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Sherlock Breaux in the Creaux's Nest

Waiting on Better Days

Daylight comes and the three cats and birds have been fed. One cat is not only a cat; he's a Manx, the only Manx kitten that survived Hurricane Ike. All the others didn't make it. His name is Bobby Stagg, but we call him the "Old Man." The Stagg family, our neighbors, raised him but he moved to our place a couple of years ago. He's showing his age, arthritis, etc. Anyway, for most of my life daylight would have found me at work. I would have picked up the daily papers, had a little breakfast and planned my day's work. Instead I sit here afraid to get out in public yet. My immune system is compromised and makes it dangerous for me. I know it's gambling with my life to mix with others during this crisis. My respiratory problems are much better but the Shingles linger. I though after a month I would be done with that. My friend Keith Wallace told me a friend of his has been fighting Shingles for over three months. Jack Smith says his Shingles lasted over three months. I was also told this by Quincy Procell. This is my first experience and I hope my last. Other than the hurt and discomfort, it's hard to consecrate. I miss work so much that I almost gave it a try. My family and friends, who care about me, said, "Not yet." It's just not my nature to be in isolation. I worry about the newspapers and also my business friends. I hope we can all survive; business wise. Re-opening will help but it is not enough for many to make it. If we can all hold on I believe, in a couple of years, Orange County will start to boom. The Chevron project will happen. Even today they are buying up more land and pipelines. Their announcement is delayed but it will happen. It might be a little late for some of our businesses. Four or five years from now we will be the envy of the Gulf Coast. I believe if we can make it through December we'll be fine. *****Come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.



Thomas T. Brooks, Sr., age 95, passed away May 9, 2020. Services will be at 2:00 p.m. at Old First Baptist Church, on IH-10, in Orange, Wednesday, May 13. Visitation will be at 1:00 p.m. We had known Tom since he moved to Bridge City in 1971. He was a WWII veteran having served in the Army and fought at the Battle of the Bulge. He retired from Gulf Oil after 36 years. He enjoyed gathering with his coffee club friends and from time to time, he and his wife Media, attended the Lunch Bunch. The couple made their home in Mauriceville. He was a former member of the Bridge City ISD Board of Trustees. Our condolences to his family and friends. May this good man rest in peace.


Two months ago, on March 14, the United States had 40 deaths from Covid-19. Today we have 84,000 deaths and headed towards 100,000 in late June. The management of this crisis has been disastrous. It is a national nightmare. The U.S. is only four percent of the world's population, yet the U.S. has one fourth of the world's death and virus cases. The U.S. has 330 million people, China has two billion. Yet the U.S. has far more deaths. Trump hopes to get reelected making China the victim saying it over and over all the way to election. Along the way he will tie Joe Biden to China. Trump has again and again attempted to switch the blame away from his failed leadership. Trump has even accused Obama of a crime but refuses to say what the crime is. Trump, in his own trap of lies, will continue to blame everyone else. He will continue to blame others but the ball is in his court. The ball he once called a "Hokes." That two months ago he said, "We have 15 cases in a couple of days it will be zero." Well, it ain't. A poll today shows that only 36 percent of Americans believe what Trump is telling them about the virus. A large number believe Trump's response has destroyed the economy. Others believe Trump's presidency will be recorded in history as suffering and deaths.


10 Years Ago-2010

We were disappointed in Neighbor Cox's result from his rain dance. It produced only one-fourth inch of rain Saturday. Cox admitted he had left out one step in the Indian ritual. Just forgot. Sunday, after dark, he repeated the dance and guaranteed results by Monday. It worked. We got nearly a half-inch. Better than nothing. It had been eight weeks since we had gotten the last half-inch. ***** Three local baseball teams are still in the hunt for a state championship, all in Dist. 21-3A. All are schools within a rock's throw of each other. It is possible to be another Cow Bayou Shoot Out between No. 4 Orangefield and Bridge City for the right to play for the state championship. First, both teams have to take care of business. Orangefield will meet West Orange-Stark in the best two out of three. Bridge City must defeat Huffman. The Cards would then play Jasper or Hudson, probably Jasper for the right to meet Orangefield again. That is if the Bobcats defeat WO-S and next week beat either Robinson or Mexia. Probably Robinson. If all that happens, BC and OR would meet for the right to play for state. Boy, what a crowd that game would draw. Now on the other hand, WO-S could be the team to advance but that would really be beating the odds. Surely one of the three Orange County teams will make it to the big show. *****West Orange runners repeat State champs. The odds are very long to be the best in Texas. It's almost impossible to win a state track championship two years in a row. It says a lot about the coaching of Toby Forman. He has truly been blessed to have so much talent the past two years. The 2010 Mustangs, who ran wild at Austin's Mike A Myers Stadium Saturday to capture the championship, are Trey Franks, Phillip Jones, Justin Thomas, James Hayness and Mark Roberts. Congrats to those young men on their outstanding accomplishments. You make Orange County proud. *****On Monday, May 17, Brad Frye became the new police major at Bridge City. Congrats Brad. *****Anabel Anderson, age 88, accompanied by her caregiver Betty Boyd, attended the Wednesday Lunch Bunch dinner last week. The large group enjoyed having her. Many knew her, especially the Catholics like Judges Thibodeaux, Janice etc. Anabel has been one of the pillars at St. Mary for a very long time. Her home, across the street from the church, will someday belong to the church. Anabel, the only child of Felix DeMary, who owned DeMary's Border Café, on Highway 90's Silver Strip across from Orange. The gambling strip was like little Las Vegas in its heyday. Anabel and Roy Dunn are both natives of Abbeville. Also in attendance was our longtime county clerk Karen Jo Vance. She is always so interesting because she knows so many folks and can trace their roots. Newly-elected county treasurer Christy Khoury and JP elect David Peck, Brandy Slaughter from David Self Ford and Shannon Pruitt, from the juvenile probation office, are always fun to break bread with. Most always our JPs, constables, Mayor Permenter and other elected officials are in attendance along with other professionals, retirees and just regular folks.*****The Corky Harmon's went to Colorado, the Glen Oliver's went to Quebec and toured Canada, Harry and Margie Stephens motored to Kentucky to visit her dad and vacation. Now me, I'm planning to take off one afternoon next week and make my annual trip to Buna, Gist and Evadale. I might even make a stop at Bugs Scuffle, Chester Holts' old home place. *****I hear through the grapevine that Sylvia Dickey Smith will publish her fourth book in Sept., a historical novel of the Orange shipbuilding industry during WW II. "A War of her Own" promises to be another good book by the Orange-born author.



Richard Glenn Doggett, 64, of Orange died Tuesday, May 11. Graveside services were held Saturday, May 15. He attended Tilley Elementary, Carr Junior High, and graduated from Lutcher Stark High School in 1966. He was a custodian at Lutcher Stark and West Orange-Stark High Schools for over 40 years. Richard is survived by his brother Dennis; two nieces; four great-nieces; and one great-nephew. ***** Kaden Anthony Duval, 21 days old, of Orange died Tuesday, May 11. Funeral services were Saturday, May 15. Kaden is survived by his parents Brittany Jones and Joshua Duval. ; grandmothers, Melissa Stevenson and Vicky Reddin; uncles, Michael Brian Deloach and Johnny Deloach; and aunts, Alaina Cook, Sunni Shute, Crysta Deloach, and Brittany Gonzales.***** Florence L. "Cootie" Boudreaux, 84, of Orange died Tuesday, May 11. Service was held Friday, May 14. She was a retired dental assistant for Dr. Couvillion in Orange for 20 years. She is survived by her husband, Paul Boudreaux; son, Lowell Boudreaux; three grandchildren.

45 Years Ago-1975

An eight-pound boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Bennis Bobbit. They named him John Joseph. He became the first child born to a Bridge City employee since its incorporation five years ago. Bennis is a law enforcement officer. (Editor's note: That baby is 45 years old today. I wonder what became of the Bobbits?)*****Bill Clark and wife Doris Ann were special guests at the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport. *****The McLewis Lions Club was chartered Tuesday night. Ed Parker was installed as first president. (Editor's note: I wonder how long that club lasted. I do know Ed Parker became Orange County sheriff and is now deceased.)*****Bill, Barry and Bobbie Weisman operate the Midway Gulf in Bridge City on Texas Ave.*****Inez Hearn's favorite Aggie story is about the Aggie who tried to get a piece of the rock. (Editor's note: I wish I could remember that story. Nez is gone now.)*****Orange County Bass Club were leaders at the Toledo Bend Tourney. Two man team fishing teams were Preston Prince and Gary Glenda, 21 lb., 13 oz.; Virgil Wilson and A.F. Scotty Scott, 18 lb., 1 oz.; Troy Woodall and Harold Fuquia, 15 lb., 7 oz.; Willie Hayes and Leslie Holt, 14 lb., 7 oz. and Tommy Humphrey and Gerald Thibodeaux, 13 lb., 14 oz. Pete Coon took "Big Mouth" honors with a 5 lb., 6 oz. "Bucket Mouth." (Editor's note: I don't know about those other guys but Troy Woodall is still fishing every chance he gets. Troy hasn't aged much in 45 years.)*****Karen Ann Allen and David A. Sexton marry on May 24, 1975. 

84 Years Ago, 1949

Stark High graduates its largest class to date, 207. Jettie Pearl Schmidt was valedictorian, Margaret Barret, salutatorian. *****Tiger baseball team in three-way tie for the 11-AA championship. Players are O'Neil Gauthier, Allen Burkart, David Broussard, George Poland, Olney Beltz, Skipper Weaver, Bobby Joe Fisk, Bill McDonald, Bubba Herring, Ken Reese, Robert Barnes, Mike Lingo, Howard Owens, Dale Lewis, Don Granger, Darrell Skidmore, L.C. Kinkham and Jimmie Taylor. *****Judge Sid Caillavet addresses 14 grads at Orangefield. Laverne Granger was named valedictorian and Bonnie Cotton, salutatorian. *****St. Mary graduates its first class of seniors. The four members are Amelia Ulm, Roberta Blankenstein and Ray and Roy Simar.


The run-off elections in Texas will be July 14. That is when Democrats will pick a United States senatorial candidate. Even though Sen. John Cornyn does not yet know who he will be running against, he has spent $10 million on his re-election campaign. Most Republican senators and congressmen who are facing opposition are putting some distance between themselves and Trump. If the predictions are right that Trump will lose the popular vote by six to eight million votes, he will take some of them down with him.*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School is planning graduation on a date that ties into the times. June 20, 2020 at 8:20 p.m. is the date the students came up with. That's a keen idea. *****Our friend Gerald Leleux remains in rehab after major heart surgery. We wish him continued improvement. *****Our buddy Jane Dunn will have Rotator Cuff surgery this week. Good luck with that. Judge Derry will be in charge of preparing meals, dish washing, clothes folding, etc. Let's see how that works out. I hope he takes good care of the tomato plants because I can always count on Derry for home-grown "maters."*****Thanks to our buddy Van Choate, who dropped off a big jar of Cajun Pickled Okra. Can't wait to dive into that treat. *****A few people we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. May 13: Our friend of many years the Barbeque King, native son, J.B. Arrington, celebrates his 95th birthday and still going strong. I have no doubt he's headed to 100. A great guy who lived through a lot of history.*****May 14: A few folks celebrating today David Gauthier, Terry Hamilton, Madison Lyons and Brad Johansson.*****May 15: Longtime retired educator Nancy Chenella and pretty Deborah Ellender celebrates today.*****May 16: Longtime friend, a guy I've known since he was in short pants, Judge Pat Clark, celebrates. I'm not sure but Pat might be the longest serving district and county judge at law. His longtime friend Sam Frank Lucia shares a birthday with Pat. They go back to their college days. *****May 17: Some lovely ladies celebrate today. Happy birthday to Angie Breaux, Jennifer Clark and Nickie Judice. *****May 18: Wilson's better half, V. J. Roberts celebrates today. She's the best thing that ever happened to the old lawman, a great lady we're proud to call friend. *****May 19: Happy birthday to Al Judice, what a guy. Also celebrating is Leon Carter, Flo's brother, Mark's dad, a good salt-of-the-earth guy. Also best wishes to Harry Dodge and Mark Watts. *****Happy 65th wedding anniversary to our friends Coach Les Johnson and his pretty wife Wanda. *****I'm not buying how great testing has been. It's not true that anyone who wants a test can get one. A person must show symptoms. Texas has 30 million citizens and only one percent has been tested. Orange County has 81,000 people, 1,000 have been tested, leaving 80,000 who have not. What's true is that if you are sick and need a test, you can get one at TAN and other private outlets. *****The big question. What will the Supreme Court do with Trump's tax case?


Happy birthday on May 13 to Calvin Granger, Michael Baker, Kate Jackson and Renee Price.*****May 14: Janis Goss, James Birdwell, Courtney Spring.*****May 15: Jennifer Russell, Hailey McCoun, Heather Brinson and Norman Gaspard.*****May 16: Mark Simmons, Sondra Taliaferro and Clay Sims.*****May 17: Nickie Wall, Donna McClanahan, Newly Hunt, Greg Defrates.*****May 18: Denis Kincade, Kim Hanks, Sydney Taylor and Shelley Dugan.*****May 19: Cheryl Stone, Dalayna Sandlin and Jean Duplantis.


May 13: Stevie Wonder, 70,  R&B Singer; Stephen Colbert,  56,  TV Show Host; Darius Rucker,  54,  Pop Singer.*****May 14: George Lucas,  76,  Director; Cate Blanchett,  51,  Movie Actress; Dustin Lynch,  35,  Country Singer.*****May 15: Emmitt Smith,  51, Football Player; Sarah Hadland,  49, TV Actress; Ray Lewis,  45,  Football Player.*****May 16: Janet Jackson,  54,  Pop Singer; Megan Fox,  34,  Movie Actress; Pierce Brosnan,  67, Movie Actor; Tori Spelling,  47,  TV Actress.*****May 17: Bob Saget,  64,  TV Actor; Tony Parker,  38,  Basketball player; Nikki Reed,  32;  Movie Actress; Derek Hough,  35  Dancer.*****May 18: George Strait,  68,  Country Singer; Reggie Jackson,  72,  Baseball Player; Zain Imam,  33, TV Actor.*****May 19: Sam Smith,  28,  Pop Singer; Grace Jones,  72,  Pop Singer; Eleanor Tomlinson,  28,  Movie Actress; Archie Manning,  71,  Football player.


Dartez, Comeaux and Quibodeaux were drinking a few beer at Tee-Boy's Lounge wen da conversation got around to who had da ugliest wife. Dey bet $10 each dat dere wife was da ugliest. Dey agreed to go to each other's house.

Dey went to Dartez's house first. Dey agree she's ugly.

Den day go to Comeaux's house, he call his wife to come to da living room. Dey agree dat she's ugly, her. Uglier dan Dartez's wife.

Dey go to Quibodeaux's. His wife was in the kitchen. He call out for her to come to da living room. His wife Coltile axe, "Do you want me to put on da sack, hanh?"

Quibodeaux say, "No, babe, I don't want to play pick-a-pook me, I jus want to win a turty dollar bet." 


This was no Indian Rain Dance

I have a tale to tell you about my 95-year-old friend, "Neighbor Cox." When everyone went in lockdown a month ago, Cox went to stay with daughter and son-in-law, Karen and Keith, in Lufkin. After three weeks in Lufkin, despite being well cared for, he just wanted to be home. I spoke with him the day after his return and he was so happy to be home. The second day he was home he did a few chores and was blowing his driveway right at dark when he stumbled and took a bad dive. He swears he wasn't doing the Indian Rain Dance. Anyway, he not only broke his glasses but really bruised his face but, that's not the worse. He broke a vertebra in his neck, the same as in a diving accident. He laid in the yard unable to get up when, by chance, was finally discovered by a neighbor. She called 911. After staying in hospital Cox, now in a neck brace, was transferred to a rehab facility for the next 12 weeks. He's bound to a wheel chair. My prayers are with my old friend but that old WWII vet is tough. Even though no one can visit him I will stay in touch by phone. Relatives will be staying at his place and will finish blowing the driveway. Cox was raised in Joaquin, in East Texas and for over 20 years I've kidded him about his Indian Rain Dance whenever we needed rain.*****My time is up. Keep praying for an end to this Covid-19. Take care and God bless.


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