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Last updated 8/18/2020 at 8:41pm


America's tally of more than 173,000 COVID-19 deaths is expressed in various ways. Nearly 60 times more than the loved ones lost on 9-11, more than the combined United States combat deaths of World War I, Korean, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, more than any other country in the world. Every 80 seconds another American dies of coronavirus, that's an average from last week. That's 1,000 lives lost every 24 hours. This is a staggering rate. In times of trauma Americans looks for national leadership, yet our leadership has consistently under estimated the severity of the virus and shied away from talking about the mounting toll. It's important to remember behind each death is the story of an American life prematurely cut short.*****I have a long way to go. Hop on board and come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.

Saving Freedom-The Truman Doctrine

My entire teenage years were spent with Harry Truman as president. The vice president from Independence, Missouri became president in April, 1945, upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had served 12 years and one month. Those two presidents molded my impression of government. I find a lot of similarities between Truman and VP Biden, just like I find a lot of similarities between Donald Trump and President Hubert Hoover. Truman and Biden both came from strong, Christian faith, both from common backgrounds of poor, working class. Unlike Hoover and Trump, both New York millionaires, who believed their wealth gave them the right to rule without the input from professionals. Both, because of being rich, believed they knew better than anyone. Both inherited booming economies. Hoover, the roaring twenties, Trump walked into a record 84 months of economic expansion and a low 4.6 percent unemployment. It's a misnomer, untrue, that Trump built our strong economy; he walked into a booming economy. He has convinced many Americans that he built the strongest economy in history. Not true. Today the country is in deep decline faced with 10 percent unemployment. Hoover, after just one term and the Great Depression, was soundly defeated, a fate I believe awaits Trump. Unlike Hoover, Trump will have a quarter of a million deaths on his hands due to failed leadership of a pandemic he chose to deny existed. The pandemic is now headed to six million cases that was avoidable if managed correctly. It didn't have to be this way. Former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough, host of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC has written a book, out this week, titled Saving Freedom, the Cold War and the Fight for Western Civilization. The Trump Doctrine. The book highlights how Truman surrounded himself with a great cabinet and professional staff during the Cold War. I want a copy of that book because it's a period I lived through. I believe Joe Biden, like Truman, will assemble some of the most qualified people available. No candidate in my lifetime has ever run for president with more experience or is better qualified than Joe Biden, who has spent a lifetime in government. Through all those years there has never been any scandal about Biden where on the other hand, it has been nearly four years of continuous chaos with Trump. It is documented that he has told over 20,000 lies to the American people. He has yet to release his tax returns and has a dangerous relationship with Russia's Putin. He is so controlled by Putin that he won't even broach the subject of Putin paying bounties to kill our young American solders. This relationship would only grow under a Trump second term when he would never again need approval of citizens, congress or senate and would rule very much like a dictator.


10 Years Ago-2010

Our editor and feature writer Robert Hankins, 48, died of a massive heart attack Saturday, Aug. 21. I last saw Robert around 11 a.m. Friday. He was going out on an interview and since I was leaving for the day he said, "I won't see you again," meaning I would be gone when he returned. I told him it looked like he had everything under control. "Have a nice weekend," were my final words to him. To hear that he had died the following day was a real shocker. A few years ago the same thing had happened when fellow employee Ray Trahan suddenly died. You never get used to expecting the unexpected. Your mind just doesn't want to compute it. Robert was like family. That's not unusual in small operations where everyone occupies a desk in the same room and discusses everyday living and happenings. Robert always had his next paper planned. He did interviews Friday and one on the phone Saturday according to his wife Martha. Over the years Robert won many press awards for his creative and column writing. We will miss Robert, our friend, but we will also miss the quality of his work. Thanks to Margaret Toal, who has pitched in to help us out of this bind and to get a paper out this week.***** We were sorry to learn about the death of Sheridan Wright, 62, of Bridge City. She lived in Quail Valley, off of Hwy. 408. The one car accident happened at 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 23. Her eastbound PT Cruiser convertible struck a culvert on Roundbunch and Hwy. 1442, causing it to go airborne and flip over. Mrs. Wright was a teacher at Marshall Middle School in Beaumont. Judge Janice Menard ordered an autopsy.***** The entire Dunn family was pleasantly surprised last week when Jenna Dunn Ballou and her two children Nate and Delilah, arrived in Bridge City from Massachusetts. Roy and Phyl had not seen their 2-year-old great granddaughter Delilah and had only seen 9-year-old Nate twice. Seeing the lovely Jenna and those beautiful children was the treat of the year for them. (Editor's note: Mark's youngest daughter and Robby have added two more youngsters to their family, Willow and Chase.)***** Jerry LeCoix, formerly with the Boogie Kings and Blood, Sweat and Tears, is suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. He gets around now days with a cane. That's hard for me to believe. Jerry has entertained many of us for a lot of years. He was the most active stage performer I've ever watched. ***** Judge Pat Clark and Rosalie, along with her twin sister Mary Ann and John Scofield will celebrate wedding anniversaries on Aug. 31. I'm not sure how many years but those girls of Frank and Sarah Todora have put up with those old boys for a bunch. (Editor's note: Mary Ann passed away a few years ago.)***** Happy birthday to our friend and former editor Glenda Dyer, now a Tennessee resident along with husband Paul, celebrates this week. ***Happy 75th birthday to the lovely Rosalie Romano. She celebrated at a party given by her children at Sunset Grove Country Club on Aug. 21. Mike Cedars, a good guy, is another year older. ***Celebrating also is Coach Dan Ray Hooks, a legend not only locally but also around the state that has set records at WO-S that will last through time. ***Also having a birthday is David Montagne, the late Bob and Celeste Montagne's little boy. ***Frank Beauchamp, who has been fortunate to have Cowboy Adams and Marcel as in-laws, plus Theresa as his bride of many years is now older. ***** The family of Millie and Louis Lemoine hosted a birthday party that celebrated Millie's 80th birthday. She's Judge Janice's big sister. The family also celebrated the old barber Louis' 78th birthday. Many friends and family dropped by. ***** Congrats to our friend Jane Dunn who found out Thursday she was one of three finalists for "Teacher of the Year."***** Our buddy Pat Pate has been in the hospital again. She developed staph infection after back surgery. ***** Congratulations to West Orange mayor Roy McDonald, honored by the Masons with the "Free Mason's Community Builders Award." The mayor does a good job for his city and is well deserving.

Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2010

Jasper Vick Cuccia Jr., 76, of Orange, died Tuesday, Aug. 24. A graveside service was held Thursday, Aug. 26. Vick served in the U.S. Marines, worked as a commercial pilot for Menhaden Industry for 20 years and later retired as a welder from Metal Forms. Vick was an excellent artist and woodworker. He is survived by his wife, Linda Wall Cuccia; son, Chet Cuccia; sister, Pearl Secrist; brothers, Milton and Roger Mahon. ***** Glenda Sue Burns, 58, of Mauriceville, passed away on Tuesday, Aug. 17. Services were Friday, Aug. 20. She is survived by her husband, Skeet William Burns Sr.; sons, Skeet William Burns Jr., John Allen Burns; five grandchildren. *****Michael Lee Taylor, 54, of Orange, died Tuesday, Aug. 17. Services were Saturday, Aug. 21. Michael is survived by his sisters and brothers, Myra Hutto and husband, Bill, Sue Wilson, Thomas R. Taylor III, Wanda Lois Reeser and Mark Alvin Taylor; and numerous nieces and nephews.

45 Years Ago-1975

According to Lovell Lloyd, Chevrolet District manager, Harmon Chevrolet, one of 165 Houston zone dealers, has been named "Top Performer" for the second time in a row. That rarely happens. *****Susan Boudoin will be 17 on Sept. 1. ***On Sept. 2, Whitney Oubre will celebrate his 65th birthday. Also his granddaughter Brenda Braquet will celebrate on the same day. He is Phyllis Dunn's father and Brenda is her niece. (Editor's note: Mr. Oubre died several years ago, Brenda is a retired CPA married to Scott Wilber. She has two sons, grandchildren and lives in Hampshire.)***** A new building, at a new location, is now under construction for First National Bank. (Editor's note: I believe that was built at 16th St. and Green Ave. in Orange.)*****Only 16 major college teams will use the wishbone offense this fall. Forty-one teams will use the I formation. The wishbone was invented to promote the talents of All American Steve Worster from Bridge City. *****Oklahoma coach says Little Joe Washington, of Port Arthur, is the best halfback he has ever seen. *****Mauriceville Junior High cheerleaders are Kristi Enmon, Jeanette Yawn, Deborah Gravely, Shana Poddy, Donna Franks, Hootsie Strickland, head cheerleader. Hootsie is the daughter of Jerry and Nova Strickland.

65 Years Ago-1950

Sheriff Chester Holts is drive chairman to keep the local Salvation Army chapter opened. Holts' chief deputy Kas Mitchell made the first donation toward the $6000 fund drive. *****The Stark High Booster's Club introduces the new coaching staff for Stark and Carr Junior High Schools. Chuck Dean, head coach and A.D., Pat Mickler, line, Red Hadaway, backfield and H.W. "Chief" Wilson B-squad. (Editor's note: Not a very large staff, four in all.)*****Coaches of Carr's Golden Hurricanes are Bobby Jones and Charles Russell. Arthur Hill will handle the Carr Pee Wee's.

85 Years Ago-1935

Alva A. Griffith has been named to succeed Orange police chief Ed O'Reilly, who was slain by Rev. Edgar Eskridge, who is awaiting trial in Houston on Nov. 18. *****Two escaped prisoners, Clyde Dawson and B.L. Thompson, shot down policeman Johnnie Godwin, who was acting chief and due to be appointed chief.

95 Years Ago-1925

Miss Allie Blanda, County School Superintendent, dedicated a new site for the $10,000 McLewis School. The site is the Martin Cole place, six miles east of the city and north of the concrete road to Beaumont. (Editor's note: The site is where the Flying J is now located.)*****Board of education is Dr. J.D. Yates and Mrs. D.C. Bland of Orange, J.D. Peveto of Lemonville, Byron Smith of Doty and W.S. McGill of Orangefield. (Editor's note: Lemonville and Doty, once active villages, no longer exist.)*****Charges were filed in Judge Tatum's court of unlawful manufacturing of liquor and possessing liquor for sale against D.R. Smith and J.H. Dean. The men were captured in a raid near Vidor with a still and six gallons of corn whiskey.


The other Roy Dunn, Judge Roy Derry Dunn, has been in and out of the hospital a couple of times lately and is due to return to Houston for test Thursday. It seems the Judge's ticker went wild after he foolishly built a 900-foot fence under a 95 degree sun. Maybe now he's convinced that he's getting too old for such activity. Judge, the time has come to pay younger folks to do the heavy lifting.*****Simon Cowell is out of the hospital after breaking his back while trying out his SCHWINN EB-10 electric bicycle. The "America's Got Talent" creator underwent six hours of surgery for his back broken in several places. A metal rod was placed in his back. **********A few people we know who are celebrating in the next few days. On Aug. 19, friend and former employee Tammy Davis celebrates a birthday. She and Shaun have moved to Baton Rouge.***Also celebrating today are two people Tammy and Shaun knew from Shaun's longtime employment with Con. Charlie Wilson, President Bill Clinton, 74 and Tipper Gore, 72.*****On Aug. 21, Kimberly Hubbard celebrates.***Today also marks the 55th wedding anniversary of Judge Carl and Micaela Thibodeaux. Can you imagine putting up with that Cajun over so many years.*****Aug. 22, finds friends Karen Fisher, Mary Ellen Jacobs, Johnny Montagne and Mike Johnson all celebrating birthdays.*****Happy birthday to Skipper's oldest, Keble Free, on Aug. 23.*****Our buddy and special friend Marlene Merritt celebrates Aug. 24. Joining her on this day is Coach Dan Ray Hooks and David Montagne, two great guys.*****Happy birthday Aug. 25, to Dot Hudson, Milton Briggs and Bree Fontenot. Please see complete birthday list.*****I received a nice note from Dr. Tom Johnson, the pride of Port Arthur's Pear Ridge and president of Lamar Orange. He is such a good and considerate guy. Like some of those he followed at Lamar and the community is fortunate to have him.


Celebrating birthdays in the next few days are Linda Tibbitts, Maggie Joubert, Ted Shensky, Braydon Denison, Brett Johansson, Kelsie Matlock, Melinda Ja'arah, Jimmy Findlay, Marilyn Guerrerro, Shirlyn Findlay, Alexandra Wild, Jason Delano Corey May, Pat Gunter, John-David Walles, Ryan Moreau, Amber Juneau, Glynis Gothia, Trevor Schaffer, Michael Philen and Phelecia Rucker.


Celebrities having birthdays in the next week. August 19: John Stamos  57,  Actor; Bill Clinton  74,  US President; Matthew Perry  51,  Actor.*****August 20: Demi Lovato  28,  Pop Singer; Amy Adams  46,  Actress; Robert Plant  72,  Rock Singer; Al Roker  66,  TV Host*****August 21: John Brotherton 4,  Actor; Kacey Musgraves  32,  Country Singer.*****Aug. 22: James Corden  42,  Comedian; Giada De Laurentiis  5,  Chef; Richard Ermitage  49,  Actor; Kristen Wiig  47,  Actress.*****Aug. 23 Rick Springfield  71,  Rock Singer; Barbara Eden  89,  Actress; Shelley Long  71, Actress.*****Aug. 24: Vince McMahon  75,   WWE; Dave Chappelle  47,  Comedian; Arian Foster  34,  Football Player; Reggie Miller  55,  Basketball Player.*****Aug. 25: Blake Lively  33, Actress; Billy Ray Cyrus  59,  Country Singer; Sean Connery  90,  Actor; Rachel Ray  52,  Chef.


Joe Desomeaux had been a rounder all of his married life to Agnes Marie. She had put up wit his running around, coming home with perfume smell and lipstick on his collar. Now da kids were all grown and gone and poor Joe him, now was very sick and dying. Agnes Marie sat by his side.

Joe looked up at her and said weakly, "Honey, I got something I must confess me." "Dere's no need Joe," Agnes Marie replied.

"No," Joe insisted, I want to die in peace. Babe, I slept wit you best friend, Laura Mae, also wit Clotile, wat live across da street, plus a pick up at Tee-Boy's Bar. Honey, I'm sorry me."

Agnes Marie said, "I know Joe, now jus rest and let da poison work."



When Democrats were lining up to run in the primaries, I ran a short bi-op on Sen. Kamala Harris. She had been district attorney in San Francisco and attorney general of California. She was then elected United States senator and at the time had never lost a political race. I concluded she may not get the nomination but would in some way be a bigger star on the national scene. I had really thought as a cabinet post. Once Biden won the nomination I was almost certain she would be picked as his vice presidential running mate. Last Thursday, Biden let the country know his choice. The first person that came to mind was a newspaper reporter who had worked for the Orange Leader, then ran the Mid-country News, along with Margret Toal, and eventually both worked with us here at The Record. Amelia Feathers, a Black woman, who lived in Orange's Starlight Addition off of 16th St., behind what is now Modica Tire Co. Why she came to mind is probably because of the story Sen. Harris had told about being part of the second integrated class in her school. That must have reminded me of Amelia talking about being in the first wave of Black students from Orange being bussed to West Orange. Funny what thoughts will do. I know Kamala running for vice president of the United States would be a proud moment for her. My thoughts are also with the late Velma Jeter and my friend Essie Bellfield, who worked tirelessly in the 1960's for Civil Rights. Essie went on to be the first Black and only woman mayor of Orange. I haven't spoken with her yet but I know she is elated with Biden's choice. I enjoyed Monday night's Democratic virtual convention. I'm not sure anyone can top Michelle Obama's keynote address. President Obama is still widely viewed as the most gifted messenger of the Democratic agenda in America. I look for him to remind voters of the contrast between his presidency and Trump's four years. Voters know Biden but may not know Obama tapped him to administer the 2009 recovery act that led to the longest recovery in U. S. history coming from the great recession. Obama left office in 2017 and still has a 60 percent approval rating. A Pew Research Poll shows that the Obama Administration, including Biden, rates number one with 44 percent; Clinton, 33 percent; Reagan 32 percent. A CBS News Poll Monday found 92 percent of Democrats are eager to hear Obama Wednesday at the convention... He will set the record straight on Joe Biden.*****That's all for me. Wear your mask and stay safe. Take care and God bless.


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