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Uncertainty over tariffs threatens auto industry jobs, sales and increase in average vehicle cost.

The industry is anxious over what President Trump might do.

Possibly 366,000 jobs could be lost, nearly 100 times what’s at stake in GM’s controversial plant closings.

Over 1.3 million fewer vehicle sales and an increase of $2,750 average in cost.

The Trump Administration hasn’t revealed what the commerce departments recommendations might be on new tariffs in what is called an Article 232 report, after a rule that allows Trump to apply tariffs when national security is at stake.

The result could be tariffs of up to 30 percent on imported vehicles and parts and tariffs on steel and aluminum and Chinese imports.

Ford said previous tariffs cost $750 million last year.

Every car, truck and SUV sold in the United States would be affected by the new tariffs.

There are no 100 percent U.S. made cars.

Economist are nervous that the country is headed to a cool down but a major recession is not expected.

New tariffs would send shock waves through the economy.*****I have to move on.

Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

Ann Segura

Gone but Not Forgotten

Ten years have gone by since Ann Segura passed away at age 82, on Washington’s Birthday, February 22, 2009.

Funeral services were held for her at First Baptist Church in Bridge City where she occupied the same seat for many years.

She was buried on Ash Wednesday.

She had been a friend since mid-1950.

Throughout all those years she remained not only a beautiful woman but a kind, caring person.

It’s hard for me to imagine Miss Anne being 92 today.

She always appeared to be much younger than her age.

Friday was a special day to Ann. That’s when, from noon to 1 p.m., she would be at Ginger’s Beauty Shop and Bobbie would do her hair.

She always wanted to be, and was, well groomed.

Like her church seat, she also had her own parking spot at the shop.

You always knew where to find her on Friday.

I never saw her with a hair out of place.

She was married to Jimmy, a guy from New Iberia, LA., where he had made quite a name for himself as a boxer.

He was small in statue but tough as nails.

She had been raised in East Texas as a cowgirl.

The couple moved to Bridge City from Chicago where Jimmy had operated a cleaning press.

They had come to open a business here where Ann would be closer to her East Texas family.

They established Bridge City Cleaners that Jimmy ran until his death several years before her.

Ann’s main priority was raising her three boys, James, Darrell and Tommy.

After Jimmy’s death, Ann took over the operation of the cleaners.

You never knew if you would get a kiss or a hug but when you walked into her place you were sure to get a big smile and a kind welcome.

Despite having knee surgery many years before and with often a shortage of help, she did the daily chores the long established business required.

Ann knew everyone in town and had watched most of them being raised from birth.

Ann’s cleaners was always the best place to find out the happenings.The only one of the boys I see a couple times a year is Darrell. He updates me on the family.

Tommy and his wife, Beckie, retired from the Air Force a few years ago and I believe live near San Antonio, James and Georgia live in Deer Park.

The Segura boys became husbands, fathers and granddads.

Ann was so proud of the men they had become.

Ann was always special to me.

I loved her dearly.

She though I was special also.

That was the thing about Miss Ann, she made everyone feel special.


Texans star J.J. Watt was honored to be the first NFL player ever to Grand Marshal of the Daytona 500.

Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman was the honorary starter for Sunday’s Daytona 500.

He said, “These guys, (drivers) are clearly adrenaline junkies just like we are.

I always tell people football players are missing screws and those dudes certainly are too.” Denny Hamlin, who drives for Coach Joe Gibbs’ team was determined to honor his late car owner, J.D. Gibbs, Joe’s eldest son, who died last month after battling a degenerative neurological disease.

J.D.’s name was on the Toyota that swept the 500.

Kyle Bush and Erik Jones finished second and third for the Gibbs team.

There were five wrecks in the final 20 laps, with a 21 car pile up with only nine laps to go.


10 Years Ago-2009

About a month ago I told you, in this column, about the Bush family outrage with what Dick Cheney had done to George W’s presidency and commented on why President Bush hadn’t pardoned Scooter Libby. I wondered how long it would be before someone on the national scene would comment on the Bush-Cheney breakup.

On Feb. 18, Maureen Dowd, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the New York Times, brought it up in the piece, “Curtain Rises on Bush’s Relationship with Cheney.” One of the great mysteries of the Bush presidency is whether W. ever had an epiphany when he realized Dick Cheney had manipulated him.

Whether it ever hit him that he had trusted the wrong father figure, Ms.

Dowd contended that W. and Condi were trying to slide away from Cheney by cutting Rummy loose.

The clearest sign of disaffection we have is Bush’s refusal to pardon Scooter Libby despite Cheney’s tense and emotional pleading.

It was his final too little too late, By not pardoning Cheney’s alter ego, who plied his dark arts, trying to discredit Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson, and then lying to protect his boss.

W. was clearly saying by not pardoning Libby, he thought that Libby and by extension Cheney, did something wrong.

According to Dowd it’s not clear whether W. is simply pouting because Cheney’s machinations blackened his legacy or if at long last he fathomed the morality of it, that Cheney did things to the constitution.

Cheney and Rumsfeld lied and pulled the wool over his eyes on Iraq and how they maneuvered the lie of weapons of mass destruction and the mistake he made by making the deal that Cheney would run the government.

***** The Acapulco restaurant on MacArthur Drive gets a facelift and name change.

From now on it will be called La Cantina Mexican Grill.

A California restaurant chain that owns the name through registration nationwide brought about the name change.

The old yellow building will now be painted avocado and bright rust, along with other changes.*****Hometown star and former All-American Steve Worster will be inducted in the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in Waco on March 4.

The pre-banquet reception will be at 5 p.m.

to 6:30 p.m.

at the Hall of Fame and the banquet will be held at Baylor’s Ferrell Center at 7 p.m.

Other inductees are Ramando Blackmon, Dallas Mavericks; Bill Bradley, Eagles; Lee Roy Jordan, Dallas Cowboys; Coach Abe Lemons (deceased); Kyle Rote Jr., TCU and San Diego Charger running back La Dainian Tomlinson.

The class of 2008 is presented by Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies.

Steve’s #30 put Bridge City on the map.

Today he makes his home there.

Worster andthe Penny Record go back to before the 1965 championship game and 1966 state championship.

His parents R.B. and Louise, are both deceased.*****Sorry to hear about the death of Don Thibeaux, age 51, who passed away last week.

Don was a great guy.

Condolences to his mother Fadra and Don’s eight siblings.

Three of his five sisters came from Tennessee and were here when he passed away.*****Congrats to Bridge City Lady Cardinal,Samantha West, who will sign a volleyball scholarship with Navarro College Friday.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2009

Bill Turner, 67, of Orange, passed away Sunday, Feb. 22.

He was a resident of the Orange area since 1955.

He owned Turner Roofing working as a roofing contractor.

Survivors include his beloved wife, Diane Turner, daughters, Belinda Lemen and Billie Jo Turner, six grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.***** Charles “Chuck” Mann, 46, of Orange, passed away Monday, Feb. 23.


He was a lifelong resident of the Orange area, he worked in the industries of construction and home repair as a carpenter.

He is survived by his mother, Carol Brister and her husband Don; father; daughters, Leia Mann, Elysia Haley and Tabitha Tompkins, and four grandchildren.***** Sammie Sydney Spector, 95, of Orange, passed away Monday, Feb. 23.

He was co-owner of J.H. Spector and Son’s Wrecking and Salvage. During World War II, he was a welder leaderman in the shipyard.

Survivors include his sons Willie, and James; daughters Sandra and Mollie eight grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren and three great great-grandchildren.***** Judi “Ju-Ju” McCord, age 44, passed away Saturday, Feb. 21.

She was a lifelong resident of Orange.

She is survived by her mother, Lamore McCord, brother, Jason McCord, sisters, Lynda Hunter, Jessi Mancera and Cari McCord andgrandmother, Vera McCord.

40 Years Ago-1979

The winners of the Noon Optimist Club oratorical contest were Stephen Nichols, Carson Childers, Thomas Sigler, Deana Marcantel, Ronald Teal, Dee Ann Pence and Betty Ashworth.

Chairman of the contest was Bill Cunningham, an employee of Brown Hearing Aids, owned by Optimist Lee Brown.*****Doris and Morris Collier celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary on Feb. 23.

*****The Sharon Bearden’s mark their 10th anniversary this week.

*****Janice Smith reaches the ripe old age of 17.

(Editor’s note: It’s been a fast 40 years hasn’t it?)*****Businesses advertising in the Opportunity Valley News this week were State Line Gifts and Furniture, Deweyville; Perry Brothers, (three locations); Grossman’s Jewelers, Northway Shopping Center; K-Mart; Kresge; Builders Mart; Montgomery Wards; Morrow’s Appliance; Firestone Tire; Orange Fitness Center; Precision Tune; Orange County Aluminum; Sel-Mart Discount Center (Gibson’s); First City National Bank; Modica Brothers; Stephens Buick; Harmon Chevrolet New Cars; Orange Motor Company; M and I Supply; Hubbard Television and Appliance; Merle Norman; Shoe Tree; P.S. Tire and Supply; Town and Country Boutique; H and E Wrecker; Huber’s; Texas Ave. Grocery and Market, Curtis Lee Texaco; Village Squire; Golden Triangle Savings and Loan; Gravely Patton Power; Zack’s Hut; Myran’s; Parker’s Transmission; D and C Muffler; Bickham Lincoln-Mercury; Fisherman’s Reef; Weingartens; Bill Payne Chevrolet; The Kottage; Noguess Mortuary; Sportsman Shop; Martin Fashions; Paul’s Paint and Body Shop; The Fashion Scene; Price and Tarpley Auto Parts; Gerlands Food Fair; Ron’s House of Elegance; the Western Store; the Gingham Shop and Howard’s Big Red Pantry.

(Editor’s note: none of these businesses exist today.)

45 Years Ago-1974

Jim Austin Motor Co., Orange’s newest Dodge dealer is holding their grand opening at 2500 IH-10 in Orange.

*****Butler-Baker Pontiac American on Highway 87 near the Circle.

Joe Kazmar, salesman, was “Top Man Award’” winner.

*****Patricia Ann Holbrooks is the bride elect of Donnie Jay and Karen Boehme is bride elect of Marion Kent Crow.

Both had wedding showers last week.

*****Stars on the West Orange Chiefs track team are Roy Williams, broad jump and 100 yard dash; Paul Bingham, shot put; Randal Teate, Earl Thomas, Steve Fisher and Roy Williams, 440 relay; James Bean, Marty Edwards, Steve Fisher and Randal Teate, mile relay.

Coach of the track team is Robert Tywater.

*****A cow with long horns got after a fellow on Roundbunch Road.

With the cow after him, the man was clocked at 9.5 in the hundred.

The former Texas A&M track star, Doug Harrington, was saved when Dow Gene Anderson was able to get a truck between the mad cow and the scared runner.

A sure place to get a hug Doug, is from pretty Ann Segura, at Bridge City Cleaners. She likes everyone, even old ex-Aggies.

(Editor’s note: Ann and Doug are gone now but Dow Gene is still kicking but not quite so high.)


We were sorry to learn of the death of Kenneth Hass, 81, who passed away Feb. 17.

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m.

Friday at Claybar Funeral Home, in Bridge City.

Our condolences to his wife Phyllis and family.

Please see obituary.*****H.D. Pate came home Friday after a couple of months in rehab.

He was so thankful that before going home he was was able to attended church.

He is much improved, has all his cards stacked in the deck and is a lot more mobile and getting around well on his walker.

Of course Pat is glad to be home caring for him and not away.

We wish H.D. continued progress.*****Our friend Ray Cravin died one year ago on Feb. 21, 2018.

He was a great guy who died way too young.*****We were glad to hear that Judge Carl Thibodeaux is home and on the rebound after heart surgery.

His cats have been depressed but were jumping with joy when he came home.

I hear that sometimes only the cats pay attention to him.*****Our first president George Washington was born Feb. 22, 1732.

He became president of the United States a age 67 after serving as a general.*****Regina Harrington, our late friend Doug Harrington’s widow, celebrates a birthday Feb. 24.

We haven’t heard from her in some time but understand she sold her big home in Spring, TX and moved into a gated town house.*****I never know how to describe our friend Brad Frye but over the many years I’ve known him, he has worn many hats, all in law enforcement.

Today, I believe he is Assistant Chief of Bridge CityPD but he also is a proud member of the Orangefield ISD School Board.

He enjoys that job and I believe it will lead to another step up the political ladder in the next couple of years.

Come Feb. 25, Bradley will celebrate being a year older.

We extend best wishes for a very happy birthday.*****Country singer Miranda Lambert shocked fans Saturday with news of her marriage to mystery man Brendan McLoughlin.

Lambert wrote on instagram, “I met the love of my life and we got hitched.

My heart is full.

Thanks you Brandon for loving me.” Lambert and fellow country singer Blake Shelton divorced in 2015 after four years of marriage.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will gather at Norvesky’s this week and back at Robert’s next week.

Most folks will be back from trips so we should have a nice group.

Try to make it, everyone is welcome.

We were sorry to hear about the death of Doug Burch, one of the Lunch Bunch’s WWII veterans.*****I was having a lousy, tough week when two lovely ladies brightened my Valentine’s Day.Marlene again came through with some high class chocolates and after a hard day at the clinic, a real sweetheart, Charlet Anderson, showed up to brighten the evening.

She brought two kinds of King Cakes.

One included boudian. Besides being a very nice person I’m convinced she is the prettiest girl to ever come out of High Island.


Feb. 20: finds Suzanne Boren, Ty Broussard, Ron Teaff and Allison Floyd celebrating birthdays.

Joining them are singer Rihanna, 30, model Cindy Crawford, 53 and actor Sidney Poitier, 91.*****Feb. 21: Today Chris Menard, Misty Song, Erin Boren, Beverly Satir celebrate birthdays.

Also celebrating are actors Jennifer Love Hawitt, 39, Corbin Bleu, 29 and Kelsey Grammar, 63.

*****Feb. 22: Happy birthday to Chad Boatman, Leslie Braus and Brint Carlton.

This was also the birthday of George Washington.

Celebrities celebrating today are basketball player Julius Erving, 68, singer James Blunt, 44 and actress Drew Barrymore, 43.*****Feb. 23: John Hughes, Crystal Jones, Misti Bishop, Joe Hebert and Carrie Pugh Auster are a year older today, also actors Dakota Fanning, 24, Kelly MacDonald, 42, Niece Nash, 48.

*****Feb. 24: Dalton Bonds, Regina Harrington and Bill Bennett.

They are joinedbyboxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr., 41, actors Billy Zane, 52 and O’Shea Jackson, Jr., 27.*****Feb. 25: Celebrating today are Brad Frye, Angela Brinson, Sara Gibson, Nathan Fleetwood and Doris Byrd.

Joining them are comedians Carrot Top, 53, Chelsea Handler, 43 and actress Tea Leoni, 52.*****Feb. 26: Betty Sherman, Claudia Williams, Marilyn Powell and Amanda Beeson have birthdays today.

Also singer Michael Bolton, 65, actors Carlos Esparza, 28 and Teresa Palmer, 32.


It was da las weekend of duck hunting season and Clovis Comeaux him, tole his 10-year-old little boy child, Pistache, dat he was going to take him out to da marsh and teach him how to kill some duck.

Pistache say, “Papa, I’m excited bout dat and Mama she can make us some duck gumbo wit dem.”

Clovis him, he stand up from behind dem tall weeds and BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Clovis shoot all his shot and dem ducks dey fly away dem.

Clovis him, say, “Pistache, boy, you a lucky little man you.”

“How’s dat Papa?” Pistache axe.

“Mais, because son, you jus witness a miracle yea, you jus see a dead duck him jump up and fly.”



“America’s Got Talent, the Champion” brought together 50 competitors from past seasons and editions around the world.

The talent champion of 2017, ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer and slight of hand artist Kim Lin were the two finalist Monday night.

Lin, 27, claimed the trophy and the $25,000 winner’s prize.

Lin, who was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, grew up in Massachusetts and started piano training at age 9, He began doing cards at 16.

In May he will be in semi-residency at the Mirage in Las Vegas and in August he will marry Casey Thomas in Hawaii.

She’s a dancer who worked for another magic act when he met her.

This youngster is the best I’ve ever seen. I bet they don’t let him anywhere near a card table in Vegas.*****Time to go.

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Take care and God bless.


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