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By Capt. Chuck Uzzle
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Sportsmen head to the ballot box as winds slow down local fishing


Last updated 2/27/2024 at 6:32pm

A steady dose of big south wind has just wreaked havoc on the local fishing scene and all but shut down the open water of Sabine Lake. As water conditions have improved the winds have ramped up so it's been tough to get out and take a look at much water. The river has cleared up somewhat after some heavier rains earlier in the month, so hopes are high that there is some nice water in the lake. A few folks I have talked with lately have been hiding in the protected waters along the river and back in the marshes catching some largemouth and a few redfish. At this time of the year many of those fishermen depend on seeing their fish and the big winds have made that almost impossible. The best bets have been small spinnerbaits, weightless soft plastics and chatterbaits for both bass and redfish so it's just a matter of covering water right now.

If, and when, the winds slow down don't be surprised to start seeing some flounder show up on the south end of the lake. We just had our full moon for February and the next one should usher in some flounder. It won't be hard to tell when it starts happening because the crowds will converge on the same old haunts along the ship channel and Berkley Gulp will begin to run in short supply. When this starts to happen do not hesitate to start digging around on the Causeway Reef when the good incoming tides start because the trout will be somewhere near. For several years the Usual Suspect swim bait has been a staple during the spring due to its versatility as just about everything will eat it, especially flounder and speckled trout. A nice steady retrieve with the occasional pause makes this lure user friendly so keep that in mind before you head for the water.

While most of the fishing has been on pause the elections for local and state offices as well as the President have kicked into high gear. Here locally the early voting in the Republican primary has had a good turnout and that trend should continue until March 1st when early voting ends. I enjoyed listening to the people around me while we stood in line as they discussed many of the things on most American's minds. Easily the most discussed topic was the border crisis and how bad the current administration has not only handled the situation but made it exponentially worse while trying to blame everyone else.

I had the opportunity to sit down with a 15 year veteran of the Border Patrol over the weekend at a hunt test where we were both running our dogs in the event. It was incredible to hear real first hand accounts of just exactly what is really going on down there compared to the vague pointless ramblings of the current administration and their spokesmen. So far nearly 8 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border under the current administration and in many places those same illegal immigrants may get voting rights even though they are not citizens. It's not a stretch to put the dots together to figure out what the real reason is for so many of those immigrants to now be in the country living off of American tax dollars. I still haven't found anyone who voted "blue" that can explain why American citizens, especially military veterans, are being bypassed in favor of those from other countries. As more American's get fed up with the situation you can bet that frustration will show up when the votes are cast. I must admit I had a big smile on my face when the folks assisting the voters asked me for my identification when it was my turn to vote. Many of those that vote blue think that having to provide ID to vote is some sort of rights violation. All I can say is that voting is far more important than buying a hunting or fishing license, cashing a check, or purchasing an airplane ticket but you have to provide ID for all of those so it only makes sense to have to show one to vote.

Hopefully the wind will give us a break very soon and we can get back to fishing but until that happens, regardless if you vote red or blue, please be sure to cast your vote.


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