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By Sherlock Breaux
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Last updated 2/9/2021 at 9:52pm


For several months now I have been living in fear of contacting coronavirus. Over those months what made it worse was that unexpected illness comprised my system even more. The hospital stays and visits to doctor's office made my fears even more frightening. Those are not good places to hang out while trying to avoid any kind of sickness. My goal was to get the vaccine before the virus got me. Well, this Monday, I'm glad to announce, I got my first dose and the second will come in 20 days. The vaccine at this time is a blessing. It takes some of the pressure off of one's mind although one shot doesn't mean you are safe. It's a first step. Hopefully, in the next few months we can look back on COVID-19 as another bad nightmare that probably killed a half million American citizens before it was done. *****I have to move on. Come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.


As thousands stormed Capital Hill and breached the building, defeating small numbers of police, Trump retreated to the Oval Office and watched on television. His supporters seized the Senate and House floors, temporarily halted the vote count, and angrily hunted elected leaders like Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, both of whom had been whisked to safety. Five died, among them a police office and a woman trampled to death. The iconic Capital was desecrated, including the unfurling of a Confederate battle flag, something that had never occurred even during the Civil War. Senators need to hear from witnesses who can provide more detail about Trump's conduct in the Oval Office as the president watched the violence unfold. Preliminary accounts suggest that he was delighted. Trump stands accused of inciting an insurrection against his own government in an attempt to overthrow the results of a free and fair election, something no other president has even entertained. This is more dictatorship then democracy. The nation deserves a full airing of evidence against this defendant and the opportunity to hold Trump accountable. The Republican Senators will put their own interest and the Party's interest before the good of the country. Each and every one of them knows that Donald Trump is guilty and in some countries he would face a firing squad. Trump will get off with a slap on the wrist. He will be back to do more harm. Republicans have a chance to rid themselves of Trump for ever. They will regret the day that they failed to act in the best interest of the United States. Trump is a crook and will never change his spots. At least though, this second impeachment trial the American people will get to see how big a crook he is and the harm he inflicted on our Democracy.


10 Years Ago-2011

We now have the big show behind us. The Super Bowl drew over 100,000 to Jerry's world, Cowboy Stadium, in Arlington, and over 111 million watched it on television, but enough already. I liked the Green Bay Packers but really felt the Pittsburgh Steelers was a 10-point better team. They tried in every way to give the game away and fell behind 21-3 at halftime. It ended up being a close 31-25 Packer win. I couldn't lose, either way I won. If the Steelers had won by the 10, I would have come off looking smarter. ***** J.B. Arrington, the storyteller and barbecue king, who does a great catering job, stopped by for a visit and to tell a new story. Also stopping by was Tommy Simar, who escaped from Echo for a few hours. Then Jack Smith waltzed in. He goes 100 miles an hour all the time, too nervous to sit down. All three of them on the same day are a bunch. Add H.D. Pate, local lawyer, stopping by and I got a load of good ole boy all in one day.*****A couple of week ends ago Dale Earnhardt, Jr., was left with one team race driver short when a driver became ill. Doug Harrington, Jr. was asked to take his place in the 24-hour Rolex Daytona. Doug Jr. drove both Saturday and Sunday. The team didn't win but it was a kick watching the Bridge City native in the big race. Doug didn't have his own car entered in the race.*****A few days ago, Johnny Montagne cooked up a five gallon bucket of goose and oyster gumbo and invited a few good ole' boys over to eat. Johnny can really put the vittles together. Even Al Judice will attest to that. Johnny cooks a lot of specialty dishes like kidney stew, tripe, hog-head, etc. Ms. Darlene observed but didn't eat anything. ***** Our friend Charlotte Anderson in on the mend since having back surgery but not ready to run yet. ***** Edgar and Monty Eshbach are expecting their first grandchild. Son Eric and wife are expecting their first next month. The new baby's great grandmother would be the notorious Dot Esbach. ***** A few special folks celebrating their special days. Crystal Fusilier, Debbie and David's pretty daughter celebrates another birthday. We've known her since she was in diapers. She grew up to be quite a good-looking woman.***My friend since childhood, Doyce Sherman, raised in Vermillion Parish on homegrown rice, and raced through life from Abbeville High to past his mid-70's. ***Robert Montagne spent his life in education. A good guy we've known over 50 years. Happy birthday Robert, good health and a long life. ***Karen Fuselier and Jivin' Gene both celebrate Wednesday, Feb. 9. Both will do to ride the range with.*** Ms. Peggy, the chief bottle washer and head captain of Peggy's on the Bayou, is a year older on Feb. 10. ***Turning 3 years old this week, Feb. 8, is Mark Dunn's cute granddaughter Delilah. She's Jenna and Robbie's "Little Princess."*****G.M. and Chrysler sales and production are up 18 percent to 24 percent. Just think, a year ago they were both facing collapse. The domino effect would have been a great depression. Meanwhile, oil companies are reporting higher profits in the last quarter than anytime in over two years. *****Strictly my thoughts: I fear a cultural disconnect for the young and new generation that will be brought on by Facebook. It's another Genie that's out of the bottle. The jury is out, but for too many other aspects of life are taking a back seat. It's constant, other interest go by the wayside. Hours are spent uselessly, even during family meal time. 


10 Years Ago-2011

We were saddened to learn about the death of Jean Simar, 78, who passed away Saturday, Feb. 5. A Mass of Christian burial was held Feb. 9, at St. Mary Catholic Church, in Orange. Jean lost her husband Marvin a few years ago but continued to look after his mother Odette Simar, who will soon turn 101 years old. Jean had been ill over the past year. She is survived by her children Paul, James and Gina and their families. *****Condolences on the tragic death of Claribel Schreiber, age 43, of Bridge City, in an auto accident, Feb. 3. She was a young woman taken in the prime of life. Adding to the sadness is that her family, dad, siblings and their families are far away in the Philippines. Daughter Clariss and husband Kevin Greer, son Ambet Po and grandson Brayden Greer, all of Bridge City, survive her locally.

22 Years Ago 1999

Salem United Methodist Church celebrates 134th anniversary on Feb. 21. Salem Mission was established in 1868 in Orange, in a house that is now the site of the Oaks Town Homes. *****American Legion Post 250, in Orangefield, honored W.T. Oliver, a former state representative, who was instrumental in building Veteran's Memorial Park. Oliver, a vet and supporter of veteran causes died of a heart attack recently. Chaplin Marv Howland of the Post said, "Oliver was a statesman who made an outstanding service to God and country."*****On Feb. 9, at 6 a.m., it was 71 degrees in Orange.*****Benny Hinn, world-renowned preacher, arrived at Jefferson County Airport in his private jet for a crusade at Montagne Center Thursday and Friday. *****Bridge City volleyball star Natalie Sarver has accepted a scholarship to Lamar where she will continue to be a Cardinal. (Editor's note: I often wonder what became of those youngsters when their playing days were over. Many we don't see or hear about again. I guess most move away.)*****Jackie Roberts marks 18 years as Grover Halliburton's legal secretary.*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville coach David Williams witnessed four boys, Michael Gonzales, Billy Ford, Bo Lewis and Herbert Winston signing college scholarships. From West Orange-Stark Jermaine Feathers is headed to play college football. *****Bridge City VFD and auxiliary elected new officers. Ladies auxiliary elected Melinda Morse as president, Mary Callahan, V.P., Barbara Daigle, secretary, Angie Breaux, treasurer, Norman Ballard, reporter and Shana McLeod, chaplain. ***Fire Department Ross Guilhas was named chief; Scott Barnes, assistant chief, Ricky Bodin, Ray Welch, Jim Diemer and Buddy Land were named captains. Adam Woodard, secretary, Jeff Daigle, Carroll Leblanc, Sterlin Simoneaux, Doyle Ballard and Jimmy Franklin were picked as commissioners.*****Mike Tyson goes back to prison. Gus D'Amato picked up this kid and molded him into the heavyweight champion of the world. *****King Hussein, of Jordan, dies. His eldest son Abdullah becomes the new king. *****Raegen Faye Crone turned one year old Feb. 2. She's the daughter of Rusty and Tara Crone of Bridge City. *****Trevor and Tyler Gunn turned 4 years old. (Editor's note: Hard to believe the twins are now 26-years-old.)

47 Years Ago, 1974

Starting Feb. 15, Joe Alford will be the new assistant district attorney under DA Sharon Bearden. *****Attorneys Malcolm Dorman and Jim Dunaway formed a partnership. Frank Hustmyre, semi-retired is still associated with the firm. *****The Don Harmon's started building a new home in the country but before the house was completed, it was taken into the city of Orange. *****Cynthia, (Mrs. Dan Hooks,) recently had a baby but is planning to return to work in two weeks at the Court House.*****Some members of the West Orange Chiefs track team were mile relayers James Bean, Randall Teate, Marty Edwards and Steve Fisher. Taking part in the 440 relays were Ray Williams, Earl Thomas, Teate and Fisher. Paul Bingham competed in the shot putt, and Roy Williams ran in the 100-yard dash. (Editor's note: Can it really have been 47 years?)


I had a long visit Sunday with Gene Bourgeois. He celebrated his 81st birthday Tuesday. It's been five years since his wife, Connie, passed away. He spoke about several of the entertainers who have lost their wives and also many of the old musicians who have passed away in the last years. Gene says his sister, Lois Judice, turned 92 in November. She still lives in her home but has 24-hour care. We visited about the Swamp Pop days. Jivin Gene says Rod Bernard died about six months ago in a nursing home after a bad auto accident. We talked about when the end came for the Gulf Coast boys. It was the Payola scandal. Alan Freed was the only one convicted but he was the Swamp Pop connection. Also, the Beatles arrived in 1964. Gene says of all the singers he has ever known or heard of none had a better voice then Johnny Preston. He could have been as big a star as any of them. Roy is running a "Down Life's Highway" column remembering his friend Johnny Preston, who on March 4th has been gone 10 years. Gene says that COVID has probably dealt a death blow to live entertainment by old Swampers like he and Warren Storm and others. *****Last week I predicted that the odd makers would probably make the Kansas City Chiefs a 3 to 4 point favorite to win the Super Bowl. I had learned a long time ago to never bet against Brady. Even though Tom was named MVP, I believe it was Tampa Bay's defense that won the game, 31 to 9, only allowing the Chief's to score only three field goals. Super Bowl 55 also featured the first female referee. The win for Brady was his seventh. At age 43 he is not ready to retire. *****A few folks we know having birthdays. Feb. 10, A good friend, a hard working, great lady, Peggy Albair, celebrates today.***Also the Gunn twins Trevor and Tyler turn 26 today.*****Feb. 11, Gayla Melancon, Deric and Eric Provost turn a year older today.*****Feb. 12, Happy Birthday to Ray Shirley and Karlee Barney.*****Feb. 13, Brock Carlin and Amy Britnell celebrate today.*****Feb. 14, Pinehurst mayor T.W. Permenter celebrates another birthday.*****Feb. 15, Longtime friend, one of the great guys, former Orangefield School Superintendent, Robert Montagne celebrates his birthday today.*****Feb. 16, Port Commissioner, CEO of Reliable Cleaners and just a good guy, our friend Keith Wallace celebrates.***I also want to note that Gary Stephens turns 58-year-old today. Happy Birthday to all. *****Over the weekend I heard from Joe Chenella, longtime BCISD employee. He and wife Nancy now make their home in College Station and love it. Their daughter Meredith is furloughed from work at Disney in Florida. Her husband is a major in the Army station in Georgia. Joe is one of those people, "Once a friend, Always a friend." Joe keeps up with this area. He was aware of the shooting in his old neighborhood involving "PeeWee" Allen and the killing of his wife and himself. They lived across the street from the Chenella's. Joe and I visited about past bond issues and the work that went into making them successful. *****Tuesday, Feb. 16, is Mardi Gras. This will be the first time since WWII that it's not being celebrated with parades due to the pandemic. Hopefully, a year from now the country and the world will be back to normal. *****We ran into J.B. Arrington at the Expo Center getting his first COVID-19 shot. Like most of us elder folks, he was glad to get the prevention vaccine under way.


Shane Brister, Bobby Arnold, Kevin Bourque, Stephen Allen, Delondra Cooper, Dola Rucker, Marjorie Gandy, Gayla Melancon, Brittany Carpenter, Sara Childs, John Hall, Judy Ford, Jeremy Delano, Drew Domas, Inez Jones, Patricia Davis, Vicky Stanley, Ann McDuff, Tom Stephenson, Jordan Guererro, Judy Harrison.


Clovis Comeaux, him, has always been a hell raiser but suddenly he quit drinking, quit chasing after womens and give up playing poker. He started cutting da grass around da church. He even painted da trimming.

He became a faithful church go'er and was da first to arrive at Sunday Mass. Da prient, Farta Vincent ake, "Wat brought on dis wonderful change dat has done overtook you?"

Clovis say, "Well, Farta, it's like dis, me, I heard, "Crisis in da Gulf" and I tink if he's dat close, I wanna be good to go me."



Before I return to this page next week Valentine's Day would have come and gone. I'm not Dear Abby, I don't write an advice column, but I feel I'm qualified to comment on relationships. Relating with people from both sexes over a lifetime hasn't only been my vocation but it's also what I enjoy doing. For the most part, I genuinely like people and am interested in what they have to say; I think that is the most important factor in any relationship. Romances set a pretty high standard when it comes to communication. Talking about music, grandchildren, politics etc., often happens naturally, not particularly over a candlelight dinner. It's always important to tell the other person how much you love them, doing small things for them, even a small simple note showing your love. If a quarrel erupts remember never any name-calling, no verbal abuse, never bring up old history, and never create a scene that just won't heal. It's important that your romance mate knows that you value and treasure them. Never let outside pressures affect your personal relationship. However, in the end, it's not flowers, gifts, walks on the beach, it is communication, getting a sense of how much you love and appreciate each other. The old cliché, "It's us against the world" still rings true today, knowing that you have each other's shoulder to lean on. So, that's my few words of wisdom on how to make most days Valentine Day. Happy Valentine's Day to all. *****My time is hope. I hope all of you have a great week. Stay safe and God bless.


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