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One thing that is a sure bet is that there won’t be another Trump government shutdown.

The Republican Party has been put in a bind over the shutdown.

Another one, costing another $11 million, would be too big a load for the GOP to haul into the next two election cycles.

Trump won’t get his $5.7 billion to build his concrete wall, 30 feet high, from sea to golden sea.

That won’t stop him from saying the wall is being built and it’s just what he planned despite the fact that a fence will cover only 54 miles of the 2,000.

He will claim his shutdown is the reason he won, and the southern border wall is being built.

Trump went to El Paso Monday and what he did was awaken Beto O’Rouke supporters around the country.

Beto is also scheduled for an interview with Ophra.

Political experts say O’Rouke has much to gain from Trumps visit.

“What a gift Trump gave Beto,” said Mark McKinnon, a former chief media advisor to five presidential campaigns and a Texas resident.

“This will reignite O’Rouke,” he said, “For at least one day this put Beto on Trump’s level.” Two of the possible democratic candidates who are mulling a run are former VP Joe Biden and O’Rouke.

Both of them, in recent weeks, have been in low profile but O’Rouke’s national exposure Monday and the Oprah interview might jump start his move, forcing Biden to declare his hand soon.

More women are running for president than ever before.

My belief is that for the most part, some are interviewing for vice-president, hoping to get picked by whoever gets the nomination if it’s a male.

Even high marks won’t get them picked.

Example: California, New York, New Jersey are not states in play.

Demos will win without a vice-presidential candidate’s support. On the other hand, if democrats can win Texas, Florida and Ohio, they can win the game.

If O’Rouke and Castro don’t get the nomination they would be high choices for VP because that puts Texas in play.

Friday is deadline day on the shutdown regardless of what happens Trump will claim he won and got all he wanted.

The long battle hasn’t started good yet.

*****I have to move on.

Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


In a ceremony held Saturday, Feb. 9, at the Museum of the Gulf Coast, attorney and former state senator, Carl Parker, was inducted into the “Notable People Gallery.” There was also entertainment and refreshments at the 5 p.m. induction. My opinion is that Carl Parker was the best state senator to serve our area in my lifetime. His accomplishments as a state representative and senator are many. Lamar Orange, Port Arthur and the main campusin Beaumont have all been benefactors of his leadership in state government and his efforts to help our little part of Texas.



Attorney Paul Henderson, Attorney at Law in Orange, received the highest rating of Martindale Hubbell Peer Review Ratings, in existence for over 140 years. It is a way for attorneys to get rated by their peers on their legal and ethical ability. Peer Review Ratings are the gold standard in attorney rating. Attorneys looking to refer a client, as well as individuals researching lawyers for their own legal needs, use these ratings to identify, evaluate and select the most appropriate lawyer for their legal issue. A peer review rating contributes to the comprehensive view of a lawyer and benefits the entire legal community.


10 Years Ago-2009

President Obama, 10 years ago, signed the $787 billion stimulus recovery bill.

States are moving quickly to develop ways for identifying projects.

States will divide $27 billion to build and repair roads and bridges.

President Obama is ready to whip the economy into shape.

Obama is trying to stem the recession from cutting any deeper into its free fall.

Obama inherited a country that has lost three million jobs in just the past year.

The country was left in the worse shape since the Great Depression.

A lot of people are homeless and hurting.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t fail.

*****Congrats to David Montagne, a new member of the Texas State Board of Regents.

He was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry.*****Last week, we choose Melissa Fisher as one of our “Special Valentines.” On Friday she was named “Queen at OCARC” and was presented with a big trophy.

Congratulations girl, you sure had a big week..***** Congrats to Mark Dunn, appointed to the Orange County Historical Commission by Judge Carl Thibodeaux and the court. He was nominated by Commissioner John Dubose.

Mark is a good appointment who loves Orange County and preserving its history and landmarks.*****President Obama will present Stevie Wonder the Library of Congress Award Feb. 25.***** A government study shows that Texas population will reach 44 million in the next 30 years.

Many people are migrating to Texas.

It’s a very fast growing state.

By 2040, 23 million citizens will be Hispanic.

Santa Anna may just win yet.


OBITUARIES-10 Years Ago-2009

Chester Ray “Buddy” Moore, 80, a longtime friend of this publication, died Feb. 13, 2009.

Buddy spent a lifetime in the newspaper business, working for and owning several publications.

He made himself and his Kountze News famous.

He didn’t pull any punches, even though he was on the receiving end of several.

Locally, his brother Jack and wife Peggy live in Orange.

Read “Down Life’s Highway” where Roy recalls and relates the life of his friend and one time partner.

Moore had little money in his pockets but he had influential friends in high places.

He is remembered by many for the times when West Orange was home.

*****Clifford P. “Butch” Alford Jr., 63, of Orangefield, passed away Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Funeral services were Feb. 14.

He is survived by his wife, Mary Alford; mother Olga “Sis” Alford; sons, Ernest Alford, James Alford, daughter Jeni Johnson; step-sons, Donald Bearce, Jason Bearce, Brian Gibbs; stepdaughter, Romandy Gibbs and eight grandchildren.*****Lenora Lopez, 79, of Orange, passed away on Thursday, Feb. 12.

She was a homemaker and a past member of the Greenway Garden Club in Orange.

She is survived by her husband, of 55 years, Manuel Lopez; son, James Lopez, daughters, Jeanne Payne, Jeri Droddy, and six grandchildren.***** Marian Frances Allis Rennie Meindl David, of Orange, 84, passed away Feb. 11, 2009.

Funeral services were Feb. 16.

She was a member of St. Mary Catholic Church and was a charter member of the Orange Women’s Service League.

She is survived by her husband, Jules David; sister, Jane Whitlock; children, step-children and grandchildren.***** Josephine Loiacano, 90, of Orange, died Friday, Feb. 13, 2009.

Graveside Service was Monday, Feb. 16.

Jo spent many happy hours with her nephew, Raymond, and her many friends who she called family.

She is survived by three nephews Raymond Gilbeaux, Jerry Gilbeaux and Rickey Gilbeaux and fourteen great-nieces and -nephews.

45 Years Ago-1974

Members of the Lutcher Stark Tigerettes girls’ volleyball team are: Janie David, Sherry Anderson, Mary Lou Ewing, Joanie David, Nina Mumbach.

The coach is Hattie Mae Wood. Other team members are Marty Price, Sherry Anderson, Hildy Bulovas, Anderson and Becky Hare.*****Attorney Joe Alford went to work this week for district attorney Sharon Bearden as his assistant.

*****Sheriff Buck Patillo and pond man Hubert Marshall were spotted washing a horse in the wash rack at Ford’s Mobile ServiceCenter in Bridge City.*****Attorney Murray Harris, a longtime associate in Hustmyre, Harris, Dorman and Dunaway law firm has moved his office to 74 Division.

Rusty Nicks, longtime legal secretary, will help him hold the fort down.*****Meanwhile, Malcolm Dorman and Jim Dunaway have formed a partnership and will stay in the same building on Front Street.

Judge Frank Hustmyre has gone into semi-retirement but still is with the firm.*****Patsy Fisette, a very nice lady, has returned from Houston where she had surgery again.*****Raymond Selzer has sold his Western Auto store.

He now joins his friend Bill Stringer in retirement.*****Don Harmon started building a new home in the country and before he could complete it he was taken into the city of Orange.*****Cynthia Hooks, who recently had a baby, compliments of Dan Ray, is due back to work at the court house next week.*****Russell January has been dry.

He hasn’t had a drink since last Easter.*****Six candidates are running for commissioner Gordon Dunn’s job.****Joe Hester is building a new trailer park.*****The city of Orange and the county jointly purchased a bus for the transportation of senior citizens.*****Crip Trahan, who was appointed Constable Pct..

2 last week, asked for a raise this week.

He says you have to start asking early and often.*****Sgt.

Milton Wayne Cormier Jr. was awarded a metal by the United States Marine Corps.*****Attorney Ronny Baxter, Orange County’s only female attorney, turns 40 on Washington’s birthday.


Commissioners authorized the employment of Maxine “Max” Boatman as deputy sheriff, succeeding officer Tom Eddleman.

Sheriff Chester Holts made the announcement..*****Orange City Attorney Robert Huey will attend a conference on traffic courts in Austin.*****Mrs. Joe “Inez” Runnels is teaching people to drive.

She is the co-owner of the local Texas Drivers License School along with her husband, county clerk Joe Runnels.*****Linda Stanton and new husband Neal Campbell, from Illinois, and a Dupont employee, will make their home in Orange.*****Fidel Castro becomes Premier of Cuba after the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista.


This fall and winter, Jay Bruce, who is a West Brook grad, drafted to play baseball with Cincinnati in 2008, worked out at Lamar. Some other youngsters who have gone pro also have had the benefit of working out with Bruce.Bridge City and University of Texas star, pitcher Chase Shugart who has signed with the Red Sox and West Orange-Stark grad, Grant Anderson, drafted by Seattle, have also worked with Bruce.

Jay left this week to report to the Mariners’ spring training camp in Arizona.Bruce is a three time all star entering his 14th season.

He was raised in Beaumont and it is now he and his family’s permanent home.

*****Early Tuesday morning a big guy, wearing a very big straw hat, walked into our office.

It was Dan Buffington, an employee of the telephone company since he was a teenager.

I have known Dan since he was a baby in diapers but didn’t recognize him at first.

He’s 52 years old now and plans to work eight more years.

Dan is at the tail end of a bunch of great guys who worked for the telephone company.

Some are now retired but like Dan’s parents, many have passed on.

The area is full of people who will tell you what a great, helpful guy Dan Buffington is.*****Forget the $4,000 rebateTrump said every family would receive when he signed the tax bill.

In fact, middle class families will get less of their refund than last year, 8.4 percent less.

Tax professionals had warned that the tax plan citizens were sold is not what they will get.*****Kyler Murray, 2018 Heisman Trophy winner, on Monday advised the Oakland Athietics that he is forgoing $4.7 million bonus to play baseball.

He will return all but $200,000 to the Athietics.

Even at 5 ft. 9in.

he’s betting his talent on NFL football.

Never mind his size, he will become the first athlete ever chosen in the first round of both the major league baseball and NFL draft. He will be among the fastest players ever and has an NFL arm accuracy to go with it.

The A’s placed Murray on the restricted list.

They retain the right to him if football doesn’t work out.

My bet is that this little fellow will be big time in the NFL.*****The best headline over the weekend covered all bases in just three words, “Bezos Exposes Pecker.” David Pecker, CEO of National Enquirer, was attempting to extort and blackmail Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person.

Bezos is the owner of Amazon and the Washington Post. What Pecker had on Bezos is a selfie in which Bezos had exposed his pecker.

Bezos wouldn’t be blackmailed over his exposure so he exposed the National Inquirer and Pecker.

So the headline said it all on the two exposures.*****Chuck Peterson has one special chicken but lately she had laid off of laying.

She finally came back and is now producing one egg a day.

Twelve days of laying have gone by and Chuck brought me the first dozen.

The special hen lays a pretty red egg, with a great tasking yoke.*****Tommy Clary and Bob Baptista made it to the Lunch Bunch last week.

Tommy tells quite a story about the bad times in shipbuilding and when the times turned good in the oil industry they were the only ones still s standing.

The business, Clary Towing, was started by his dad, Bob Clary.Bob and Herman Plaisance, from Cut Off Louisiana, owned a tug boat business when I first met Bob.

He and Herman are both gone n ow and the Clary’s sold the shipbuilding business.

The Lunch Bunch dines at JB’s this week and at Norzersky’s next week.

Anyone is welcome.

You never know who or what interesting people you might meet.*****The highlight for me on the 65th Annual Grammy Awards was Alicia Keys. She’s the most talented and so beautiful she doesn’t even wear false eyelashes or paint herself up like a clown.

She performs on two pianos at the same time, sings like a bird and has won 15 Grammy awards.

Refreshing performances were given by Dolly Parton, 73, and Diana Ross, who celebrated her 75th birthday on the show.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama also appeared on the show.

She said, “Music has always helped me tell my story.

I believe that is true for all of us.”*****We were sorry to learn that our mechanic friend, S.P. Kay, has been under the weather and had a short stay in the hospital.

He and Sue are good folks.


A few folks celebrating their special day this week.

Feb. 13: Amy Britnell, Judy Ford, Lee Ann Jaarah and Jeremy Delano celebrate today.

Joining them are Jerry Springer who turns 75, actors Prince Jackson, 22 and Stockard Channing, 75.*****Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day.

T.W. Permenter and Judy Harrison are a year older today.

Celebrities celebrating are actors Freddie Highmore, 26, Tiffany Thornton, 32 and Simon Pegg, 48.*****Feb. 15: Robert Montagne and Drew Domas have birthdays on this day.

They are joined by Jane Seymour, 68, cartoonist Matt Groening, 64.*****Feb. 16: Celebrating on this day are Port Commissioner Keith Wallace, BCISD’S Judy Brownlie, Mandy LeBauve, Vicky Stanley and Ann McDuff.

Celebs celebrating today are rapper Ice T, 60, actors Elizabeth Olsen, 29 and Christopher Eccleston, 54.*****Feb. 17: John Chauvin, Kim Harmon, Mellisa Tuttle, Tom Edwards and Ashley Floyd all celebrate today.

Joining them are Pop singer Ed Sheehan, 27, comedian Larry the Cable Guy, 55, former basketball player Michael Jordon, 55.*****Feb. 18: President’s Day today.

Amie Smith, Justin Broussard, Jeremy Crocker, Leah Gunstream celebrate.

Norman Barry, turns 79 today.

Celebrities celebrating are activist Yoko Ono, 85, actors John Travolta, 64 and Matt Dillon, 54.*****Feb. 19: Tammy Temple, Christy Faulk, Jason Clark and Martha Pittman celebrate today.

Also celebrating are actor Jeff Daniels, 63 and Motown singer Smokey Robinson, 78, singer Seal, 55 and actor Haylie Duff, 33.


A long time ago during Worl’ War Twice -- I never will forget dat, me -- I was in Kaplan, Looziana, about 10 or nine mile from a li’l town wat dey call Abbeville.

A whole bunch of us mens and boys, too, were in LeBlanc’s Bar and Saloon havin’ a meeting, us, drinking buttermilk, when Clovis Abshire, him, came running in an’ he say, “Hurry, hurry! We got to leave here rat now, us. Me, I just hear on de raydio dat dem German was all over Abbeville, dem. Come on, let’s got ourselfs outta here.”

“Wait jus’ a minute, Clovis. Slow down, you. Dat’s not Abbeville, Looziana, no; dat’s Abbeville, France, wat Abbeville in Loozianan was name after.” Alcid Thibodeaux say.

Boy, everybody say poo-yai wit’ relief, dem and sat demself back down to start de meeting over again.

“I feel so sorry fo dem Franchman, me. I don’t know what to did,” Harry LeBoeuf say.

“Not me, no,” Otis Mouton piped up. “I ain’t got no sympathize for dem, no. Dem crazy fool never should have left Looziana and gone over dere in de first place, dem.”


Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery

Judge Carl Thibodeaux had open heart surgery Monday with four bypasses.

Tuesday they got him up and he is due to start therapy.

He will remain in CVICU until later this week and then be moved to a room.

His daughter Erin Davison said Tuesday he was doing well and all his vitals are good.

He was able to have ice chips.

Understandably he is in pain since his chest was cracked open. The family wants to thank everyone for all the prayers and positive thoughts.

Please pray for the medical team as he will be quite stubborn during his recovery.

They are the ones who need prayers.

(Editor’s note: They didn’t say what color that Cajun’s heart is.)*****Read us cover to cover and shop our advertisers.

Remember, everybody reads TheRecord.

Gotta go.

Take care and God bless.


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