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BIDEN: ‘Evil will not win. Hate will not prevail’

Joe Biden is attacking the “hateful and perverse ideology” behind the Buffalo massacre:

In America, evil will not win. I promise you. Hate will not prevail. White supremacy will not have the last word. What happened here is simple and straightforward terrorism, domestic terrorism, violence inflicted in the service of hate, and a vicious thirst for power. The media, and politics, the internet, have radicalized power. The media, and politics, the internet, have radicalized angry and lost and isolated individuals into falsely believing that they will be replaced. That’s the word. Replaced by other people who don’t look like them. I call on all Americans to reject the lie, and those who spread the lie for power, political gain, and for profit. Biden condemned years of racially-based attacks across the country. We’ve seen the mass shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, El Paso, Texas and Pittsburgh. Last year in Atlanta, this week in Dallas, Texas. Now in Buffalo….Buffalo, New York. White supremacy is a poison. It’s a poison running through our body politic that’s been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. No more. No more. We need to say as clearly and forcefully as we can, that the ideology of white supremacy has no place in America. President Biden will call on Congress to take action to keep weapons of war off our streets and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and people who have a serious mental illness that makes them a danger to themselves or others. He is going to continue to call on Congress to expand background checks, renew our ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.


The federal government’s budget deficit has shrunk by some $1.57 trillion so far this fiscal year, driven by record receipts from a strong economy and a slowdown in spending. The deficit dropped to $360 billion over the seven months from October through April 2022, according to Treasury Department data released Wednesday. Receipts were $2.99 trillion in the fiscal year-to-date, up from $2.14 trillion a year ago, boosted by strong growth in employment and wages, a Treasury official said. Receipts just for April, the month individual tax returns are due, amounted to $864 billion, the highest for a month on record. Spending fell to $3.35 trillion in the fiscal year through April, down from $4.08 trillion a year ago, helped in part by the roll-off of pandemic-related benefits to households and businesses. Unemployment is the lowest ever. More job have been created than any time in our history. After the January 6 invasion of the Capital, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Joe Biden is the right person for the job at this time. He has the experience, plus who can get mad at Joe. I believe history will prove Lindsey right even with the pandemic, the Big Lie, and everything in between. If it wasn’t for global inflation, high gas prices, baby formula shortage, all things a president has no control over, Biden would be one of our most popular presidents. We know he means well, and he’s working hard for the good of the country. For as long as I can recall, what every Republican complains about was the out of control deficit of the Democrats. Not a word about the deficit this year from the GOP.


Susan MacCammond, age 64, passed away May 11. Services were held Tuesday, May 17. Susan was a 25-year employee of Bridge City Independent School district and was loved by all the students she came in contact with. She is survived by three brothers Mike, Keith and Hugh and many nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews and three great-great nieces and five great-great nephews. She will be missed. Please see obituary.


15 Years Ago-2007

The most interesting factor about our time on this earth is the people we meet along the way. Some become our friends, some adversaries, while most are just folks you cross paths with. Then there’s the beautiful people, true characters, unusual people who guide their own ships. The talented people who make you stop and take notice, the very friendly and upbeat. Jerry Neie was a friend of many years. I never knew him to meet a stranger. If he did, it wouldn’t be long before Jerry’s personality sucked them in and he had them laughing. Jerry was first a picker/songwriter. He never hit the big times, but his talent was a good as most. He was, over the years, a sidekick to many stars as he traveled the country playing his music. Judge Joe Parkhurst, who did the inquest on Jerry on his death, May 9, at age 66, said Jerry’s guitar was near him. He died alone but it’s no surprise that worn guitar was at arms length. Jerry did some outlandish things in his life. I recall many years ago, without knowing how to fly an airplane, he borrowed one, without the owners knowledge, from Brown Airport. He preceded to buss the Orange Leader and County Jail because some of his friends were there. Jerry had seen the inside of a jail on occasion but it wasn’t because of any crime against others. He wouldn’t steal, cheat or mistreat anyone but himself. He enjoyed life, despite the disappointments. He did it his way. He was a patriot, with a big heart, who cared for everyone. His country, however, was foremost. His old pickup truck was painted like the American flag. It was a pleasure to have known this special character. Cast in his own mold, wherever he went the place is changed.*****Tammy Faye Baker, who is down to 65 pounds, and has been battling cancer said her goodbyes last week. All of her treatments have been stopped.*****Congrats to Coach Billy Bryant and his Bridge City baseball team who just keep rolling along. The Cards will meet Needville in the Class 3-A Region III Quarterfinals Thursday and Friday, 7 p.m. in Barbershill. If necessary, game three will be played Saturday at 1 p.m. The Cards beat Wharton in game one and three to advance. ***** Little Cypress-Mauriceville’s Drew Bean is the new state champion in the 3200 meters in Class 4-A. Bean won it all with a time of 9 minutes, 16-59 seconds. He then placed fourth in the 1600 meters to end his high school career.*****The West Orange-Stark 400-meter relay team of Dominique Rhodes, Jacoby Franks, Earl Thomas and Josh Gloston claimed third place and the bronze in the state track meet. They turned in their fastest time of the season at 41.46. They also placed fifth in the 800-relay, running a 1:27.77. Those guys can fly. *****The law firm of Bearden and Bearden won its first case last week since Jim Sharon joined his dad Sharon. Of course, Papa, the old master of the courtroom, did the physical trying of the case.***** Roy Wingate is to be roasted Saturday, May 19, 7 p.m. at Lamar University Orange. I know some old guys who could roast him to a burn. By the way, what became of K.B. Green? *****Danny Brack is flying with only one wing. He had surgery on his right rotator cuff. They bolted it together with big screws and he can’t use his right arm for three months. He says you never realize how much you use your right wing. It’s hard to fly with just your left. *****We understand also our longtime Cajun buddy, Kenneth “Kee-Kee” Dupuis, is due to have surgery on both hips. I can think of a lot of things you can’t do without wheels.*****Franklin Scales remembers Dr. Attaway, the Louisiana con artist who paid 10 percent interest for your money when prime was 2.5 percent. Franklin didn’t get taken when Attaway went to prison but other Duponters did.***** Pinehurst passes liquor by the drink law that will bring more restaurants. Our buddy, Richard Ceja, is expected to open his new cafeteria, formerly Lubys, in mid June. 

50 Years Ago-1972

Faye Arnold, longtime tax assessor-collector, thanks voters of Orange County for their confidence in her over the years. In a surprise announcement Ms. Arnold expressed her support for 21 year tax employee Louvenia Hryhorchuk, who is in a runoff race against another tax office employee, Juanite Jordan. In other runoff races Sheriff Allen ‘Buck’ Patillo vs. Max Boatman; Democratic Chairman James Morris vs. J.L. ‘Pete’ Runnels; County Commissioner Casey J. Peveto, Pct. 1 vs. Travis C. Hudson; Constable Pct. 4 Carl Ward vs. W.J. “Dud” Daves.*****In State-wide runoffs U.S. Senator Barefoot Sanders vs. Ralph W. Yarborough; Governor Dolph Briscoe vs. Mrs. Frances Farenthold; Lt. Governor Wayne W. Connally vs. Bill Hobby, Controller of Public Accounts; Robert S. Calvery vs. James “Jim” Wilson.***** Grangers Used Cars, on Hwy. 1442, is a very interesting used car lot specializing in Volkswagen cars. Most cars on the lot are VW’s but they also specialize in VW parts and service. Cars range from 1957 to 1969 models. Their motto is “Come Out and Trade under the trees at Grangers.” No, this was not Al’s lot. He was still in short pants. This Granger was not one of the Orangefield Grangers either. I recall Jeff Granger, who was a son and grandson and great athlete.*****Every Democratic Precinct Chairman in Orange County unanimously endorses James A. Morris for chairman over Pete Runnels. Pete’s comeback is “An election judge is to an election what an umpire is to a ball game.” These judges are supposed to be fair and impartial to all candidates. Mr. Morris has resorted to high pressure. Morris, the politicians and king pins are worried and running scared.


Travelers using 16th Street in Orange are celebrating the new paving after months of unsmooth roadways that shook cars and made legendary potholes. Orange City Councilor Paul Burch may have commented that he can now go 80 mph, but Orange police advise against it.*****Lanie Brown, who works for Congressman Brian Babin, took the oath of office Monday evening for the West Orange City Council. It was a double celebration. Husband Wally had his 65th birthday the same day. Lanie's 60th is on Sunday. Besides, Brown, Jay Odom was seated as the other new council member. Veteran Mike Shugart was sworn in for another term. Longtime councilwoman and mayor pro tem Shirley Bonnin bid farewell to her spot after serving some 30 years. West Orange last year got its first new mayor in decades and is seeing a younger council.*****Last Thursday morning I caught up with my friends Josette and Van Choate by phone. They were in route to Huntsville to attend daughter Cameron’s graduation from Sam Houston State University. Congratulations to Cameron, mom and dad, she is the second daughter to graduate at SHSU. Son Clayson is a sophomore at the same college. Since Van is out of the restaurant business he is just hanging out with Josette. That’s not a bad way to spend the day or the night.*****Wedding Bells…I hear that Commissioner Kirk Roccaforte and County Treasurer Christy Khoury will tie the knot in October. I’m not sure what day. Surely not “Trick or Treat” day. I’m so glad for both of these good folks. They are blessed to have found each other at this time of their lives. Meanwhile, Christy’s daughter Coree, graduates from high school and has decided to attend Lamar, seeking an engineering degree. Best of luck on that.*****Speaking of schooling, Roy and Ms. Phyl’s grandson Sean Gros, came in from College Station to attend his girlfriend Jessica Windel’s graduation from Lamar last Saturday. She has accomplished her dream of becoming a registered nurse. She did it the old fashioned way, by working hard for it, she was employed by Market Basket in Nederland for several years. The Thompsons, owners of Market Basket, have always been good at helping young people earn college money.*****By the way, I got a call from Robert. His meat market and deli is wide open and he’s looking forward to the restaurant being completely remolded and ready in the next few weeks. A lot of folks are looking forward to the Wednesday Lunch Bunch gathering again.*****Fathers and daughters socialized this weekend at the Boots and Belles event at the Orange Train Depot. The Promenading Pearls of  West Orange-Stark sponsored the festivities.*****We got a load of fresh fish that Janelle caught and husband George Sehon filleted. That made for a couple of nice meals with fried green tomatoes, also provided by Janelle. The green tomatoes came from Farmer’s Market. Speaking of produce, our buddy Judge Derry Dunn came through again this year with a nice mess of fresh, red, vine-ripened tomatoes. Last year was a washout but it looks like he has a good crop. I haven’t heard how any other backyard farmers are doing.*****I hear Donald Trump was in Austin Saturday for a rally. It wasn’t the big rally of the past, but what was most noticeable was the fact that Gov. Greg Abbott was nowhere in sight. Before the GOP Primary, he was always the first to meet the plane. Since securing the nomination and looking to take on Beto in November, he has not uttered the name Trump. Donald’s load of baggage gets heavier every day.***** The Bridge City drama students acted and served dinner last week for a special community Friday the Thirteenth murder mystery play. Lots of fun that night in the high school cafeteria. Also in Bridge City, Mickey Litton Gisclar awarded scholarships to Brianna Zuniga and Mattie Hoffman. Gisclar created the scholarship to honor the memory of her father, H.N. "Moe" Litton, a legendary sports trainer and coach at Bridge City High for years.***** As the end of the school year approaches, students are busy competing in UIL and sports events, plus all the social occasions.  Bridge City and Little Cypress-Mauriceville high schools had proms this weekend with some athletes having to try for games and dances. Everyone gets included in festivities and this year's Orange County Life Skills prom was hosted by Orangefield.***** Dozens of runners from across Southeast Texas and as far as Houston participated in Shannon's Run Saturday through downtown Orange and the Old Orange Historic District. The fundraiser was organized by 3 Brothers Running Company. First Presbyterian Church sponsored a rest stop plus Pastor Bobby Daniel ran.***** 


A few folks we know who are celebrating birthdays in the next few years. May 18: Wilson’s better half, V.J. Wilson, keeps on keeping on. Happy Birthday also to Ron Hutchison, Kim Hanks, Shelley Dugan and Cheryl Stone.*****May 19: Today is Al Judice’s birthday, just pick one. Leon Carter, Flo’s brother and Mark’s dad, just keep marching on. Also celebrating are Mark Watts, Jean Duplantis, Justin Knight, Niki Bennett and Bret Shuford. The late Hubert Spradling celebrated on this day.***Happy 67th anniversary to Wanda and Coach Les Johnson.*****May 20: Ms. Phyl’s youngest, mother of three sons, sister to two brothers, grandmother of two and her daddy’s pride Karen Dunn Gros celebrates today. Happy Birthday also to Stormy Sharp, David Jones and James Batson.*****May 21: A very Happy Birthday to June Gregory, Leah Chipman, Babette Philpott, Rickey Land, Hannah Dupuis, Gary Fontenot and a special birthday wish to Bill Pope. Does anyone know what became of Bill?*****May 22: A very Happy Birthday to longtime friend Margaret Toal, who is celebrating the last one before the ‘Big One.’ Also celebrating today is Lanie Brown, new West Orange city councilperson, who for the last four years has managed Representative Brian Babin’s Orange County’s congressional office. Also Happy Birthday to Jackie Tate and Bailey McCurry.*****May 23: Beverly and Jody’s youngest, Billy Raymer, celebrates today. Also Happy Birthday to Amanda Uzzle and a most Happy Birthday to Justin Trahan, who was saved from a fire as a baby. I find it ironic that Rickey Land has a birthday also this week and he was involved in saving that baby’s life.*****May 24: Happy Birthday to twins Joey and Rusty Williams, Lance Faulkner, Chris Green and Cutler Hubbard. Best Wishes to all. (Note: Having a birthday, let us know at [email protected]. or call 409-735-5305.)


Alsid Thibodeaux’s boy Nelson Ray is not too bright him. Dey call him “Tee Foo.” Anyway, Alsid hated to cut “Tee Foo” loose by hisself, but he agreed to let him go visit New Orleans.

He bought him a bus ticket and “Tee Foo” was on his way. While in New Orleans, he patiently waited and watched da traffic policeman at a busy street crossing. Da cop him, would stop da flow of traffic and shout, “Okay, you pedestrians go.” Den da policeman him, would allow da traffic to pass again.

He done dis several times him and “Tee Foo” him, still stood on da sidewalk.

After da cop had shouted “pedestrians,” for da tent time, “Tee Foo” him, got impatient so he went up to da policeman an he axe, “Isn’t it about time you let da Catholics across, hanh?”




President Donald Trump wanted to court-martial two prominent retired military officers for their perceived slights and disloyalty, his former defense secretary Mark Esper alleges in a new book, the latest insider account to raise claims about the combative commander in chief and his attempts to upend government institutions. When Trump informed Esper and Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, of his wish to see McChrystal and McRaven court-martialed, the two Pentagon leaders “jumped to their defense” Esper writes, arguing that both completed distinguished military careers and that taking such action would be “extreme and unwarranted.” In an interview, Esper said Trump’s desire to punish McChrystal and McRaven was “obviously disconcerting” and that he considers the two men to be heroes. McChrystal, and Army Ranger whom President Barack Obama famously ousted as the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, called Trump “immoral” in an interview with ABC News. McRaven, who under Obama devised the operation resulting in Osama bin Laden’s death and who went on to serve as the UT System chancellor from 2015 to 2018, accused Trump in an opinion piece of having “embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and worst of all, divided us as a nation.”*****My time is up. Thanks for your readership and loyalty. Take care and God bless America.


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