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Why ask why?

Not too long ago I read a very interesting quote, “In your thirst for knowledge, be sure not to drown in all the information- Anthony J. D’Angelo” which sparked a thought and... — Updated 3/14/2023


Looking for giant fish, head to the jetties for a full pull

Spring is the time when the whole fishing world loses its collective mind, winter is in the rear view mirror and most anglers are suffering miserably from cabin fever. Some of the... — Updated 3/7/2023


Topwater alternatives

The slick surface of the lake was disrupted by skipping shrimp and the familiar sound of trout crashing the helpless crustaceans. Each cast with a soft plastic was met the familiar... — Updated 2/28/2023


Deep water is the key to February success

Show me an angler who shuns deep water and I'll show you a fisherman who's missing plenty of fish. With so much attention being paid to shallow water angling these days it's no... — Updated 2/21/2023


It's not for everybody

You ever wonder what a 64 pack of Crayola crayons, 31 flavors of ice cream at Baskin Robbins, or bags of assorted candy have in common? The answer is they offer something for... — Updated 2/14/2023


Deep water is the key to February success

Show me an angler who shuns deep water and I’ll show you a fisherman who’s missing plenty of fish. With so much attention being paid to shallow water angling these days it’s... — Updated 2/7/2023


Stay safe this spring, keep that PFD handy

As the mercury creeps up into a more comfortable range outside as well as on the water, don’t let that fool you into feeling too secure at this time of the year. January and... — Updated 1/31/2023


Local duckhunters prepare for final weekend

Local duckhunters prepare for final weekend For all those hunters who have spent the last couple of months waking early, fighting the weather, and staring at the skies in search of... — Updated 1/24/2023


Waterfowl hunters looking for a 4th quarter rally as the season winds down

Just like the old saying “all good things must come to an end” the 2022-23 waterfowl season is almost over. For plenty of local hunters it feels like the season already ended... — Updated 1/10/2023


Don't run from muddy water

Here in Texas there are a few things that are common from Sabine to Baffin at this time of the year and everyone who calls the coast or saltwater home has an idea what those things... — Updated 1/3/2023


All you can do is laugh

From my perch on the poling platform I often have plenty of time to think while I push my little boat around the marsh. The standard stuff that goes through every fisherman’s... — Updated 12/27/2022


Waterfowl hunters hit the road for second split action

For months the faithful waited in anticipation for opening day and in what seems to be the blink of an eye the 2022-23 duck season is just about gone. With a few weeks to go before... — Updated 12/20/2022


Winter water clarity can be an eye opener 

Pardon me for just one moment while I steal a line from a great Texas country music drinking song by Roger Creager “It’s the invisible intoxicant….it’s call Everclear”. Ah... — Updated 12/13/2022


New concepts for old baits

In every sport there are different levels of accomplishment, different levels of skill. In baseball you have rookie leagues, minor leagues, and then you have the guys in the majors... — Updated 12/6/2022


Winter fishermen exercise plenty of patience

December and January, two months that for a long time were rarely associated with fishing of any kind in this area, have now become almost like any other good month to wet a hook.... — Updated 11/29/2022


Local waterfowl hunters enjoy a solid weekend

A steady stream of boats, hunters, and dogs crowded the local launches Saturday morning as the Louisiana duck season officially opened. Texas hunters continued their hot start from... — Updated 11/15/2022


Waterfowl season in full swing

Saturday morning will officially usher in the 2022-2023 waterfowl season for all our local hunters and expectations run the gamut from cautiously optimistic to gung ho. Texas duck... — Updated 11/8/2022


Duck season opens and tactics change

“You remember when….” is a question that I am hearing all too often these days, especially when I am talking to water fowlers. Less than a decade ago our area marshes were a... — Updated 11/1/2022


Youth Weekend important for many reasons

One of perhaps the most anticipated hunting days of the year is upon us; Saturday morning starts off the annual youth hunting weekend in Texas. Young hunters and adults alike... — Updated 10/25/2022


Schooling fish require common sense and etiquette

The sun has just broken the horizon to illuminate a relatively smooth lake surface, the temperatures are mild and the forecast is in the anglers favor. A short boat ride into the... — Updated 10/18/2022


Louisiana closes flounder season and changes limits on speckled trout

I must admit I never imagined I would see our Louisiana friends to the east jump on the conservation bandwagon this hard. For years there has been a huge disparity on fishing... — Updated 10/11/2022


Tailor made conditions are perfect for junior anglers

All along the Texas gulf coast the pattern is the same, cool fronts signal the much anticipated frenzy that is fall fishing. Anglers of every description ready themselves with the... — Updated 10/4/2022


Big guns for small hunters

Texas hunters do everything big and that includes purchasing their firearms. Now the bigger is better theory has some merit but not when it comes to smaller hunters such as women... — Updated 9/27/2022


Fall fishing is for everyone

All along the Texas gulf coast the pattern is the same, much anticipated cool fronts on the horizon will signal the frenzy that is fall fishing. Anglers of every description... — Updated 9/20/2022


Simple approach for best results

I have no idea why we as anglers are constantly trying to complicate things, always re-inventing the wheel and adding corners. In our never ending quest to catch more and bigger... — Updated 9/6/2022


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