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Abbott's Approval Rating Lowest Ever

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott seemed to be losing favor with women voters. I found that women, especially those with school age children, are unhappy with his handling of COVID-19. Those I spoke with accused Abbott of playing politics with their children's health with his mask mandate. A Texas Politics Project Poll, done before the new state law that allows anyone to sue doctors, cab drivers or others who help provide an abortion after six week, found 52 percent of Texans believe Texas is headed in the wrong direction. Political polarization and the governors respond to the February ice storm were sited as short comings for Abbott. His handling of COVID-19 closely mirrored his overall approval number of 53 percent disapproval and only 39 percent approval. This poll was taken before the law known as Senate Bill 8 went into effect Wednesday. The abortion law empowers private citizens to sue anyone who aids and abets anyone seeking an abortion. That issue has yet to be polled in Texas. Nationwide citizens approve by 70 percent of a woman's right to choose. That one issue alone could be a drag on Abbott's re-election. Abbott and friend, Florida governor Ron DeSantis seem to be in a race to curry the Far Right Trump base support in a 2024 presidential race. Both are vying for Trump's endorsement. A Cuban battle is also going on between the Florida governor and Senator Cruz as to who will be the first U.S. Cuban president. My bet is that none of those three can be elected president. Women and Independents will decide elections in midterm and in the 2024 general elections. Intelligent suburban women will make a stand against the end run by Abbott of abortion. Planned Parenthood says, "Like Trump's assault on women, there is a bounty on women in Texas." Women's groups say there is no bottom for today's GOP. Congressional candidates throughout the country will have to stand on one side or the other. Already some Republican incumbents are fearful of running for or against the Texas model abortion bill that has no room for incest, rape, fetal defects or any other reason. The bill might be a heavy load to carry. I heard a Republican say, "That's one issue we could do without. Of all the big issues, from voting rights to open gun carry, the abortion issue will be the one that will carry the most emotion and the issue women will go to war over." On Tuesday Abbott signed a voting restriction law. On its surface it is a racial bill aimed at black, brown, elderly and handicapped voters. It is estimated that it will cost Democrats two million voted in the General Election turnout. It is called voter suppression.



Major events in the first two weeks of September

The biggest was 9-11, in 2001. This week marks the 20th anniversary of that terrorist attack. Do you recall where you were or what you were doing at the time. Dwayne Marsh and I watched the two planes hit the Twin Towers and all the other events of that day on a black and white television.***This week,

Sept. 13, also marks 13 years since Hurricane Ike blew in and washed Bridge City and Cove away in 2008. Also on Sept. 8, K-Dan's Grocery caught fire and was later rebuilt.***Sixty-four years ago this week, Bridge City high School opened. The school's first graduating class was in 1958. Austin Floyd served as principal from 1957 to 1962. Eight years later, Bridge City High won the county's first football state championship.***On Sept. 8, 1938, 83 years ago, the Rainbow Bridge opened to traffic. I first crossed it with my father in 1940.*** Hurricane Ida, which blew in the first week of Sept., 2021, will be added as one of the most destructive storms from the Gulf Coast to Boston.


Craig Boudreaux, 59, passed away August 28. Funeral services were held Saturday, September 4. Craig was a former Marine and was retired as a deputy sheriff after serving 31 years. He loved life and was way too young to leave us. He was held in high esteem by everyone who knew him. Please see obituary.*****Services will be held this Friday, September 10, for Nolan Wayne Deviller, 69, who passed away September 3. Raised in Bridge City, a BC grad, he made many friends along the way. Visitation will be Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. Please see obituary.

Mary Majors, 96, Remembered

Mary passed away August 31. Funeral services were held Saturday, September 4, in Caldwell, Texas. We had known Mary and Dr. Joe Majors since the mid 50's. The best I recall, Dr. Majors might have been the first dentist in Bridge City. The Major's were active in the community for all those years until retirement several years ago. They raised their family here, daughter Marcy, Dr. Chuck and Bo. Mary was a beautiful lady, kind and caring. We are honored to have known this special family. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2011

NBC's Andrea Mitchell, 64, chief foreign affairs correspondent and host of her own show on MSNBC, announced at the end of the show Wednesday that she has breast cancer. The well known, popular reporter is married to Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve System. ***** Matt and Melissa Bryant are the proud parents of twins, adding to the Bridge City Bryant clan. The twins, William Triton weighed four pounds, seven ounces and Isabella Tristan weighted in at three pounds, seven ounces. Melissa and the kids are doing well but remain under care. Meanwhile, dad went to work Sunday and kicked two field goals for the Falcons in a losing effort. In 2008, the Bryant's lost three-month-old Matthew Tyson to sudden infant death syndrome. ***** Doug Harrington is due to start taking treatments in Houston this week. The slab for their new home in Spring, Texas has been laid but for the next few weeks, while he takes treatments, they will be living in a motel.***** There is something wrong with you if you were not impressed and touched by the ceremonies marking the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. A resilient nation reflected on its losses. Grieving families joined leaders past and present to pay homage to those lives that ended so violently in New York, and at the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. Bells rang across the land, millions gathered in churches to remember, question, pray and hope. I was touched by the appearance at Shanksville of President George W. Bush, former President Bill Clinton and Vice-president Joe Biden. President Obama quietly made all three sights but it was Vice-president Biden who carried the day. "Never before in our history has America asked so much, over such a sustained period, of an all volunteer force," Biden said. What came to my mind as I watched the day's events was how all this tragedy was implemented by one mind, using only 19 suicide volunteers. Osama Ben Laden, an engineer, had plotted the destruction that changed our lives forever. We will not soon recover from not only the loss of life but from the financial burden that has been placed on our country. The killing of Bin Laden, ordered by the President of the United States, served as a closure. The rat is dead. It's amazing that so little is mentioned about the killing of the worse enemy we have ever had. I'm from the WWII generation, I can't help but think how big a story it would have been if we had looked for Hitler for 10 years and finally found and killed him.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2011

LaDoris "Doris" West, 75, of Orange, passed away on Friday, Sept. 9. Funeral service was held on Tuesday, Sept. 13. She retired from Little Cypress Mauriceville ISD as a cafeteria manager. She is survived by her daughters; Leila West, Jane Campbell, Mary Picard; son, Wiley West; nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren and one on the way.***** Dorothy "Dotty" Gray Zerzavy, 85, of Bridge City, passed Tuesday, Sept. 6. A graveside service was held on Friday, Sept. 9. She was a nurse and had worked in several states and throughout the world. She is survived by children, Dorothy Maria "Didi" Zerzavy Allen, Mary Zerzavy Johnston, Tom Zerzavy, and Marcia "Squeak" Zerzavy Scott; step daughter, Iris Hannah Baumann; eleven grandchildren, two step grandchildren; six great grandchildren.***** Milton Dale Elton Johnston, 75, of Orange, passed away on Tuesday, Sept. 13. Graveside service will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 14. He served in the Army and was retired from Temple-Inland Mill as a supervisor. He is survived by his wife Wanda Faye Johnston; sons, Dale Michael Johnston, Gary Don Johnston; brother, John Frank Johnston; three grandchildren and one great grandchild.

14 YEARS AGO-2007

Hurricane Humberto catches area by surprise. When citizens went to sleep Wednesday night they believed a tropical storm would hit near Galveston. John Simar, 80, of Bridge City, died when his aluminum patio cover fell on him at approximately 5:53 a.m. Thursday morning, Sept. 13, breaking his neck. Margie Stephens, a neighbor, performed CPR for over an hour to no avail. He was pronounced dead at the scene by Justice of the Peace Janice Manard. Orange attorney Jim Dunaway lost his office building due to an electrical surge fire during the storm. Everything was lost.*****Bridge City High School celebrated its 50th birthday. Of the first class in 1957, Dr. James "Jimmy" Jones and Raylene McKinney Terrell were named co-parade marshals. Dr. Jones was in the first graduating class in 1958. His school life began at the old Prairie View School. Dr. Jones is president of the BHS Alumni.*****Bill and Ellen Nickum are honored with being named Senior Couple in Action by the Bridge City Women in Action organization. June Gregory, a member of the organization said, "Just spend five minutes with the Nickum's and you will know exactly why they were chosen.*****Jerry Hussey gave up his position of mayor of Pinehurst to become Precinct 2 constable, replacing the late Parker P.T. Thompson, who died of leukemia and bone cancer last week. He was nominated by Commissioner Owen Burton, who said he has known Hussy since the fifth grade.

23 Years Ago-1998

Tropical storm Frances will long be remembered in Orange County as the storm that never hit but wouldn't go away. According to drainage district manager Ron Sigler, all major drainage arteries are filled and backing up. Orange County got 16-inches of rain despite Frances making landfall 300 miles away at Port O'Connor. Twenty inches of rain to the north will also dump on us. Cow Bayou, normally 30 to 40 feet wide at the county line, is 600 feet wide. Prisoners have filled over 10,000 sandbags and according to Judge Carl Thibodeax the bags are available to the citizens. ***** Joey and Ramona Hargrave are going to have a little one. Joey has been playing dad to many youngsters after thinking he would never have children of his own. He finally figured out how it was done.*****Dr. Chuck and Joann Majors are also expecting a baby boy in February. *****Dr. David and Barbara Olsen were shooting a video to send to Fred Gregory who is in Houston taking daily cancer treatments. ***** Funeral services were held for Rev. Ed Robinson, 61. He died on Sept. 9 at St. Elizabeth. The former Bridge City pastor had lived in Jasper for the last eight years. He was also a former Channel 4, KJAC News anchorman. *****The Bridge City Cardinals storm Kelly 35-7 in a really hog wild game. Fullback Daniel Kibodeaux toted the mail for Les Johnson's Cards, 33 totes for 169 yards. Out of the Wing-T, the Cards ran 74 ground plays. *****The Orangefield Bobcats defeated East Chambers 34-6. Running back Beaux Deville and quarterback Gary Naquin ran up 409 total yards, Danville 166 yards.

43 Years Ago-1978

Sue Pate is unanimously elected committeewoman to the State Democratic Executive Committee. Essis Bellfield was chosen alternate committeewoman to the national convention.*****Jeannie Fusilier turns 18 years old. *****Mel Kemp becomes Mrs. Joey Campbell. *****Suzanne Halliburton is covering Little Cypress-Mauriceville sports for the Dunn family newspapers. *****The Bridge City EMS ambulance service is now in full 24-hour operation. It's the only city owned ambulance service in the Golden Triangle. Volunteer staffers are James Rucker, Debbie Perry, Betty Frederick, Jane Kovatch, Pam Wells, Penny Mullins, Mike Faulk, Jim Nuber, Rickey Land, Perry Silkwood, Doug Boeham, Steve Baker, Randy Rucker, Jeannene Bean, Paul Dodd, Richard Solomon, Woody Dorman, Don Breaux, Carl Leblanc, Tommy Downey and Laurie Vice. (Editor's note: I recall a lot of those good folks.)

44 Years Ago-1977

Dena Addison was crowned Miss Bridge City by Denise Lormand, former queen.*****Saturday, Sept. 26, will be proclaimed Wayne Peveto Day by Price Daniel, Jr.. Speaker Bill Clayton, Sen. Carl Parker and state representatives from throughout the state will attend. According to Roy Dunn, co-chairman of the event, entertainment will be furnished by Don Jacobs, Brad Love and Billie Jo Spears. The event will start at 7 p.m. at the DERA clubhouse. Barbecue and all the trimmings will be served. Commissioner's Court and all county cities have proclaimed Saturday Wayne Peveto Day.*****The annual ball game between Sen. Carl Parker and his Renegades and Roy Dunn and the Rotarians has been held. Sen. Parker was at his best with his fast and curve balls. Attorney Don Burgess caught for the Rotarians until he completely gave out and was laid to rest under an automobile and fed cold soda pop. He was replaced by Judge Grover Halliburton, who showed he wasn't a pro prospect. The score was 3-1 when Dunn stepped up and slapped a homerun with two on base. The baseball commissioner H.D. Pate called the game before Dunn got to home plate, allowing only the first two runs. The game ended tied 3-3.


A few folks we know celebrating this week. Sept. 8: Darla Cricchio, Charlie Bollich and Ronnie Bullion.*****Sept. 9: Today would have been my buddy Millard "Neighbor" Cox's 98th birthday. I miss him every day. Celebrating birthdays today are Janet Leleux, Sharon Gearhart, Pamela Smith and Jesse Thurman.*****Sept. 10: Kelly and John Kimbrough celebrate their wedding anniversary today. Times change, on this anniversary he will probably be doing the color on Friday Nigh Football. Celebrating birthday is my friend Tanyia Birdwell. She'll do to ride the range with. Also celebrating is Lisa Whitman, Ratany So and Jamie Oliphint.*****Sept. 11: Happy Birthday to Chris Kovateh, Donna Lanthier and Shannon Sparks.*****Sept. 12: Bridge City Penny Record office manager, Jack of all Trades, Brenda Lund celebrates today as does Dustin James, Bryan Riedel, Buffy Bean and Cynthia Claybar.*****Sept. 13: A very special lady, Mark's youngest daughter, mother of Phyl and Roy's four grandchildren, Jenna Dunn Ballou celebrates today. Celebrating also is Paige Psencik, Kade Hanks and Connie Swope.*****Sept. 14: Friend for over 70 years, Fadra Thibeaux, celebrates today. Once named Mother of the Year in Jefferson County she raised nine children, three sets of twins, three singles. A lot of diapers to wash before pampers. Also celebrating birthdays are Lori Lista, Greg Choate, Nikki Wingate and Kim Norris.


Sept. 8: Pop Singer Pink, 39; Politician Bernie Sanders, 77; Actors Johnathan Taylor Thomas, 37 and David Arquette, 47.*****Sept. 9: Country Singer Hunter Hayes, 28; Jazz Singer Michael Buble, 44; Actors Adam Sandler, 53 and Hugh Grant, 59.*****Sept. 10: Show Host Bill O'Reilly, 72; Actors Colin Firth, 61 and Ryan Phillippe, 47.*****Sept. 11: Pop Singer Harry Connick Jr. 54; Actors Taraji P. Henson, 51 and Elizabeth Henstridge, 34.*****Sept. 12: Pop Singer Jennifer Hudson, 40; Country Singer Kelsea Ballerini, 28; Basketball Player Yao Ming, 41; Actor Emmy Rossum, 35.*****Sept. 13: Producer Tyler Perry, 52; Rascal Flats Guitarist Joe Don Rooney, 47; Reality Star Michelle Duggar, 55.*****Sept. 14: Actors Andrew Lincoln, 48 and Sam Neill, 74.


Theophile Gaspard showed up at the pool hall sporting two black eye.

"Mais, what happened to you?" Tee-Neg asked.

"Well, you know how Camilla has been trying to get me to go to mass wit' her. I went, me. Boy, Tee-Neg, dat is a dangerous place, yeah.

"I was sitting in de pew and dere was dis big fat lady sittin' in front of us and when she got up from kneelin' down, her dress, it was caught in her butt. You know, like de cow eatin' de cabbage. Well, me, I help her. I pull it out."

"Man, dat lady turn aroun' and ka-pow, she hit me hard right in my eye."

"So how you get de other black eye?" asked Tee-Neg.

And Theophile say, "Well, me, I figure she don't want it out, so I push it back in like it was."


Only 13 years ago, Sept. 13, Hurricane Ike came blowing in and brought the worse water surge we have ever witnessed. Those of us who had not evacuated were stranded in Bridge City, cut off from the mainland for days. It's amazing today to see the town that wouldn't die. Improvements, new schools, now businesses, new homes and new streets are making a good community better. Many of the old residents have moved away but now younger families are moving in.*****At press time we learned of the death of longtime legendary lawyer and philanthropist Walter Umphrey. He led the Texas trial team that secured billions in a landmark settlement with Big Tobacco and who donated millions of dollars to charitable causes over the course of his lifetime, has passed away. The 85-year-old died of natural causes.*****Don't put off getting a vaccination shot until it's too late. Many more people are dying from the effects of COVID-19 than are being reported. Orange County is one of the worse in the state in fighting the pandemic. Thanks for your readership. Take care and God bless.


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