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Simple arm exercises designed for women


Last updated 2/4/2011 at Noon

As a trainer for 25 years the number one complaint given to me from woman about their bodies, and what they want to correct is their arms. “Make this waddle go away. I hate it.” Young and old it doesn’t seem to matter.

Queen Victoria wave, turkey flap, arm waddle, everlasting wave, chalkboard jiggle, (this one came from the school teachers), and many other nicknames have been given the backside of your arms. Whatever you call it, you don’t want it. Its embarrassing, unsightly, creates insecurity, makes you wear sleeved tops, does not let you feel as sexy as you should.

Well there is some help available with a bit of work. However, I must caution that regardless all is not equal with each individual. We can only go so far with our God given genetics, and unfortunately in some cases, God proved that He has a sense of humor. Just wish that it was demonstrated on someone else.

Regardless of your individual genetic coding you can improve your arms. The reason I mention this before providing the program that will improve your arms is to inform you that you will get results, I just cannot guarantee how much.

There also some additional factors that come into play. If you have recently lost a lot of weight, you may not tighten as much as you desire due to additional skin. If you are older you may not obtain perfect arms, but rather a decent improvement.

Everyone can obtain improved arms. It will take some work and time. It will not happen overnight however in most they did not lose their toning quickly either.

This should be performed every other day for optimum results. You need 1 day of rest between for your arms to recuperate. If you perform this correctly you will appreciate a degree of soreness for about 1 week. This discomfort will go away and you will then begin to see some results.

It needs to additionally be understood that in order to tighten that back of your arms the fronts have to be worked as well. The arm tightening and toning goes all the way around your arms not just in the back.

Standing or seated curls with either a bar or dumbbells. Grab the dumbbell in a position that has your fingers pointing straight out in front of you. Use a weight that affords a challenge, (You want to feel tightness while performing the exercise and a strain) Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Pushups either from the floor or the wall if you are unable to do them on the floor. You may do “Girl” pushups from your knees or stand next to a wall and distance yourself about two feet or more from the wall leaning on it and do a standing pushup.

Take one dumbbell and hold it in either hand. Bend over at the waist. Allow your arm holding the dumbbell to hang straight down. From your elbow pivot the dumbbell up towards your chest on the opposite side of you body then the one holding the dumbbell. Now lower the dumbbell to the original position. Do this for 15 repetitions.

Reverse arm extensions. Take your dumbbell in both hands and hold it behind your head. Pivoting from your elbows raise the dumbbell straight up above your head and then lower it still pivoting from your elbows. Do not push up with your arms in a full motion. Just pivot from elbows. Do these 15 repetitions.

Perform all of these exercise’s 3 times for a workout. This should take you about 12 to 15 minutes to perform this workout and will get you on the road to great arms.

When the weight you are using becomes easy to use increase the size of the dumbbell. This WILL happen soon and you will have to do this to continue obtaining proper results.

Greg Burkett “Greg The Trainer “ is a fitness advisor in the Orange County area. For additional information or questions you may call him at 409-550-0777 or go to


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