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By Carl Parker
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Simple Solutions?


Last updated 8/29/2023 at 2:17pm

I have often compared serving in an elective position to skiing. The reason being that both look so easy to do until you try. Being somewhat athletic, after seeing people flow down the slope with ease, I was certain I could do the same. Boy! Was I wrong! After being fitted out with ski boots, skis and warm clothes, I felt like someone attached 2x4’s onto my feet.

I tell folks that if they have question about the Texas Legislature, they should have asked me about it just before I got elected. The point being, “It ain’t as easy as it looks.” Most make the same misjudgment in their first run for office. In the recent debates, Ramaswamy gained a lot of attention with his list of simple solutions to complicated problems. In recent interviews he has had trouble explaining the details of how his ideas would work. As voters we need to keep this in mind and get better explanations of campaign promises. I am a good example. When I ran for office the first time, car insurance was sky high. My solution was simple. Pass a law capping the price. I had second thoughts when an experienced legislator asked how I would force the insurance companies to sell it.


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