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If you are fortunate enough to still have your dad, Sunday is the day to show your appreciation. If you have lost or don't have a dad, contact some old guy, show your respect and honor him with a call or card. I'll miss Neighbor Cox this Father's Day. I always contacted him or brought him something just to let him know I respected him. There are many older guys, longtime dads, who I truly respect. I never once had the opportunity to celebrate Father's Day with my own dad. That's just one of the things I was denied being a kid of divorced parents. I know today there are many youngsters who find themselves in a home with an absent dad. Growing up life is hard without the guidance and helping hand of a caring father. I respect those who view fatherhood as an obligation and stay involved in their children's lives. I have not one ounce of respect for those fathers who ignore their obligation. They don't realize the hurt their child feels or just don't care. Many kids this Sunday won't celebrate with their father and very few people will give that even one thought. I can't compliment enough those dads who may be separated from their children but stay in their lives and look after their well being. For the most part dad's are great and loved and respected. I view Father's Day, in many cases, as much about the forgotten children as it is celebrating Dad's Day. God bless those great fathers. If you don't have a father of your own, adopt someone else's who has made an impression in your life. That's what I'm doing.*****I have to move on. Please come along, I promise t won't do you no harm.


I received a phone call on Thursday that I didn't answer. The message said it was Senator John Cornyn. He said, "Sorry I missed you, I'll call you again Friday at 6 p.m." I answered the call on Friday. It was a Cornyn Town Hall. I listened for over 30 minutes. I was surprised that he didn't once praise the Trump Administration. He mostly talked about his record. I was also surprised, since he doesn't know yet who his opponent will be, that he attacked the woman candidate, Mary "MJ" Hegar, who is in a democratic runoff with Royce West. He apparently believes she will be the nominee. I also noticed that Cornyn is putting some distance between himself and Trump. He wasn't on Air Force One when Trump landed in Texas. Gov. Abbott was the only statewide law maker to greet Trump at the airport. Trump came to Texas to talk about law enforcement yet he didn't invite the top law enforcement representatives in Dallas, the District Attorney, Sheriff and Police Chief, who are all Black. Trump is down in a hole and he keeps digging. The affair was just another photo-op. Cornyn is not the only republican candidate putting distance between Trump. It is amazing that Sen. Cornyn is spending so many millions of dollars, not knowing who he will run against. His pollsters see something that is troubling. I'm sure Biden leading Trump in Texas is a factor but Cornyn also must find weakness in his campaign. I've noticed that Cornyn, the number two ranking senator, has also avoided photo-ops with leader Mitch McConnell. He previously was always standing at Mitch's right shoulder. Mitch is in a race of his own in Kentucky. Democrats just need to flip four net seats to take over the senate. There is a possibility of a 50-50 tie, with the vice-president breaking the tie. If Biden is elected, Mitch is out. Four senators who are retiring figure in the mix. Democrats have a good shot of picking up Maine, Iowa, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia and some strong candidates like Lindsay Graham in South Carolina and Cornyn in Texas, are no longer shoe-ins just because they are from red states. Texas will turn purple in November and is only four years away from being a bright blue state.


Monday, June 15, the Supreme Court made an historic ruling. A 6-3 divided Court further advanced the cause of LGBTQ rights ruling that a landmark civil rights law barring sex discrimination in the workplace applies to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning workers. The decision was written by Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's first nominee to the court. Gorsuch wrote, "An employer who fires an individual for being homosexual or transgender fires that person for traits or actions it would not have questioned in members of a different sex," Congress adopted broad language making it illegal for an employer to rely on an employee's sex when deciding to fire that employee.


After watching all the problems around the country, I've had a lot of time to think. I now realize how fortunate we are in Orange County. Our cities all have good police departments, with good chiefs. We have a good county government with a new sheriff, Lane Mooney, taking over in July. We have one of the best commissioners court's ever. County Judge John Gothia hit the road running, he's hands on and dedicated. He's supported by commissioners Johnny Trahan, Theresa Beauchamp, Kirk Roccaforte and Robert Viator. The county is blessed with a great group of elected officials. I am really impressed with the judgeships from justice of the peace to district judges. In the county courts we are well served by Judge Troy Johnson, who should never have an opponent. He is praised by everyone who deals with him. Mandy White Rogers does a good job in the other court-at-law. Come January, Judge Rex Peveto will join District Judge Courtney Arkeem and Judge Steve Parkhurst, after Judge Dennis Powell retires. Judge Powell's leaving, after Judge Buddy Hahn, is a loss of a lot of experience but I'm fully confident that Steve and Rex will make good records of their own. It's hard to believe Courtney is now the senior judge. Phillip Welch said, showing his pride, "I taught her at Orangefield." District County Attorney John Kimbrough has stayed long enough to be the granddad of the Orange County Justice System. I'm glad he chose to stay one more term. His experience is priceless. I'm proud of all those who serve us throughout the county, cities and also on our school boards. I feel fortunate to be a citizen of Orange County for all these many years. We are all blessed living here. If you don't think so, turn on the TV.


Friends in low places? Nope. Garth Brooks wants his friends at the drive-in. On Tuesday, the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year, announced plans for a one-night drive-in concert event on June 27. Brooks and his band will broadcast the performance to an estimated 300 outdoor theaters in North America. Tickets to the rain-or-shine event will cost $100 per car.


10 Years Ago-2010

Best wishes to our friend Pat Pate who will undergo back surgery at Methodist in Houston. The three-part procedure will start Monday of next week, with the second and third procedures following on Thursday and Friday. H.D. will be with her much of the time but will be going back and forth from his law office. Pat should be in the hospital two or three weeks. *****We had a great visit from Brunner Addition native and former Orange City Manager Jack Huffman. When Jack was manager in Orange, he promoted the deal with Mrs. Nelda Stark to build 16th Street and connect Park Avenue with Interstate 10. Today 16th is the business mainstream of Orange. He went on to be the city manager at Irving for 20 years from 1973-93. He led the cause to get the Cowboys and during that period, Cowboy Stadium was built. Huffman has had and enjoyed a very fortunate life. Not bad for one of the kids from Brunner. ***** Congrats to Orangefield High students who participated in the Texas State Band Solo and Ensemble contest. Sophomore Daryl Broussard received an "Excellent" rating in voice competition. Junior, Brian Kelly, performed on the piano and received a "Superior" rating. Alex Gibson, junior, received a "Superior" rating on the piano and cello. "Way to go guys."*****Harriet's husband, Commissioner David Dubose, was surprised with a birthday welcome at Monday's commissioners' meeting marking his 60th. We wish the 60s to be as good for him as he thinks they will be. David, be ready for a few more aches and pains and in different places. Each year adds a few. *****Other special birthdays, Grady Johnson's little boy, Ken Johnson, celebrates this week. ***Tobby The Clown's little princess, Kathy Marsh, marks another year. A few years ago Dewayne kidnapped her and made her his bride. Happy birthday Miss Kathy. ***Sherby Dixon is getting older but still has a beautiful wife. That's a lot to be thankful for. ***Speaking of beauty, Claudine Hogan celebrates this week, as does Barbara Mulholland. ***Jody Raymer notches another year down the marker of life. Best wishes to all. *****Our friend Patsy Peck, owner of Traverse, is in New York on one of her group tours. The next trip will be to Boston. Karen Jo Vance and other folks tell us Patsy puts together great trips. ***** Congrats to Little Cypress-Mauriceville on making their first ever trip to the seven-on-seven state tournament in College Station, July 9.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch at Tuffy's last week drew a full house to celebrate the birthday of Wilson "King" Dunn, age 92. Two of his sons, Derry and Danny, and their wives and King's great grandson were in attendance.*****Roy and Mark Dunn were honored Monday by the Bridge City School Board. They were presented a nice plaque for The Penny Record's contribution to the school and community. In the past, the board presented a certificate but Jamey Harrison does everything first class. Gary Stelly and Tommy Mann were also honored. BCISD has a great bunch of folks on their board, Lon Hubbard, Kirk Ellender, Thad Hill, Mark Anderson, Jerry McInnis, Rebecca Rutledge and Tom Orozco. *****Our guy, soldier Jason Menard, is back in Iraq on his third tour of duty.******Attorney Lynwood Sanders is up and going strong after his little flare up. We understand he was working on his tractor over the weekend. (Editor's note: Lynwood passed away a few years ago.) *****Our friend Daniel Jacobs is taking chemo treatments that make him awfully sick at times but he remains optimistic. It's all the roll of the dice.***** The big question now is will Alex turn into a storm.***** Our friend Jessie Domingue came in from his job on a Gulf oil platform to drop off a loaf of Robbie's French bread, homemade in Abbeville. He is headed back out to the Gulf. Jesse has some interesting stories about what's going on out there. ***** My buddy Margie Stephens, who lately has been in the hospital for kidney stones, says the doctor told her that to prevent stones – drink lemonade. I eat a grapefruit before breakfast for the same reason. The acid helps prevent kidney stones. I also like lemonade so for a change I might switch. *****Pretty Donna Peterson, after all these months, is getting close to completing her pad. *****Ms. Pearl Burgess, a twin, has written a poem about twins.


40 Years Ago-1980

Congrats to Shirley and Joey Walker on the birth of their first child. The newcomer was named Keely Lynn, who came into their lives last week, June 14. She weighed in at 9 pounds, 9 ounces. (Editor's note: It doesn't seem possible to me that Shirley has a 40-year-old daughter. We have known this nice gal since she was just a child herself. Today Shirley still remains "Girl Friday" at the Houseman Co.)*****New York Yankee Yogi Berra walked into a pizza parlor last week and ordered a small pizza for one. When the waitress asked if he wanted it cut in four or eight pieces, Yogi replied, "Better make it four, I don't think I can eat eight."*****Roger Staubach will receive $10,000 per game to be a CBS analyst next football season. Only Merlin Olsen and Don Meredith will earn slightly more. (Editor's note: That would be peanuts today, traveling money.).*****Orange native Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown returned for a homecoming concert at the Lutcher Theater June 19. (Editor's note: Gatemouth died several years ago and is buried in Orange. He was famous around the world.)*****On June 30, the lovely Barbara Mulhollan celebrates another birthday. (Editor's note: Barbara passed away a few years ago.)*****Gerald "Red" Bird in the hospital after a boating accident. *****Carl W. Rollins elected Worshipful Master of the Bridge City Lodge, 1345 AF and AM. *****Bridge City High School varsity cheerleaders return from camp in Nacogdoches. They include Gina Goodyear, Kellie Little, Lori Wagner, Adam Hollier, Angi Boudreaux, Theresa Benoit, Tina Sigler and Tammy Emerson.*****Two young ladies becoming teenagers are Vanessa McCurry, June 27 and Ann Lieby, June 29. (Editor's note: Now that's hard to believe little Ann is now going to be 53.)*****Some of the CB handles making the roads, 10-4. Rod Burner, Silver Wings, Tugboat Mama, Running Bee, Matt Dillon, Falling Angel, Blue Runner, Salt Shaker, Red Man and Tug Boat Daddy.


By Robert DeNiro on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell. "No one could have imagined it would be this bad under Trump. Many people knew it wouldn't be good, but no one, no one, could have ever imagined it would be this bad."


A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. June 17: A Gemini buddy and good friend Alice Cole Heartsfield celebrates a birthday today. Best wishes.***Also celebrating is Delmi Roy and Andrew Riedel.*****June 18: Pretty, long legged Brandy Slaughter celebrates. ***Brenda and Bubba Lund celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary. That boy had a handful to handle.*****June 19: Christie Kasko and Taylor Landry celebrate today.*****June 20: Summer begins today. One hot gal, Karen Stevens celebrates a birthday. Also Keith Kay has a birthday.*****June 21: Today is Father's Day and also Mark's son-in-law, Dr. Clay Greeson's, birthday. I don't know how much time to celebrate he will have. He and Amber's three-year-old Luke is home under 14-day quarantine after being exposed to Covid-19 at day care and they are expecting their third boy on June 26. This is a birthday Clay will long remember.*** Also having a birthday this week is former commissioner David Dubose, Shelly Arceneaux and Dustin Hartsfield. Best wishes. Happy 45th anniversary to longtime friend Donna Riley and husband David.*****June 22: Kaitlyn Pelaez and Charlene Braus celebrate today. June 23: Ken Johnson, one of Grady's boys, is a year older today. Also sharing a birthday is Sissy Braus and Jaden Trahan. Happy birthday to all. Please see complete list.


June 17 to June 23

Celebrating on June 17 are Justin Johnson, Belinda Welch.*****June 18: Janice Rabin Nancy Haworth and Mary Stewart.*****June 19: Wyetta Carter, Chelsie Moerbe and Cortnie Moerbe.*****June 20: Debbie Johansson, Loretta Beck and Lynda Phillips. *****June 21: Wesley Darbonne, Melanie Broussard, and Tyler Bailey.*****June 22: Caitlin Wells Phyllis Nimitz and Gean Hammett.*****June 23: Mary Foreman, Laurie Louvier, Roberta Overstreet, Betty Merchant and Jeania Craus.


June 17: Barry Manilow  77,  Singer; Arthur Darvill 38,  Actor; Newt Gingrich  77,  Politician.*****June 18: Blake Shelton  44,  Country Singer; Paul McCartney  78,  Rock Singer; Isabella Rossellini  68,  Actress; David Guintoli  40,  TV Actor.*****June 19: Paula Abdul  58,  Pop singer; Dirk Nowitzki  42,  Basketball Player; Hugh Dancy  45,  Actor.*****June 20: Nicole Kidman  53,  Actress; Lionel Richie  71,  R&B Singer; John Goodman  68,  Actor.*****June 21: Chris Pratt  41, Actor; Prince William  38,  Prince; Juliette Lewis  47, Actress.*****June 22: Meryl Streep  71,  Actress; Carson Daly  47,  TV Show Host; Kurt Warner  49, Football Player.*****June 23: Randy Jackson  64,  TV Show Host; Jason Mraz  42,  Pop Singer; Duffy  36,  Soul Singer.


Sixty-two year old Clovis Badeaux went to doctor Gaspard for a check up. Doc him is amazed at the great physical condition Clovis is in. "How you stay in such good shape?" Doc axe. 

"Well, I'm a Cajun fisherman, all my life I work hard. Before day light I'm out and down da bayou."

Doc say, "I'm sure dat helps. Dere's got to be more to it. How old was you papa when he died?"

"Who said my papa's dead?"

Amazed, Doc Gaspard say, "Your dad's still alive? How old is he?"

Badeaux answer, "Well, he's 82 and he's a Cajun fisherman too. He's out fishing today."

Doc him says, "Dats great but I'm sure dere is more to it den dat. How old was his dad wen he died him?"

Badeaux says, "Who said my grandpa's dead?"

Stunned, Doc axe, "You mean your papa is 82 and your grandpa is still living?" "Incredible, how old is he?"

"He's 99-years-old," answer Badeaux. 

Doc is frustrated him so he axe, "So I guess he's a Cajun fisherman who's out fishing today?"

"No," answer Badeaux, "He couldn't go today cause he's getting married for da fort time."

Doc Gaspard is close to losing it. He says, "Getting married. Why would a 99 years old guy want to get married?"

Badeaux look rite at da doc and said, "Who say he wanted to?" 



Brad Frye becomes Constable of Pct. 3. He is excited about his new position. Brad, from Orangefield, knows the precinct very well. Due to the resignation of Mark Philpott, Frye was sworn in six months earlier than he had planned. Some projects he was working on will have to be set aside for now. As a citizen of Bridge City, I see Brad leaving the police force as a big loss to the city force. Few police officers ever had the knowledge he has about the city's criminal element and the character of the city. He was a driving force in the field. He and Chief Paul Davis supervised a dedicated force but it was Brad, in the field, who trained the young officers and demanded discipline. Chief Davis and Brad have worked together over many years. Davis has a big hole to fill. We wish Constable Frye much success in his new endeavor. After 30 years in law enforcement, I'm sure he will make good choices for his deputies. For the first time, he will be his own boss.*****My time is up. Remember to honor those Dads. Take care, stay safe and God bless.


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