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As a longtime church goer from the time I could walk and follow my mother around, I have decided there is ample hypocrisy in our churches to the point that we don’t necessarily need more, especially in the field of political leadership. Hypocrisy of course is simply advocating one thing and doing the opposite. Unfortunately, we the voters of the United States are letting too many politicians get by with doing what they claim should not be done, particularly in the area of moral conduct. We should all ask ourselves, “Is it worse to have someone not read about immoral conduct, or participate in immoral conduct?” I think today according to today’s news, we are faced with that exact circumstance.

Currently, a set of Republicans are hell bent on removing from libraries and schools any written material that mentions “dirty” words, segregation, something called CRT, or detailed descriptions of sexual acts. Unfortunately, too many of our elected folks are participating on a regular basis in the kinds of things they would have us ban from our libraries.

Our immediate past president, Mr. Trump, has paid out almost a quarter of a million dollars to cover up the fact that he had affairs with a Playboy bunny and a woman who does sexual films. Before his election, Mr. Trump boasted about how easy it was because of his celebrity to simply grab the private parts of females who attracted him and then passed off the comment as simply, “A locker room joke.” The fact that he did and said these things is bad enough, but what’s even worse is that while dozens of Republican elected officials are now trying to purge written materials of immoral material, they have not said a word about the conduct of Mr. Trump.

I recall a time when one of three or four absolute qualities needed to gain the trust of the voters was honest; now here we are in Texas with our chief law enforcement officer, our attorney general, having been indicted for felony conduct and untried as well as accused by his own employees of serious crimes like bribery and yet he is elected overwhelmingly.

One of the examples of immorality swept under the rug is the information about Justice Clarence Thomas of the U. S. Supreme Court. He says of course he has been totally uninfluenced by the benefits bestowed on him and his wife by a billionaire and we should take his word it had no effect on rulings he has made. His simple personal gifts include a $10,000 Bible, millions of dollars on fancy private jet trips. While claiming that no money has been paid to him, Justice Thomas has not said anything about the fact that his billionaire buddy funds a political action group to the tune of half a million dollars of which Thomas’ wife receives a $150,0000 a year salary. I find it hard to believe that Justice Thomas and his wife do not discuss the source of all their income, or have a joint advantage of enjoying the wealth they have accumulated without any real hard work. Justice Thomas will be among those leading the charge to clean up our libraries by banning certain books.

All we can do is stand and witness whether or not there is any hope for honoring the free speech section of our United States Constitution which includes controversial writing, recording and broadcast.


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