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Elon Musk reached an agreement to buy Twitter for roughly $44 billion on Monday. Musk said in a joint statement with Twitter that he wants to make the service "better than ever" with new features while getting rid of automated "spam" accounts and making its algorithms open to the public to increase trust. After the deal was announced, the NAACP released a statement urging Musk not to allow Trump, the former president, back onto the platform. "Do not allow Twitter to become a petri dish for hate speech or falsehoods that subvert our democracy." He was permanently banned from the service after the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol. Musk has a fortune of nearly $268 billion, much of which is tied up in Tesla stock and SpaceX, his privately held space company. It's unclear how much cash Musk holds. Musk began making his fortune in 1999 when he sold Zip2, an online mapping and business directory, to Compaq for $307 million. He used his share to create what would become PayPal, an internet service that bypassed banks and allowed consumers to pay businesses directly. It was sold to eBay for $1.5 billion in 2002. In 2004, Musk was courted to invest in Tesla, them a startup trying to build an electric car. Eventually he became CEO and led the company to astronomical success as the world's most valuable automaker and largest seller of electric vehicles.


We were sorry to learn of the passing of Johnnie Ruth Clark, age 87. We had known this beautiful lady over 60 years. She and Nova Dee Strickland, who recently passed away, had been lifelong friends and neighbors. Over the years they spent many entertaining hours visiting garage sales. Johnnie went to work for DuPont right out of high school and later work for Gulf Oil Chemicals. She passed away peacefully at her home on April 13. Service was held Tuesday, April 26, at Mauriceville Baptist Church. She was special and will long be remembered by anyone who ever knew her. Our condolences to her family and friends.


15 Years Ago-2007

Our buddy, A.J. Broussard, is fighting the good fight. Last week he underwent 10 hours of chemo in three different treatments. He's in a lot of pain, no appetite, but still has that great attitude. Many of his clients and friends have inquired about him. He and Mary Ann appreciate that and so do we. *****We got a call this week from Bobby Vincent. He has been out of the area over 30 years and is glad to be back. He says one of his weekly highlights is receiving "The Record" newspaper. One of our longtime friends is his uncle, "Coon" Vincent. The old gentleman is approaching 90 and still gets around pretty well. He makes his home in Nederland. What a life story that guy is. *****Mr. and Mrs. King Dunn, Judge Derry's folks, celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary Friday, April 20. If that's not a record, it's a darn good average. Congrats! *****From time-to-time, someone brings up the name of beautiful, sexy, great gal, Judy Arnaud, Wyatt, Reimy. We understand she's now at the Beaumont Holiday Inn Plaza and working a lot of overtime, and after many years as a legal secretary, Judy is looking after her elderly parents who live in West Orange. So there you go, that's why she hasn't been around. *****What used to be a state holiday went practically unnoticed last Saturday, April 21. On this day, in 1836, an army of Texans led by Sam Houston, defeated Santa Anna and his Mexicans at San Jacinto. This assured Texas its independence and avenged the fall of the Alamo. This is probably the most important day in Texas history and has been moved to the back burner to make room for lesser holidays. A celebration did take place at the battleground park, but nowhere else that I know of. How soon we forget why we don't all speak Spanish. *****A-Rod lowers the boom. Alex Rodriguez, in his first 14 games for the New York Yankees, had 10 homeruns, with 26 RBI's. I haven't checked since Saturday, but that's really earning his pay.*****Dick Sandlin, a utility worker for North Carolina State Parks, won the S.C. $15 million Powerball jackpot and will get to retire. Asked what his spending plans were he said, "I'm going to buy me a big RC Cola and a moon pie." He doesn't realize he can buy a lot of RCs and millions of moon pies. ***** Some good people are so busy doing for others that they have little time for themselves. Mary Alice Hartsfield is one of those special people. *****Speaking of Catholic girls, former tax assessor Louvenia Hryhorchuck came by last week, but we missed her. She has been retired for many years. The Pinehurst native has made Beaumont her home for at least 20 years. We haven't seen her since. Many of you will remember the race between she and Juanita Jordan to replace Ida Fay Arnold in 1972. It was a wild race that went down to the wire. Dunn managed Louvenia's campaign, Montagne, Juanita's. It was one of the few races Bob lost. Louvenia, always a lady, visited with H.D. when she was here.*****Attorney Sharon Bearden has returned from Dallas. Ms. Liz cut him loose for a whole week without supervision. Attending a lawyer seminar, I'm told. Since Jim Sharon has joined his dad at the law firm, Sharon can now get away after being strapped down for 30 years.*****Over 200 United Nations inspectors in Iraq for nine years said there was no evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Dick Cheney, Condi Rice and the "snake oil salesmen," Hannity, Coulter, Limbaugh, O'Reilly and the Bush team started a mushroom cloud media blitz. The American people got bought into it. Those of us who called it a big lie were branded as un-American and against the troops. The architect of the propaganda and invasion was Vice-President Cheney. Poor George was suckered in and his loyal employees packed their bags and went home. We stay bogged down in Iraq, a war that was lost the day we disarmed Saddam's Army. Bush stays in denial and Congressman Dennis Kucinish wants an order of impeachment of Cheney.*****We wish a speedy recovery and continued improvement to Pct. 2 Constable Parker Thompson, who has battled more than his share of sickness.  

45 Years Ago-1977

Bridge City Distributive Education banquet held. Rusty Wilson serves as instructor. The Opportunity Valley News DE student is Sandi Mobley. *****Thad Collins is owner of Coastal Electric, located at 1202 16th. St. in Orange. *****Leland Morrow celebrates 33 years of Morrow's Appliance, serving the people of Orange. *****Local attorneys observe "Law Day." Cimron Campbell is Orange County Bar president. *****Jane Britt Harper, Roy's little sister, celebrates her birthday April 30. (Editor's Note: Jane passed away about 25-years ago.) *****Seven Bridge City students are inducted into the National Honor Society. They are Carlette Bevil, David Dutschmann, Nancy Goforth, Patty Goodwin, Jeff Jones, Lance Hunter and Nina Scales. *****New student council officers for next year in Bridge City are Kristi Jordan, president, Brian Truncale, vice-president and Tanya Hoffpauir, secretary. They are attending the state convention in Austin.*****Keble Free of Keble's Kuttery at Northway, announces the addition of brothers Eddie and Chris Free to his staff of barber/stylist. They specialize in the Unisex look. *****At a two-day convention in Houston, Debbie Bruce, a Little Cypress-Mauriceville junior, has been installed as Parliamentarian of the Texas Association Future Homemakers of America. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Bruce, who live at 2101 Rio Grande, in Orange. *****Prices at Danny's Food Center, 2003 Western Ave. in Orange this week; chuck roast, 49 cents lb., ground beef, 69 cents lb., salad tomatoes, 39 cents lb., Coke Cola, quart size, 4 for $1, packaged freezer meat, 25 lbs. $18.95, Kraft barbecue sauce, 49 cents. *****Linda Richardson and husband hosted an elaborate surprise party for Ed Lovelace. Many prominent community leaders attended. Gordon Baxter, who couldn't attend, sent a masterpiece tape recording describing the life and accomplishments of Ed. In the recording he referred to the birthday boy as "Royal Flush." *****Lovely Connie Sue Gunn named "Miss Golden Triangle." Lisa Davis, a Bridge City beauty, named Miss Beaumont." *****Bubba Hubbard is the recipient of the Orange County Bar's "Liberty Bell Award." *****H.D. Pate named "Boss of the Year" by DECA of Bridge City High. *****Joe Runnels, always a lucky guy, won the $1,000 jackpot at Weingartens. *****Richard Belk is building a new home in Dugas Addition in Bridge City. The location is across the street from Chief Wilson Roberts and behind the Roy Dunn home. Folks predicted those three, in a cluster, would drive the neighborhood prices down. Curtis Lee and Wayne Morse saw the trend, sold out and moved away. (Editor's note: Dunn is the only one left in the neighborhood.)

50 Years Ago-1972

It is a big election year in Orange County ending up with upset elections. The most unusual happening is Judge James Neff's announcement, several months ago, that he would not run for re-election of the 128 District Court. Two candidates, Frank Hustmyre and Graham Bruce, then announced they were running for the post. Then to everyone's surprise, Judge Neff announced he was retiring effective April 30, less than a week before the May 6 election. On the same day of Neff's retirement, Gov. Preston Smith, in Austin, sent a telegram to Hustmyre saying, "It is an honor to inform you that I have today appointed you to be District Judge of the 128th Judicial District until the next General Election or until a successor shall be elected and qualified." On May 3, three days before the primary election, Hustmyre ran an ad in the Opportunity Valley News as the incumbent judge in the 128th District. Strange as it sounds, this is the second time Hustmyre had been appointed judge of the court. Gov. Beauford Jester appointed Hustmyre as the first judge when the District was created, After being elected twice he left to go into private practice. Until this appointment by Smith, he was in the law firm of Hustmyre, Harris, Dorman and Dunaway. (Editor's note: You will be surprised at the final outcome and even what happened after the election. Graham Bruce wasn't a happy camper. He had been sabotaged by Neff, Smith's supporters and Hustmyre. You won't believe how this story ends.*****Jim Sharon Bearden, assistant county attorney, has served under three county attorneys, 57 months as a prosecutor under Feagin Windhamm Roy Wingate and Louis Dugas.*****Five candidates are running for the open seat of tax assessor. Ida Fay Arnold is not seeking re-election. Two employees in the tax office are seeking the post Louvenia Hryhorchuk and Juanita Jordan. Tax office employees who endorsed Hryhorchuk, who has been employed since 1951, are Rosemary Slaton, Lucy Sciarillo, Juanita Smith, Anita Jones, Lottie Zanzeberg, Floydale Benton and Dorothy Bond.


You don't want to miss this year's big Mauriceville Crawfish Bash. It promises to be the largest and best ever. Live music, craft vendors, plenty of food booths, all you can eat crawfish. Come have a big time with the friendly Mauriceville folks. They will treat you like family.*****The times they are changing. Here's a clear sign that internal combustion engines are on the long road to oblivion, Corvette is going hybrid, all-electric. General Motors Co. president Mark Reuss said Monday in a LinkedIn post that the automaker's nearly 70-year-old sports car will offer a hybrid model as soon as next year with an electric motor and a gasoline engine. An all-electric version using GM's Ultium battery will follow, though Reuss didn't specify a timeline. Interest in electric vehicles is increasing among consumers, and demand for an electric Corvette has been building among the sports car's fan base. GM has set a goal of building only electric passenger vehicles by 2035. It has pledged to have 30 electric vehicle models for sale globally in 2025.*****Michelle Tubbleville, head of the non-profit Orange County Disaster Rebuild group, is in the Abilene and Eastland County area this week helping them in the aftermath of recent wildfires. Her job in Orange County has included coordinating volunteers, including many from out of town, to help individuals after hurricanes. She's ready to share her expertise to others as people start to rebuild their homes and lives.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. It's Sunday morning and I thought I would get a little ahead and get started with the birthdays coming up. It occurred to me this being April 24, today, would have been Capt. Dickie Colburns' birthday. I miss him and also his weekly column. I'm sure many others feel the same way. I would not be surprised that Dickie's accidental death in an auto accident had something to do with Stelly deciding to bail out. Life is too short and uncertain to run at 100 miles an hour everyday.*****Here are a few folks celebrating in the coming week. April 27. Gus Harris, Mike Cain, Tim Batchelor and Chelsea Ballard. *****April 28: Happy Birthday to Peggy Dunbar, Joe LaMoine and Josh Blanchard.*****April 29: Celebrating today is Jimmie Simmons, Judy DeCuir, Tommy Bourgeois, Candice Vigil and Drew Wappler. We also remember King Dunn, who passed away 10 years ago at age 95 and Don Cole, age 90, who died in 2017.*****April 30: Still on the road, Willie Nelson turns 89 today. Also sharing birthdays at Dr. Nina Leifeste, Harold Haymon, Jenni Barron, Roger Brister, Kim Izer and Samantha Ziller.*****May 1: McDonald Baptist Church turns 92 on this day. Celebrating birthdays are Frank Carpenter, Karolyn Doiron, Jason Mayfield and Newt Hodges.*****May 2: Happy Birthday to Megan Cornwell, Jonette Brown and Glenda Dailey.*****May 3: Celebrating today are Nicole Gibbs, Stacie Hollier, Kay Boudreaux and Brandon Applebach. We remember our friend Corky Harmon, who died in 2017 at age 89. Remember, if you or anyone you know is having a birthday, let us know at 409-735-5305 or at news@the recordlive.com.***** The Orange Rotary Club had a successful scholarship fundraiser this weekend at the Free State Cellars Winery. The Shop 'n Sip event included Mathews Jewelers Orange. Sabine Federal Credit Union's Kristen Placette, Rotary president-elect, was chair of the festivities.*****At the first sign of mosquitoes I called Pestco. They came out and sprayed right away. Over the last eight years Pestco has been taking care of our 'Skeeter' problems. They spray a couple times a year, some years maybe three times, but year in and year out, we are mosquito free. That is saying a lot when you live near the marsh. Pestco doesn't use chemicals only a formula that consist of several herbs. The place smells good when they spray but 'Skeeters' will not come close to it. Also, if you are having problems with small German roaches, give Donna, at Pestco, a call. They did two houses in our neighborhood that were infested and now are roach free. They also check our place each year for termites. Reasonable prices. Tell them Breaux sent you.***** The stork is expecting to bring another grand-baby for Janelle and George Sehon.  Ellie will graduate to "big sister' around Thanksgiving. Congrats to Stephanie and Alex Hurst who are expecting a new bundle of joy.*****It was nice to hear from Dr. Tom Johnson. He had a lot of good things going at Lamar Orange. He is working with Lamar in hopes of getting a $70 million grant for a special nursing program.*****I was also glad to hear from Constable Brad Frye, who is on the Orangefield School Board. A lot of good things are going on in that school district.****** It's been a big year for Adam Conrad of Bridge City, who is the drama teacher at Vidor High School. Two of his students won first place Sunday at the Stark Reading Contest with Tristan Tinkle in Interpretive Reading and Ashley Callahan in Declamation. Tinkle and Grant Masters placed in regional UIL meet and are going to Austin for the state competition. Conrad is the current Education Region 5 Teacher of the Year.*****Looks like it's going to be nice weather for the Annual Orange Train Depot's Depot Day fundraiser on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 1210 Green Avenue in Orange. The event will include a children's train ride, pony rides, activities, and food trucks. Money is used to support the restoration and operation of the century-old Southern Pacific Depot.


Congratulations to our friend Clovis Robicheaux on his and Edna Mae's 50th wedding anniversary celebrated las Sun. at church. Da minister, Rev. Arnaud, axe Clovis for da secret to his long marriage. He axe him to share some insight on how he managed to stay married to da same women all these years.

Clovis says "Well, it's like dis, I've treated Edna Mae well, spent money on her and took her traveling on special occasions."

Da minister axe, "Like trips to where?"

Clovis answer, "Well, for our 40th anniversary, I took her to Nashville and Dollywood, den I took her to her sister Loretta's house in Chicago for a visit."

Rev. Arnaud said, "Mr. Robicheaux, you are a terrific example to all husbands. Please tell da congregation wat you are planning for your wife on your 50th anniversary?"

Clovis answer, "Well me, I'm going to Chicago to get her."


Judge holds Trump in contempt,

orders $10K a day in fines

Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump to comply with a subpoena seeking records and assessed a fine of $10,000 per day until he satisfies the court's requirements. The judge concluded that Trump failed to cooperate with New York Attorney General Letitia James and follow the court's orders. "Mr. Trump, I know you take your business seriously, and I take mine seriously," said Engoron, who serves on the state Supreme Court in Manhattan, before he held Trump in contempt and banged his gavel. The ruling represents a significant victory for James, whose office is conducting a civil investigation into whether Trump falsely inflated the value of his assets in annual financial statements. Although James does not have the authority to file criminal charges, her inquiry is running parallel to a criminal investigation led by the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, who is examining some of the same conduct. James' office is participating in Bragg's investigation, which had appeared to be nearing an indictment of Trump earlier this year.*****Well, my time is up. I've gotta go, but I didn't do too bad. Thanks for your time and loyalty. Take care and God bless America.


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