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By Carl Parker
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Picking a President


Last updated 9/12/2023 at 1:53pm

If you didn't watch the recent debate of candidates seeking the Republican nomination for president, you should have. It is important to know their beliefs and some idea about how they might lead. An essential way to find the truth about those seeking office is to check what they promise and what they have done.

We heard the debaters' views on education, foreign policy, tax and spending, immigration and more. Some have a record while others only talk.

The quality of the leaders we choose will have a lot to do with our freedoms, income, safety, and democracy itself. Only a foolish person would buy a car without checking it out. Selection of our officeholders is far more important.

Changing parties after getting elected is bothersome to me! The party to which they subscribe is important. Most of them deny support for or agreement with folks like Trump or Paxton. While their party switcher disappoints me, what bothers me more is the fact that these same friends do not speak out about unethical or illegal conduct of people like Paxton.

George Washington opposed having political parties; perhaps time has proven his wisdom. We could start with the election of judges without party identification.

No matter the party we choose, there is no reason not to look for ways to improve our electoral system.


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