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Last updated 4/2/2019 at Noon


Judge Carl Thibodeax was the perfect choice, at just the right time, to come on board as county judge.

It’s very early but storm experts at Colorado State are already looking ahead to the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season.

Storm experts assessed five possible scenarios with possibly three storms entering the Gulf.

An update and more comprehensive seasonal outlook is due out in a few days.

An average Atlantic hurricane season brings 12 named storms, six hurricanes and three major hurricanes.

No one in Orange County has more experience dealing with storms and hurricanes before and after they hit.

While Thibodeaux was county judge he had to make the call at least nine times for evacuation.

Having him in office through this hurricane season, which starts in June, is a big plus.

He knows what preparations are needed and how to assemble a team of other officials.

If we are hit with a landfall the Judge has the experience to shorten the recovery.

He is well aware of the games FEMA plays.

Here’s what I find ironic, in the Cyclone names for 2019 Atlantic basin storms, two of the names are Erin and Tanya, the names of both of Judge Thibodeaux’s daughters.

I hope that’s not a bad omen.

Also, just as important is a new budget that must be met by Sept. 30.

According to former judge Dean Crooks, the county is not as financially sound as some believe it to be.

Crooks and Thibodeaux both believe that to have a true reserve the money must not be in the general fund.

Thibodeaux has put together twenty county budgets.

We need to know for sure what the bottom line is and what has changed since he left office just over four years ago.

It’s important that Thibodeaux is responsible for this budget.

He’s not running for office and is more likely to see that cuts are made where needed and the bottom line reflects our current financial situation.

Commissioner Court can then move with a true balance.

Also while Thibodeaux is serving as judge, a mandate from the Court should be to work at settling the seven year dispute with the Sheriff Employees Association.

Judge Crooks, before resigning, said he felt an agreement at this time is doable.

The problem goes back to the ThibodeauxAdministration and now might just be the time to put that problem to rest.

Most of all, there is plenty of very important things to do.

No one should be in a hurry to move Thibodeaux out.

If he doesn’t stay long enough to get those things done, it will appear that his appointment was to circumvent the law, going around due process.

The silliest thing I’ve heard is bring up politics.

Being a Republican or Democrat in national party politics, has nothing to do with who can do a solid job in local government.

One thing Thiboceaux has never done is play party politics.

He once ordered a democratic congressman out of his office because he wanted a bid to go to a democratic doner.*****I’ve got to move on.

Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


We were sorry to learn of the death of Carl Wayne Herin, 65, of Bridge City, who passed away Sunday, March 31, at his home. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, April 3, Claybar Funeral Home, in Bridge City, at 2 p.m. Officiating will be Elder Jimmy Nelson of Landmark Baptist Church in Fort Worth. Burial will follow at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2009

A lot of water has literally run under the bridge since last year’s anniversary edition.

What a year it has been. Our problems started with the evacuation of Hurricane Gustav and 10 days later, Sept. 13, Hurricane Ike – Orange County’s greatest disaster that sent a surge of water into our communities – wiping out thousands of homes and businesses.

Many families have suffered; many are still hurting, many will never recover. On the other hand we have a lot to be thankful for, first no loss of life, secondly our well-run county government.

The county had enough money in escrow to jump-start a new beginning to rebuild and clean out.

This put our progress way ahead of other counties.

Thanks to our Bridge City city administration and their leaders who took no excuses from our national and state government.

They worked diligently with their shoulders to the wheel.

I can’t thank enough, on behalf of the citizens, the many faith-based organizations and our first responders.

They fed, watered and clothed us.

The Red Cross, Salvation Army and others saw to it that every citizen needing help was reached.

Last but not least, our federal government made it possible for us to have lodging, a place to lay our heads and monies to buy necessities.

***** Over the years, when we selected our Person of the Year, we have tried to pick someone who has benefited the community through years of service and dedication, making the community a better place.

This year our choice goes to the Cormier family.***** Chris Smith, of Orange, was selected as a rising star by “Texas Super Lawyer.” He was chosen by lawyers and politicians in accordance with their valuation process.

Chris practices law with his dad, John Cash Smith, at their office on Green Avenue.

*****UNC beats Michigan State 89-72 for National Basketball Championship.

State never had a chance with more than 20 turnovers.

*****Carrie Underwood captured Entertainer of the Year at Country Music Awards – the seventh female act to win it.

Others are Loretta Lynn, Dolly, Barbara Mandrell, Reba, Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks.


Obituaries run 10 Years Ago-2009

We were saddened to hear that our little buddy at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s.

Terry Renee Burleigh, 27, passed away March 31.

Services for Terry were Friday, April 3.

She was just a jewel of a young lady.

Despite her physical disabilities she always had a smile and a pleasant demeanor.

She was just a joy to be around. To her mom Sheila, dad Gerald and family we express our deepest sympathies.

*****Jessie Brown, 89, died April 2; services were Sunday, April 5.

Jessie and her late husband Nolton had been married 65 years.

They became a part of the Bridge City community in 1948 after Nolton’s service in WW II. The Browns became legends for their work and years of dedication to the Democratic Party.

Over the years, they met most major office holders in the country including presidents and governors.

They were known for their grass roots type of politics.

Jessie did it the old fashioned way, through personal contact.

Miss Jessie was a giving and caring person.

She was a small lady with a big heart. She and Nolton didn’t have children, just themselves, but they loved each other dearly.

***** Terry Renee Burleigh, 27, of Orange, died Tuesday, March 31.

Funeral services were April 3.

Terry was a 2004 graduate of Lamar University in Beaumont.

She is survived by her parents, Gerald and Sheila Burleigh grandfather, Jessie Doyle and brothers, Shane Burleigh, Eric Burleigh.***** Brenda Barron Bryant, 61, passed away Monday, March 30.

Funeral services were April 4.

She worked as an assistant land man for Goodrich Operating and at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

She is survived by her mother, Catherine Barron, husband, Bill Bryant, sons, Matthew Barrett and Eric Bryant, brother, Charles Barron Jr., sister Linda Barron Rhalfs, son Paul Bryant, grandchildren, Courtney, Tyler and Alyssa Bryant.

30 Years Ago

Pam Crew, travel consulate at the Texas Tourist Bureau in Orange, is the “cowgirl” on the staff.

An Orangefield grad, Pam was a barrel racer in high school and has been a rider in the Sheriff’s Posse for eight years.

In 1978, Pam helped 357,468 people who visited the bureau. She also helped distribute 1,250,000 pieces of literature.

On July 4, nearly 2,000 persons stopped at Texas’ most active port of entry.

In 1936, the first bureau was housed in a log cabin, which later, in 1979, housed a liquor store at 10th Street and Western Avenue in Orange.

Since then the cabin has been moved again.

I’m not sure where.

In the early years, Texas A&M employees staffed state bureaus.

(Editor’s note: When I first met Charlie Wickersham, he worked at the Log Cabin Bureau on Green Avenue near the Sabine River Bridge.

I don’t believe Charlie was an Aggie.)*****Edna V. Demary (Mrs. Felix) will be 85 years old Friday, April 6.

She makes her home with her daughter Anabel and son-in-law Arthur Anderson at 904 Cherry St. in Orange.

(Editor’s note: Anabel and Arthur have since passed away.)*****Happy belated birthday to 9-year-old Craig Corder.

He is the youngest son of Ruth and Richard Corder. *****Tina Bendy turns 14 this week.

*****Barbara Gail Brown is 18 years old this week.

45 Years Ago-1974

Third generation lawyer Martin Dies III is expected to enter the practice of law in Orange County.

*****This week, Donnie Harmon was accepted by the University of Notre Dame.

He will attend school there in the fall.

(Editor’s note: Donnie graduated from Notre Dame in only three years.)*****Charlene Trahan has announced as a candidate for Justice of the Peace, Pct.


Also running in Pct.

2 is Larry Gunter, promising to be a full-time judge.*****Jim Dugas, Bo Bland and Louis Gay are at the El Matador Barber and Style Shop at MacArthur Shopping Center.*****The Bridge City girl’s volleyball team is the 10-AAA district champs for the second year in a row.

Team members are Phyllis Shaw, Debbie Shaw, Marian Schexnider, Rhonda Martin, Debra Wagner, Joyce Mann, Candy Etheridge, Donna Calvert and Jana Russell. Coaching the team is Barbara Landry, manager is Vickie Martinez.

50 Years Ago-1959

JackDardeaux elected mayor of West Orange.

*****WayneLambert and Chuck Young wielded the biggest bats for West Orange in an 8-1 defeat of Kountz in district play.

The Chiefs are 3-0 in district.

*****County engineer Gus Foyle and F.L. Butcher are attending the annual convention of American Mosquito Control Association in Salt Lake City.

*****Keown bowling team entered a tourney at Dallas.

The five-man team is composed of D.J. “Ace” Amodeo, Capt.

Bruce Fowler, Dale Richey, Dick Easterling and Bob Otness.

85 Years Ago-1934

H.J.L. Stark described the making of the world’s largest telescope in an address to Rotary.

He witnessed the pouring of the glass in Corning, N.Y. The telescope will go to the University of Texas.

*****Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker are running wild.

Henry Barrow, Clyde’s father, says his son will write a book.

*****The hunt for John Dillinger goes on.

He still dodges the law.

Local peace officers were on watch for him in the vicinity of the Sabine River Bridge. The national desperado and two of his gang are suspected to be back in route to Orange.

They are traveling in a Ford V-8 sedan bearing Tennessee or Indiana license plates.

*****J.E. Patillo announces for the office of county judge.


Martin Luther King was shot and killed 57 years ago this week on April 4, 1968, by James Earl Ray.King was standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel, in Memphis, Tennessee.

*****On April 5, we will witness a full moon.

Also on this day our old buddy Al DeRoche, who is now in his 90’s, will celebrate another birthday.

*****On April 6, 1917, the United States entered WWI. Also April 6 is the birthday of Judge Chad Jenkins.*****On April 8, 1974, baseball great Hank Aaron hit his record breaking 715th home run off of pitcher Al Downing.

Roy has a replica of his bat signed by Aaron.*****This week, Wednesday, April 3, Carl and Micha Thibodeaux will be in Spring, Texas for the birth of a new grandchild by way of son Tyler.*****About the time I had given up on getting some Orange County grown grapefruit here comes our friend John Heard with several nice fruit.

It was the first time in months that John could get a tractor in the field after all the rain this winter.

The grapefruit were extra juicy and sweet.

It was like Christmas for me.

*****Also last week our friend Chuck Peterson, who worked his annual gig atthe SET State Fair, gathered the eggs from his special ladies.

He brought us a dozen beautiful, brown eggs that we enjoyed over the weekend with hot, French bread and fig preserves.*****This week the Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at the new Reel Cajun Seafood, located at the Country Club and next week at Robert’s.


A few folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

April 3: Deana Blackmon, Victor Hernandez, Desirea Wilson and Alan Anderson all celebrate.

Joining them are Paris Jackson, 20, actors Eddie Murphy, 57 and Alec Baldwin, 60.*****April 4: On this day in 1968, Martin Luther King was shot and killed by James Earl Ray.

Celebrating birthdays are Debbie Kendick, Jason Ballard, Joe Peery, Kirk Jordan and Sandra McRight.

Celebrities having birthdays are actors Robert Downey, Jr., 53, Jamie Lynn Spears, 27 and David Cross, 54.*****April 5: Our old buddy Al DeRoche celebrates today along with Niki Viola, Libby Harrison, Nancy McWhorter and Earl Duhon, owner of Dupuis Full Service in Bridge City.

Also celebrating are Pop singer Pharrell Williams, 45 and wrestler Charlotte Flair, 32.*****April 6: In 1917, the United States entered WWI. Celebrating today are Judge Brad Jenkins, Cyndie Chauvin, Jean Saxon, Shirley Hayes and Brenda McPherson.

They are joined by actors Billy Dee Williams, 81, Paul Rudd, 49 and Candance Cameron-Bure, 42.*****April 7: Bethanie Penning, Janet Anderson, Kevin Ernst, Wayne McPherson and Billie Jo Nelson have birthdays today.

Also celebrating today are actors Jackie Chan, 64 and Russell Crowe, 54.*****April 8: Celebrating today are Bridge City Stutters director Cathy Riley, Lindsey Etheridge, Lorene Zoch, Patsy Herrington, Melissa Pittman and Janelle’s little Angel Sehon turns 23-years-old.

In 1974 on this day Hank Aaron hit 715 homeruns.

Pitcher was Al Downing.

Also celebrating on this day are actors John Schneider, 58, Patricia Arquette, 50 and Taylor Kitsch, 37.*****April 9: Trey Dubose, Kristi Trahan, Terri Brent, Tonya Burch and Wayne Currie have birthdays today.

Also celebrating are actors Kristen Stewart, 28, Dennis Quaid, 64 and fashion designer Marc Jacobs, 55.


Da two Cajuns, Clovis Comeaux and Slim Desomeaux, were sipping on a few beers before getting a bite to eat at Tee-Boys Bar and Grill. Suddenly a womem, wat was at a nearby table eating an oyster loaf, started to caugh. It became apparent to Clovis and Slim dat da lady her, is in real distress.

Clovis axe her, “Can you swallow?”

She shake her head no.

Den he axe, “Can you breathe, hanh?”

Da woman shake her head no.

Slim him, he jump up, lifts dat lady dress up, yanks down her drawers and quickly gives her right cheek a lick wit his tongue.

Da women her, is so shocked that she has a violent spasm and da lodged oyster flies out of her mout. As she begins to breath again she thanks him and Slim walks slowly back to his table.

Clovis him, say, “Slim, you know me, I heard of dat dare, “Hindlick Maneuver” but I ain’t never seen nobody do it before.”


Red Raiders make first Final Four

You would probably be surprised at the amount of folks in Orange County connected to Texas Tech, the school up in Lubbock.

Several people I know either got their law degree or graduated from medical school at Texas Tech. Many Orange Countians were excited to see them make the Final Four by beating number one seed Gonzaga 75-69.

The Red Raiders move on to the Final Four next Saturday at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis against Michigan State, who defeated the Duke Blue Devils.

The only number one seed to advance, Virginia, defeated Purdue, 80-75 in overtime.

They will take on the tough Auburn team, who is headed to the Final Four for the first time after defeating Kentucky 77-71 in overtime, without their ace Chuma Okeke, who was out with a torn ACL. Coach Bruce Pearl used Okeke’s injury to rally the team.

I I got to see all the games and I don’t recall when I have seen better games in the Final Eight.

I believe we can expect two great games in the Final Four next Saturday.

Like many other local folks, I’ll be pulling for the Red Raiders to move on to the championship game.*****In the women’s Final Four the Baylor Lady Bears won their 27th straight games, defeating Iowa Monday night 85-53 to advance.

Now it’s on to Tampa, Florida for the LadyBears fourth trip to the Final Four, the first in the last seven years.

Baylor faces Oregon Friday in the national semi-finals.

Notre Dame will face Connecticut in the Final Four.

My favorite to win it all is Baylor.*****Inside you will find a lot of good reading and great ads.

My time is up.

Thanks for yours.

Take care and God bless.


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