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Fall fishing is for everyone

All along the Texas gulf coast the pattern is the same, much anticipated cool fronts on the horizon will signal the frenzy that is fall fishing. Anglers of every description ready themselves with the latest technology and gear in hopes of finding flocks of gulls working over schools of hungry speckled trout and redfish. Shiny fiberglass cruisers masquerading as bay boats are stocked up with an array of tackle that would make most anglers drool with envy. It is the same scenario in each bay system any and every place you look, yes all those hot summer days with limited action will soon be past memories because the action is rather than the weather is heating up.

It is incredibly easy to get caught up in the chaos that is fall fishing, running and gunning from one school of fish to another as if they will suddenly disappear if you do not reach them in time. I must admit that I am absolutely in love with this style of fishing, probably due to the fact that I take a “fly by the seat of your pants” approach to most things so this is right up my alley. While it is true that I have had some wonderful times fishing like this, I have had even better times sharing it with kids.

This time of the year is tailor made for taking a child fishing, weather and overall conditions could not be better for introducing a young angler to the world of fishing. Now some folks hear the stories about chasing the birds in the lake and that sounds great, except maybe they do not have a big boat that allows them to do this kind of fishing. There are very few places better to fish right now than the Sabine and Neches rivers along with the intracoastal canal. Various locations along the deep channels can provide hours worth of fish catching opportunities for folks to take their kids and experience some tremendous fishing without having to worry about the wind and also not having to run too far.

On most occasions during the fall months you can take a kid out and anchor up along the river channel or at the mouth of most bayous and have no problem getting bit. Small redfish are wandering all over the river banks and hungry trout will readily eat shad or shrimp fished on the bottom. Try plenty of spots until you find a concentration of fish, then anchor and enjoy. This style of fishing coupled with the numbers of fish in our area during the fall months are just perfect for introducing a young angler to the sport of fishing, who knows you just may get a lifetime fishing buddy out of the deal.


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