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Green American Turns Red


Last updated 11/16/2011 at Noon

If you didn’t know it, our president has been out on the road, riding in a great black RV constructed in Canada. The purpose of his journey is not to inform, but to campaign. After all, in a year from now the presidential election takes place.

Most sitting presidents do not to hit the trail so soon, but then, he is like no other president in our history. And no, I’m not referring to his race or eloquence, but to his inept attempts to administer the duties of his office efficiently and effectively. He’s learning the hard way that sophisticated educational theory hatched in an Ivy League all-nighter usually stinks like a rotten egg.

He does, however, possess a great deal in common with many federal and state bureaucrats in that he spends money like water. Of course, it is taxpayer funds, not his.

They say death and taxes are the only sure things in life, but I suggest there is a third that could claim a spot in that unholy Trinity, “No amount of money thrown at a project can ensure its success.”

That is what he and his administration of brilliant idiots have attempted since they first got their hands on the country’s purse strings. Their ideas bordered on the grandiose and ostentatious, never realizing that job creation, from which all else comes, cannot be generated by word or unproven ideas or fanciful theories, but by hard work, sweat, experiment, failure, regrouping, and working again.

And no, jobs do not come from sitting on one's tail drawing welfare either.

Today, our country is drawing near fifteen trillion in debt. That is almost $50,000. per individual.

Think back to the stimulus of 2009, over eight hundred billion.

Here’s one example among hundreds of waste. The administration gave the Department of Energy $500 million for green jobs. One hundred and eleven million was spent to train 21,000 workers for green jobs. To date, none of them are employed.

And then there was Beacon Power Corporation that filed for bankruptcy just a year after receiving $43 million guarantee from the Department of Energy.

Then you have Solyndra, maker of solar panels. They received a $535 million loan from the DOE. A couple years later, our president visited them and gushed just how proud he was of the way they had handled themselves. Solyndra, he claimed, was a model for all green energy companies.

And then what did they have the audacity and nerve to do. Why only months later, they went belly up, filing for bankruptcy.

Serves him right. No one, not even the president, has the right to take foolish chances with another’s money, but that is exactly what his administration is doing. And, to be fair, previous administrations also. Bush is in for his share of the blame. He can’t escape that.

Oh, they try to cover it up.

Another example.

How many of you out there own a Volt, GM’s electric car?

Not many, I can tell you that.


You see, the government anticipated building a 100,000 thousand Volts, but to date have sold only 928, a major, but well-deserved, embarrassment for Obama.

Why didn’t they sell?

Price for one thing--$41,000 plus it is a lemon among lemons.

The cars wouldn’t sell at that price, so GM lobbied Obama, who was pushing the Volt, for a federal tax rebate. They received a $7,500 federal rebate.

Federal rebate?

You know, don’t you, where that money comes from?

Think your wallet.

At a Detroit auto show, a Volt failed to start when it was demonstrated.

After testing Volt, Consumer Reports estimated mileage range on the battery is between 25 and 50 miles. And the only reason electric motor range is that much is because the heater or the air conditioner is not running. Range would be even less with either of the two in operation.

And oh, yes, the Volt requires premium fuel, so what little gas savings you get is consumed by the expense of premium fuel.

To save Obama’s face, General Electric (remember-they pay no taxes courtesy the present administration and Charley Rangel) committed to buy 50,000 Volts.

Everyone’s happy.

GM because they get rid of a dud of a vehicle.

Obama because it falsely appears he is greening the country.

GE because Obama is happy.

The only unhappy ones are the suckers, the US taxpayers We will be paying $5,000,000 for fifty thousand lemons.

Now, I never believed his “hope and change” hype. If you still do, give me a call. I have a mountainside retreat in Galveston I’ll sell you at a real bargain.


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