, Gary Stephens, Shedrick Logan, Jessie Remano, Fredrick Brown, Duke Cotton and Kevin Newton. Coaches are Louis Moore, Billy Joe Smith, Earl Evans and Henry Cotton.


Dr. Michelle Judice was honored Monday night with the Masonic Community Builder Award at the Bridge City lodge. It is the highest award given to a non-Mason. She was awarded for her outstanding work as a teacher at Lamar State College-Port Arthur. Teachers are the ones that shape other community builders, so I guess you could call her a master builder. With the last name of Judice, course there was gumbo to celebrate afterwards and cake.*****Penny’s daughter-in-law, Lindsay Simon, will have her first solo art show, “Flights of Fancy” at the Texas Art Museum in Port Arthur with an opening reception Saturday night. Lawyer by day, artist by night, Lindsay works in pastels creating photorealistic works of waterfowl and racehorses, it’s really something to see. You should go check it out. Her work will be on display into the middle of August.***** Lady Whistlebreaux exhaled loudly on Monday evening after another storm, this one named Beryl after a gemstone. Please no more powerless nights. One can only hope this is our ‘big one’ for the season. One thing we learned this past week is that Brandi Griggs likes a man who can rock those creative Hawaiian shirts.   Is the mom who can still rock a bikini going for the dad bods now? And while thinking of dad bods, do the names Chris Kovatch and Orange Mayor Larry ‘Dubby’ Spears come to mind? They love our community and are always thinking of ways to promote the OC. How about those two designing an Orange-themed Hawaiian shirt? Why Lady Whistlebreaux her ownself would consider wearing one.*****Mayor Spears presided over another family community event with the traditional fireworks show over the Sabine River. The city picked up the sponsorship of the event after local businesses stopped. Family barbecues and then fireworks at the river are the best way to celebrate love of a united country and community. The mayor had daughter Lara helping him with the festivities and momma Trisha and the baby relaxed a bit.*****Brandi Griggs and daughter Kiley were there with friends. Lauren Leigh Stanley brought her son and daughter. Kelly and Monte Morphew were back at their house here to take in the Fourth festivities. Then they were back to their house in Galveston to ride out Beryl there. Others watching fireworks out along the river included Edie Burch and Richard Teague, Jamie and Tay Alexander with their two boys. Next year, baby sister Ke’ari Lynn should be joining them. Also seen were Kamryn Aucoin and Brittni Briggs.*****Kerri Droddy decorated her yard by spray-painting stars of red, white, and blue, on her grass.*****First Baptist Church in Mauriceville also hosted Independence Day Fireworks. Nancy Peveto made it out there, as did Amy McIlwain and Amberly Craft.*****Amie Smith spent her holiday week following her son’s baseball team into Georgia. They also took in an Atlanta Braves game.*****Orange City Councilor Terrie Salter helped Grover Lee Roberts III celebrate his Fourth of July birthday with a trip to San Antonio.*****Carly Thibodeaux went kayaking on the Guadalupe River.*****Marty Monogue went across the river to the Golden Nugget on Saturday to see the group Air Supply*****Leigh Anne and Brodrick Harrell are vaycaying in the U.S. Virgin Islands.*****Angelique and Michael Catt headed to Hawaii and missed out on Beryl. Michael pointed out that it did sprinkle on him Monday morning when he went out to get coffee.*****And speaking of Beryl, no one holds a storm watch party like the Orange Boating Club along Adams Bayou. They fixed shrimp and fish tacos. Perhaps their watch was on their own parking lot. When the Boating Club parking lot is flooded, the water is up.*****Delta Downs announced a visitor from Texas hit a jackpot of more than $129,000 June 29 on a $7.50 bet. The winner wishes to remain anonymous. There are a lot of Orange County residents that visit the casino regularly. Was it one of them? Watch your neighbors for signs of new found wealth.*****We are happy to report that our friend Danny Brack, who is in rehab, is much improved, but still has a long way to go. Danny was knocking on “Heaven’s door,” really that low. He can at least sit up with some help now. Wife Sherry says someone is with him 24-7.*****Dr. Tom Johnson, who has been burning the candle at both ends promoting Lamar Orange, got a chance to take a break over July 4th. He enjoyed the million dollar view from his porch at Lake Livingston with no TV, no social media, no nothing, just peace and quiet.*****J. W. Dalton also took advantage of some time off to enjoy his beautiful lake house.*****Janelle and George Sehon sold their Bridge City home and moved to the lake last week. They are now official “Lake” residents.*****David Garcia of Strategists for Social Change stated Monday, “Hurricane Beryl’s unseasonable earliness and intensity are unnatural, and climate change is squarely to blame. Experts predict this year’s hurricane season will be one of the most aggressive on record, so Hurricane Beryl is a sign of what we can expect this summer.” He’s probably right, but let’s hope they stay away from Southeast Texas this year. We got lucky just catching the outer bands of this one.


Birthdays being celebrated in the next few days. July 10: Donna Riley, Theresa Fukuda, Edye Patterson, Paula Auffurth, Kathy Fraccastoro, Bertie Seitz, Corrine Welker, Dawnie Wilkinson.*****July 11: Dayle Gunn Weatherford, Peggy Hebert, Michael Brinson, Charlotte Stout.*****July 12: Christy Khoury Roccaforte, Sue Bearden, Lana Griffith, Dera Breaux, Craig Simmons, Terry Meyer.*****July 13: Coach Billy Bryant, Donna Peterson, Julie Kahia, Steve Sarver, Susan Everett, Mary Morton.*****July 14: Calvin Rutledge, Brenda Ellender, Ella Stuebing, Jared Ganze, Joe Rion, Melani Woodruff, Lance George.*****July 15: Mayor Larry Spears, Jr., Peggy Claybar, Melissa Eshbach, Cassey Polk, Martin McKinney, Mark Grizzaffi.*****July 16: Preston Fuller, Carlis Roy, Phil Dickman, Lori Dubose, Mary Dorsey. Coach Jimmy Johnson turns 81 today.***** Birthday greetings for this past week go out to West Orange Mayor Randy Branch, Sue Craft, Wendy Young, Gay Richardson, DeLisa Bates, Staci Eatman, Carrie Bryant, Carolyn Curran, Jon T. Harman, Jean Whitaker, Kent Miller, Deana Laughlin, and Abbie Goss.*****Celebrating anniversaries are Bohn and Tabitha Dorman, and Jerry and Holly Cope Lynn. Congratulations.


“Tee-Not” Arceneaux, wat works for Joe Primeaux at da lumber yard in Erath, was pushing a board through da buzz saw wen he accidentally shears off all ten of his fingers.

No one else was around. “Tee-Not” he jump in his car and drive to da hospital in Abbeville and goes to da emergency room. Da young doctor say, “My god, dis is bad yea. Well, give me da fingers and I’ll see wat I can do me.”

“Tee-Not” answer, “But Doc, I don’t got dem fingers me.”

Da young doctor says, “Wat you mean, you don’t got da fingers? Man, it’s da year 2004, we got microsurgery and all kinds of incredible techniques. I could have put dem fingers back on you like new. Why in da hell didn’t you bring da cut off fingers, hanh?”

“Tee-Not” was furious him. He axe, “Now tell me how in da hell Doc, was I suppose to pick up dem damn fingers, hanh?”



Things have been awfully quite about the house speakership. After a knock-down, drag-out race and millions being spent to beat speaker Dade Phelan in his district. Phelan was able to narrowly win re-election thanks to the help of friends like former governor Rick Perry, former U.S. senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, political strategists Karl Rove and wealthy business executives. Attorney General Ken Paxton, an early endorser of David Covey, had vowed revenge against Phelan for supporting his impeachment. Phelan’s win was a major blow to the party’s ultraconservative faction led by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Paxton and financed by mega donors like West Texas oil magnate Tim Dunn. Can Dade Phelan hold on to the speakership in 2025? If not it would be a big loss for southeast Texas. Paxton has warned state representatives who are considering supporting Phelan as speaker, “You will not return if you vote for Dade again. Ask your colleagues who lost re-elections how they feel about their decision?” Whether Phelan can hold on to the speakers gavel is unclear. So far it seems Phelan has kept his caucus together despite one of his own committee chairmen, Rep. Tom Oliverson of Cypress, declaring his candidacy for speaker back in March. Area public officials who supported Phelan know how important his help is to our little part of Texas and are pulling for him to hold on to the speakership. One county official said, “He is such an asset to all of us who serve in public office throughout our counties and city governments.”*****It’s time for me to fold this tent. I’ve probably stirred up enough for one week. Thanks for your time. Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers when you can. Have a nice week. Take care and God bless.


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