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Summer Flowers for Texas Gardens

Spring's now past, a pleasant but hazy memory with summer officially arriving June 21st. So, for the next several months, summer will be keeping us company. This means we can count... — Updated 6/28/2022


A Gardeners Best Friend: Mulch (Part 2)

Hello fellow gardening enthusiasts! Last week I discussed organic mulch basics, including why using mulch in our gardens is important, as well as the numerous types of mulch. Some... — Updated 6/21/2022


A Gardeners Best Friend: Mulch (Part 1)

During our monthly Master Gardener meeting, I invited a fellow Master Gardener, to drop by my home Friday morning to pick nectarines from my two trees. She arrived at our agreed... — Updated 6/14/2022


Benefiting Plants: Coffee Grounds, Egg Shells & Epsom Salt

Let me start by saying everyone leads a hurried and hectic lifestyle, that's our world and it's not going to change any time soon! As a gardener, occasionally, you need to take a... — Updated 5/31/2022


Figs: Sweet Summer Fruit

Numerous fig varieties grow well in Southeast, Texas climate. Different stages of ripeness, figs' herald summers' arrival. Gardeners, it certainly seems Summers arrived early this... — Updated 5/27/2022


Wilting Tomato Plant Leaves: Tomato Blight or Wilt?

First, let me begin by asking you not to use the term 'blight' lightly. Many plants, not just tomatoes, are prone to disease problems. If Blight strikes your garden, you don't... — Updated 5/17/2022


Native Plants and Texas Superstars Make Gardening Easy

Technically, we are in the middle of spring, but it seems as though summer has arrived as our daytime temperature is above 90℉ many days, yet according to the Farmer's almanac,... — Updated 5/10/2022


Improving Soil: Always Begin with a Test

As many of you may already know our soil in Southeast Texas, or more specifically in Jefferson and Orange County is not optimum for most plants and can be difficult to cultivate.... — Updated 4/26/2022


April Gardening Tips: Let the Blooming Begin

Greetings my fellow gardening enthusiasts! Our wait is finally over, Spring is erupting into bloom all around us. Azaleas, daffodils, and numerous other spring plants are bursting i... — Updated 4/5/2022


Native and Perennial Plants

Previously, I have spoken about selecting the right plant for the right spot in your garden, flower bed or yard. Today we're going to talk about native and perennial plants. Many... — Updated 3/24/2022


Citrus: Recognizing Greening and Canker Disease

Hopefully, our recent warmer weather didn't lull any fellow gardeners into believing spring had arrived in Southeast Texas! March weather patterns are unpredictable, quickly... — Updated 3/15/2022


Plant Selection: Create Stunning Visual Impact

Plant choice is one of many important steps in creating a new garden design or outdoor living area transformation. Choosing the right plants for your garden space depends on a... — Updated 3/8/2022


Garden Checklist: March

Another season is coming to an end and very soon winter will be nothing more than a fading memory for us all. As spring nears, each passing day becomes slightly warmer, though we... — Updated 3/1/2022


Roses: Exceptional Blooming Begins with Pruning

By John Green, Certified Master Gardener Hello gardeners! Another cold snap has now left the area and who knows, perhaps it'll be our last, but I wouldn't bet my plants on it. Many... — Updated 3/1/2022


Strawberries: Home Grown Will Always be Sweetest!

Hello fellow gardening enthusiasts! We have been lucky this past week experiencing mild seasonal temperatures including a couple nights of below freezing temperatures (barely... — Updated 1/25/2022


Seed Germination: Get a Jump-Start on Spring

Has winter finally arrived in SETX? Well maybe, at least for a couple of cold days and frigid nights it has, making this the perfect time to review the litany of seed and gardening... — Updated 1/4/2022


Gardening Tips: January

Hello fellow gardeners! 2021 is rapidly coming to an end and the new year is almost here. There are many gardening tasks which we can complete outside while we have good weather or... — Updated 12/28/2021


Falling Leaves: Rake or Not?

Hello fellow gardeners and Merry Christmas! Today I’m standing at the kitchen sink and beside me sits a steaming cup of coffee, as I peer outside the window mesmerized, once... — Updated 12/21/2021


Garden Tool Maintenance

Hello gardening friends, our local weathermen and women are predicting a warmer weather pattern for the next several days. If you are like me, making the time to perform maintenance on garden tools doesn’t rank high on my “to... — Updated 12/14/2021


Welcome Holiday Additions: Poinsettia Care

Another year is rapidly coming to an end and Christmas is close at hand and with it the joy of spending time with friends and family. Many of us will be shopping for gifts, food,... — Updated 12/14/2021


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