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Archery season opens up, drought concerns top list

Texas white tail deer hunters will get their first opportunity to chase that buck they have been dreaming of since last season ended as the 2023-24 season gets underway this Saturda... — Updated 9/26/2023


Teal hunters open up the season with mixed results

Saturday morning’s early teal season opener began with plenty of odds stacked against most hunters in our area but that fact did not dampen the enthusiasm associated with the... — Updated 9/12/2023


Texas teal season opens with uncertainty 

In what has become a highly anticipated yearly ritual, wingshooters from all over Texas will make there way to the fields and marshes as the 2023-24 waterfowl hunting season... — Updated 9/5/2023


Dove season set to crank up and officially start hunting season

The easy north wind has already begun to work magic on local hunters as they eagerly await the September 1 opener of dove season here in Texas. North Zone hunters as well as... — Updated 8/29/2023


The real thing is hard to beat when it comes to bait

No matter how hard lure manufacturers try they will never be able to create a lure that works better than real thing, period. The typical profile of the weekend angler is not that... — Updated 8/22/2023


Trout, teal and doves take center stage

For some strange reason I feel like I’m stuck keep repeating the same week over and over. We continue to have extreme heat, no rain, plenty of southwest wind and more of the same... — Updated 8/15/2023


Biden takes aim at schools who teach Hunter Education and other programs

The Biden administration announced recently that schools who teach programs like Hunters Education, archery, or any sort of competitive shooting will have their federal funds from... — Updated 8/1/2023


Ebb and flow = stay or go

Hands down, without a doubt, one of the top 3 most asked questions I get from local and out of town anglers alike is “how do you read the tide chart for this area?”Most any fish... — Updated 7/18/2023


Wade fishermen escape the heat only to challenge Mother Nature

The big center console finally drifts to a stop in the early morning darkness as the anchor rope comes tight. Solitary figures equipped with the latest gear that would make a NAVY... — Updated 7/11/2023


It's just around the corner

The mercury in the thermometer shows temperatures creeping towards triple digits and everybody you look at appears to have just emerged from a swimming pool. The heat waves along... — Updated 7/11/2023


Structure in all kinds of places

In many ways our freshwater counterparts have it made; no tides to worry about, no fish stealing sharks, and you couldn't step on a sting ray if you tried. The saltwater folks on... — Updated 6/27/2023


Take a little off the top

The slick surface of the lake was disrupted by skipping shrimp and the familiar sound of trout crashing the helpless crustaceans. Each cast with a soft plastic was met the familiar... — Updated 6/20/2023


Solving the summer puzzle

One of the biggest and most intriguing factors that keep fishermen coming back day after day is the process of discovery, figuring out the puzzle so to speak. The task of sifting... — Updated 6/13/2023


Everybody likes a little "lagniappe"

For most of us who have spent time around the Cajun French way of life or culture the word "lagniappe" usually brings a smile to your face because it means "a little something... — Updated 6/6/2023


BASSMaster Elites invade Sabine

The highly anticipated return of the Bass Master Elite Series on the Sabine River kicks off on Thursday morning and you can bet just like in years past it will be a show like no... — Updated 5/30/2023


Beat the heat with summer variety

Easily one of the most alluring features of Sabine Lake area is the fact that you can catch so many different species of fish in a relatively small area. The brackish water holds... — Updated 5/23/2023


Team Sanchez takes win in 3rd SALT Tourney

Lawrence Sanchez and Lawrence Sanchez Sr took home the win in the 3rd leg of the SALT Pro Redfish tournament series this past weekend. The Sanchez team posted an impressive winning... — Updated 5/16/2023


Jump into Summer fishing with both feet

In all honesty this has to be one of my absolute most favorite times of the year, that transition from spring into summer when the weather starts to cooperate and the fishing goes n... — Updated 5/9/2023


SALT Pro Redfish tourney successful despite poor conditions

The second event in the SALT Pro Redfish series took place this past weekend under less than ideal conditions. While most local fishermen stayed at the house cutting grass or... — Updated 5/2/2023


Sight fishing is the best of both worlds

The famous line from the movie “The wizard of Oz” where Dorothy tells her dog Toto “we’re not in Kansas anymore” came to mind as my small skiff settled out over a bright w... — Updated 4/25/2023


Solving the tide mystery

Most any fisherman who spends time on our local waters has a theory about how the tides work and where they need to be to catch fish during those tides. Surprisingly enough there... — Updated 4/18/2023


Let the fish tell you what they want

A pair of 10 pound redfish slid down the shoreline of a grassy bank with their backs and tails exposed for all to see, shrimp and little baitfish showered across the surface hoping... — Updated 4/11/2023


Take a slower approach and don't run away from your fish

Fishing too fast is a common problem that many anglers have, especially when the fish tend to gather up and school in big bunches. Saltwater anglers who chase schooling fish along... — Updated 4/4/2023


S.A.L.T. Pro Redfish Series opens as a success

For many years local anglers have long been loyal the S.A.L.T. Club and the fantastic traditions they are a part of. The club annually hosts one of the most prestigious events for l... — Updated 3/28/2023


Texas fishermen are seeing that "light is right"

Fishermen are an ever-evolving breed, much like the fish they pursue fishermen continue to get smarter and better equipped in order to be more successful. A perfect example of this... — Updated 3/21/2023


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