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In case you lost track of a major happening in the sports world, the Heisman Trophy was handed out on Saturday night and we’re here to report to you that Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud came short to Caleb Williams of USC in winning the bronze statue for 2022. The voting wasn’t even all that close with Williams running away with it all, ahead of a distant Max Duggan of TCU in second place. Stroud, the frontrunner most of the season, finished a distant third after the Buckeyes bit the bullet against Michigan.



Aggie Johnny Manziel wins 2012 Heisman Trophy Two days after he turned 20 years old Manziel was named 2012 Heisman Trophy winner. He became the first freshman to ever receive the award and only the second Texas A&M player. John David Crow, a Louisiana native, won the Heisman for A&M in 1957. The Heisman brotherhood has been dubbed the most exclusive fraternity in the world. It’s also said that a Heisman winner’s life will never again be the same. A lot of pressure and constant attention goes with the honor. “Johnny Football,” the Aggie quarterback was very young. Life in the pros didn’t go too well for Johnny. Many of the former Heisman winners capitalized on the notoriety and became very wealthy. Others, like O.J. Simpson (1968) reached celebrity status and great wealth only to see it all slip away. My first memory of a Heisman was Davy O’Brien, TCU (1938). I don’t know if it was because of the name Davy, but his popularity lasted into the 1950’s. John Kimbrough, (don’t know if he’s kin to our D.A. John ) led the Aggies to a national championship in 1939, was a sure winner of the Heisman but when the 1940 ballots were all in Tom Harmon, of Michigan won. Going back over the years, several past award winners stand out in my mind. Johnny Lujack, (1947), was a quarterback. I recall high school quarterbacks in the early 1950’s trying to imitate his style by jumping up in the air while running and throwing the ball down field. One of the most famous was Doak Walker, (1948), from SMU. The most natural runner was Billy Cannon, (1959), LSU. Billy had it all; the award paid off but like O.J., Billy also ended up in prison. Roger Staubach, (1963), of Navy, is probably one of the smartest of all former winners. He served four years in the Navy and became the franchise player of the Dallas Cowboy and is very, very wealthy. Jim Plunkett, (1970), of Stanford, played in the NFL and was very popular. Steve Worster, U.T. and Bridge City, was a Heisman finalist. He was on the cover of Sports Illustrated and a two-time All American in (1969-70). Archie Griffin, (1974- 75), is the only player to have won the award twice. Tony Dorsett, (1976), Pittsburgh became one of the Dallas Cowboys most popular running backs. Earl Campbell, (1977), from Texas, made “Luv You Blue,” Bum Phillips and the Houston Oilers famous. Today, his legs are useless and he’s in a wheel chair. The “Tyler Rose” was the first U of Texas Heisman winner. Tyler Texas is also Johnny Manziel’s hometown but he played at Kerrville. Hershel Walker of Georgia was winner in (1982). One of my favorites was Marcus Allen, (1984), from Southern Cal. I’ll never forget Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary pass for Boston College. He was 1984’s award winner. Bo Jackson, (1985), Auburn, was the most natural athlete of them all. He could do it all and worked less at it. Just a God given talent. He played both pro football and major league baseball at the same time. Barry Sanders, from Oklahoma State, received the Heisman in 1988. Charles Woodson, (1997), was one of the few defensive backs to win. He was a standout from Michigan. Running back Ricky Williams, (1998), was the only other Longhorn to win the Heisman. He threw away most of the capital the award brought him. I’m surprised that with all of Texas’ talent, only two, Campbell and Williams won the award. Tim Tebow, (2007), Florida, Sam Bradford, (2008), Oklahoma and Cam Newton, Auburn, (2010), are in a class of their own but none of all of the winners since it began in 1935 held more promise than Robert Griffin III, (2012), Baylor. The best of the best would be hard to pick. Paul Horning, (1956) Notre Dame quarterback, is one of the great Irish winners, seven in all. A tough guy was Alan Ameche, (1954), Wisconsin fullback. I don’t remember any ends ever winning the Heisman. That’s my views and recollections of my many years of following college football and the Heisman award. One story I didn’t tell is meeting John David Crow when he was a junior at A&M and about the time Bear Bryant retrieved him from the police station, turned on the stadium lights and ran him around the track till daylight when he finally dropped. Heisman Trophy winners 2013 to 2021 are 2013: James Winston-Florida State; 2014: Marcus Mariota-Oregon; 2015: Derrick Henry-Alabama; 2016: Lamar Jackson-Louisville; 2017: Baker Mayfield-Oklahoma; 2018: Kyler Murray-Oklahoma; 2019: Joe Burrow-LSU; 2020: DeVonta Smith-Alabama; 2021: Bryce Young-Alabama. Heisman 2022 winner is Caleb Williams-USC.


President Joe Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act into law on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, “Today’s a good day,” said Biden at a ceremony on the South Lawn that was also attended by singer and LGBT activist Cyndi Lauper and musical artist Sam Smith. “A day America takes a vital step toward equality. Toward liberty and justice. Not just for some, but for everyone.” The new law, designed to protect same-sex and interracial marriage, formally repeals the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defined marriage at the federal level as being solely between a man and a woman. It will also require states to recognize marriages performed in other states.


11 Years Ago-2011

Major Brad Frye, with the Bridge City Police Department, has been elevated in rank to assistant chief by the B.C. City Council.***** Orangefield held it’s first annual parade, lighting of the derrick and museum visitation. Judge Carl Thibodeaux read his “Cajun Night Before Christmas.” ***** Judge Courtney wasn’t leading the parade. She was in a pickup throwing candy however.***** Army PFC Micah “Big Mike” Ellender, son of Kirk and Brenda Ellender, is home on leave from Afghanistan. The 2009 Bridge City grad will return to his unit Dec. 18.*****The Masons will lay the cornerstone for the new Orange fire station, which will be quite a show place. Ceremonies will be held Thursday. Among the dignitaries will be Con. Kevin Brady, who will still represent this area with redistricting returning to its original plan, for now at least. Brady has endorsed Rick Perry for president. Saturday, in a debate, Perry said, “All congressmen should be part-time, with half pay.” ***** Bridge City native Matt Bryant continues to shine as place kicker for the Atlanta Falcons. Today Matt is one of the NFL’s best. *****For some of you who have observed our county clerk Karen Jo Vance wearing a boot cast, it’s not because she has been kicking ass. She fell back in October and a specialist later discovered she had torn ligaments, tendons and some fractures.

44 Years Ago-1978

Some of the folks spotted at the Jack Tar Sugar and Spice coffee ship were Judge Sid Caillavet, Judge James Neff, Mead Graves, Father Joe Berberich, Henry Stanfield, Joe Blanda, Ovie Harmon, Tony Giarratano, Rev. W.W. Kennedy, Jimmy Conn, Joe Runnels, Chip Trahan, Sheriff Chester Holts, Joe Burke, Bill Stringer and Cecil Beeson. (Editor’s note: Those good and colorful men were some of the greatest characters I’ve ever known. I believe former waitress at the time Milly Harper would agree.)*****The smell of fresh roasted peanuts comes from Farmer’s Mercantile. It’s an annual cold weather tradition Gus Harris keeps a pan of peanuts roasting on the stove and invites anyone to grab up a handful.*****St. Mary Catholic Church float was awarded first place at the annual Jaycee Christmas Parade.


Christmas festivities keep on coming and Bridge City’s lighted boat parade on Cow Bayou added to the spirit of the season. The colorful lights traveling along the bayou was a big hit. Dayle Foreman is one of the fortunate ones living along the bayou and she shared her view with friends. They included Bill Hudson, Maggie Reynolds, Rick Bridgers, Danny Russell, Shera Garber,  William Ferguson and Mischelle Russell.*****Shangri La’s lighted night garden tours  have been drawing crowds. More lights than ever are spread throughout the garden area along with lighted decorations perfect for posing. Last week was Christmas pajama week and a number of families dressed in colorful PJs. They included Betty Harmon with grandson Josh Harmon wearing red striped onesie pajamas. Cecil Broom didn’t wear pajamas, but made the walk with daughter Dianne Stephenson and her family. The lighted strolls will continue this Tuesday through Saturday and again December 20 and 21. This week is ugly Christmas sweater with people wearing appropriate attire, if they choose. Strolls begin at 6 p.m. and end at 9 p.m. Last admission is at 8:30. The strolls are free with a nonperishable food donation for Orange Christian Services.*****College graduates with local ties this past week included Marlee Bird from Lamar University. Grandparents T.W. and Lyndia Permenter, along with her mom, Parrish Bird. Sydney Brittain earned a master’s degree with parents Kevin and Angie Williams watching. Of course her adorable toddler daughter Collins Ruth was along to see her momma walk across the stage. All the way over at Auburn University, Elisa Domas Burgamy earned a doctorate degree in nurse practitioner.***** Travelers Gina and Skipper Yeaman didn’t have to go far to see a bald eagle. There was one right on the shore of their lake house.*****Orange County Commissioner Johnny Trahan went to popular Fredericksburg with family and enjoyed a German beer with daughter Cody Tant. He’s taking the whole family with grands to Disney World. Speaking of Disney World, Debbie Hughes had a long outing there with grandbabies plus daughter Kayla Cheek and her husband, Nick, and Nick’s mom, Pam.***** Heritage House Museum is open once again for tours and research. The ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by tours drew a crowd that included Stephanie Roberts, Sherry Hommel, Barbara Dardeau, and of course, Ida Schossow. Lots of city of Orange people came and toured, including City Manager Mike Kunst, Police Chief Lane Martin, Fire Chief John Bilbo, new Public Works Director Adam Jack, Events Planner Leigh Anne Harrell, Social Media Director Hillary Gravett, and Convention and Visitors Director Brandi Judice. Heritage House Director Charlotte Alford and crew have been working hard to get everything clean and organized after five years of damage from storms with ongoing repairs.  Board President Adam Conrad and Vice President Geralyn Vine have been doing extra hours with help. Kimberly Manning had three roles at the opening. She’s a Heritage House board member plus a chamber ambassador. She wore a dress with a print of oranges to go with her orange chamber jacket. As a professional photographer, she also took lots of pictures. Other board members included Leslie Williams, Peggy Wells, Jill Kunst, and Grace Hernandez. Santa in the evenings drew a few grandparents who had their pictures with Santa at Heritage House when they were kids. Three generations now and continuing. The youngest Santa visitor was little Luna Harvey with grandmother Bridget Trawhon. Janie Nash also had her first Christmas at Heritage House along with her parents and grandparents, Randy and Paula Ragsdale.*****We received our Christmas cards from Bridge City ISD and Orangefield ISD. The artwork on the Bridge City card, by Adalyn Jones, 9th grader, was impressive. The Orangefield card, designed by 11th grader Kaitlyn Jenkins, also beautiful. Both cards were much appreciated.*****We haven’t head from Roccaforte since the honeymoon. We hear he is nearly recovered.***** Next time any of you who are patients of Dr. Morbia at Gulf Coast Cardiology go for a visit ask him about his oatmeal recipe. He uses blade cut oats only and ingredients I’ve never heard of before. He eats this three times a week. The rest of the time he eats a lot of fried jalapenos fried in peanut oil. He also eats a lot of grass.*****I learned from Clint Landry why he has so many kinfolks. There were 13 children in his dad’s family. He was raised with 12 girls on 12th Street in Orange. One of those sisters is Sam Moore’s mother. There are plenty of others around but not many Landry’s.*****Dr. Johnson called last week from Austin. He was very excited about all the attention Lamar Orange is getting in Austin. He said they had heard of that little college in Orange and its progress.***** Wednesday December 14, 2022, marks the 10th anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The town opened a new memorial to the 20 first-graders and six educators killed in the attack. There are no official town or family ceremonies, keeping with Newtown’s tradition of marking anniversaries of the shooting with quiet reflection.


A few friends celebrating their special day in the next week. Dec. 14: Keri Michutka, Diane Bertrand, Kandy Sartin, Danny Blacksher, Danny Prosperie, Dorothy Jenkins and Hannah Carpenter.*****Dec. 15: Kenneth Pittman, Katie Hunt, Maac Hughes, Belinda Broom, Brent Burns and Donnie Stanton, who turns 55 today.*****Dec. 16: Liz Brown, Shayla Stances, Michelle Gephart, Elizabeth celebrate today.*****Dec. 17: Brown Claybar, Terry Kerr, Beatrice Cortez, Jeremie Delano, Nathan Applebach, Chris Chambless, Martha Taylor. Bridge City won the State Championship on this date in 1966.)*****Dec. 18: Mandy Hoffman, Tracey Lynn Broussard, Dyann Schiler, Gloria Brown, Jill Vaughn and Julia Alleman.*****Dec. 19: Jill Mahan, Kristen Broussard, Gina Cessac, Christina Carpenter, Mitch Hidalgo, Raymond Hughes, Bill Cardner, Stacey Bates and Andrew Havens.*****Dec. 20: Joy Boyd, Maddison Bouget, Jeremy Granger, Kenneth Pigg, Majed Jaarah, Marion Martin and Matt Reeves. To announce birthdays or anniversaries give us a call at 409-886-7183 or email [email protected].


Clovis Thibodeaux stuck a splinter deep, deep under his fingernail so he went to see Doctor Goslow Comeaux. Da doctor him said, “Clovis, I know dat must hurt bad.” “I’m gonna have to stick a needle in you finger to deaden so I can dig dat outta dere.” Thibodeaux say, “Doc, just pull it out.” Da doctor answer, “Mais Clovis, dats gonna hurt bad, bad.” Clovis tell him, “Dats o.k. doc, me I done already had da two worse pains dere is in da world, just get it out.” Doc Comeaux say, “O.k. but you don’t understand how bad it’s gonna hurt.” Thibodeaux holds still him, sweating buckshot. Doc Comeaux finally dig dat big splinter out den he say, “Clovis, I just wouldn’t believe it dat you could stand dat much pain.  I just gotta know me, wat was da two worst pains in da world?” Thibodeaux say, “Well doc, I was duck huntin awhile back in da swamp when here come some of dem ducks. I stoop down in dat water to hide wen one of dem nutria traps got me right in da groin.” “Boy, doc, dat was da second worse pain in da world.” Da doc say, “Keyaw, dat must of hurt bad, but wat could be worse dan dat, hanh?” Clovis say, “Doc, da worse pain was when I got to da end of dat chain.”



While over-the-counter hearing aids will be fine for some, they will not work for everyone, if a hearing device over amplifies sound, it can damage hearing. If a person thinks that there is something wrong with their hearing, it’s always a good idea to have a hearing test done by a professional. There is also a concern that over-the-counter hearing aid purchasers with a significant hearing loss will be disappointed and may give up on trying to correct their hearing. A professional hearing assessment will help you to determine whether over-the-counter hearing aids will work effectively for you or if a prescription hearing aid is more appropriate. Don’t use a hearing aid if any “red flags” are present. If a difference in hearing between ears is obvious, or symptoms like pain or drainage from the ear are present. Dizziness is another significant reason to see a hearing professional and ringing or roaring or buzzing in one or both ears are a sign to see a hearing professional. For many getting into the hearing aid market is a great thing, as innovation within the devices themselves continue to grow, but if you are experiencing hearing concerns that worry you, its never a bad idea to make an appointment with a Hearing Professional.*****Thanks for your loyalty and pleased shop our family of advertisers.. Next week is our Christmas issue. To advertise and be a part of this great season call 409-886-7183. Take care and God bless.


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