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Another Independence Day has rolled around.

A lot of Orange County folks have flown the coup.

I couldn’t find any of my lawyer friends Tuesday morning.

Bearden had gone to Houston, Jack Smith and Paul Henderson to far away places.

I did however find H.D. Pate, only becausehe’s grounded.

He recently spent three days in the hospital.

He said he was sorry he missed Judge Hahn’s going away bash.

That got us to reminiscing.

The year Gov. Mark White appointed Buddie to the 260th District Court is also the year that Judge Don Burgess was appointed to the Appellant Court. Pate, who was Democratic Orange County chairman resigned to be appointed to the Lamar Board of Regents and later was chairman of the Board.

That was back when Orange County Democrats had a lot of stroke in Austin.

Wayne Peveto became State Representative and Carl Parker was our Senator.

Back in 1964, Gov. John Connally established the 163rd District Court and appointed his Orange County campaign manager Eugene Hoyt its judge.

After one term Gene, who never practiced law other than real estate law, was defeated by Fred Trimble, who had no legal experience at all but had a law license.

He was manager of the casket factory.

There was a big split in the Orange County Democratic Party that year.

The Bob Montagne forces, lost one, Hoyt, and won one, when they beat longtime sheriff Chester Holt with Constable Buck Patillo.

1968 was an interesting year.

It caused Roy, who owned Gulf Coast Bail Bonding, to turn the counties only bail bond company over to his friend Cecil Scales and he headed to the newspaper business.

Back then politics was fun.

There was only the Democratic Party but it was split in half between the liberal and conservative Democrats who fought each other harder than the GOP and Demo’s do today.

The first big conservative win locally was when Peveto beat Clyde Haynes, the incumbent state representative, always the Liberal candidate.

***** I could talk this stuff all day but I’d best get to work.

I’d appreciate it if you came along.

I promise it won’t do you no harm.



Last week Gov. Greg Abbott wrote to President Trump asking him to reconsider tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Abbott expressed fears of negative economic consequences that would jeopardize energy production.

Texas exports more products than any other state.

Trump’s main tariff targets Canada, Mexico, China and the European Union that accounts for about two thirds, $265 billion, in goods that Texas companies sold in foreign markets in 2017.

Lupe Valdez, running against Abbott, criticized him for what he said is a delayed response to Trump’s erratic and punitive policy making.

Texas oil and gas producers have been among those complaining the extra cost on imported steel will force them to delay projects and slash jobs.

Trump has made a monkey of the law.

He based his action on a law that gives presidents latitude to impose tariffs for natural security reasons.

That’s bull corn.

Whatever disputes Trump has with allies Canada, Mexico and Europe, it’s a lie that these countries pose a national security threat.

The tariffs needlessly wage a pointless trade war with friends while he makes nice with the likes of Russia and North Korea inviting all manner of unintended consequences.

Trump is quick to throw our friends under the bus while going to bed with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un. Six months after congress passed a $1.5 trillion tax cut to stimulate the United States economy it is showing signs of a slowdown due to anxiety over tariffs that make goods more expensive.

The large tax breaks to top earners raised this year’s deficit to over one trillion dollars, with only 4% of the employed benefiting with raises.

Companies are buying up their stock.

Trump’s courtier productive tariffs will undermine the alliances and trade policies that have produced unprecedented peace and prosperity since World War II. When Harley-Davidson said they would make more bikes at their European location to avoid tariffs, Trump shot back with hostile tweets, threatening that he would put special taxes on Harley. Spoken like the true dictator he would like to be.

It’s time for someone to stage an intervention, otherwise forgetDemocracy.


10 Years Ago-2008

The Braves beat the Astros 7-6 in 17 innings. The longest game ever played in Atlanta’s Turner Field.

Rain delayed the start by nearly two hours so between the Astros and Wimbledon I blew an entire afternoon so that’s why I’m at the Creaux’s Nest at 4 a.m.*****What a trip.

In today’s fast pace and speedy travel much can be done and seen in only three days.

That’s exactly what Donna, Jimmy Scales, family and friends did.

They flew to New York Thursday and saw the Red Sox beat New York 7-0 in Yankee Stadium.

Jimmy had always wanted to visit the house Ruth built and it’s the last season for the 85-year-old facility, the most famous sporting venue in the country.

Jimmy says the new stadium, which is almost complete, will be a lot like the old one but cost nearly $1.5 billion.

The Scales also attended a Broadway show, toured New York and stayed on Times Square.

They attended the world championship “Hot Dog Eating” contest in which Joey Chestnut won after eating 54 in 10 minutes tying last year’s champ, Takeru Kobayashi.

Joey ate five more in overtime, 59 in all, winning by two hot dogs.

The gang also attended the million-dollar Fourth of July fireworks display in New York, seen around the country on television.

They were home before dark Sunday. *****Also spotted in New York was our buddy Vickie Bourque. She and Steve Huber attended a Yankee game.

Steve is a big baseball fan and wanted to see Yankee Stadium.

*****Our Ridgeback Raz was competing in a Dallas show.

He took blue ribbons and was named reserve grand champion.

He walked in this morning with a broad smile.

Even our bird Creaux was proud.

*****Bridge City has a new softball coach, Teresa Thibodeaux.

She’s coming by way of Dallas but is from Sulphur, a McNees grad and former softball star.

That makes three Bridge City softball coaches in a row from the Sulphur or Lake Charles areas and McNees grads.***** The big Gulf Coast Jam August 9, will featuring Percy Sledge and the Fabulous Boogie Kings at the Port Arthur Civic Center.

This show with these main attractions will be one of the best shows ever.


10 Years Ago-2008

Margie Burns, 92, of Orange, passed away Thursday, July 3. Graveside service will be 2:30 p.m., Sunday, July 6. She moved to Orange in 1936 to marry A.F. Burns, Jr., who preceded her in death. She is survived by daughters, Jo Lynn Withrow, and Janie Wallace, grandchildren and great grandchildren.***** Debra Ann Prejean James, 48, died Monday, June 30. Services were July 3. She was preceded in death by her brother, Jimmy Lynn Prejean. Survivors include her parents, Gabriel and Clara Prejean, son, Brandon Prejean, granddaughter, Kaylee Brook Freeman and brother, Billy Joe Phillips.

40 Years ago-1978

John Smith and Benis Lee are the new owners of the Oldsmobile-Cadillac-Toyota dealership.

John is a longtime employee, going back even before it was Jim Austin’s. (Editor’s note: The dealership has changed hands several times and Orange no longer has a Cadillac dealer.

GM doesn’t make the Oldsmobile auto anymore.

I remember when the Olds was the hottest car on the market.

I don’t know what became of John Smith.

He was in the Galveston area the last I heard.

Benis is till around but we don’t see him much.*****Rocky Colvin, former Stark High and Dallas Cowboy football star, visits his old hometown.

Rocky never has forgotten where he’s from.*****Our friends Buddy and Jeanne Moore have gone countywide with their Kountz News publication.

All of Hardin County will now get all the political happenings, plus when it’s time to pick poke salad and how to make the best mayhaw jelly.

(Editor’s note: Buddy, a former Orange Countian, died several years ago.

His brother Jack and family still live in Orange.

*****Richard Corder, after a stay in the hospital, is back on the air getting the husbands off to work and the mamas dancing around the kitchen fixing breakfast for the kiddos.

Richard has been making radio fun for 23 years.

*****Bobby Cormier is the recipient of the Bridge City Rotarian of the Year award.*****Eighty local residents hired to work at the new K-Mart Discount Store.

Pretty Linda is one of them.

*****Butch Lusignan celebrated a birthday on July 4.

He claims the entire country celebrates his birthday.

(Editor’s note; Butch died many years ago.

He and his former wife Edna had one child, Robyn.)


Due to unfavorable weather conditions impacting the Orange area, the Orange Convention and Visitors Bureau has relocated the fireworks display to the City of Orange Boat Ramp, 1000 Simmons Dr.The concert portion of the event has been canceled.

The fireworks are scheduled to go off as planned at approximately 9 p.m.

on Wednesday, July 4th at the Boat Ramp.*****David Harmon stopped by last week.

It was the first time we had seen him since his battle with cancer started.

He’s lost 25 or so pounds but looks well and cheerful.

His uncles Tommy Harmon and Howard Fisher take turns taking him to Port Arthur for treatments.

David, a born kidder, says Howard’s a better driver plus has a nicer car.

Uncle Tommy just shakes his head and says, “David will never change.”*****We heard for an old friend, the union man raised on Forest Dr., in Bridge City, who grew up to be an international labor boss.

George Crawford and his pretty wife, Linda Granger Crawford, have returned to Orange County after being away for several years.

As my neighbor, I remember him as just a puppy.

I recall when he married one of Tick’s pretty and talented daughters.

The Crawford’s from Forest Drive, what a bunch.

The prettiest and toughest was little sister Jackie.

She has proved how tough she is after several decades of living with Butch Thurman.*****LeBron James will leave Cleveland for the LA Lakers and nearly $154 million for four seasons.

Paul George, instead of joining James with the Lakers, will stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder for a four year deal worth $137 million.

James owns two mansions in Brentwood and his wife Savannah wanted to live in LA. Their two boys, Jr., age 13 and Bryce,11, will benefit from the high level of basketball competition.*****Sue and Tommy Simar came through with some fresh picked figs and some to can.

I ate a bowl full covered with homemade vanilla ice cream.*****One of Trump’s choices for Supreme Court Judge is Texan Donny Ray Willet, who serves on the Texas Supreme Court and is now on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He was raised by a widowed mother, attended Texas public school and is Texas college educated.

All that is good but his many rulings are mostly falling off the table to the Right.*****Our buddy Dan Mohan brought back a few peaches from Fredericksburg.

They were small but very good.

Dan says the peach growers are expecting a bumper crop this year.

Late July to early August is when they will be at their best.*****Democrats don’t want open borders.

That is a manufactured lie by the spinners.

President Obama deported more illegal’s than any other president before him.*****Garth Brooks’ new honky-tonk party anthem, “All Day Long” is out.

The single is due out next year.

Brooks said, “The new album sounds brand new but its very old school.

It’s upbeat and you can turn it up and have some fun.”*****USA Today reports that through June Trump spent 69 days at Mar-A-Lago, 33 days at his course in Bedminister, N.J. and 31 at Trump Naional in Sterling, Virginia.

Besides all the other cost, the Coast Guard budget alone is hit for $1 million per trip.

Only a small part of the cost.*****Pam Scales Honeycutt and husband Rusty just returned from a vacation/mission trip to Farmington, New Mexico.

On their way to Farmington they stopped at the Billy the Kid Museum in Fort Sumner, NM. Also during their time traveling they visited the Aztec Ruins National Monument in San Juan, NM and enjoyed a trip up and down the tram at Sandia Peak, outside of Albuquerque, NM. Pam said Rusty felt blessed to be asked to play with Pastor Loren Johnson pastor of At The Cross Community Church during their mission to the Navajo Indian reservation near Farmington.


July 4: Celebrating on this day are Dr.

Rod Fisette, Roxy Scarborough and Kathie Wilson. Joining them are actors Neil Morrissey,55, and Angelique Boyer, 20, soul singer Bill Withers, 79.***** July 5:Shane Hanks, Billy Boehme, Debbie Moreau and Donna Dohmann celebrate today.

Celebrities celebrating are actress Edie Falco, 54, rock singer Huey Lewis, 67.

***** July 6: Makayla Peveto, Aaron Myers, Alyson Smith and David May celebrate today.

They are joined by former U.S. President George W. Bush, 71, comedian Kevin Hart, 38, actors Sylvester Stallone, 71 and Tamera Mowry, 39.***** July 7: The city of Bridge City is 48 years old today.

Alyson Nickum-Smith, Necey Gauthier and Judge David Peck are having birthdays on this day.

Also celebrating are former Beatle, drummer Ringo Starr, 77, actors Kirsten Vangsness, 45, Jack Whitehall, 29***** July 8: Lynda Barulich, Margie Bean, Amber Seller and Elizabeth Dupuis celebrate.

They are joined by actors Jaden Smith, 19, Kevin Bacon, 59, Anjelica Houston, 66 and country singer Toby Keith, 56.***** July 9: Kayla Gallrgos, Teri Chaffin, Oatrick Halliburton, Steve Stanley, Clark Eastman and Glenda Whitley all have birthdays on this day.

Also celebrating also are Tom Hanks, 61, Fred Savage, 41, rock singer Courtney Love, 53 and turning 70 on this day is former football player O.J. Simpson.*****July 10: Celebrating today are Edye Patterson, Joni Harvey, Donna Riley and Ron Moreau will turn 81, his granddaughter Kori Brown will be 20 on the same date.

Having birthdays on this day also are pop singer Jessica Simpson, 37, actors Adrian Grenier, 41 and Phyllis Smith, 66.



When Tee-Boy and his wife Rosie got a divorce he got the custody of their 17-years old daughter Sue Ann. She was giving Tee-Boy problems so his mom Agnes volunteered to keep her saying she felt she could straighter her up.

On da second evening, her teenage granddaughter comes downstairs for her date wit dis see-through blouse on and no bra. Grandma Agnes pitched a fit her. She told Sue Ann not to dare come out like dat.

Sue Ann told her, “Loosen up Grams, dese are modern times, you gotta let your rose buds show” and out da door she went.

Agnes was furious her.

Da nex day, Sue Ann come downstairs and dere sits grandma wit no top on. Sue Ann wanted to die. She said, “Grandma, I got friends coming over me and it’s jus not appropriate no.”

“Loosen up sweetie,” Agnes said, “If you can show off your buds, den me, I can display my hanging baskets.”


Abuse of the Facts

Americans now recognize Trump’s sordid abuse of facts.

Lately his falsehoods have come even faster and with more vigor.

Last week, at a rally in Fargo, he told three quick lies in a row.

He told that North Korea’s Kim Jong-un had released 200 bodies of our dead Korean veterans since their meeting.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that is not so, “They have not returned to us one body, not one.” Next Trump told of an industry that would expand because of his tariffs and add 15,000 workers.

The company said not so.

They were enlarging and would add 500 workers, a move that has been in the works over two years.

Next was the biggest of all tales.

He said he inherited a mess and a failing economy.

The truth is he inherited a thriving economy that has grown for 93 straight months, with unemployment at 4.6, down from 10.2.

So far Trump has had only 16 of those months and has brought the unemployment down 1.700th of 1 percent and his monthly job growth has been less than the previous 17 months before him.

The Washington Post and other news outlets have tracked 3,251 false claims in Trump’s first 500 days.

The Toronto Star reports Trump recently hit a record pace of 15 lies per day.

Some day Americans will need straight talk and there won’t be any creditability left in the Oval Office.

No doubt Kim Jong-un snookered him, plus Trump made a star on the world scene out of him.

What we should all fear the most is what he and Putin cook up and what Trump serves us.

Can we believe it?***** I believe I’m all done.

There are a lot of great stories and columns inside.

Read us cover to cover and shop our advertisers. Thanks for your time and loyalty.

My time is up so till next time, take care and God bless.


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