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Several veterans are expected to attend the Lunch Bunch gathering to honor 98-year-old Cedric Stout, the area’s only Pearl Harbor survivor, who celebrates a birthday.

Orangefield native Stanley Simon, 98, an artillery staff sergeant at the “Battle of the Bulge” is unable to attend.

We also want to extend a 73rd wedding congratulations to Gladys and Stanley, who will celebrate Nov. 9.

They were wed in 1946.

We look forward to visiting with the more than a dozen old soldiers who will be in attendance.

Their ages range mostly in the mid-ninety’s.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

A special recognition proclamation will be presented by County Judge John Gothia. The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at JB’s Barbeque next week, Nov. 13.

WWII veteran Robert “Rock” Rothrock turns 93 on that day.

He and his wife Alice are regulars at the Lunch Bunch. Come join us, everyone is always welcome.


A small portion of the southern border wall that has been installed is already being breached.

At the time President Trump picked the design for his new wall in Otay Mesa, CA, he said, “No one would be able to go over or under it.” “If you think you’re going to cut it with a blow torch that won’t work because you will hit concrete.

If you think you’re going to go through the concrete that won’t work because we have very powerful rebar inside,” Trump said.

He called it the “Rolls-Royce” version of the border barrier.

Earlier Saturday, when Trump was told the wall had been breached with a cordless saw that can be purchased in a matter of minutes at most hardware stores, he said, “We have a very powerful wall but no matter how powerful you can cut through anything.” He then continued, “One of the reasons we did it this way is because it is very easy to fix, you just put the chunk back in.” Back in January, NBC reported that agents were able to saw through a steel slat prototype of Trump’s border wall with common tools.

At the time Trump said, “The design belonged to the ObamaAdministration even through it was built as part of his prototype tests.

Trump finally admitted there is nothing that can’t be penetrated but you can fix it.

The AP is reporting that smuggling gangs in Mexico have repeatedly sawed through new sections of Trump’s border wall, opening gaps large enough for people and drug loads to pass through.

The taxpayer-funded barrier so far has a $10 billion price tag. In 2016, Trump made the project a physical symbol of his presidency in rallies, speeches, ads and tweets.

He boasted to crowds that he would build a 2,200, 30 foot high wall from coast to coast and Mexico would pay for it.

When he would ask at rallies, “Who is going to pay for the wall, the crowd answered, “Mexico.” I never understood how people would be simple enough to believe another country would pay for a wall in the United States.

In some cases smuggling teams use light weight ladders to go over the wall and drop a rope ladder down on the U.S. side.

The smugglers apply a type of putty that resembles a weld where they cut in.

Where barriers have been installed patrols have been reduced making the wall an advantage to smugglers.

Mexican criminal organizations generate billions of dollars in smuggling profit.

They won’t let a wall so easily penetrated be an obstacle.

Very few miles on the long border have been completed during Trump’s administration even though in Dallas a few days ago he said, “The wall is being built as we speak, in fact, it’s nearly complete.” Trump wanted a wall that would serve as his Mount Rushmore, with his name and picture, regardless if it was efficient or not.

Most experts, as well as land owners bordering Mexico have said a wall is a big waste of taxpayer money.

Trump will continue to pursue more wall, sixty-five miles cost $25 million, with still 2,000 miles to go.

He’s intent on fulfilling that promise to his base, “Who’s going to pay for it:” “You are.”


10 Years Ago-2009

Congrats to West Orange-Stark and Bridge City, both headed to bi-district playoffs.***** The Pirates of Coach Jeff Mathews are out to prove they are for real against Dayton in Huntsville, Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Vidor is 7-3, Dayton, 7-2.

Jeff, like Coach Huckabay of Orangefield, are both Bridge City graduates.

Coach Mathew’s brother is NFL pro Jason Mathews, his sister ‘Becca is BC girl’s volleyball coach.

Coach Jeff will have a lot of hometown folks pulling for him and his Vidor team.

In fact, some folks are planning to make both games.*****Congrats to coach Cody Knight and his cross-country team headed to Class 3-A State Championships after placing second in Region.

Congrats also to Lady Cardinal Jessica Franklin, who qualified for state.***** Maj.

Nidal Hasan is under heavy guard at Fort Sam Houston.

The soldier is accused of a mass shooting, killing 13 and wounding 29.

It’s a complicated case. He could get the death in a military court. However, if he was in a terrorist plot, he could come under Federal U.S. Anti-Terrorism laws.

Hasan is alive, conscious but in critical condition but stable.

A memorial Tuesday at Fort Hood was attended by President Obama and the First Lady.*****In an interview with Robert Hankins, Judge Janice Menard, JP Court, Pct.

3, and Judge Derry Dunn, JP Court Pct.

2, have confirmed they are seeking re-election.***** Judge Joe Parkhurst is not running for re-election. The only announced candidate, in an earlier released statement, is David Peck, longtime peace officer and administrator, seeking to be Justice of the Peace for Pct.

1.***** Pretty, blue-eyed Pearl came by and brought us some homemade pecan brownies.

Mrs. Burgess, at 89, painted her garage floor Friday and was planning to go to “Holiday in the Park” the next day.

That gal really is a sweetheart.

Her story on our Web site got more than 700 hits from around the globe.*****Special thanks to our buddy Jessie Domingue who stopped by Robie’s in Abbeville and got us some French bread.

I think it’s the best baked anywhere.*****Speaking of that Cajun town, Anabel Hebert Rost stopped by to tell Roy about the 55th class reunion of their graduation class.

Roy was not able to attended so Anabel filled him in on the happenings.

She had a great time although she says 42 out of 105 of their classmates have died.***** A great guy to go to heaven with would be Pastor David Logan, who has led the Word of Life Church more than 30 years.

He held his cousin Vivian Dorman’s service last week and even wore his red cap.

He said he would loan it to Roy for the next service he participated in.***** Coach Wade Phillips and his Dallas Cowboys whipped the Eagles 20-16 to put them in first place.

Everything good for the Cowboys is good for Orange County, especially Orange, where Wade was born at Lutcher Hospital. His dad, Coach Bum Phillips is also an Orange native, born on John Street at home.***** The hat Jack Ruby wore when he killed Lee Harvey Oswald brought $53,775 at auction.

Oswald was accused of killing JFK when he was shot.

A Dallas Morning News paper that Kennedy had signed for a maid on that fatal day brought $38,837. It originally cost five cents.***** The Port of Orange will have a big ribbon-cutting next Monday 11 a.m.

at their Alabama Street facility.

I look forward to seeing our buddy “Buckshot” and the rest of the port district gang.*****Oprah had Ellen and her wife, Portia DeRossi on the show Monday.

They shared their wedding pictures but not the honeymoon.***** We were sorry to learn of the death of longtime friend Donald Castille, 75, who died Oct. 22, at his home in Melbourne, Fla.

Donald was a Port Arthur native and 1950 Thomas Jefferson grad.

After working in the lab at Texaco, he opened Costal Diving and Coastal Propeller Company in Bridge City.

He was a charter member of the Bridge City Rotary Club.***** Happy 57th anniversary to our friend Jim Pruter and wife Charlotte, who celebrate Sunday, Nov. 15.

40 Years Ago-1979

Attending “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” show in Houston with OVN columnist Lowell Scribner were Marilyn Vaughn, Birdie Ferguson, Jewiss Peterson, Mildred Slaton, Edna Travis, Imelda Malloy, Skipper Free, Elsie and Joedna Smyth, Charles and Roberta Carr, Madeline and Lynn Hardin, the Hunter Smiths, Dorothy Graves, F.B. Moddy and Keble Free.

The next trip for Lowell will be to catch “Chicago.” *****Texas Avenue Grocery sale items include Coors beer, 12 pack, 12-ounce cans, $3.29; Hormel bacon, 78 cents pound; pork chops, center cut, $1.19 pound; lettuce, head 29 cents; Rinso detergent, king size, $1.39.

*****Bridge City folks in the hospital are Judy Wyatt, Stacy Guyote, who had surgery; Tammy Touchette and June Bishop, who had a long stay.

*****Jennifer Benton will be 14 on Nov. 11.

*****Bridge City Cablevision opens office.

Al McKay, president, said the Bridge City and Vidor Cablevision are being built simultaneously.

The company will feature ten channels with others to be added as they become available.

All live events from Madison Square Garden, the University of Houston Education Channel 8, Channel 9 from Chicago, Channel 7 from Lake Charles, two Atlanta stations featuring 24-hour, 7 days a week programming, the Christian Network and the three local stationsChannels 4, 6, and 12.

HBO is an additional attraction and offers uncut/unedited shows.

The company has received a 15-year franchise for both cities. Bridge City office is located at 3140 Texas Ave. Monthly cost will be $8.50 per month, $9.50 with HBO. (Editor’s note: Today 100s of stations are available.

In seven years McKay and his partners, Carl Parker and Oscar Wyatt sold the company.

McKay became a multimillionaire but only lived two years after the sale and died at age 41.

He is buried alongside his mom and dad at his farm in Warren *****Harold Fisette Sr., a good man, died last week.

*****A.J. Judiceis an unusual Cajun that always wants to be different.

He now owns a bobtail raccoon.

Most folks would have one with a big bushy tail.

*****Gordon Underwood is back with Dal Sasso Enterprises.*****Spencer Turkel, a New York anthropologist, will be in Orange for Thanksgiving to see his nephews Russell and Scott Turkel performing as Munchkins in “The Wizard of Oz.” Spencer’s brother Richard is playing the Wizard.


We were sorry to hear that homeboy, longtime NFL place kicker Matt Bryant has been released by the Atlanta Falcons.

This season Matt was 9 for 14 in field goals.

We still have two local boys in the NFL, Earl Thomas, with the Baltimore Ravens, whose team beat his old team the Seahawks then Tom Brady and the Patriots Sunday.

Also Deonte Thompson, from WOS and Alabama, who isstarting safety with Arizona. *****Five Texas teams placed in USA’s Super 25 high school football rankings nationwide.

Duncanville #3, Kathy #7, Allen #12, North Shore Galena Park #19 and #20 Carrol Southlake.

The only Louisiana team to place is #11 John Curtis, River Ridge.

The nation’s #1 team is Mater Dei, Santa Ana, CA. Texas placed the most teams.

California and Florida had three each.*****Injury long ago drove John Patterson away from baseball but his 2005 teammate, Ryan Zimmerman, is still a spark plug in the world championship team Washington Nationals.*****In Austin a woman is accused of spraying blood and urine on security guards and also sprayed the “pee” on paintings of governors at the state capitol.

One crazy or mad woman.*****John Roy’s Mauriceville Tire and Lube, located on Fredrick’s Knoll, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week. John Roy is thankful to his customers for the success of the business.

I stopped in Saturday for an oil change.

The service was fast, efficient and the price was hard to beat.

John scolded me for waiting so long to change the oil.

“It’s not every 20,000 miles, it’s every 5,000 miles.” I also got to pick some persimmons from the two trees his grandfather planted many years ago.*****Our buddy Chuck Peterson came through with some fresh yard eggs.

His girls, his two laying hens, are staying busy and we’re thankful to Chuck for sharing their bounty,*****Farm bankruptcies surge 24% on strain from trade war.

The squeeze on farmers underscores the toll China’s retaliatory tariffs have taken on farmers.

The trade war, plus two straight years of adverse weather, rattled farmers already facing commodity price slump.

Bankruptcy rose to 580 from a year earlier.

Recent Bankruptcies are consternated in the 13-state Midwestern region.

A key battleground in the presidential election is grain, soybean, hog and dairy farms that have been hit by Trump’s trade disputes.*****A few folks we know celebrating in the next few days.

Our longtime friend, former Bridge City mayor and county commissioner, CPA John Dubose, celebrates another birthday on Nov. 6.

Also sharing a birthday is former pro boxer, businessman Johnny Montagne.***Our friends Tammy and Shaun Davis celebrate 41 years together today.*****Pearl Harbor survivor Cedric Stout turns 98-years-old on Nov. 7.***Also on this day, longtime lawman, first Bridge City police chief Wilson Roberts has a birthday.

On Nov. 8, VJ and Wilson celebrate their anniversary.*****On Nov. 10, The Record photographer Larry Trimm will celebrate.

Also longtime Orange lawyer Steve Carlton celebrates his special day.*****Nov. 11, the “Ice Man” Greg Leblanc is a year older.***Carlis and Brad Roy celebrate their anniversary.

I recall that wedding a few decades ago.

Congrats.***Also happy birthday to Pattie Hanks’ pretty middle daughter Bree.***** Nov. 12, is a great day to celebrate in the Dunn family.

It’s grandson Sean Cade Gros’ birthday.

He’ll do to ride the range with.

Happy Birthday “Patch.”*****Donald Trump, the first president in the last century without a dog of his own, is having Delta Force hero dog Conan, brought to the White House.

He plans to get good PR from the dog’s visit.

By the way the canine’s name was revealed by Trump.

Meanwhile, in the fight over the border wall funding, that Trump said Mexico would pay for, he is now requesting another $5 billion out of the budget to build 65 miles of the wall.

Democrats say that much spent on a needless wall will short change domestic priorities.*****QUOTE OF THE WEEK: California freshman, congresswoman Katie Hill, charged with inappropriate sexual relationship, announced her resignation last week.

I’m leaving now because of a double standard. I’m leaving, but we have men who have been accused of intentional acts of sexual violence and remain in boardrooms, in the Supreme Court, in this body and worse of all, in the Oval office.”


Special Happy Birthday goes out to Lori Chesson, Stephanie Molina, Faye Harrington and Greg Broussard celebrate birthdays on Nov. 6.

Movie actors Emma Stone, 31, Sally Field, 73 and Ethan Hawke, 49 also celebrate.*****On Nov. 7, Chuckie Ganze and James Bergeron have birthdays.

Also Pop singer Lorde turns 23, and Folk singer Joni Mitchell, 76.*****Dee Moran, Debra Burch and Aaron Hommel celebrate on Nov. 8, also chef Gordon Ramsay turns 53 and Country singer Lauren Alaina, 25.*****Nov. 9, Jennifer Chaknine, Madalyn Carpenter, Eric Meadows, Linda Faulk, Susan Veillon and Charlotte Wooten celebrate.

They are joined by Pop singer Nick Lachey, 46 and actor Lou Ferrigno, 68.*****Troy Crochet, Della Buxton, Judy Hunt, Joann Alford and Trey Todora celebrate on Nov. 10.

They are joined by Country singer Miranda Lambert, 36, actors Tracy Morgan, 51 and Sinbad, 63.*****Celebrating on Nov. 11 are Michael Fisette, Cynthia Dupuis, Gerald DeLeon are a year older.

Also actors Leonardo DiCaprio, 45, Demi More, 57 and Stanley Tucci, 59.*****Celebrating on Nov. 12 are Liz Briggs, Lou Brackin, Jeanne Blacksher, Sharon Sims, Steve Fisher, Clara Edwards and Pat Stanton.

Also celebrating are Ryan Gosling, 39, Folk singer Neil Young, 74 and actor Ryan Gosling, 39.


J.C. Comeaux and Clovis Thibodeaux were flying to New Orleans for to catch da Saint’s game. Dey would land at Kinner and rent a car. Comeaux him, a pilot during Vietnam, was flying da airplane and Thibodeaux was in da back seat, flying for da first time.

Da plane, over the Atchafalaya Swamp, hit some turbalance and started bouncing around and turning over. Comeaux him, passed out and was sprawl over da steering wheel unconcious.

Thiboceaux him, don’t know wat to do and no nuttin bout flying. He start to panic grabed da mickaphone and say, “Hallo, May Day, May Day.” Dis is Thibodeaux,“Comeaux is unconscious and me, I know nuttin about fly dis plane.”

“Dis is da control tower, don’t you worry bout nuttin, we gonna explain how you land dat plane step by step, jus leave everyting to us.” Da mens axe, “ First how high you are Thibodeaux and wats you position?”

“I’m five feet eight and in da front of da plane,” Thibodeaux answer.

“No, No,” answer da tower, “Wats you altitude and where you location hanh?”

“Mais, rat now I done crap in my pants and I got a poor attitude and I’m from Breaux Bridge me.”

“No, No, came an exasperated voice, “I needs to know how many feets you got off da ground and how you plane is in relation to da airport?”

Thibodeaux him, he done panic, he say, “Counting Comeaux’s feets and mine, we got four feets off da ground and me, I don’t know but I don’t believe dis plane is related to you airport.

There was a long pause. Thibodeaux him, was shaking like a leaf. Den da controller say, “We need to know who is you next of kin.”


WWII Veterans to be honored

J.B. Arrington, 94, Orange, Athanase Benoit, 90, Bridge City, Joseph Bergeron, 92, Orange, Tom Brooks, 95, Orange, Millard Cox, 95, Bridge City, J.D. Dixson, 95, Orange, Eugene Goudeaux, 95, Orange, Burdette Oldbury, Mauriceville, Ruby Parks, 96, Orange, Robert Rothrock, 93, Orange, Cedric Stout, 98, Bridge City, Lennie Benoit, 96, Toomey, Frank Bergeron, 96, Starks, Bill Conway, 91, Orange, Ray Fontenot, 98, Orange, Maurice Fournet, 96, Mauriceville, Roy McDaniel, Jr., 95, Orange, Paul A. Roy, Jr., 92, Bridge City, Ed Hyatt, age unknown, Orange, John Pittman, 93, Bridge City and Stanley Simon, 98, Orangefield.***Our Condolences.Ralph Barrientos, 92, Orange, deceased 11/20/18; Doug Burch, 93, Orange, deceased 2/16/19; Harry Fulton, 91, Orange, deceased.

4/17/19; Levan Myers, 96, Orangefield, deceased 7/28/19.*****Well, I’ve come to the end of my day’s work.

I sure thank you for coming along.

Please shop the good folks, our family of advertisers, who bring this paper to you free of charge each week.

Read us cover to cover.

Goodbye, good luck and may God bless you.


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