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Transplanting Trees: When It's Hot It's Not

Wow, can you believe how rapidly this year is advancing? Half the year is already behind us, and we have now celebrated our 247th Independence Day! Hopefully each of you celebrated... — Updated 7/4/2023


Seed Saving: The Correct Way to Save Seeds: (Part 2)

Successful seed savers always ensure seeds are thoroughly ‘air’ dried before storing seeds. Removal of moisture will discourage mold and mildew formation during storage increasing t... — Updated 6/27/2023


Saving Plant Seeds: The Correct Way (Part 1 of 2)

Gardeners, so you want to save your own seeds this season but don't know where to start? Some readers have requested that I write about saving seeds, but more specifically how to... — Updated 6/20/2023


Summertime, Summertime: Managing a Summer Garden

Gardeners, by the time you read this the official start of summer will be 3 days away, beginning June 21st . During the past week our daily high temperatures have been greater than... — Updated 6/13/2023


Gardening Curse: One Gardeners' Arch Nemesis

Summers here, okay, well maybe not officially! It's easy to tell when summer arrived and not just by wiping away sweat while working outdoors as our daytime temperature rapidly... — Updated 6/6/2023


Watering Techniques: The Right Way?

Gardeners, certainly many of you (me included) have devoted an enormous amount of time outdoors this spring preparing and planting flower beds, vegetable gardens, and manicuring... — Updated 5/30/2023


Move Over Blueberries: Figs are Back!

The past couple of weeks we've discussed plant diseases and pests...enough with the 'darker side of gardening', let's redirect our focus to another area-fruit! Figs (which are a... — Updated 5/23/2023


Beneficial Insects: Twice as Many "Good Guys"

Gardeners, another week has quickly passed, and we are well into gardening season! Last week we discussed 'pests' which prey upon gardeners beloved tomatoes! So, it is only fitting... — Updated 5/16/2023


Managing Tomato Pests: Let the Combat Begin

For this gardener, the physical act of gardening, within moments relinquishes burden of daily life and its challenges; a hectic schedule, pursuing a career, managing a farm and... — Updated 5/9/2023


Citrus Trees: Recognizing Greening and Canker Diseases

Gardeners, this week we are discussing Asian Citrus Greening and Citrus Canker and how we can recognize each of the two citrus diseases. There are numerous plant diseases that may... — Updated 5/2/2023


Blueberries: How to Stop Singing the 'Blues'

Gardeners, unfortunately most of us are pressed for time and due to our time constraints, we tend to shop for everything hurriedly! Many of us shop for plants in the same manner,... — Updated 4/25/2023


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Defined

Gardeners, today's discussion is defining Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is a comprehensive approach to managing garden pests which include pathogens, insects, nematodes,... — Updated 4/18/2023


Small Start & Big 'Zen': Bonsai Gardening for Everyone

A reader recently asked me to write about bonsai tree requirements, but more specifically, how to keep bonsai trees alive during the seasons. Let's begin with a brief history of Bon... — Updated 4/11/2023


Conquer Weeds: Know the Foe

Let’s discuss turfgrass weed management! Before you start rolling your eyes, and thinking to yourself, blah, blah, blah…boring, just know that beautiful, healthy, weed-free, and... — Updated 4/4/2023


Spring Migration: Time to Relocate 'Houseplants'

Gardeners, spring is here, newly arrived and what a welcome respite, as winter 'seemed' to linger much too long! This week's discussion, if you haven't already done so, is what I... — Updated 3/27/2023


Time for Garden Pest Management

Let me begin by providing each of you with a warm, gracious, and most sincere ‘thank you’ as many of you attended the Orange County Master Gardener Associations Annual Spring Pla... — Updated 3/21/2023


The Wow Factor: Garden 'Pizzazz' Plant Selection

Don't be afraid to fill gaps in beds with plants, flowers, and objects – the most beautiful flower bed ideas, borders and pots are teaming with color and plants of multiple h... — Updated 3/14/2023


Spring Gardening or Gardening 'Madness'

There is no doubt in this gardener’s mind spring has arrived in SETX! Let me stop you before many of you nay-sayers begin your hoopla saying the thirty day weather outlook p... — Updated 3/7/2023


The Finishing Touch: Raised Garden Beds

Gardeners, our local weather forecasters are telling us to expect daytime temperatures to be ten degrees above-average for the next several days. What my brain is telling me, not... — Updated 2/28/2023


A German Gardening Technique:

Gardeners, we have experienced what I would consider a fantastic week, leading this gardener to believe spring may have arrived a bit early this year. Be mindful if you choose to... — Updated 2/21/2023


A German Gardening Technique:

The foundation of a hügelkultur raised bed begins by selecting a sunny location. Next dig into and remove several inches of garden soil, followed by digging a shallow trench. Add... — Updated 2/14/2023


"Spring" Into Action: Prune Roses for Optimal Growth

Hey gardeners! Valentine’s day is close at hand…and so is spring! The weather has moderated a bit and become a little more spring-like and who knows, maybe our final round of cold w... — Updated 2/7/2023


February: Time to Spruce up the Garden

Gardeners, spring is exactly 45 days away with March 20th being the vernal equinox (Northern hemisphere), translating into equal intervals of daylight and night hours. The number... — Updated 1/31/2023


Armadillo's Guide: Finding the Ideal 'Playground'

Not everyone thinks armadillos are great. Armadillos often cause problems with homeowners, gardeners, farmers, or anyone else who feels perturbed to find one of these "digging machi... — Updated 1/24/2023


Winter Garden Cleanup: Anticipation of Spring

Gardeners, another cold snap has quickly come and gone, fortunately for us! How lucky we are to live in an area which doesn't remain severely cold for weeks or months at a time.... — Updated 1/17/2023


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