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Orange County Health and Restaurant Inspections - March 2016


Last updated 4/7/2016 at Noon

Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses for March 2016:

Break Time, 3900 N. 16th St., Orange - No hot water found inside restroom; dead bugs found inside light shields; insulation exposed from ceiling tiles, need to repair/replace. Score - 96

Dairy Queen, 321 Strickland Dr., Orange - Hot water nozzle at service sink broken, needs repair; sides of fryers need to be cleaned of old grease; wall grout at three compartment sink needs to be cleaned and re-grouted. Score - 96

West Orange High School, 1400 Newton St., Orange - Score - 100

Bridge City Middle School, 300 Bower St., Bridge City - Score - 100

Burger Town, 6223 W. Roundbunch Rd., Orangefield - Employee drinks without lid/straw and sitting on top of ice machine; fryers need to be cleaned of buildup of old grease. Score - 98

Mama Lupe Mexican Grill, 2615 Western Ave., Orange - No score, pre-opening inspection.

Subway #12477, 3736 N. 16th St., Orange - Ice scoop laying on top of ice machine; damaged floor tiles found under back hand washing sink; need to clean or repair. Score - 96

Robert's Meat Market, 3720 W. Park Ave., Orange - Pipes under three compartment sink dripping water; rusted storage shelves inside walk in cooler; cracked glass doors on front meat cooler and walk in freezer door iced over and not closing completely, all need to be replaced/repaired; walk in cooler needs to be cleaned of old food, trash. Score - 94

Family Dollar #8740, 11701 N. Hwy. 62, Mauriceville - Need to remove all spider webs from inside store. Score - 99

Kotoyama, 2226 MacArthur Dr., Orange - Vegetables/raw meat stored incorrectly; no hot water at hand washing sinks; dates needed on all product; no hand washing sink found inside kitchen (found sitting outside back door; rusted storage shelves and chipped plates found; food being stored on floor in walk in cooler/freezer; walls ceilings and inside walk in cooler need to be cleaned of old foods/dust; more general cleaning is required; weekly follow up visits required; hot water and replacement of hand washing sink are required immediately. Score - 86

Walgreen's #10139, 1305 N. Main St., Vidor - Score - 100

Super Stop #3, 2745 Evangeline, Vidor - Mold found inside ice machine; ice scoop laying on top of ice machine; no hot water found at three compartment sink or inside restroom sink, need to repair immediately; store name and address are needed on all bags of ice sold at store; light bulbs need to be replaced once burned out; damaged/missing ceiling tiles found; damaged wall near restrooms need to be repaired; need to clean restrooms more often. Score - 90

Shell Star Stop #12, 11384 Hwy. 12, Mauriceville, Store closed and remodeled with new ownership. Pre-opening inspection, no score.

Elements Cafe and Bakery, 1055 Texas Ave., Bridge City - Need to date all products; shelves, counter tops and floors (especially under/around equipment) need to be cleaned of old foods. Score - 96

Market Basket #46, 800 N. Main St., Vidor - Expired and used by date foods were found throughout (2015/2016); employee food and drinks being stored improperly inside coolers; foods being stored on the floor throughout; light shields needed inside milk coolers; floors throughout need to be cleaned of old foods/dirt and trash; back storage room needs to be cleaned more often. Will follow up on cleaning of back storage room. Score - 93

Tropicana Ice Cream Parlour, 2637 Texas Ave., Suite C - Pre-opening inspection, No score

Bridge City Food Mart, 1000 W. Roundbunch Rd., Bridge City - Pulled several outdated foods from shelves; door to reach in freezer us damaged and needs to be repaired; drinks being stored on floor area around fryers and flat grill need to be cleaned of old foods; damaged/missing ceiling tiles were found throughout store; floors, especially under equipment, need to be cleaned of old trash/dirt; need to remove all unused, broken equipment (ice machine and kitchen equipment). Score - 92

Once Upon A Time Child Care, 2825 Texas Ave., Bridge City - Score - 100

Subway #3599, 2637 Texas Ave., Suite D, Bridge City Texas - Pre-opening inspection, no score.

Country Pantry #11, 1079 Orange St., Vidor - Faucet for hot water at three compartment sink broken and needs repair; all products (sandwiches) need to be dated; gasket on walk in cooler door needs to be replaced (torn); mice feces found on storage shelves; cappuccino machine needs to be cleaned of old food; damaged floor tiles throughout. Score - 91

Pirates Stop, 1883 N. Main St., Vidor - Ice scoop laying on top of ice machine; no certified food manager on staff; store name and address are needed on all bags of ice sold at store; soap and paper towels are required at all hand washing stations; all drinks need to be stored at least six inches off the floor; Vent-A-Hood needs to be cleaned of old grease and missing vent needs to be replaced; mop sink broken and needs to be replaced. Score - 89

Walmart #457, 1350 N, Main St., Vidor - Score - 100


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