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If I’m fortunate enough to live two more years, I would have lived in ten decades.

My favorite decade was the 1950’s.

It was a great time to be young, plus it brought me a wife and children.

I mention the above because longtime friend Wanda Holt Reinert, who has lived an unusual life, has taken five years to write about the people and places in Orange between 1945, when WWII ended, the year of her birth, and 1964, when she graduated from Stark High.

I would agree that those years are special times.

Wanda, a former teacher with a Masters degree, lived all those years in the county jail.

Her dad, Chester Holt, was sheriff for 21 years.

Her book is much more than that though.

I don’t have the space or ability to give you an accurate description of that well written book.

I was impressed with Wanda’s ability to tell a story but also the thousands of hours that went into the research.

I had trouble laying the book down once I started it.

Dave borrowed it to write upcoming story when I was only halfway through.

It brought back so many memories of every street and event and the people who made Orange living so special.

Anyone who lived during those times in Tiger Country should have a copy.

There has never been such a book written that connects you so much to home.

Six hundred names and hundreds of pictures will bring you back to those years of your youth.

Wanda tells stories not only about the drag, Elmer’s, Zacks but everything in between.

The book has sold out but a new shipment is coming.

Wanda, a Mauriceville resident, is also the owner of two Iowa soybean farms.

Her country comes out in the enjoyable stories she spins throughout the pages of this most unique book.

Her sister, Nova Dee Strickland, also wrote a book a few years ago titled, “Bugs Scuffle.” It depicts the interesting people she had known and the stories they told.

Wanda’s book is more in-depth, detailed and about history of the times between 1945 to 1964.


Congressional Republicans, who are facing a difficult upcoming election, thought they had a deal with Trump to delay the vote on his monument ‘The Wall’ until after the mid-term.

Well, Sunday he back tracked on them, something he does quite often.

He threatened to shut down the government if they didn’t give him his wall.

He of course is mostly blaming Democrats.

Republicans can ill afford a disruption.

Voters are already disgusted by Trump’s dysfunction over tariffs, Russian interference in our elections and the assault on our democracy.

Trump wants his monument more than anything.

He fears by waiting his picture and name might never be on that wall.

Trump’s ‘Big Wopper’ of the week was, “No president has been as tough on Russia as me, for that reason they are going to support Democrats in the mid-term elections.” Now folks, that’s two big lies in one sentence.

Putin owns Trump and he can’t run away from that.


Patsy Brandon, age 78, passed away July 26.

Funeral service was held Sunday, July 29.

When Pat left us she took a lot of early Bridge City history with her.

She was the city’s very first city secretary, working under Mayor P.M. ‘Red’ Wood and several mayors to follow.

At the time the city was incorporated it had two factions, those for incorporation and those who were strictly against it.

Pat was privileged to the interworking of building a new city.

She was a good and kind lady who most citizens got to know.

She will be missed by everyone who knew her.

The city administrators and employees occupied the entire row at her service.

Our condolences to her husband Norris, daughter Evelyn, son Norris Paul Jr.

and their entire family.

May she rest in peace.

Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2008

In three months, America will pick a new president.

The leadership over the last two terms has been a total disaster, domestically and abroad.

The American people weren’t only conned once but the wool was pulled over their eyes twice. I’m still amazed at the way Karl Rove used the fear factor and religion to secure a second Geo.

Bush, Dick Cheney term.

The voters bought it.

The next four years were filled with corruption, high unemployment, high gas prices, a crumpling economy, record-setting deficits and doubling of the national debt.

Years of one lie after another.

The American people were told Iraqi oil would pay for the reconstruction of the country and also pay the U.S. back for nearly one trillion dollars spent on a war and invasion of a country that was no threat to our own.

“Mission Accomplished” was the biggest of many lies.

Everywhere you look it’s been total failure.

From “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job,” with Katrina, to countless members of the administration being criminally convicted.***** The Olympics begin Aug. 8 in China.

Here’s the kicker that Americans attending can’t do anything about.

Every hotel room will be bugged and the hotel must furnish the monitoring devices. Americans will be openly spied on and at anytime and they can be shaken down, their phones and computers downloaded etc.

Ourdebt to China has doubled in the last eight years. They own us so we can’t complain about how they treat us.*****Two big events this weekend, Aug. 9.

Wayne Toups will perform at the VFW and it will be a great party.*****Aug. 9, at the Port Arthur Civic Center, Percy Sledge, the Boogie Kings and Easy will perform.

Great entertainers.

*****Congrats to Bridge City schools, Intermediate, Hatton and Sims Elementary. The schools were rated “Exemplary.” Also congratulations to all the county schools that achieved “Recognized” status.

*****Happy birthday to special folks: Dr.

Mike Shahan, Aug. 5, Pam Boehue, Aug. 6, Edith Webb, Aug. 8.

Judge Joe Parkhurst and Monty Eshbach have their special day Aug. 10.

.*****Marilyn Monroe died on Aug. 5, 46 years ago in 1962.

She still has no equal.

*****Happy anniversaries to David and Linn Cardner on Aug. 5, Ken and Judy Pittman, Aug. 6.***** Van Choate opened Hush Puppies in Bridge City. *****We understand Coach Billy Bryant has accepted a coaching job at West Sabine.

He will work with the baseball program.

West Sabine has had a lot of success and is regularly in the baseball playoffs.

Billy can help make that last step to a state championship.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2008

Garland Ray “Sam” Linder, 90, of Bridge City passed away Sunday, July 27.

Funeral service was held at 10 a.m.

Wednesday, July 30.

He retired from Allied Chemical where he was a production operator.

He is survived by his wife Grace Linder, daughters, Cheryl Johnson and Patsy Hudson and ten great-grandchildren.***** Patricia Beatrice Hardey, 81, of Orange, died July 28.

Funeral services were held Thursday, July 31.

She was employed by the United States Postal service retiring after 31 years of service.

She is survived by her husband of 62 years, Jack Hardey, daughter, Ava Joy Wood, son, Clayton “Pete” Hardey, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.***** Doris Herrington, 81, of Orange, died Tuesday, July 29.

Services were Saturday, Aug. 2.

She was a licensed cosmetologist and an instructor of cosmetology for 30 years.

Survivors include her husband, John H. Herrington, son, Charles P. Herrington, daughter Evita (Herrington) Kemmer, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.***** Harold Joseph Dalfrey Sr., 73, of Orange, passed away Saturday, Aug.2.

Funeral service was held Tuesday Aug. 5.

Harold worked as a painter for Dal Sasso Enterprises and was a veteran of the Air Force.

He is survived by his children, Patty Crowell, Cheryl Stevens, Faye Patten, Harold “Joey” Dalfrey II, seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.


40 Years Ago-1978

District 591 Rotary Governor Stan Duitscher, of LaMarque, visits here. While here, he conferred with Orange Rotary president David Claybar and other officers.

*****Mr. and Mrs. G.T. Weldon open their new bakery at 1002 Green Ave.*****Rusty Wilson, former football coach and Bridge City DE teacher, after visiting Iran, is now back in town for the start of the new school.*****K-Mart opens Orange store.

Some of the new employees are Donald Maddox, Suzy Gillis, Mary Borer, Glenda Knox, Donna Collins, Lisa Gainbort and Vicki Smithhart.*****The Tim Lieby family have returned from a family vacation.

Before heading to Boystown, Neb., they stopped in Dallas to visit Ann’s sister Amy and husband Bill Waldrop.Ann said they came back through Missouri and Arkansas, visiting seven states, eight if you count the state of confusion.

(Editor’s Note: I believe we can all relate.

Family vacations were sometimes hectic and getting back home a relief.

However, looking back on them now those were great times.)*****A few days ago, Charlie Gauthier turned 44.

*****Little Cypress junior high cheerleaders are, Stephanie Taylor, Bridget Gunn, Shannon Taylor, Terri Copeland, Dieda Spell, and Leslie Kelly.*****Roy and friend Conley continue their trip through the southwest.

Excerpts from his writing in 1978 as follows.

“We arrived at one of our country’s great wonders and sights, the Grand Canyon.

It was late afternoon and a rainbow hung in the distance.

That big hole, with a multitude of different colored terrain, was absolutely breath taking.

We made camp and waited to see the full moon over the canyon at night and catch the sunrise over this gorgeous place in the morning.

From our point, daylight and sunrise came late but it was worth the wait.

We visited some Native Americans, smoked some meat for supper, feeling like cowboys on this bright night.

I struggled with an Army cot, the canvas hadn’t been stretched in a long time and the last hole to put the peg in ate me up.

Conley did me one better and fixed a bedroll.

Anyway, we slept under the stars, way up in the mountains.

During the night, I had to fetch a sweatshirt, throw a couple of limbs on the campfire and put a blanket over Conley.

At daylight, I put a pot of cold water, scooped from the running creek, on the hot coals and boiled us some coffee.

Even in late July the creek water was cold as ice.

Still full from the big cowboy supper, we by-passed our usual big breakfast and headed out, weaving in and out of two states, following the back roads, some just trails.

(To be continued).


The American Legion Post 49 will be holding a Fried Fish plate lunch fund raiser from 11 am to 1 pm on Thursday, Aug. 2nd.

The meal will consist of fried fish, potato salad, cole slaw, green beans, bread and dessert and will cost $9.00.

Walk-ins are welcome and delivery is available.

Please call 409-886-1241 after noon on Wednesday, August 1st and before 9 am on Thursday, August 2nd for orders and deliveries. The American Legion Post 49 is located at 108 Green Ave. in Orange.*****Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement Tuesday leaves the court, like the White House and congress, with predictable partisans and ideologues whose opinions are almost never in doubt, a nation with increasingly divided democracy.

Kennedy was the swing vote who pulled conservative and liberal justices to the middle.

The court will now be stacked to the right with no middle ground.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at Robert’s this week and will be at JB’s next week.

Everyone always welcome.*****The Kennedy Center Honors will be held Dec. 2.

The honorees will be Cher, composer Phillip Glass and everyone’s favorite country music star Reba McEntire.

Jazz legend Wayne Shorter will be honored for his lifetime achievements in the arts.

As part of the gala at the Kennedy Center a special award will be presented for the musical ‘Hamilton’.

Last year, several honorees threatened a boycott if President Trump attended.

He and Melania Trump skipped the event.

It is unknown if Trump is welcome or plans to attend.*****If some of us hoped to see Triple Crown winner Justify run again in the fall, it won’t happen.

The champion had filling in his ankle and just hasn’t responded.

Justify has been retired from racing according to trainer Bob Baffert.*****Consumers are starting to feel the squeeze of tariffs.

More companies blame Trump’s trade war for rising prices at the checkout and they warn, “It will get worse.*****Donald Trump Jr.

and his entangled wife, Vanessa, have resolved child custody issues as they proceed forward with divorce.

State Supreme Court Justice MichaelKatz told the couple Thursday that they had protected their five children from an ‘invasive legal process.’ Norman Heller, lawyer for Don.

Jr., said the couple expect to resolve their financial issues within weeks.*****A new baby boy has been added to the Roy and PhylDunn clan.

Mark’s daughter, Dr.

Amber and her husband Dr.

Clay Greeson, are the proud parents of a baby boy born July 30, in Garden City, KS. The little guy, Liam Bryson, has a 22 month old brother Luke. That gives Mark six grandchildrenand eight great-grandchildren for the elder Dunn’s.


A few folks we know who are celebrating birthdays in the coming week.

AUG. 1: Dr.

Pauline Hargrave, Wayne Morse, Catherine LeBlanc, Tana Thompson and Megan Leleux all celebrate.

Joining them are actors Jack O’Connell, 27, Elijah Kelly, 31, rapper Coolio, 54.*****Aug. 2: Our good friend Judge Derry Dunn celebrates today.

Also celebrating are Sherri Christiansen, Stump Weatherford, Chleo Halliburton , Debbie Desper and Joyce Dubose.

This is also Joyce and John Dubose’s 49th wedding anniversary.

Congrats and many more.

Celebrities joining them are MMA fighter Nick Diaz, 34, football player Golden Tate, 29 and actor Sam Worthington, 41.*****Aug. 3: Diana Tally, Glenda Delano, Bob Gephart, Ethel Hicks and Frank Wiegreffe all have birthdays on this day.

They are joined by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, 40, entrepreneur Martha Stewart, 76 and singer Tony Bennett turns 91.*****Aug. 4: Jarrod Vogt, John Harrington, Kody Fisette, Debbie Wilbur and Rene Beard all celebrate on this day.

Also former U.S. president Barack Obama, 56, actors Daniel Dae Kim, 49 and Billy Bob Thornton, 62, race car driver Jeff Gordon, 46.*****Aug. 5: Dr.

Mike Shahan, Angie Lane, Danny Squires, Nan Briggs, Paul Jagen and Mitzi Peoples have birthdays on this day.

Celebrating also are basketball player David Robinson, 52, and stage actor Leslie Odom, Jr., 36.*****Aug. 6: Celebrating today are our buddy Sleepy Smith, Sarah Fisher, Sonya Villanoueva, Robert Carpenter and Melanie Braus.

Joining them are baseball player David Robinson, 52, actor Leslie Odom Jr., 36 and actress Barbara Windsor, 50.*****Aug. 7: Rita Vaegas, Tessa Bailey, Rodney Hanks and Kimberly Sensat are a year older today.

Also celebrating are actors Charlize Theron, 42, David Duchovny, 57 and Francesca Eastwood, 24.


Tee-Neg Comeaux returned home a day early from a trip to Boston.

Wen he got into da taxi at da airport, it was near midnight.

While enroute home to Morgan City, he axe da cabby if he would be a witness him.

Tee-Neg suspected his wife, Dimples, was having an affair and he intended to catch her in da act.

For $300, da cabby agreed to help him.

Quitely arriving at da house dey tiptoed into da bedroom.

Teg-Neg switched on da light, yanked da blanket back and dere was his wife Dimples in bed wit a man.

Tee-Neg put a gun to dat naked man’s head.

Dimples shouted, “Honey, don’t do it, this man is very generous.

I lied me, wen I told you dat I inherited dat money, Thibeaux him, paid for da Corvett I bought for you.

He paid for our new cabin cruiser and for your season tickets to da Saints games.

He paid for our house on Lake Pontchatrain, our country club membership and he even pays da dues.”

Shaking his head from side to side, Tee-Neg slowly lowered his pistol. He looked over at da cab driver and axe, “Wat would you do hanh?”

Da cabby said, “I’d cover up his butt wit dat blanket me before he catches a cold.”


John should not have folded.

I have known John Young many years and everything I ever found about him is good.

He’s the guy you hear about that goes out of his way to help anyone.

He’d give you the shirt off his back.

John had served on the Port of OrangeBoard of Commissioners since 1986 and had spent nearly 50 years in the shipping business.

No one had served on the Port Board with more knowledge of the shipping industry.

He knows it from the bottom up, starting on the docks as a long shoreman.

John is not a quitter, that’s why I was so surprised to see him fold so easily after our friends at the Examiner ran what I considered an overboard story.

They made the bark worse than the bite.

The story made it sound like John had fraudulently broke the law when he claimed his longtime home in Vidor as a homestead and also his farm place in Louisiana, where he and his wife spend half of their time.

John was under the impression both were legal claims.

Many years ago his wife had checked off the homestead box because they lived there, it wasn’t rent property.

He has agreed to pay back the difference, however a Louisiana lawyer told us that depending on how much he lived there it may not have been a violation.

I now learn that John is not in good health and recently had shoulder surgery to replace a rotator cuff.

He probably thought the $50 a month pay on the commission wasn’t worth the hassle.

With his experience he is worth so much more.

It’s just not like him to fold.

He’s a tough old bird.

I wish he would have hung in there. His letter of resignation will be considered at the next board meeting in August.

At that time the board can decide if they will accept John’s resignation and where they go from there.

My hope is that John would reconsider.

His experience is that valuable.

He’ll do to ride the range with and many folks would saddle up and rode along side of him.***** Thanks for your time.

Please shop our advertisers and tell them we sent you.

Take care and God bless America.


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