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It’s been hot and very dry as I sit here to start this column Tuesday.

The weatherman says there is a 50% chance of rain.

Last week, they predicted storms and a lot of rain.

I didn’t get a thimble full of water.

It’s been a six week drought at my place.

The only fresh tomatoes I’ve had were a few from Judge Derry and I really enjoyed them.

I’ve intended to make the Saturday morning Bridge City Farmer’s Market but both Saturdays I was preoccupied.

Maybe this Saturday.

We got a lot of response from Ms.

Pearl’s last poem.

Several people have come in for extra copies.

Beverly and Jody brought a thank you note and my favorite sweets, Turtles.*****I’ve got to move on.

Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Fifty years ago, June 5, 1968, on my birthday, Lannie Claybar, who would celebrate his birthday the next day, offered me and my family the use of his camp, located on several acres of wooded land just outside of Deweyville, on Hwy.


The camp was new and outfitted with all the latest appliances and furnishings.

I had been stressed out, with several irons in the fire, and Lannie said, “Why don’t you take your family and go relax and spend time with them for a few days.” Being a political buff, I watched the returns of the June 4, California primary.

It was the last before the Democratic Convention.

After beating Eugene McCarthy, Robert Kennedy told supporters, gathered at the Ambassador Hotel, “Now it’s on to Chicago.” He left the stage around 12:15 a.m.

and exited via the kitchen.

A Palestinian immigrant named Sirhan Sirhan fired eight shots from a revolver hitting Kennedy three times.

I was watching Lannie’s TV when the bulletin came on that he had been shot.

Kennedy’s life hung in the balance.

He was breathing on his own after four surgeries but 26 hours later, shortly after 2 a.m., the hospital announced that Sen.

Robert Francis Kennedy had died at 1:44 a.m., June 6, 1968.

He was 42 years old.

This killing, like the others, John F. Kennedy and Rev. Martin Luther King, produced memorable images and moments, Robert lying wounded on the floor, the huge trackside crowds as a train carried the body from New York to Washington and the eulogy delivered by his brother Ted.

Sitting at that camp on Wednesday, we learned he had been shot and on Thursday we learned he had died.

Just a few weeks later we went to Los Angeles with the Rotary Club and had the opportunity to visit the ballroom and stand behind the podium Kennedy had last spoken from.

I picked a souvenir from the chandelier on the wall behind where he stood.

I remember exactly where I was and who I was with on Nov. 22, 1963 when JFK was killed.

Now the Kennedy family would have to endure the death of another son.

Robert’s wife Ethel was pregnant with their 11th child.

She lay on the bed next to Bobby, as if she were dying too, until he took his last breath.

Little did I suspect that the following year, on Sept. 6, 1969, my friend Lannie would also be gone.


10 Years Ago-2008

Sportscaster Jim McKay, born James McManus, died at age 86 on June 7.

He was probably the best sports announcer and covered the “Wide World of Sports” for ABC.***** Jobs have disappeared into thin air.

The Bush $168 billion stimulus package giveaway hasn’t stimulated, it’s just helped pay fuel prices and high-energy coast.

Unemployment hit a 22-year high with 8.5 million jobs lost under Geo.

W. and Dick. Economists believe unemployment is headed higher, prices are predicted to rise 20 percent leading to inflation.***** Karl Rove sold you on the plan that you couldn’t get to heaven unless you voted Republican.

You fell for it and now it’s hell for a lot of our people in this country.***** This week Robert Hankins, an award-winning writer, joins our Record family.

He has many years of journalistic experience that he brings to our two publications.

Robert is going to help us make the changes we have been striving for.

We are glad to have him on board and look forward to working with him.

(Editor’s note: Robert passed away several years ago.)***** We were sorry to hear about the death of Ed Hughes, 82, who died June 7.

We first met him in the 1960s when he owned a supermarket located on Texas Avenue.***** Congratulations to our Cajun friends from LeBlanc school community.

Mayo and Juanita LeBlanc celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last week.

They both share the same last name from birth and were raised together in a community by the same name.

(Editor’s note: Juanita passed away several years ago.)***** Congrats to Kristin Holbrooks, who was named new volleyball coach at Orangefield, by A.D. Blake Morrision.

Kristin, the daughter of Sheila, is the granddaughter of Fain and Vivian Holbrooks. Her grandmother is a real find lady but her grandfather is full of it and doesn’t have a serious bone.

A true character, one of the great guys.*****We got a call from concert promoter Don Ball.

He is excited about this year’s Gulf Coast Jam.

It will be the first time that Percy Sledge and the Fabulous Boogie Kings will share the stage.

Others on the show will be Louisiana Express, EAZY, Jerry LaCroix, GG Shinn and others.

The show is set for Aug. 9 at the newly-remodeled Port Arthur Civic Center.***** Saturday Roy’s two sisters Shirley and Fay along with Fay’s husband Lewis drove down from Lafayette to spend the day.

Before the Belmont race Fay told about jockey Kent Desormeaux being raised across the street from them on Crawford Street in Lafayette.

Her daughter Susan was his baby-sitter before his mother moved to Maurice.

Kent and Big Brown didn’t win the Triple Crown.

Something went wrong and Kent pulled up.

.*****When Bill Clinton left office Jan. 21, 2000 gasoline was $1.09 a gallon, 10 gallons was $10.90.

This morning I paid $39.30.

It took 90 years to get to $1, it took Dick Cheney 7.5 years to raise it to four times that.

Everything is shrinking, home values, vehicles, income, jobs.

Investors are running as economic darkness is squeezing the American dream.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2008

James “Jimmy” Vidrine, age 80, of Bridge City passed away on May 13.

Funeral services were on Friday, May 16.

He retired from The Gulf Oil Corporation with 30 years of service.

He also served with the U.S. Navy (Seabees) during World War II. Jimmy is survived by his wife, Wilda Vidrine, daughters Carleen Logan, Judy Darden, and Linda Guidroz, six grandchildren, two great-grandsons.*****William Maxwell “Bill” Hooker, 38, died Saturday, June 7.

Funeral Service was held Tuesday June 10.

He attended Stephen F. Austin University and was an independent quality consultant.

He is survived by daughters, Camryn and Lauryn Hooker, mother and father, James and Nancy Hooker, brother, James“Will” Hooker, sisters, Liz Langston, Robin Lane and Cheryl Brown.*****Lynn K. (Pappy) Marsden, 77, passed away, Thursday, May 29.

Graveside service was held on June 4.

Lynn was employed by American Bridge for 26 years after serving six years in the United States Navy.

He is survived by daughters; Sherrie Sheppard and Debbie Barnett, five grandchildren, five great-grandchildren.*****Josie Sherville Lucia, 80, of Orange, passed away, Monday, June 2.

Service was held June 4.

She is survived by her daughters Josie Powell, Geraldine Magnuson, and Frances Lucia Morgan, sons, Anthony Lucia Jr., Alan Lucia and Vincent Lucia, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.*****Lessie M. Dupuy, 92, a resident of Bridge City for 50 years, died Monday, June 2.

Service was held Friday, June 6.

She is survived by daughters Joyce Judice and Leona Laird, five grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and eight great-great-grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1978

Orange Boat Club to stage 25th water festival.

Nearly 5,000 spectators are expected to watch a boat demolition derby, the naming of the 15th King Neptune and the crowning of ‘Miss Water Sport.’ Previous King Neptunes were Edgar Brown in 1963; Frank Stark, 1964; Hubert Sprad Spradling, 1965; Robert Bonner, 1966; Leonard Parker, 1967; Herb Mesch, 1968; John Simmons, 1969; Jack Waggoner, 1970; Red Bellair, 1971; Toby Spector, 1972; Charlie Hall, 1973; Billie B. Hall, 1974; Weldon Hall, 1975 and Tommy Huff, 1976.

Richard Corder, of KOGT, will emcee the beauty pageant.

A barefoot skiing contest will also be held.

(Editor’s note: If you talk to ‘Sprad’ he will tell you he won and will probably tell you the time he skied barefoot from Orange to Galveston.

However, if you can’t catch ‘Sprad’ talk to Corky. He has heard the story so many times he knows it from start to finish.)*****Congressman Charlie Wilson brings Vice-president Walter Mondale to his district.

Next week he is having United Nation’s Ambassador Andrew Young, who will speak on the date President Lincoln freed the slaves.

Also coming to Beaumont next week for the dedication of the Jack Brooks Federal Building will be President Jimmy Carter.

(This was when our area had lots of political pull and our United States and state government representatives were not from the Houston area.)*****The Joe Kazmars are on a trip to Missouri.*****Beverly Williamson, a former Orange beauty and wife of Joe, is now touring Europe.*****Pat Schroeden has just had open heart surgery in Houston.*****Harold Welsh is the new incoming president of Noon Optimist Club.*****Attorney Don Kelly has opened his law office in the old Hoyt building at 6th and Front.*****Violet Chapman and daughter Lia are in Florida visiting Violet’s mom and three sisters.*****Ron Guidry, the Cajun boy from Lafayette, had his fast ball clocked at 95 MPH.*****Since August of last year he is 17-1 pitching for the New York Yankees and has an era of 2.00.*****Affirmed won the Belmont by a scant three inches over Alydar.

It will be remembered as one of the greatest match ups in racing history.


The American Legion Post 49 will hold a fried fish plate lunch fund raiser from 11 a.m.

to 1 pm., Thursday, June 7.

These folks prepare the best catfish meal of all time.

The meal consist of fried fish, potato salad, coleslaw, green beans, bread and dessert, only $9 per plate.

Walk-ins are welcome and delivery is available.

Call 409-886-1241 after noon Wednesday, June 6 or before 9 a.m.

Thursday, June 7, for orders and deliveries. The America Legion Post is located at 108 Green Ave., in Orange.*****Congrats to Bridge City catcher Schuyler Thibodaux, who was selected to play for the South at Round Rock, Saturday, June 16., in Texas high school baseball ‘Coaches All Star’ game.

Thibodaux has committed his talent to McNeese State, located in the motherland, Lake Charles, La.*****On June 6, 1912, 106 years ago, the late Lannie Claybar was born.

That was before WWI. In the early 1940’s, he served in World War II. After the war he came home and went to work for his brother Ambrose at the funeral home and with the help of Lutcher Stark, he eventually ended up buying it.

At age 57, in 1969, Lannie died on the operating table at a Houston hospital.

Today the stint procedure is a common occurrence.

His friend Edgar Brown, Jr. had gone through the surgery and convinced Lannie, who had artery blockage, to go for the surgery.

The surgeon made a fatal mistake.

The Claybar family had a good lawsuit but Ms.

Margie and the boys chose not to sue.

Today very few people remain who knew Lannie well.

Jerry Priddy, who lived at the funeral home, has some great stories.

Langston Fredrick is another, also his late brother Charles and the late Jerry Wimberly, who worked for Lannie. They told stories of his great piano playing and his entertainment when there wasn’t a body in the house.

Most remember him fondly.

I’m one of the friends that he helped go into business.

Just wanted to remember him on his birthday.*****Roseanne is guilty of watching too much Hannity.

Her mind got twisted in that direction.*****Texas Republicans have stuck with him through battles on Obamacare, Russia, immigration and taxes, but they are showing increasing unease over President Trump’s push to impose costly tariffs on imported cars, trucks and commodities like steel.

The business community fears Trump’s policies could reverse the economic and stock market gains Americans have enjoyed since Obama reversed the effects of the Great Recession of 2008.


John Cornyn said it could offset the consumer benefits of the GOP tax cuts.*****We were glad to learn that our friend David Harmon is doing much better and is in high spirits.

David has been battling the cancer bug that has attacked his body.

He’s home now and is his usual jokester self.

He is undergoing chemotherapy treatment from a cancer specialist in Port Arthur.

Our prayers are for his complete recovery.*****Our friend H.D. Pate is doing much better but still having leg problems.

He’s not driving yet but plans to get out more in the future.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will celebrate its 26th anniversary at Robert’s this week.

Everyone is welcome.

Next week, the Bunch will dineat Novrosky’s.

Y’all come.***** A record three-pointers were made by Steph Curry in the Warriors 122-103 victory Sunday in game two of playoffs.

LeBron James scored a record 51 points in game one only to lose in overtime.

Facing Golden State in the NBA finals has been James’ burden the past four seasons.

He has one championship to show for it.

It’s the third consecutive season the Cavaliers have lost the first two games of the finals to the Warriors.

If the Cavaliers have any shot of getting back into the series in game three and four, to be played in Cleveland Wednesday and Friday, James and Love will need more help.

Other players shot a combined 38.5 % from the field.

The Warriors have the better team but they don’t have LeBron James.

I never bet against him, even with the odds stacked against him.

*****Donald Trump claims he can pardon himself.

If so this nation is no longer a democracy.

Tuesday morning he tweeted that his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is responsible for a special council investigation of Russian interference.

The guy gets goofier every day.


June 6:Ryan Gunstream, Ed Worthy, Jr., John Bertrand, Sherilyn Brister and Linda Sims all celebrate today.

Joining them are actors Robert England, 70, Jason Isaacs, 54 and football player DeAndre Hopkins, 25.*****June 7: Celebrating on this day are Richard Granger, Billy Frank Bradberry, Logan Smith and our special friend, Shirley Zimmerman. Also are actor Liam Neeson, 65, singer Tom Jones, 77, VP Mike Pence, 58, and wrestler Mick Foley, 52.*****June 8: Shon Jones, Walter Riedel and Billie Wood have birthdays today.

Celebrities celebrating are actors Julianna Margulies, 51, singers Bonnie Tyler, 66 and Nancy Sinatra, 77.***** June 9: Celebrating today are Dennis Monk, Gavin Birmingham, Deane Moran, Charlie Blalack and Karli Choate.

They are joined by actors Johnny Depp, 54, Michael J. Fox, 56 and Natalie Portman, 36.*****June 10: Jennifer Roberts, Chrisleigh Longlois, Tyler Derouen, Caroline Hennigan and Chris Riedel celebrate today.

Also celebrating are England’s royalty Prince Philip, 96, actors Elizabeth Hurley, 52 and Carolyn Hennessy, 55.*****June 11: Judge Mandy White Rogers, Debbie Dailey, Lacey Wallace and Jane Minor are a year older today.

Having birthdays today also areactors Shia LaBeouf, 31 and Hugh Laurie, 58 and football player Joe Montana, 61.*****June 12: Ronda Dishon, Candice Steele, Magdalene Bryant, Pam Williams and Kaaren Kline all celebrate today.

Joining them are former US President George H.W. Bush, 93, country singer Chris Young, 32 and actor Dave Franco, 32.


A Letter From Sostan

Dear Cuz, it’s been a long time since I write me. Sugar Bee and me went on a vacation to Canada. Wen we return home our house had been burglarized, everyting gone. Wen I call da police dey broadcast da call on da radio and a K-9 Unit was the first to respond. He approached my house wit his dog on a leash. Sugar Bee her, saw dat and boy she was mad. She called Mayor Fontonot to complain about Police Chief Oris Broussard sending out a blind policeman. It took me an hour to calm her down from screaming and crying and carrying on.

Las week, my brudder-in-law Clovis, wat works offshore, was home. At 2 in da morning da phone ring. Clovis him answer and listen a moment, you know he’s real simple him, he said to da telephone, “How should I know me, dat’s 50 miles from here,” and hung up. His wife Lucy axe, “Who was dat?”

Clovis said, “I don’t know babe, some man wanted to know if the coast is clear.”

Joe Comeaux’s simple daughter Agnes was taken to Dr.LeBlanc for examination. Doc tole her she was pregnant and poor Agnes wanted to know, “Is it mine?”

Tings don’t change much here. Tell everybody hallo. Bye for now.



Justify runs for Triple Crown

Three years ago, a large crowd at the Belmont and people around the nation held their breath while American Pharoah pulled clear from the pack of horses as he chased history for the final quarter mile.

It had been 37 years since a Triple Crown winner.

The grandstands shook with noise as American Pharaoh ended the decades of waiting for a Triple Crown winner.The 90,000 fans at the park and millions around the world witnessed history’s 12th Triple Crown winner.

Justify, winner of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, heads to the Belmont in Elmont New York Saturday and will attempt to become the 13th Triple Crown winner.

Bob Baffert, trained both American Pharaoh and Justify. Post position will be drawn Tuesday evening at the home of the New York Mets.

Nine horses are expected to challenge Justify, including Preakness runner up Bravazo and third place finisher Ten-Fold.

Baffert will throw out first pitch Tuesday night at the Orioles-Mets game.

NBC will carry the race.*****Thanks for your time, mine is up.

Please read us cover to cover and let our advertisers know we sent you.

Take care.

God bless America.


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