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On August 4, the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce is having a "celebrity roast" of the head of county government. John Gothia is a longtime Bridge City resident who has been active in the Orange and Bridge City chambers of commerce before successfully running for Precinct 3 County Commissioner. When the county judge resigned suddenly, Gothia was appointed to the position and then won election. Gothia was instrumental in getting Bassmaster and other professional fishing tournaments to Orange County; so the audience should expect some fish jokes. This will be the tenth celebrity roast fundraiser for the Bridge City chamber and the first since 2015, when Bridge City Mayor Kirk Roccaforte took the jokes and teasing. Gary Stelly will serve as master of ceremonies for the event. Roasters will be Precinct 1 County Commissioner Johnny Trahan; Ida Schossow, head of the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce and a neighbor of Gothia; David Jones, owner of e Gopher Industrial; and banker Joe Love. I was told a Marilyn Monroe-type singer might make an appearance. Gothia joins an exclusive group of roastees. The Bridge City Chamber's first celebrity roast was of lawyer H.D. Pate in 1996. Then came State Representative Ron Lewis in 1997, and noted Cajun W.T. Oliver in 1998. The chamber then skipped a couple of years and in 2000 roasted Lester "Buckshot" Winfree. Ninth Court of Appeals Judge Don Burgess was in the hot seat in 2002. A few years went by for the next one in 2009 with then-County Judge Carl Thibodeaux was honored. Gisela Houseman was roasted in 2011, Ross Smith in 2013, and Roccaforte in 2015. Tickets and tables can be reserved through the Bridge City chamber at 409-735-5671, or email Lyda at  [email protected].*****I’d best get to work. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Anna Belle Hebert Rost was a wonderful lady and special person. She passed away July 22 at the age of 87. Funeral services will be held at 12 noon, Wednesday, July 27, at St. Mary’s in Orange. She was a native of Abbeville, LA., where she graduated from high school in 1953 with Record publisher Roy Dunn. He and Anna Belle were also First Communion partners who marched down the aisle together 78 years ago. Both ended up living in Orange. Years ago Anna Belle worked for Roy at the Opportunity Valley Newspaper. They remained close friends throughout the years. Roy says, “Just a few people have known me as long as Anna Belle. She kept me posted on old classmates and never missed a reunion. I’ll miss her. She has been a lifetime friend. I’ve never known a better God serving person. May she rest in peace. My condolences to her large family. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2012

Bridge City Little League 13-14 year old girls, winners of District, will now be playing for the regional title. Good luck to these young ladies. Orange County assistant district attorney Philip Smith is their manager.*****Amber Hinds Williams, assistant district attorney, is working her last day. She will become a stay at home mom.*****If you happen to be going to Austin, you might want to visit the new Willie Nelson statue. It’s outside the new Austin City Limits studio, on the corner of Willie Nelson Blvd. and Lavaca.*****Ruthie Hannegan took a few days off from being a DA secretary to play grandma. Her daughter, Katie Hunt, had her third child Tuesday, July 17. I bet Tommy Reed is one proud great grandpa. Tommy fell and broke an arm a few months back so he’s been out of circulation.*****Longtime child support clerk Dale Avant retired from the County on Tuesday, July 31.*****In July Mike and Kay Abbott were married 24 years. Kay works for a nice guy, attorney Jerry Pennington. She also works with our longtime friend Barbara Mulhollan.*****I understand things were quite and peaceful on the first floor of the court house last week. Employees weren’t having to look over their shoulders. By the way, Judge David Peck was off at school last week.

20 Years Ago-2002

Longtime community leader and banker, Mike Moreau, suffered a heart attack. The Bridge City Rotary president is in guarded condition in intensive care at St. Mary Hospital in Port Arthur. Moreau is senior vice-president and lending officer at County Bank. County commissioner John Dubose said that after visiting Moreau he felt he was a little better but not out of the woods.*****West Nile Virus victim “Buddy” Rasberry remains in St. Mary’s ICU but shows signs of improvement.*****Police await autopsy results of 4 year old Dannarriah Finley, kidnapped and found dead.*****Lance Armstrong wins his fourth Tour de France with a time of 82 hours, 5 minutes, 12 seconds. Former Orangeite Susan Halliburton covered the 23 days of the race.*****Some fine people we lost the last few days. Hub Alexander, 76, died July 25, after having heart surgery. He was a close friend of Bill Clark and Doug Harrington. All the women loved “Hub.” *****Dickey Van Williams, 68, died July 22. He and Novie had been married 54 years.***Florence Miller, 83, died July 26. The former real estate agent was the mother of longtime writer and Vidor school principle Shelia Beeson Sarver.***Jerry Dotson, 62, died July 27. An Orangefield High booster, he owned Dotson’s Exxon Full Service Station.*****In other news, Mike Hoke, who has been hired by the Stark Foundation to help open Shangri La, had to have triple bypass surgery. He’s doing well now; his heart is hitting on all cylinders. (Editor’s note: Mike recovered and the great job he did with Shangri La is now history. Mike passed away in 2016.)****Orange native, R.C. Slocum, 57, is starting his 14th year as Texas A&M’s head football coach. He has won 117 games, the most in Aggie history.*****Bridge City footballers, Luke Wolfford and Tyler Briggs, leave for Southern Arkansas University where they will be teammates. Football two-a-days starts next week.*****J. W. “Kid” Henry arrived in Orange from the Philippines with his bride of two years. (Editor’s note: When Mrs. Henry returned home, J.W. followed. Over the years he’s made several trips back and forth.*****Texas has signed a reciprocal agreement with Wyoming allowing citizens with concealed hand gun licenses to legally carry guns in both states.*****Rev. Dewitt Rainwater and Sister Mandy celebrate their second wedding anniversary Aug. 4. (Editor’s note: Today Brother Rainwater and his friend Rev. Leo Anderson have joined up in the other side. Rainwater was known as the “Singing Evangelist.”

45 Years Ago-1977

The Orange Noon Optimist Club chartered at Monday meeting by representatives of Optimist International. Lester Alford is the governor. Benny Mazzola was elected charter club president. Rick O’Neal was named club secretary. The club meets Monday noon at the Ramada.*****Don Jacobs has finally made it to Nashville. He is seeking fame and fortune in Music City. So far he has pitched songs to Red Sovine and Porter Wagoner, who just completed a new album, and not looking for new songs. Don will keep pitching and trying to make his mark in song writing.*****Ace and Jo Amodeo hosted the monthly dinner club at their Bridge City home. Jo served stuffed mushrooms to her guests. The group, consisting of the Harmon’s, Hughes, Dugas‘, Dunn’s, Conway’s and Fontenot’s, took in Gallager’s in Beaumont.*****Lynn Hall’s birthday was celebrated with a party in her honor at her home. Lots of goodies and guitar strumming. Jack White’s little brother, Andy, 6 foot, 2 inches, from Brownsville, was in attendance. Andy is AD at the 4A and 3A schools there.*****Harold and Sheila Beeson had a big homemade ice cream party. Judge Beeson, of Rose City, made it himself. He is presently writing a novel.*****Janet Fontenot has 25 percent off on all shoes at her shoe Castle. April Fontenot makes her first trip to New Orleans by train.*****Coach Neil Morgan opens his Shirt Hut in Bridge City.*****Larry and Barbara Bergeron have just returned from a 6,000 mile trip around the country. They spent one night with Louis and Nancy Gay in Palm Springs.*****Happy anniversary this week to Ronda and Gerald Reidmueller.*****James Lapeyrolerie turns 7 on the 27th.

60 Years Ago-1962

Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her Brentwood home in Los Angeles 60 years ago, on Aug. 5, 1962. She was naked and still clutching a phone. The iconic bombshell was only 36 years old. Was it an accidental drug overdose? Suicide? Murder at the hands of a political clan or the mob? Marilyn has never really gone away. She still graces the cover of magazines. She also remains a phenomenon. Many new books, fiction and non-fiction, analyzing her childhood, her final days, photo books, lovely photos, nude photos are still in circulation. Marilyn is still mythical and magical. Born Norma Jean Baker, on June 1, 1926, she endured a fatherless childhood living in orphanages and foster homes. She was sexually abused at age 8 by a boarder in one of the foster homes. She married at 16 to one of her three husbands. 20th Century Fox signed her for a $125 a week contract for six months and changed her name. The rest, as we say, is history. She was one of the true beauties of my lifetime. People will be researching her life for many more generation.


I was surprised to learn that Father Joseph Daleo had retired as pastor of St. Mary, in Orange. Going through the East Texas Catholic magazine I discovered that after 51 years as a pastor, at several locations in the Beaumont Diocese, 25 years in Orange, he was retiring to his boyhood home. He was ordained May 30, 1971 at St. Anne Church in Beaumont. It’s a great story. Right in the middle of the magazine layout is a nice picture of Father Daleo and his buddy Judge Pat Clark, who failed to let me know that Daleo retired July 1.*****This time of the year summer showers always bring on the ‘Skeeters’. Since I was a boy I’ve enjoyed sitting outdoors in the evening but found it impossible with mosquitoes. About 10 years ago I discovered that Pestco Pest Control used a herbal product that will keep the mosquitoes away for at least six weeks, usually much longer. I’m all fixed up now thanks to Donna and Pestco. See ad in this issue.*****How about dem Astros….This year’s Astros are ahead of the best teams in franchise history. Even Jose Altuve, leadoff batter, has been starting games with homers. They gave Margie Stephens a great birthday gift with a four game sweep of Seattle. Margie was an Astros fan even when they were not very good.***** The Duke and Duchess of Pinehurst, T.W. and Lyndia Permenter, had their 62nd wedding anniversary this past week. The two sweethearts appear to never let the romance fade. By the way, haven't heard whether T.W. has been lighting the fire pit this summer during the early mornings while he drinks his coffee. Most days lately, the temps don't get below 80, even at night.*****Sandra and Julian Gross can't keep up with the Permenters, but they keep on going. They celebrated No. 51 with a long tour of the Hawaiian Islands accompanied by granddaughters. Having a younger generation along can help. The girls convinced Sandra to go snorkeling, even though the water was chilly. Sandra swam up close and personal with a sea turtle, an experience she will never forget.*****State District Judge Rex Peveto and wife Robin marked 31 years of marriage with a trip to Disneyworld and a stay at the Disney Yacht Club Resort. Robin didn't need to see Cinderella. She says she married Prince Charming.*****Not everyone traveled as far for their entertainment. Stephanie Roberts and friends went to see Travis Tritt across the river at the Golden Nugget Casino. County Clerk Brandy Robertson and hubby Roderick, who is a WO-C school trustee, were also in the audience.*****Another WO-C trustee, Gina Yeaman wants a Record retraction on cool weather in Branson, Missouri. Husband Skipper took her along with other family members to the Ozark retreat, but instead of a cool spell, Branson sweltered in heat just like the rest of the country. At least the Dolly stampede dinner show was air conditioned. Skipper was chosen from the audience to play a game in the arena.*****Hammon and Glenda Thompson made a grandcamp experience up at their lake house for a couple of grandchildren. Longtime pal Mike Feagin brought his grandkids up to enjoy the company and the water.*****Carly Thibodeaux got a break from Southeast Texas with a girls trip to the Hill Country and Canyon Lake. Looks like she returned safely. What stories will she tell?*****Margie Stephens had a birthday this past week but we haven't learned what Harry gave her. Don't think its another BMW, because the one she has isn't that old. But with Harry spoiling Margie, you never know.*****Right now, we're not sure if you should ask Paul and Raul Burch about their travels. At least the nightmare had a happy result. They did get to the church on time. Raul was chosen to be the godfather to a new great-nephew and the two were booked to jet to Aquascaliente-Palo Alto, Mexico. They arrived in plenty of time at the airport, only to learn at the last minute their flight was canceled. The next flight they could find was going to put them their too late. Airlines helped, but the two had to spend the night at the airport. They attended the christening in wrinkled clothes. Paul jokingly quipped he hoped no one could smell them.


A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the near future. July 27: Happy Birthday to Matt Chandler, Ty Manual, Lisa Simmons and Bruce Perkins. Bob Hope passed away on this day in 2003.*****July 28: Blaze Montagne is a year older today. Just the other day he was Heather’s little boy. Also celebrating are Paula Richey, Allison Donnell and Chaelynn Wilson.*****July 29: Happy Birthday to Florence Pelham, Hannah Clayton, Sally Andrews, Lisa Faulk and Millie LeMoine. A special Happy Birthday to Robby Ballou, Mark’s son-in-law who celebrates today.*****July 30: Liam Greeson, Amber and Clay’s middle son and Mark’s grandson, turns 4-years-old today. Also celebrating are Danny Stevens, Keith Gross, Daniel Faircloth, Ronda Hale and Conner Godwin.*****July 31: Happy Birthday to Stump Weatherford, Amber Weidner, Debbie Moerbe, Laci Braus, Marie Pittman and Brittany Newman.*****Aug. 1: Happy Birthday to Vickie Arkeen, Terri Marceaux, Megan leLeux and Missy Pillsbury.*****Aug. 2 The other Roy Dunn, smarter, bigger and younger, Judge Roy Derry Dunn, turns 77 today. Also celebrating is Jean Lapeyrolerie, Bailee Moore and our longtime friend Wayne Morse, who has been under the weather, is 75 today.. A very special Happy Birthday to Joyce Dubose and also congratulations to her and John on their 54th wedding anniversary. (Give us a call, 409-735-5305 or email to: [email protected] if you know someone celebrating a birthday or anniversary. )


Clovis Landry, him, was speeding from Church Point to

Eunice when a peace officer turn on his siren and bubble and pull Clovis over. Clovis, him, he jumped out of his car and he say, “Officer, me I can explain.”

Officer Broussard said, “jus be quiet you, I’m going to let you cool you heels in da jail until da Chief gets back, him.” Clovis, he’s nervous, him, he says, “But Officer, I jus want to say….” “I tol you to shut up and be quiet. Now for sure, you gonna go to jail,” officer Broussard said. A few hours went by and da officer, him, looked in on his prisoner and said, “It’s lucky for you Clovis, dat da Chief is at his daughter’s wedding. He’ll be in a good mood, him, when he gets back.” Clovis, him, he speaks up, “Don’t count on it, I’m da groom, me.”



I was watching the press conference held after the Uvalde school massacre, hosted by Gov. Greg Abbott. All the Republican brass, including Sen. John Cornyn and Sen. Ted Cruz, who chartered a plane to get to the big news conference that would be watched around the nation. All the different police agencies were bragging on each other. Gov. Abbott initially praised the police response to the Robb Elementary shooting where 19 students and two teachers were killed. The day after the massacre, Abbott described a historic law enforcement effort to contain a classroom shooting spree that he said “could have been worse.” After it was revealed that police waited for more than an hour before breaching the room and confronting the shooter, Abbott said he was “misled” about the response. During the May 25 press conference, while Abbott was relaying the inaccurate account to the public Beto O’Rourke, who was in the audience, stood up and accused the governor of not giving an accurate report. O’Rourke was getting his information from the parents of the children who were killed. The race for Texas governor is a national race with Abbott leading by five points, 43 percent to 38 percent. The race is tightening as Abbott can’t reach near 50 percent. Abbott now claims he was misled. He has released hand written notes outlining the details he received when he relayed the inaccurate account of the police response but has refused to reveal who had misinformed him. U.S. Congressman Al Green has demanded that Gov. Abbott identify the source of the false information. If Abbott continues to withhold the sources, Green said he may ask U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, to conduct an investigation into the shooting and call Abbott as a witness. He said that Abbott needs to come clean and release the name or names of those who supplied him with such wrong information.*****Well, that does it for me for another week. Please read us cover to cover. Also don’t forget to patronize our family of advertisers and check us out daily on our website, Take care and God bless.


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