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Over the years, young men and women have chosen, for many reasons, to serve, starting with the Revolutionary War. On November 11, we stop to observe and honor our vets, the real American heroes. For years, besides volunteers, the United States had a draft. Many served at a time when it put a stress on their families. Today, we have an all-volunteer military. Every generation has produced a new generation of heroes. WWII veterans are referred to as “The Greatest Generation.” The real backbone of this country since its independence has been, and will continue to be, the men and women who serve to protect this great nation. We salute every veteran who has ever worn the uniform of the red, white and blue, the greatest troops the world has ever known.***** I’ve gotta move on. I’m way behind. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


We were sorry to learn of the death of Mary Walles Tate, age 59, who passed away November 7. A native of Orangefield, she leaves many family members and friends. She was the sister of our feature writer Penny Leleux. Our sincere condolences to her entire family. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2011

For many years, the one and only A.J. Judice played the Cajun Santa Claus and made the “Cajun Night Before Christmas” famous. He had a young Cajun helper who recited the Cajun Night Before Christmas to school children and other events. Now Carl Thibodeaux is the old Cajun guy and will be reading in several places and will again feature his reading at the West Orange Christmas tree lighting in West Orange. *****We understand Sharon Bearden had a shot at a nice big buck on the deer hunt last week but one bad thing happened, the experienced old hunter got buck fever and was shacking so bad he missed his shot. The buck just walked off. That’s what the Peveto boys tell me. ***** The quote of the week is by nutty Ann Coulter about Perry’s brain freeze in the Republican debate. She says, “See what happens when Perry shows up sober.”*****The most stupid statement of the week came from Mitt Romney in the last debate. “If you reelect Obama, Iran will have nuclear weapons, if you elect me they won’t.” Now he’s talking about the guy that killed Bin Ladin. *****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: To remove old wax from a glass candle holder, put it in the freezer for a few hours, take it out then turn it over upside down. The wax will fall out.*****CAJUN DEFINATION: Bourre, (pronounced Boo-Ray) French for stuffed. To cut small pockets in various meats such as a roast, chicken or wild game and stuff the slotted pockets with seasoning mix. It also is the name of a Cajun card game which requires the loser of the hand to stuff the pot with chips.*****We were sorry to hear about pretty Linda Claybar’s accident that broke her leg and required surgery.*****Darlene Montagne and her family threw one heck of a 90th birthday party for her dad Cedric Stout, our Pearl harbor survivor. They lit up Lafayette. Cedric says 100 of his Cajun relatives showed up. Even Johnny Montagne danced and the ex-boxer was surprisingly still light on his feet.***** We were sorry to learn about the death of Hardy “Bruce” Broussard, 69, who passed away unexpectedly Friday, Nov. 11. A mass will be held Saturday, Nov. 19, at 10 a.m. at St. Helen Catholic Church. Hardy was retired from Orange County Road and Bridge. To his wife Shirline and the family, we extend our condolences. *****We were also saddened to learn of the death of Richard “Ricky” Dale Britnell, Jr., who died Nov. 11. Services Wednesday 10 a.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. To his wife Brenda, mother Jeanette Wise, children and their family, we extend our sincere sympathies.

18 Years Ago-2003

Mildred Wozencraft, of Bridge City, has given four acres of land on IH-10 to the Orange chapter of the American Red Cross. Mildred is the widow of Morris “Woozy” Wozencraft, owner of Woozy’s Pest Control and East Texas Neon Sign Co.*****West Orange mayor Roy McDonald announces the opening of Seals-Alford Plaza, a place for the whole community. May 29 will mark a half-century of the city’s existence. City officials plan a big birthday party in Seal-Alford Plaza, next to City Hall. *****”The year of the Bobcats. Orangefield, in a great game, knocked off Liberty 15-6 in a playoff game. *****Joel Beckcom and Leah Johnsson will exchange wedding vowels on Saturday, Nov. 22. (Editor’s Note: These two old high school friends made a good attempt but it didn’t take and in a few months they went their separate ways.)*****Sixteen year olds celebrating their birthdays are Whitney Mott and Brock Haymon. *****The Bridge City boy’s cross-country team takes second place in the 3-A state championship meet. The Cards were just eight points behind champion Elgin. Aaron Brannen led the Bridge City team. Other team members were Brad Heath, Brent Higgins, Michael Goeddertz, Brad Mason, Randy Becker and Jacob Peart. Rick Miller is the B.C. track coach. *****Ed Nimitz, a multi-talented man who wrote poetry, composed songs, played tennis well and served as state representative from Orange County, died this week at age 86. *****Frances Elizabeth Reid, who served as a surgical nurse in North Africa and Italy during WWII, also passed away this week. She and Louis Dugas started the Orange County Historical Society. *****A fire at Long’s Furniture Warehouse in Orange, which started at 5:50 a.m., took over three hours to contain. *****A longtime friend, Mike Keogh, 75, passed away Saturday, Nov. 15. He leaves behind wife “Sis” and their two boys. *****Frenchie Longron, 67, passed away Friday, Nov. 14. We had known Frenchie since 1952. An entire book could be written about this unique guy.

48 Years Ago-1973

The Bridge City Cardinals have eight wins and one 14 to 14 tie with Jasper, the only points the Cards have allowed going into their final game against the West Orange Chief’s, who are 9-0. Neither team has a defeat.

The following copy was written by Joe Kazmar,

for The Record

Coaches at Bridge City are H.W. “Chief” Wilson, Buddy Gillis, Bob Puntes, Randy Arnaud, Chuck Young, Raymond Bennet and Bob Hollier. The trainer is Moe Litton. Bridge City takes great pride in its “Wild Bunch” defensive squad, spearheaded by veteran linebacker Mark Dunn. Joining Dunn behind the line is Mike Swiere, Tim Lawler and Charley Hillebrandt. Defensive end is Kenny Brown, brother of John, an all-stater and Aval, all-district a few years ago. Tackles Randy Fults, Randy Feverjean and Mark Flanagan at the other terminal flank him. The B.C. defensive secondary features 75 percent of last year’s third best mile relay team in the state in Bo Worrell, David Guidry and Mark Truncale. The “Wild Bunch” is complimented by the offense, centered on Lanston Fall, Chuck Majors, Guidry and quarterback Terry Bridgers, in the backfield which operates behind a great offensive line.*****West Orange operates out of many offensive sets. Ray Pousson is a cool headed quarterback. He can call on speed in wingback Roy Williams, power from fullback Barney Duhon and sophomore Lorrance Wills. Pousson also does a good job whenever he keeps the ball, running the option or finding one of his many sure-handed receivers. The offensive blocking is the responsibility of such stalwarts as center Dwayne Callahan, James Long, Victor Enard, Mike Deason, Marlin Richard and Mike Conway. Outstanding on defense are Long, Mike McDonald, Enard, Bill Dickey, Tom Yett, Larry Spears, Bo Guillory, Chris Judge, Randall Teate, Marty Edwards, Ronny Duhon and Dave Hastings.*****Seniors at Little Cypress-Mauriceville playing for coach Jim Crossland are Mike Watts, Robert Dunn, Robert Jacobs, David McKinley, George Mortimer, Hunter White, Mark Parren, Steve Pachuca, Donnie Harmon, Tommy Barrett, Gary Lunsford, Benny Woodcock, Jerry Person, Don McClain, Jimmy Reaves, Chris Tiger, Scott Morrison, Robert Mandy and Tommy Martin.

50 YEARS AGO-1971

“The Big Shootout.” The Purple Pride and Big Red will clash to determine who will represent 11-AAA East Zone. The West Orange Chiefs need a win to stay on top and the Bridge City Cards also need a win to get there. The Chiefs will host “Big Red” with one of the most talented 3-AAA defenses in the state. The Chiefs are a highly productive offense, with the area’s leading scorer, junior running back, #47 Butch Campbell. The Red Birds will counter with flashy running backs Roger Easterling, Lanston Fall and David Mires. Junior quarterback Keith MacCammond leads the explosive trio. The Chiefs have the quickest secondary in the state led by Ennis Judge. If the Chiefs win, they will be in ownership of the East Zone. A win by Bridge City would be shared with Jasper and West Orange. A flip of the coin would decide who goes up against the West Zone champs. The winner would be district champs of 11-AAA.*****Citizen of the Week is C.W. “Bubba” Hubbard, a Bridge City resident. Hubbard is a Stark High grad and Port Arthur native. He owns and operates Hubbard Electric and Appliance store. He is an active member of First Baptist Church of Bridge City. He and his wife, Wylba, and three children, Jan, Lon and Jeffery, reside in Bridge City. Bubba has played a big part in the development of the community. He is part president of the Chamber of Commerce and in February, 1971, he was named Citizen of the Year. He has been most active in youth sports and sponsored the first Little League football program. He also supports a semi-pro softball team, adult basketball team and a women and men’s bowling team. Bubba has been involved in almost every Bridge City accomplishment over the last 17 years.

Fatal Crashes Hits Record Numbers.

What has really been disturbing is how many of our young people are losing their lives in auto accidents. My first though always goes to those poor parents. It’s just not supposed to happen that way. To date, 3,574 fatalities have been reported in Texas in 2021. TXDOT predicts over 4,200 people will die in crashes before the end of the year. In the last 20 years, over 75,000 lives were lost in auto accidents. So far this year, in the Triangle, 124 people were killed in auto accidents. Most have been attributed to speeding, drunken driving, not wearing seat belts, distraction by use of cell phones, etc. That means thousands of children die in senseless, preventable crashes. Pedestrians killed in the last two years have increased. Last year over 700 were killed in Texas TXDOT has launched a grassroots social media campaign, ENDTHESTREAK.TX. It’s not just youngsters that are being killed; thousands are mothers, fathers, husbands and wives. Please practice safe driving; the life you lose could be your own.


Several hundred QAnon members from around the country gathered in Dallas, at the Dealey Plaza, where President Kennedy was killed. They awaited the return of JFK, Jr. He didn’t show up. John Boy, who is at the bottom of the ocean, stood them up. How does a mind get so twisted? Another of many conspiracy theories is their belief that Gen. Patton is Donald Trump’s biological father.*****Speaking of gatherings, Saturday the family of Cedric Stout threw a party at The Palms, in Orange, to celebrate his 100th birthday. The party was limited to family and longtime friends. It turned out to be a large crowd. Cedric has nine children and wife Cherry has seven. That’s lots of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The Pearl Harbor survivor was also honored by the city of Bridge City and Orange County.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the coming days. Nov. 10: It’s been a few decades since Steve Carlton showed up in Orange as a young lawyer. Steve is still at it and still doing a great job for his clients. Happy Birthday Steve. Also celebrating are Judy Hunt, Joann Alford, and Trey Todora.*****Nov. 11: Nolan’s brother, the “Ice Man” Greg LeBlanc, is a year older today, also celebrating is one of Pattie’s pretty daughters Bree Hanks, who is 20 years older than when I last saw her when she was a teenager also happy birthday to Michael Fisette and Allison Ball. We wish a very Happy Anniversary to Brad and Carlis Roy.*****Nov. 12: A great guy, former Coast Guardsman, Karen’s middle son and one of Roy and Phyl’s five grandchildren, Sean Cade Gros celebrates today. Sharing birthdays are Jeanne Blacksher, Phillip Kimbrow, Liz Briggs, Lou Brackin and Kathy Reeves. Happy Anniversary to Pat and Donnie Stanton.*****Nov. 13: Happy Birthday Karla Holden, Darla Murphy, Cody Edgerton and “Rock” turns 96. Also Happy Anniversary to Debbie and David Fusilier.*****Nov. 14: A big happy birthday to a special lady Ruby Wimberley. We haven’t heard about her in a longtime but hope she’s doing fine. Celebrating also are Lois Sheppard, Susie Riedel, Dana Perkins and Kristina Schisler.*****Nov. 15: Celebrating today is Julian Oceguera, Glenda Dixon, Stuart Bertles, Kelli Peery, Nikki Courtney and Julie Smith.*****Nov. 16: Today Dr. Servet Satir, Thad Angelle, RaeAnna Todora, Rebecca Collins, Chris Byers and Allene Manuel celebrate birthdays. *****Our friend Karen Fisher, Orange County Tax Assessor, has gone through some rough times at the office lately due to the pandemic. She was finally able to get away and go on a long awaited cruise. She was back to the grindstone at the tax assessor’s office Monday.*****I have been kidding Kimbrough about picking the Texas Longhorns but it’s no longer funny. Last week he picked Iowa State hoping he was wrong. He wasn’t. Texas lost their fourth straight game 30-7 to Iowa State and are now sub-500 at 4-5 and 2-4 in the Big 12. If UT loses one of the last three games, they will end up 6-6 and probably blow the chance for a bowl game. This week they play Kansas at home and are a 30-point favorite. I’m a Longhorn fan except when they play the Aggies. Side Bar: Mark’s daughter Amber, is a UT grad, her husband Clay is a Kansas Jayhawks graduate, so it’s a split in the family. Game time 6:30 p.m., ESPN. Good luck John, this is the week to stop the bleed. What in the world is wrong with the Longhorns?*****Tell your children the truth about the insurrection on the United States Capital on Jan. 6, 2021. Don’t let them pass a lie down to your grandchildren and the generations to follow. There are those who want to change history. Don’t let it be one of yours. I wish everyone could see the CNN documentary, ‘Trumping Democracy, an American Coup.’ It’s and eye opener from start to finish and it features only Republicans telling what they know about the invasion of the Capital from start to finish.*****Peggy’s Place can’t get a break. The Roundbunch Cow Bayou Bridge, which was shut down for nearly four years, finally re-opened and Peggy and Richard, of Peggy’s Place, were back in business. So they thought. Now the bridge has been shut down again since Oct. 22. It’s due to reopen by Wednesday. People always seem to find the place. You can’t hide good food.*****Near 40 cases have been filed so far against organizers of the Astroworld Music Festival. Eight youngsters were killed and many others injured at one of the deadliest concerts in U.S. history. The festival held Friday, Nov. 6, in Houston, was headlined by rapper Travis Scott.*****Voter rolls in Texas surpasses 17 million voters for the first time despite new election regulations by the Abbott administration purging inactive voters from the rolls. Texas has added nearly two million voters in the last four years. At least one of every five voters in Texas has ever cast a ballot prior to 2014. The surge in voter registrations is primarily in the big cities and their suburbs. The money is pouring in and there are a lot of boots on the ground. Democrats have registered 215,000 voters who have never voted before, and hope to double that number. The Demos are targeting people under the age of 35. Texas politics should be more competitive in 2021.


Nov. 10: Comedian Tracy Morgan, 53; Actor Ellen Pompeo, 52; Country Singer Miranda Lambert, 38; Actor Josh Peck, 35; Actor Mckenzie Foy, 21.*****Nov. 11: Country Singer Narvel Felts, 83; Actors Stanley Tucci, 61; Demi Moore, 58; Calista Flockhart, 57; Leonardo DiCaprio, 47.*****Nov. 12: Sportscaster Al Michaels, 77; Singer Neil Young, 76; Actor Ryan Gosling, 41.***** Nov. 13: Actor Whoopi Goldberg, 66; Comedian Jimmy Kimmel, 54; Actor Gerard Butler, 52.***** Nov. 14: Britian’s Prince Charles, 72; Actor Josh Duhamel, 48.*****Nov. 15: Actors Sadie Stanley, 19; Shailene Woodley, 29; Rapper B.o.B. 32; Rock Singer Chad Kroeger, 46.*****Nov. 16: Comedian Pete Davidson, 27; Instagram Star Cindy Kimberly, 22; Country Singer Mason Ramsey, 14.


Oris Comeaux’s boy, Joseph, went to da cemenary to become a priest him. Wen he was ordained, he was sent to da Catholic parish in New Orleans. He was nervous bout hearing confessions for da first time so he axe Father Broussard, an older priest, to sit in on his sessions.

Father Comeaux him, hears a couple of confessions, den Father Broussard axe him to step out of the confessional for him to give a few suggestions.

Father Broussard suggests, “Cross your arms over your chest and rub your chin wit one hand and try saying tings like “Yes, “I see,” “Go on” and “I understand.”

Da new priest, Father Comeaux him, crosses his arms, rubs his chin wit one hand and repeats all da suggested remarks to da old priest.

Father Broussard say to da young priest, “Now, don’t you tink dats a little better dan slappin your knee and saying, “Keyaw, wat happened next hanh?”


Former Bridge City Teacher’s Book Published

While a resident of Dugas Addition and a Bridge City High School teacher, Jeanne Wood, now Kern, started to write a book. She moved to Nebraska 20 years ago, a place she dearly loves. From time to time over the years we heard from her. Last week, we were glad to hear that she had completed the book she started all those years ago and that the Wild Rose Press wanted to publish it. She sold it to the well known publisher. The book, “Love is a Filing Cabinet,” took 20 years to write. She had a writing mentor in South Africa that helped her for three years and according to Jeanne, finally dragged her to the finish line. The last time she was in Johannesburg she got to meet her mentor and they spent a great time together as old friends. It was a coincidence but she sold the book on the same day her husband Rich was voted into the Volleyball (AVCA) Hall of Fame. The Genres: Humor, Romance, Romatic Comedy. Jeanne’s book can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play or Wild Rose Press.*****That’s all for me today. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.


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