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It's come on another week and again I'm not prepared to do a column. There are a lot of reasons that factor into that. First you have to make the contacts to find out what is going on in the outside world. For years I was a wizard at gathering what the natives were up to. I guess I've been out of pocket too long. It feels like most of my friends must have moved away or maybe some have lost my phone number. I don't have one of those tech phones that takes pictures, I still have the same land line and number I've had over 60 years. Saying you lost my number won't hunt, also I share in the blame, I have spent way too much time sitting in waiting rooms at a doctor's office or worse yet, they put me in a small room giving the impression the doctor will be right in. Sometimes I think they shut down, went home and forgot I was in the little room. I stick my head out the door and look down the hall to get an idea if I'm all alone or not. Then like a shout out of no where that scares me half to death a voice says, "Can I help you sir?" No, I was just wondering if I had been forgotten. "The doctor will be right with you." Ok, thank you. I'm thinking I bet that's not true and surnuff, I was right. One hour and fifty-two minutes after they got me from the waiting room, the doctor shows up all smiles, wants to know how I'm doing. "Not too good, you know I'm on fluid pills." He directs me to the restroom. I take my time and let the doctor wait. By the time I get back he's not smiling anymore and wants me to describe my problem. I take my time. The nurse came in twice. He cut me loose with a prescription and made an appointment for me to come back. "Only if you promise not to lock me up in that little room for two hours." I promise I'm going to get around to some of the natives. I've got to find out if Owen Burton and Judge Derry got their tomatoes in the ground and if Judge Chad made that sausage yet. Gotta go. Come along, I promise you it won't do you no harm.


Thirty years and four bishops. That's the history Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas will be remembering as its annual "Breakfast with the Bishop" gets under way on Saturday, April 30, at The Laurels in Beaumont. The "Breakfast" was created in 1992 not only to raise funds for the many Catholic Charities' programs that serve the needy but also to get to know the Bishop. That's what has happened over the years, as four different bishops, Bishop Bernard Ganter, Bishop Joseph Galante, Bishop Curtis Guillory, S.V.D., now Bishop Emeritus, and Bishop David L. Toups, donned an apron and greeted guests. Installed Bishop of Beaumont in 2020, Bishop Toups will be serving breakfast and visiting with guests in this way for his second time. The "30th Anniversary Breakfast with the Bishop" will honor the memory of the late Deacon Larry David and call attention not only in his good works but the service of all the deacons of the Beaumont Diocese. The staff and volunteers of Catholic Charities chose the late Deacon Larry David as the honoree for its 30th annual Breakfast with the Bishop. Deacon Larry, as he was affectionately known, helped coordinate the event for many years before his death in 2020. Deacon Larry's help went beyond the annual Breakfast. Not only did he serve on Catholic Charities' board for several years, but he also prepared hundreds of couples for marriage during his 14 years as deacon at St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica and cooked gallons of his award-winning gumbo for many of the parish's events. Deacon Larry's help also extended beyond the Catholic community. He was the "Hamburger Man" for the Orange Lions Club Carnival and played Santa Claus for Orange Christmas events. Like Catholic Charities, Deacon Larry didn't help people because they were Catholic, but because he was. Volunteers for this year's Breakfast are hoping that Southeast Texans will follow Deacon Larry's lead in supporting Catholic Charities programs by either being a sponsor or buying a ticket for the 30th annual event scheduled for Saturday, April 30. For more information on sponsorship or for tickets, call Derrick Owens at 409-924-4421.


We were sorry to learn of the death of Clinton James Whitmire, 78, of Bridge City, who died Saturday, March 26, at Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital-Beaumont. Clinton, a native of Vidor, had lived in Bridge City for the past 15 years. He was a retired Master Mechanic and had served in the U.S. Marine Corp. He loved fishing, working in his yard and spending time with his family. Our sympathy goes out to his loved ones and friends. He was a good guy. May he rest in peace.



15 Years Ago-2007

It's come on a great day. Neighbor Cox decided it was spring enough to start plowing here at the Bucket Farm. Cox's says his lucky number is 13. He was named after the 13th United States President, Millard Fillmore, so he's putting down 13 plants in our plot. So far, he has sowed some long, burpless cucumbers. They do well annually. He also put in two tomato plants, JD's Special C-Tex Early Black, which yields large fruit, a deep red, almost black and very sweet, loaded with flowers, and should be ready to eat in 30 days. A couple of mater plants, different varieties, and the rest in peppers, to be sowed between now and the full moon, April 2. (Cox died in 2020. I sure miss him.) *****Heard from Amber Dunn, at med school in Lubbock, who said the town was awakened early Sunday morning with tornado warnings. Eight in all, one down a few blocks from her apartment. I'm glad we don't live in 'Tornado Alley.' They can't leave like we can when a hurricane is on the way.*****John Scott Lawson, 38, passed away Monday, March 19. He was born in Canada in 1968, lived in Bridge City and was a 1981 grad. We visited with him a few weeks ago and were surprised to learn of his death. He was a personable guy. I know most of his folks and in-laws and send our sincere condolences.***** This is the first week of the sign Aries, March 21 to April 14. If you believe that birth, under certain signs, influences certain talents and professions, this may add to your beliefs. Music recording artist, singers born this week are Aretha Franklin, 65, March 25, Kenney Chesney, 39, March 26, Mariah Carey, 37, March 27, Reba McEntire, 52, March 28, Celine Dion, 39 and Eric Clapton, 62, March 30.*****A very special happy birthday to Garrett Clay Gros, who turns another year March 28.. *****Eighty-five years ago, in 1937, a six-foot tall statue of Popeye was erected in Crystal City, Texas. Anyone who has ever traveled that part of Texas has visited Popeye. The annual Spinach Festival is 85-years old. David and Calvin Rutledge's dad was once postmaster in Crystal City.*****Lead Duke Lacrosse defense attorney Kirk Osborn, 64, died Sunday of a massive heart attack. It was totally unexpected. All three Lacrosse players have maintained their innocence in the much publicized rape case.

45 Years Ago-1977

The Bridge City Volunteer Fire Department gets a new truck. The truck is a 1957 Army cargo truck that has been reconditioned. It has a 750-gallon water tank with a 280-gpm pump, complete with a hose reel at the rear end. The truck is unique with a six-wheel drive. It will be located in the new Orangefield fire station, which will be constructed at the corner of Bessie Heights and Hwy. 408. *****Jack Moore is a candidate for Bridge City Council. He was a member of the commission that drew up Bridge City's Home Rule Charter and was chairman of the Board of Adjustments. (Editor's note: Jack moved to Orange years ago. He was Buddy Moore's little brother. *****Carl Thibodeaux's lovely wife Mike will celebrate her birthday on March 27.***April Fontenot, the daughter of James and Janet, will turn 13 on April 2. (Editor's note: A new teenager then is going to celebrate number 58. Her parents, longtime active Orangeites have moved to the Austin area. (Editor's note: James passed away a few years ago, Janet still lives in Austin.)*****Joe Kazmar will marry Susan Bybee on April Fool's Day. She's a lovely math teacher. (Editor's note: I don't know who picked April 1 for the wedding date but it worked. They will celebrate their 45th in a few days. Congrats and many more happy, healthy years.*****John 'Cowboy John' Gardner has suffered a heart attack.*****Ken Davis is in the hospital in Houston after an industrial accident. He lost several toes and also suffered other injuries.*****Dwight Fuller is now an ace salesman with Harmon Chevrolet.*****A great guy 'Peanut' Garrett has died. He always had a big smile despite being sick for many years.*****Inez Hearn is the colorful manager of the Montgomery Ward store on 16th Street in Orange.*****Mayor Glenn F. Seale seeks re-election as mayor of West Orange.*****Dana Zock to wed Lynn Bradford April 2.*****John Banken, 31, is a candidate for Bridge City council. He and Donna have twin boys, Jayson and Jared.*****Has all of the above really been 45 years ago?

50 Years Ago-1972

What is amazing to me is that I wrote all of these words and information that I'm repeating 50 years ago. I'm sure when I wrote the information I never thought I would be reusing it 50 years later. However, everything I write is with history in mind.*****Car dealer Houston Baker brings NFL great Bob Lilly to town. A lot of folks turned out to visit with him. Coach Jim Crossland, LCM, covered the event and wrote a great story on Lilly.*****David Harmon and Connie Ray Case tied the knot last week. (Editor's note: I remember that well. David passed away in 2020.)*****One of the best waitresses we know is Mille Harper at the Jack Tar. This lady is so good she remembers if you drink coffee after your meal and brings it without you having to order it. Nine times out of 10 she can tell you what her customers will order. She has an amazing memory. (Editor's note: Milly still lives in the Mauriceville area. A few weeks ago we learned that J.W. Dalton is her son-in-law.*****Pro-football player Jim Colvin is a friend of Bob Lilly. Jim, a Stark High great, broke into pro-football with the Baltimore Colts. He said Gino Marchetti was a great help to him and he's the greatest. Bob Lilly agreed that Gino is a legend.*****State Representative Clyde Haynes, Jr., in Austin for a special session, has defended his voting record against charges by his opponent Attorney Wayne Peveto. In a prepared statement Peveto took exception to an Orange Leader article written by Bob Axelson in which Haynes reportedly told a Bridge City group he did not vote for final passage of the Sharpstown backing bills, known as HB72 and HB73. Peveto produced copies that Haynes had voted for passage of both bills.

100 Years Ago-1922

Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis, commissioner of baseball, paid a visit to the St. Louis Cardinals spring training camp here in Orange. The day before the commissioner arrived, manager Branch Rickey agreed to an exhibition game with the Orange Diamonds. The Cards won 15-0. Local sports writers blamed the loss on a breakdown on pitching by southpaw starter Odom and the lack of hitting support by catcher Ferguson.*****A phantom booze ship unloaded 400 quarts of liquor for the Orange oilfield. The cargo was dropped to smaller boats beyond the three-mile limit to be smuggled past Prohibition agents.


"A dictator bent on rebuilding an empire will never erase a people's love for liberty. President Joe Biden said, Brutality will never grind down their will to be free. Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia. Free people refuse to live in a world of hopelessness and darkness."



Villanova vs Kansas, Saturday, April 2 at 5:09 p.m., on TBS.***Duke meets North Carolina, Saturday, April 2, 7:49 p.m. on TBS.***The championship game will be televised on TBS, April 4, at 8:00 p.m. The Dunn camp will be pulling for Kansas. Mark's son-in-law, Dr. Clay Greeson is a former Jayhawk football player and a devoted Kansas basketball fan.


Congrats to our good friend, Penny LeLeux, writer/director of the short film 'SHHH,' on winning Best Short Film and Best Romance at the Sunny Side Film Festival. Penny also took home the Best Supporting Actress award.*****Celebrating birthdays in the next few days. March 30: Karen Bergeron, Lisa Smith, Terry Stuebing and Mark's grandson Chase Truth Ballou turns 4.*****March 31: Dana Myers, Danny Carter, Hunter Wilson, Carolyn Whittaker and Coree Guerra.*****April 1: Tracie Ray, Pam Savoy, Steve Adams, Allison Asbury.*****April 2: Celebrating today are Rev. Mac McDonald,  Vickie Foreman, Ed Whitrock, Jason Vincent, Arline Dodge, Kellie Fontenot and Michael McAllister*****April 3: Deana Blackmon, Aliceson Haynes, Lannie Claybar, Linda Currie and Alan Anderson.*****April 4: On this day in 1968 MLK was killed by James Earl Ray.***Happy Birthday to Debbie Kendick, Jeremy Simmons, Joe Peery, Kathie Dorman, Sandra McRight, Shiloh Walker and a special shout out to our former longtime employee Al DeRoche.*****April 5: Celebrating are Mary McBee Heslep, Niki Viola, Lisa Coffey, Race Dearborne and Nancy McWhorther, former Record food columnist. Happy Birthday to all.*****We were sorry to hear that Texas Animal Hall of Fame Heroic honoree, Sasha Von Sterling, passed away March 26. Sasha was the beloved companion of Glen and Thelma Sterling and was inducted in the Animal Hall of Fame for saving their lives in a house fire. (Editor's note: Glen has since passed away.)


March 30: Pop Singer Celine Dion, 53; Country Singer Thomas Rhett, 32; TV Host Piers Morgan, 57; Guitarist Eric Clapton, 77; Rapper MC Hammer, 60.*****March 31: Actors Christopher Walken, 79 and Rhea Periman, 74; Politician Al Gore, 74.*****April 1: Pop Singer Susan Boyle, 56; Country Singer Hillary Scott, 36; Wrestler Randy Orlon, 42.*****April 2: Radio Host Bobby Bones, 42; Actors Christopher Meloni, 61; Cara Santana, 38; Adam Rodriguez, 47.*****April 3: Model Paris Jackson, 24; Actors Eddie Murphy, 61 and Alec Baldwin, 64.*****April 4: R&B Singer Jill Scott, 50; Actors Robert Downey, Jr., 57; Jamie Lynn Spears, 31; David Cross, 57.April 5: Pop Singer Pharrell Williams, 46; Actor Sterling K. Brown, 46; Wrestler Charlotte Flair, 36.


Voters will head to the polls starting April 25 to decide whether to cut property taxes for homeowners by an average of $176 a year and provide additional tax savings for elderly and disabled Texans. Proposition l would approve the tax cuts for elderly and disabled homeowners beginning in 2023, while a second measure seeks to raise the state's homestead exemption from $25,000 to $40,000, lowering school property taxes. The increased homestead exemption for schools, meanwhile, would save homeowners about $176 annually starting this year. Actual savings would vary depending upon local tax rates.


Choupique (Shoepic) Dartez had a sign in his front yard dat said, "White Horse for Sale." Goslo Comeaux was driving by, stopped and offered Choupique $300. He would give him da money now and would pick up da horse tomorrow. Dey made da deal.

Goslo come to pick up da horse da nex day and noticed it wasn't in da field. He knocked on Choupique's door.

When Choupique came to da door he really look bad and hung over.

Goslo axe for his horse.

Choupique answer, "Da horse is dead him, he just up and die and me, las night I got too drunk, played bourre and lost all da money Goslo, I can't pay you back me."

"Dat's all rite, just load da horse up on my trailer," Goslo said.

"But you don't understand," said Choupique, "Da horse him is dead."

Goslo answer, "I don't care me, just load em up. I can still use him for wat I'm going to do, I'm going to raffle him off."

A couple of weeks pass and Choupique run into Goslo and axed him, "Did you have a lot of people mad at you for buying a raffle ticked on dat dead hores?"

Goslo answer, "No dere was nobody mad except one, and me, I gave him his money back.


John Beard, a longtime Port Arthur resident and former city councilman, wrote an op-ed that appeared in Sunday's Houston Chronicle about the "Blue Marlin" pipeline to run right through the middle of Lake Sabine. Here is some of what Beard wrote.

Sabine Lake is one of the best things about living the area and now a giant energy company wants to ruin it. Energy Transfer has proposed building a giant crude oil pipeline right through the middle of Sabine Lake and down to an offshore export terminal off the coast of Louisiana. The so-called "Blue Marlin" pipeline would move nearly 2 million barrels per day through our lake. Calling it "Blue Marlin" is especially offensive since it could devastate fishing around here. Sabine Lake and neighboring Bessie Heights March, at Bridge City, are two of the most important fisheries and bird habitats on the Gulf. Anglers and commercial fishermen, boaters, birdwatchers and lots of tourists visit each year, binging money to local businesses. Migratory birds also stop over here; ducks, ospreys, bald eagles and pelicans all call the lake and marshes home. Everyone here who lives around this area knows that Sabine Lake is crucial to our community and to our local economy. The lake is popular for both recreational and commercial fishing and it is home to highly sensitive oyster reefs that provide habitats for many fish species and are critical to the overall health of the estuary. We believe that Energy Transfer's Blue Marlin project puts all of us at extreme risk of environmental and economic catastrophe. If the Blue Marlin oil pipeline and export terminal are anything like many of Energy Transfer's other projects, I fully expect Sabine Lake and this area will end up devastated. People in my community have had enough, and the last thing we want is an oily dragger through the heart of Sabine Lake. We will fight hard to prevent Energy Transfer from bulldozing through our communities, taking our land and polluting our water. I hope our public officials will stand with us in this fight.*****I've gotta shut down for this week. Thanks for coming along. Check out our advertisers' great bargains. Take care and God bless.


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