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Brenda, the Community DevelopmentCoordinator for the City of Bridge City is hanging it up. The city cordially invites everyone to her retirement reception next Tuesday, April 30, between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. at City Hall, 260 Rachal Ave.*****I’d best get started. Why don’t you come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation on interference in the presidential election was focused first on crimes or impeachable offenses that might have been committed by the Trump election staff but also finding facts on Russian interference into our elections.

The Mueller report concludes that the interference was “sweeping and systematic.” It wasn’t mere meddling; it was outright warfare against our democracy.

The report details the hacking and leaking of emails designed to embarrass Democrats. It also details the works of a Russian organization called Internet Research Agency that peppered social media with materials designed to exploit divisions within our society.

The Russian effort was designed to favor Donald Trump; in fact, the IRA went so far as to organize pro-Trump rallies.

What is clear from the report is that Russia is no friend of the democracy of the United States.

It’s time for Trump to quit protecting Vladimir Putin and Russian interference over our own intelligence agencies.

Now with the Mueller report out Congress must impose sanctions on Russia and ensure that the 2020 election isn’t a repeat of 2016.

States are strengthening their voting systems against cyber attacks but more needs to be done by the White House, starting with President Trump explaining all the secret meetings with Putin.

There were two things we warned about before Trump came to office and that was that he would never release his tax returns or turn against Vladimir Putin, the former KGB officer, we suspect for the same reason.

Trump has flashed a clear, consistent signal that Moscow could escalate its attacks on our democracy without fear of significant consequences as long as it benefits Trump. He and the FOX team can claim no collusion but even public records show that there has been plenty of obstruction and that the President continues to cover up.

The bottom linethat Mueller has exposed and verified that Russia is tampering on our democracy and yes Rudy there is something wrong with taking poison information from Russia.


Services to be Held

Service will be held for Allan“Al” Worthy, Sr., 66, who passed away April 20. A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, April 27 at Well of Hope Christian Fellowship in Bridge City. Please see obituary.*****The Lord called Ruth Mae Behan Riley, age 93, home Saturday, April 20. Funeral services will be held 10 a.m. Saturday, April 27, at Claybar Funeral Home, Orange. Visitation begins at 9 a.m. Please see obituary.

Services for Jerry Vickers Held

We were sorry to learn of the death of our longtime friend Jerry Dwight Vickers, 67, who passed away April 13. Service was held Friday, April 19. Jerry was a longtime Bridge City resident and a good guy. He is survived by his daughters Missy Ashworth and Stacy Vickers, siblings Dennis, Carolyn and Donna, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.He was preceded in death by his parents, wife Linda, brothers Richard and Michael and sisters Barbara Palumbo and Claudine Vickers.


10 Years Ago-2009

No big surprise.

FOX will not carry President Obama’s prime time news conference Wednesday about his 100 days in office.

This is the first time a major network has refused the President’s request.

All other networks will carry the news conference.

FOX doesn’t want to hear the good news.

As President Obama forges ahead, many Republicans acknowledge they have endured a rocky transition to life without control of the White House.

The GOP struggles with message and messengers.

Their only talking point is a lie about Obama being a Socialist. They can’t use Liberal because their Bush/Cheney leaders were the most liberal since Jimmy Carter.

They doubled the 200-year-old national debt in only eight years.***** The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s last Wednesday.

Tammy served up a large array of great seafood and their famous pies for desert. A large crowd showed up despite it being Secretaries Day and Sheriff Merritt, Judge Thibodeaux and others were dining elsewhere with their lady employees.

Judge Joe Parkhurst brought his three lovely ladies to dine with the Bunch.

A special guy in attendance was Wilson ‘King’ Dunn, 91, Judge Derry Dunn’s dad.

The Judge was in Houston and unable to attend but King was well cared for.

Mr. Dunn and his wife Eloide have been married 71 years as of two weeks ago.

A few days after their anniversary, he was forced to put Mrs. Dunn in an assisted living facility.

That broke his heart but home help became impossible to find.

King is sharp and in excellent health despite being hard of hearing.

He served as Mauriceville Post Master 31 years and he and Ms.

Eloide raised a great family and are proud of their many grandchildren.*****Congratulations to Bridge City’s Matt Bryant, kicker for Tampa Bay Bucs, who was awarded the prestigious Halas award.

It goes to an NFL player who overcame the most adversity.

Four days after Matt’s three month old son died in his sleep, Matt kicked three field goals and in the final minutes of the game beat Green Bay with a long boot.

*****In closing congrats to our buddy Gary Stelly on his broadcasting of game 1,000 last week.

Knowing Gary, he’s shooting for 2,000.


Obituaries--10 Years Ago

We were sorry to hear about the sudden death of Mary Nell Devillier, 75, who passed away Thursday, April 23.

Services were held Monday, April 27.

For many years she owned Nell’s Beauty Salon.

A native of Mamou Louisiana, she was a devout Catholic and member of St. Henry Church.

She and husband Nolan were longtime residents of Bridge City.

To our friend Ginger and her siblings, Gwen, Kathy and Wayne, as well as husband Nolan and the entire family, we send our deepest sympathies.*****We had known Mable Wingate Lawrence, age 86, for many years.

She died April 24, after a long fight with congestive heart failure.

An Orange native, she was born March 2, 1923.

One of eight children, she was the daughter of Claude and Lumea Wingate, Orange County pioneers.

Starting with her great-grandfather, the first County Judge, the Wingates all played important parts in the development of our community.

From cattle and farming, to the practice of law, the Wingates have left their mark.

Mable was a big contributor to much of their successes, besides raising a large family and burying some of her own.

We met her over 50 years ago and always were impressed with this good and talented lady who brought so much joy to everyone who knew her.

*****Our sympathies also go out to the family of DorothyLouise Tinsley Garrison, born Aug. 17, 1933, she passed away April 25.

Her services were held April 28.

She and Melvin had been married 57 years.

For 27 of those years, she served as secretary of the Orange Public Library.

A Stark High grad, Dorothy was a member of the famous Bengal Guards from 1945 to 1951.

The longtime Orangeites built their home in Mauriceville 15 years ago.

Dorothy enjoyed the simple things in life.

A talented artist, she loved the company of her family and friends.*****We also send our deepest sympathies to the family of Keith Edwin Broussard, 54, who died April 24.

He is the son of Charles and Von Broussard of Orangefield.

His mom, Von, has been writing recipes for our Record Newspapers for several years.

Funeral services was held Friday, May 1, at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange.

40 Years Ago-1979

Four Bridge City High School boys win district and are going to regional.

They are Mark Kelly, 120 high hurdles, Pat Meeks, one mile run, James Rigby, 880 and Paul Guidry, in the 330 intermediate hurdles.*****The Bridge City baseball team is also going strong with a 16-5 season and 5-0 in district.

Leading batter for the Cards is Lance Lee, Pat Meeks is the leading pitcher.*****Mark Dunn covers Rod Stewart concert at the Houston Summit.

He took some great photographs for the Opportunity Valley News.*****Roy and Phyllis Dunn hosted the monthly Gourmet Supper Club.

After a brief gathering at their place the group traveled to home of W.T. and Ann Oliver’s.W.T. prepared a seven course meal for the group, pallet cleaners and all.

Roy had fooled him into believing the group was a real gourmet bunch that was touring the South East Texas area to pick the best chef for Southern Living Magazine.

W.T. wasn’t too pleased he had spent $150 to feed the bunch.

Some members of the club were Louis and Beth Dugas, Corky and Betty Harmon, James and Janice Fontenot, Ace and Jo Amodeo, A.J. and Marty Conway and Bill and Martha Hughes.

How would they know gourmet food from any others.

45 Years Ago-1974

Mr. and Mrs. Marian Loiacana were married in St. Mary Church, in a mass said by Fr.


Mr. Loiacana is in his 80’s, his bride in her 60’s.*****Sis Keogh receives a palm tree from California, a Mother’s Day gift from one of her sons.

She planted it in her front yard on Jones Street.

That palm, along side another one stood until Hurricane Rita got it.

After her husband Mike died and her health started to fail, Sis sold the place and is now in a Beaumont nursing home.*****In town this week for a short visit was former deputy sheriff Bill Potter who now lives in Houston.

(Editor’s note: The ‘singing deputy’ always carried a guitar in the trunk of his patrol car.

Bill played bit parts in movies filmed in Hollywood and for a while lived in Orangefield.

Roy once got George Jones out of jail for rear-ending a Vidor lady’s automobile with his red Cadillac convertible and brought him to a gathering of law enforcement officers held by sheriff Chester Holts.

Bill Potter broke out the guitar from the trunk and had George entertain, no charge, just for Roy bailing him out of jail.

*****Congrats to Raymond Bubba Ridley of Bridge City, state champion pole-vaulter.

He reached his goal of 14 feet, 6 inches.

That was before fiberglass poles.

A the time vaulters used bamboo poles and saw dust pits.*****Coach Jim Crossland is defensive coordinator with the Chicago Fire of the World Football League.

50 Years Ago-1969

Pretty Nell Armstrong was crowned queen of the Orange County Sheriff’s Posse. A large crowd attended the rodeo.

85 Years Ago-1934

John Dillinger and company disarmed officers.

Desperadoes escape after a gun battle at Bellwood, a suburb of Chicago, with Dillinger was George ‘Baby Face’ Nelson. Meanwhile, in Springfield Missouri, Clyde Barrow escapes police, his female companion was caught.

The woman was not Bonnie Parker.

*****In Orange County, Sheriff W.P. ‘Pat’ Brown announces for reelection.

James Neff, county attorney runs for reelection.*****Allen Shiver, of Port Arthur, announces for state senate.

(Editor’s note: he was elected and later ran for governor and was elected.

As far as I know, he is the only southeast Texan to become Texas governor.


The Strutters Clinic for Pre-K through seventh grade girls will be this Saturday, April 27 from 8:30 a.m.

to 11:30 a.m.

at the Bridge City High School Competition Gym.

The Bridge City Strutters Dance/Drill Team will teach participants stretch technique and a jazz dance.

Participants are invited to dance in the Strutters Spring Revue on Friday, May 3, 2019 held at the Lutcher Theater in Orange.

The cost is $35, which includes a “Future Strutter” t-shirt.

Registration may be turned in by Friday, April 26, 2019, or you may register at the door on Saturday.

Forms are available at all schools.

For additional information, call Cathy Riley at the high school, 409-735-1655.*****This week on April 27, 1836, Santa Anna surrendered to Sam Houston at San Jacinto. The defeat avenged the loss at the Alamo and guaranteed Mexico would never rule Texas.*****On April 29, 2012, Wilson ‘King’ Dunn, age 93, died.

The longtime Mauriceville post master raised a bunch of basketball playing youngsters.*****It has been debated who was the best with the round ball.

Of course Derry says, “There is no debate to it.” Anyway the Dunn’s of Mauriceville were a well known group.*****Also on April 28, 2017, former Orange County Commissioner Don Cole died at age 91.*****On April 30, Willie Nelson turns 88.

He and Dr.

Nina Leifeste share a birthday, many, many years apart.*****Last week Attorney Rodney Townsend confirmed that despite the rumors he will not be a candidate for district judge at this time.

His practice has grown and he’s making hay while the sun is shining.

He said maybe a few years down the road.

I don’t see an opening for several years.

Judge Courtney ain’t going nowhere and Judge Steve Parkhurst just got in the chair.*****Vasectomy cakes are a thing now.

Novelty desserts are in.

Cakes topped with everything from scissors and well placed blueberries to fondant asparagus spears have become a social media sensation.

Bakers across the U.S. promote photos of baked goods decorated to celebrate the procedure.

One showcased a butter-cream frosted cake with “100% Juice, No Seeds, Happy Vasectomy.” Also a lemon cut in half and another shown is Mr. Peanut with a bandage on his groin and such messages as “Snip, Snip, Hooray.”*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s this week with a special guest.

Next week The Bunch will return to Robert’s.

Everyone always welcome.


A few folks celebrating birthdays in the coming week.

April 24: Sean Edgerton, Peggy Granger, Barbara Fuselier, Allison Angelle and Cpt.

Dickie Colburn all celebrate.

Also having birthdays on this day are Pop singers Kelly Clarkson, 36, Barbara Streisand, 76, actress Shirley MacLaine, 84.

*****April 25: Celebrating today are singer Tracie Boyd, Glenn Jeter, Jeff Fisette, Marriet Litton, Robert Litton, Roberto Deleon and Brother James Gilbert. Joining them are actors Al Pacino, 78 and Renee Zellweger, 49.*****April 26:Susanne Parker, Pam Broussard, Luke Domas, Christi Goodyear and Donna Lee have birthdays today.

Celebrities celebrating are actors Channing Tatum, 38 and Kevin James, 53, also First Lady Melanie Trump, 48.*****April 27: Celebrating today are Donna Faulk, Gus Harris, Mike Cain, Tim Batchelor, and Chelsea Ballard.

Also celebrating are actors William Moseley, 31 and Jenna Coleman, 32 and TV host Tess Daly, 49.*****April 28: Joe LaMoine, Josh Blanchard have birthdays today.

Also former Tonight Show host Jay Leno, 68, actors Jessica Alba, 37, Penelope Cruz, 44, Ann Margaret, 77.*****April 29: Jimmie Simmons, Judy DeCuit, Candice Vigil and Kelsea Burns celebrate today.

Celebrities celebrating are comedian Jerry Seinfeld, 64, actors Michelle Pfeiffer, 60 and Eve Plumb, 60.*****April 30: Dr.

Nina Leifeste, Alissa Williams, Harold Haymon, Janice Gooch, Roger Brister, Mary Grimes and Virginia Woods are a year older today.

Joining them are former basketball player Asiah Thomas, 57, actors Kirsten Dunst, 35, Cloris Leachman, 92 and Sam Heughan, 38.


A letter from Cuzzin Sostan

Dear Cuz,

I was glad me to get your letter. You axed about some of the old timers you knew growing up. Well, many have passed on, a few are still around and about town, most are getting feeble and all are hard of hearing. Da utta day Joe LeBlanc, Clarence Dartez and Nolan Comeaux, all in dere late 80s, were walking downtown wen Joe says, “Windy, ain’t it?

Clarance said, “No it’s Tursday.”

Nolan him, answer, “So am I, let’s go to Tee-Boy’s and get a beer.”

Joe said, “I just bought a new state-of-da-art hearing aid, it’s perfect.”

“Really, said Nolan, wat kind is it?”

Joe answer, “Twelve Tirty.”

Dartez tells dem, “I’m 88 years old me, but I feel like a newborn baby.”

Comeaux say, “Really?” “Like a baby?” “How’s dat?”

“Well, Dartez answer, I got no hair me, no teets and I tink I just wet my pants.”

Wen da utta two mens left da bar, Joe LeBlanc him stayed and brought himself to da ice cream section and pulled himself up slowly and painfully on a stool. After catching his breath and still trying to get comfortable on dat stool, he told Una, da waitress, dat he wanted a banana split him.

Una axe, while making da banana split, “Crushed nuts?”

“No,” replied Joe, “Arthritis.”

Da utta dey Comeaux went to see Doctor Fontonot to get a physical. Yesterday Doctor Fontenot ran into Comeaux with a nice looking lady 30 years younger dan him on his arm. Da Doc say, “Comeaux, you really doing great hanh?”

Comeaux answer, “Jus doing wat you said Doc, get a hot mamma and be careful.”

Da doctor him say, “I didn’t say dat me, I said, “You got a heart murmur, be careful.”

Around here they call LeBlanc, Dartez and Comeaux da tree Cajun Muskateers.

Well, dats all from here about da old mens you axed about.

You Cuzzin,



70 YEARS AGO-1949

Orange Automobile DealersAssociation’s new car factory authorized dealers were Adrian Cahn Motor Co., Inc. Lincoln & Mercury dealer, phone 664; Border Motor Company, Buick dealer, phone 4393; Casteel Motors, Hudson dealer, phone 4972; Located at 550 Main St. Charles Hempel Motors was Pontiac, GMC Truck dealer, phone 9242; Halfacre Nash Co., Nash dealer, phone 3557; Harry Singletary, 200 Green Ave., Studebaker dealer, phone 3201; Kewon Motor Co., Willys-Overland dealer, phone 836; McLamore Motors, 205 Green Ave., Dodge & Plymouth dealer, phone 641; Osborne Motor Co., Oldsmobile, Cadillac, phone 9521; Wes Cooksey Motors, DeSoto & Plymouth dealer, phone 3435; C&M Motor Co., Kaiser-Frazer, owned by J.R. Carpenter, on Border St. (Notice: No Chevy or Ford dealers.)*****I’ve gotta get out of here.

Be sure and shop with the good folks that make up our family of advertisers.

Read us cover to cover even if it takes all week.

Thanks for your time, mine is up.

Take care and God bless.


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