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My new life as a loser


Last updated 12/30/2014 at Noon

Well, it's that time again where people make New Year resolutions in hopes of starting anew with a clean slate for a brighter future.

For most of my adult life, my resolution has been to lose weight. Each year was going to be the one where my weight loss was going to a success. But, I learned that even if I did lose weight, it would come back and often with more than I lost.

However, year after year, it remained to be my biggest challenge and I was not going to be one of the eight percent who actually succeeded on their resolution.

But, this year is definitely going to be different. There will be no giving up after the first few weeks. My new friend Wanda will make sure my weight loss is a success.

I have been overweight most of my life. I was the one in elementary school the other kids made fun of at recess. Fortunately, I had just enough athletic skill where I could still run relatively fast and set school records in the high jump and running long jump. But, it was not enough to stop the bullying. My home life was a mess and I learned that eating could make you happy, even it is was just for a little while. As I grew so did my waistline.

When I started college I was still that "fat girl." I tried to make new friends, but it was just like high school only with older people. I remember my dorm counselor stopping to tell me in the hallway, just to smile because after all, "I had such a pretty face." At the time I was about 30 pounds overweight.

I wish that was all I had to lose now.

I found someone to love me when I was in my 20s. But, I quickly learned what an alcoholic was like to live with. After two kids and nine long years of abuse we divorced.

I married again and thought this time it would be wonderful. For a while it was great.

During this time doctors discovered I had Lupus. For several years I took large amounts of Prednisone. The drug saved my life, but packed on the pounds to my ailing body. In despair, I turned to my trusty friend, food, to help me get through my turbulent life. We divorced after 11 years of marriage when his need for drugs took over his life.

Food was my go to for happy and sad times. When I was happy, we celebrated with food. During stressful times, I ate to make the pain go away.

Over the years, I noticed the numbers on the scale creeping high and higher. Each year came and went and I continued to make a resolution for change.

My life as I once knew it came to a screeching halt in August and I knew my life on the diet rollercoaster was over. My blood sugar was 686 which is a very dangerous place. My husband, Curtis, sat by my bedside in the hospital and said he wished it was him instead of me. I didn't want to be there, much less my kind, sweet husband.

The doctor at the hospital told me in order to get rid of this horrible thing called diabetes, I could get a gastric sleeve. I thought about it and before I left the hospital I called a doctor's office in Beaumont and made an appointment.

Within a few weeks I had my first appointment. The staff was very welcoming. I actually felt relieved to be there taking my first step on my new weightloss journey. After seeing other doctors to get their approval, I was ready to schedule my surgery.

First of all, I had to do two weeks of protein shakes and lots of water.

When the surgery day finally came I was nervous and apprehensive but still so excited to begin my new life. That is when I met Wanda. This is the name I have given my new stomach. Wanda quickly tells me what I can and cannot eat. She is quite bossy too. If I disobey her, then there will be consequences such as vomiting and stomach pain. I named her Wanda because she is my magic wand. However, there is no magic involved just hard work. But, in the end,my fairy tale has a happy ending and I will finally become the beautiful queen I always dreamed of being.

Whoever said getting a gastric sleeve or bypass is the easy way out, did not know what they are talking about. Not only did I do a pre-operative diet for two weeks of protein shakes, but after surgery I did two weeks of clear liquids to let Wanda heal. I still do not get to eat "regular" food yet. I have three weeks of a "blenderized" diet and four weeks of a soft diet before moving up to what can be considered real food.

I also have made a commitment to go to a gym regularly.

All doctors and nutritionist are different, but mine are a good fit for me.

So, with their guidance and help from Wanda, this is one resolution I will keep.


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