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T-Bone Steak with Grilled Veggies, Payne's Pantry by Anne Payne


Last updated 1/7/2019 at Noon

Payne's Pantry by Anne Payne

For the Record

Start the New Year with a bang, an 8-12 oz. T-bone steak! Add some grilled vegetables, and the meal is filled with, protein and healthy veggies. The only carbohydrates are the potatoes, which could or could not be used.


Outside grill, skillet for pan grilling, inside grill atop stove, or broiler pan in ovenSpatula or large forkCookie tray for grilling vegetables, sprayed with cooking spray Ingredients:T-bone steaks, about 8 to 12 ozs., give or take, per personFresh green beans, about 1/4 lb. for each personFresh baby carrots, about 6-8 carrots per personFresh Yukon Gold or Red potatoes, about 2 small per personSeveral sticks of regular butter, not margarine & not unsalted butter Olive oil Salt (I prefer Kosher or Sea Salt) Pepper, as desired to personal taste

Directions: Wash fresh vegetables. Be certain to slice away any bad spots on potatoes. Take cookie tray that has been sprayed with cooking spray such as PAM. Place washed veggies on tray. Sprinkle with olive oil, then salt. Place in oven on broil setting. OR, just simply boil the vegetables in large pan of water with stick of butter and some salt. Watch either method of cooking carefully so no burning or over-cooking results. While veggies are cooking, start the meat.

Meat can be cooked on outside grill, on inside grill that fits on stovetop, or on broiler pan in oven if not using broiler for vegetables. The main thing with steaks that I have found, after watching many years of the Food Network, is to use oodles of butter on the steaks, not just a pad or two, but lots! When turning steaks, do the butter again, lots of it, too. There is no need for salt and pepper. Please allow each person to salt and pepper his or own steak as preferred. According to renowned chef Bobby Flay, butter is the trick to cooking a successful steak. The steaks are the stars of the show.

You will know when the vegetables are done by their appearance and piercing them with a fork. Most people prefer their vegetables softer, not raw. Whether boiling the veggies, broiling them, or even steaming them, their appearance tells the story, ready or still needs cooking. Use the fork to pierce. Remember to use your secret weapon, regular butter, not unsalted, and not margarine, please. Olive oil is certainly necessary in the broiling process, as is the salt. If simply boiling the veggies, add some salt while cooking.

Now, take a seat yourself or with family or friends to enjoy a splendid and healthy meal. Happy eating!


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