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There is no doubt I care a great deal about education. It is not only something which increases the quality of life, it underpins the American way of life. Thomas Jefferson once wisely said that ignorant people cannot sustain a democratic society.

We only need to look around our homes to catalogue the thousands of ways that education has benefited us: cell phones, air conditioning, television sets and medicines without which many of us would not be alive today.

However, I cannot be silent about a giant step backwards for education. Many of us have forgotten that 50 years ago, less than 60 % of the American population were truly literate. In many ways what has saved us and underpinned the greatest nation in the world is our system of public education.

Governor Abbott’s idea of spending more money paying tuition for rich folks’ kids in private schools is a giant step backwards. It reminds me of a family foolish enough to adopt several more children when they cannot afford groceries for the ones they already have. Without a doubt, funding private education through vouchers will take away money still needed for our public schools which are obviously underfunded. Secondly, there is no way we can continue to reduce property taxes which support public education if a greater burden is put on that money source.

It is time for all of us who care to contact our senators, state representatives, governor, lieutenant governor and speaker and speak out against what is a terrible, bad idea.


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