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Sales taxes show November spending mostly stagnant

Sales during November were stagnant compared to the same month in 2021, according to statistics from the Texas Comptroller's Office. The office in January sent payments covering the month to entities with a sales tax.

Orange and Emergency Services District 3 were the only entities with more than a slight increase. Because the payments were the first of the year the entities have received, the comptroller's office does not give year-to-date payments.

Bridge City has a 1.5 percent sales tax and received $177,388 in sales taxes for the month, an increase of $1,265 from last year, or 0.71 percent more.

Orange deposited $624,168 for November, or $68,214 more than the $555,124 from last year, or an increase of 12.4 percent. Orange has a 1.5 percent sales tax.

Pinehurst had an increase of 3.53 percent from November of 2021. The city, with a 1.5 percent sales tax, collected $52,650 for the month, compared to $50,853, or $1,797 more.

Vidor had a decrease of 2.92 percent for the month compared to last year, collecting $261,096 for November, or $7,860 less.

West Orange has a 1.25 percent sales tax and received $85 more than the previous year. The city deposited $118,111 compared to $118,026 last year.

Orange County has a 0.5 percent sales tax and was up slightly, getting $558,087, compared to $555,607 last year, an increase of $2,480.

Orange County Emergency Services District No. 3 is for the Little Cypress Fire and Rescue Department. The district has a 1.5 percent sales tax and is the only special district in the county with a sales tax. The district received $31,372 for November, an increase of $10,877.


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