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Governor Abbott Calls Fourth Special Session

Governor Greg Abbott announced Special Session #4 and issued a proclamation identifying agenda items for the special session that began at 5:00 PM on Tuesday. “The Texas Legislature made progress over the past month protecting Texans from forced COVID-19 vaccinations and increasing penalties for human smuggling,” said Governor Abbott. “However, there is more work to be done. I am immediately calling lawmakers back for Special Session #4 to complete their critical work to empower Texas parents to choose the best education pathway for their child while providing billions more in funding for Texas public schools and continuing to boost safety measures in schools. We must pass laws that will enhance the safety of all Texans by increasing funding for strategic border barriers and mirroring the federal immigration laws. Texas will also arrest people for illegal entry into our state from a foreign nation, and authorize the removal of anyone who illegally enters our state, with penalties up to 20 years in prison for refusing to comply with removal. To crack down on repeated attempts to enter Texas illegally, illegal re-entry will be penalized with up to 20 years in prison. I look forward to working with members of the Texas Legislature to better secure Texas and pass school choice for all Texas families.”


Texas A&M University has named Mike Elko as its new head football coach, university officials announced Monday. The hire comes just two weeks after the university spent over $75 million to buy out former head coach Jimbo Fisher’s contract. "Coach Mike Elko is one of the best leaders and coaches in college football. "He is known amongst coaching circles as one of the best defensive minds in the country," A&M athletics director Ross Bjork said in a statement. Elko has been the head coach at Duke for the past two seasons, leading the team to back-to-back bowl games. He served as the Texas A&M defensive coordinator and safeties coach from 2018 to 2021, assisting the team with four straight bowl trips and an overall record of 34-14. Information about the duration of Elko’s contract and how much he’ll be paid was not immediately available.


10 Years Ago-2013

Gone but not forgotten: We were very sorry to hear of the death of Betsy Dunn, age 72. She died last Thursday, November 21, 2013. Betsy was a longtime educator and community civic worker. She and her husband, Judge David Dunn, were longtime residents of Orange County. She was a wonderful, friendly lady. Funeral services were held Monday, Nov. 25, at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Orange. She is survived by her husband, a son and three daughters and their families.*** Rodney S. Gremillion, 45, died Saturday, Dec. 1, at Memorial Herman in Houston. He is survived by wife Sheila, parents, son, stepson and three sisters and one brother. ***Patsy R. Smith, 62, died Tuesday, Nov. 17, at M.D. Anderson. ***Rita Lynn Strain Galiet, 66, died Wednesday, Nov. 28, at St. Mary Hospital. ***Karl Lilyquist Sr., 74, died Nov. 27. Military services were held Nov. 30. ***Juanita “Dollie” Johnnie Clark, 85, died Nov. 28. ***Harold McKay Huffpauir, 76, died Nov. 29 at his residency.***Clarence Allen Parkhurst, 90, died Nov. 28. Services pending.***Bobby Thomas, 65, of Orange, died Monday, Dec. 3. *****Congressman Steve Stockman in more hot water: The Houston Chronicle devoted over a full page in Sunday’s paper stating, “Rep. Stockman has failed to make federally required disclosure about business affiliations that stretch from Texas to the British Virgin Islands. He has provided no details about the businesses he claims as his sole source of income. He also claimed $350,000 in salary from an unexplained entity called “Presidential trust marketing.” The Chronicle was unable to find any business by that name. Also there’s more, much more. Congress claims to police themselves but where’s the hearing on Stockman? In fact, two weeks ago Eric Canter hosted a $1,000 a plate fund raising for him. Why? Because he’s a Tea Party obstruction vote. ***** Everyone knows by now that Judge Courtney is expecting twins, a boy and a girl. Well, we learned last week that Ms. Pearl is a twin also with her late brother Earl. Pearl was five foot and Earl was six foot, five inches.*****We also discovered that Jody Raymer married to Beverly, one of Pearl’s lovely daughters, is the same Jody that was a baseball and basketball star at West Orange, lettering four years from 1959 to 1962. He was a pitcher for the Chiefs in Coach Ronnie Andersons first year in 1962. We also hear the basketball player was six feet tall in the eighth grade and he kept growing. *****Time repeats itself. We got a text from Collin Gros at the end of the third quarter of the LSU/Aggie game. Besides being cold in Tiger Stadium he said, “Turn out the lights.” He was right, LSU whipped up on Johnny and the Aggies 34-10. (Editor’s note: Last Saturday Collin, Morgan Shaw and the Shaw family attended the LSU-A&M game in Baton Rough. LSU won again.)

12 Years Ago-2001

The Bridge City Cardinals defeated Sweeny 17-13 in the regional playoffs. The Cards earned a slot to meet the Mexia Blackcats in the quarterfinals. Running back Dwayne Breaux’s running style and speed has burned defenses all season. The Bridge City senior has carried for 941 yards to date and nine touchdowns. In the Sweeny victory, Breaux carried 14 times for 88 yards and a touchdown. All purpose Cardinal Jamey Knight kicked a 24-yard field goal and a fake punt/pass in the fourth quarter, by Luke Wolfford, followed with the winning TD pass to Luther Sanders. The mighty Cardinal defense hasn’t given up one touchdown pass all season. Quarterback Wolfford and Knight combined on 16 of 19 passes for 200 yards against Sweeny. Prior to the playoffs they had thrown for 371 yards total. Both Bridge City and Mexia made it to the regional playoffs last season but didn’t survive to make it to the quarterfinals.*****Pct. 3, Justice of the Peace Judge Flo Edgerly has announced that after 20 years she will not seek re-election. Janice Menard, Edgerly’s chief clerk, has filed for the post in the March 12 primary. Menard has many years of experience in the JP office.

47 Years Ago-1976

City of Orange election passes mix drinks; the Roselawn area was also voted wet. The election was filled with controversies and fire works between the wets and the dries. Lew Malcolm and Robert Nelson from the Orange Conventions Commission did a great job selling the wet issue.*****Greater Orange Chamber names attorney, former meat cutter, bad joke teller Roy Wingate as its Citizen of the Year.*****Carl Thibodeaux reports his pet stick stolen from his West Orange Pharmacy. The stick is only one of three sticks custom made. Roy Dunn and Richard Corder own the other two. Bad luck follows Carl this week. Over the weekend while fishing, he completely tore down his boat motor. After massive repair work, a mechanic came along and pointed out that the reason the motor wouldn’t start was because the motor was in gear.***** The Bridge City Chamber banquet is set for Jan. 18. Harry Hubbard, state president of the AFL-CIO, will be guest speaker.***** Orangefield Coach Ed Peveto named All Orange County Coach. Players making the team are: B.C. Cardinals: David Gauthier, Tony Mulhollan, Kim Bryant, David Cagle and Lon Hubbard. West Orange Chiefs are: Randy Martell, James Bell, Steve Hudson, Hosie Boston, Rick Bachman, Tony January and Bennie Pousson. Orangefield Bobcat players are: Brian Day, Ronnie Huckaby, Jeff Fruge, Ronnie Rudeseal, Dudley Kraus and Jeff Peveto. LC-M Bears are; Wade Kachtik, Kevin Harmon, Lynn Hogg, Sam Leifeste, Richard Ellis and Shon James. Stark Tigers: Charles Champine, Mark Eghers, Roy Rhodes, Jeff Keszeg, Patrick Sillers. Vidor Pirate players are: Doug Seymour, Butch Leger, Cal Peveto, James Gallier and Keith Woods.*****Cal Peveto was named Outstanding Player, Tony Mulhollan, Offensive Player and Jeff Fruge named Defensive Player.


The long, scorching dry summer left everyone praying for rain. Now, even though rain is still needed here, we're hoping the bad downpours won't rain on our parades. And Christmas tree lightings. The National Weather Service is forecasting rain for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, just when Bridge City, Mauriceville, and Orange are ready for lots of events and celebrations.*****People are recovering from Thanksgiving dinner, and leftovers. The Sanders and Ragsdale families gathered at the McClelland family's Cow Creek cabin for food, bonfires and memories. Sisters Myra McClelland Sanders and Paula McClelland Ragsdale are keeping traditions going as they remember their parents, Joe and Judy.*****David and Belinda Huerta went to the Woodlands to be with family for their holiday.*****Roy and Phyllis Dunn entertained the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren at home in Bridge City. Some traveled from Florida to make it a family occasion.*****Cecil and Nancy Byers were with daughter, Elizabeth Sanchez and her family, including two little ones.*****Nevella and George Toal had a house full as daughter Rebecca Carmack, with husband Dr. Dave Carmack and kids Sophia, Salma, and Cyrus came to town. Son Jason and wife Amber traveled from College Station to join for the holiday.*****Justice of the Peace Joy Dubose-Simonton got to spend time with granddaughters Sage Marie and Harper Kate, along  with their mom and dad.*****The Service League of Orange has been making daily drawings for its benefit Designer Purse Raffle. Besides purses, the prizes included goods from some of the OC's great home bakers. Brad Childs provided one of his signature cheesecakes, while Paul Burch and Adam Conrad were each making cakes to give away. Brad and Paul are on the Orange City Council, which leaves the question of what local governing body has the best cooks and bakers. The raffle was to help raise money for the Service League's many charity projects, including the backpack project that helps teachers discreetly put food on Fridays in the backpacks of kids who might not have enough food for the weekend. The Service League is also preparing for the annual Toy Coffee next week, December 7, to help the Orange County Salvation Army with Christmas toys and donations. The coffee and tours this year will be in two restored historic houses owned by Beth and Kenneth Wheeler.*****Paul Burch will be donating his time again on Sunday as he is the celebrity bingo caller for the Orange Train Depot as they have a bingo fundraiser. Tickets may still be available through Rose Simar.*****Thanksgiving week travels weren't only for family dinners. Baylor University invited Orangefield football standout Mason Manning to Waco and the West Virginia game. His dad, Doug Manning, accompanied him to see the Bears win.*****Kelli Patin and Sandie Lincoln are traveling in the Swiss Alps.*****Carly Thibodeau and Colleen Curtis visited Natchitoches, Louisiana, which has become famous for its Christmas lights and festival.*****Jody Chesson and Adam Conrad stayed close to home, enjoying wine by the fireside in the new tasting house at Free State Winery.*****Happy 45th Anniversary to George and Janelle Sehon, and also Sue and Tommy Semar, who celebrate their 35th anniversary. Lee and Elizabeth Ludwig had another anniversary, as did Kristopher and Regina Marple.


Folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days: Nov. 29: Tyler Bearden, Keith Lange, Sharon Evans, Troy Manuel, Abby Reynolds, Shirle Beaudion, Angela Harkness, Angela Webb, Carrisa Guidry, Freda Riley, Erik Tutt, Jim Bob Aven.*****Nov. 30: Evelyn Brandon, Vance Chauvin, Erin Evans,  Jamie Applebach, Kirk Ellender, Sandra Smith, Kenneth Manuel, Tish Garrett, Brad Braus, Ricky Harper, Ryan Anderson.*****Dec. 1; Stephen Clopp,  John Garrison, Kelsey Dardeau, Mitchell Backer, Wesley Duncan, Amanda George.*****Dec. 1: Cheryl Fornols,  Jake Glazner, Vergie Thomas, Lisa Walker, Beverly Blalack, Edd Brown, Eddie Robertson, Marie Moran.*****Dec. 3: Wayne Scales, Barbara Blackwell, Sandra Huthison, Todd Wilson, Trisha Anderson, Amber Franklin, Vincent Hoyt, Carolyn Andrus, Slyvia Bland, Chris DeCuir.*****Dec. 4: Dana Simmons, Gwen Tallant, Stephanie Kreger.*****Dec. 5: Francis Breaux,  Belinda Force, Susie Collins, Rory Piccone, Shea Bolton, Steve Hightower.*****People who marked birthdays this past week included Orange's legendary Cecil Broom, who turned 92. As a young girl, she was a mascot twirler for the Bengal Guards drum and bugle corps sponsored by Lutcher Stark. And she can still twirl a baton.***Looks like the end of November babies can turn out to be good at writing for newspapers. Retired sports editor Van Wade and LC-M grad Suzanne Halliburton had birthdays, along with former Leader editor  Ken Sury, who turned 60.***Others celebrating another trip around the sun included Shirley Kogas, Penny Thompson, Debbie Hughes, Butch Campbell, Karen Colburn, Gene Soper, Bob Manning, Ricky Jacobs, Kaye Sims, Ben Wernig, Mason Grizafi, Devin Janise, Kade Parkhurst, Carla Steele, Rhonda Hanauer, Theresa Martin, and Kirby Read.



Joe Boudreaux’s boy Lester met dis beautiful blond in da French

Quarters. He fell in love rat den. He wanted to marry her rat away. Dolly, da blond, her say, “We don’t know anyting bot each utter.”

Lester say, “Dat’s alright, we’ll learn as we go.”

Dolly consented and dey went on dere honeymoon at a nice resort. While at da pool, Lester climb up to da 10 meter diving board and

did a two and a half tuck gainer, a tree rotation jackknife and cut da water like a knife. Lester came back and lay down on da towel.

Dolly say, “Boy, dat was incredible.”

Lester say, “I was a national diving champion at LSU. You see, I told you we’d learn more about each other.”

Dolly got up, went to da pool and started swimming. After 24 laps she came and lay down next to Lester,not even breathing hard.

Lester say, “Dat was really someting, were you an Olympic endurance swimmer hanh?”

“No,” answered Dolly, “I was a hooker me, in Golden Meadow, Louisiana but I worked boat sides of the bayou.”



A Troubling Trump Pardon

A commutation for a drug smuggler named Jonathan Braun had broader implications than previously known. It puts new focus on how Donald Trump would use his clemency powers in a second term. Even amid the uproar over President Donald J. Trump’s freewheeling use of his pardon powers at the end of his term, one commutation stood out. Jonathan Braun of New York had served just two and a half years of a decade-long sentence for running a massive marijuana ring, when Mr. Trump, at 12:51 a.m. on his last day in office, announced he would be freed. Mr. Braun was, to say the least, an unusual candidate for clemency. A Staten Islander with a history of violent threats, Mr. Braun had told a rabbi who owed him money: “I am going to make you bleed.” Mr. Braun’s family had told confidants they were willing to spend millions of dollars to get him out of prison. At the time, Mr. Trump’s own Justice Department and federal regulators, as well as New York state authorities, were still after him for his role in an entirely separate matter: his work as a predatory lender, making what judges later found were fraudulent and usurious loans to cash-strapped small businesses. Nearly three years later, the consequences of Mr. Braun’s commutation are becoming clearer, raising new questions about how Mr. Trump intervened in criminal justice decisions and what he could do in a second term, when he would have the power to make good on his suggestions that he would free supporters convicted of storming the Capitol and possibly even to pardon himself if convicted of the federal charges he faces. Just months after Mr. Trump freed him, Mr. Braun returned to working as a predatory lender, according to New York State’s attorney general. Two months ago, a New York state judge barred him from working in the industry. Weeks later, a federal judge, acting on a complaint from the Federal Trade Commission, imposed a nationwide ban on him. Since returning to predatory lending after being freed, Mr. Braun is still engaging in deceptive business tactics, regulators and customers say. In working to secure his release, Mr. Braun’s family used a connection to Charles Kushner, the father of Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House adviser, to try to get the matter before Mr. Trump. Jared Kushner’s White House office drafted the language used in the news release to announce commutations for Mr. Braun and others. Mr. Kushner took a major role in the less structured vetting process that resulted in Mr. Braun’s commutation. The Justice Department investigators from Manhattan involved in the cooperation negotiations with Mr. Braun were never consulted. William P. Barr, a Trump attorney general who had left by the time of the Braun commutation, said when he took over the Justice Department he discovered that “there were pardons being given without any vetting by the department.” Mr. Barr added that he told Trump aides they should at least send over names of those being considered so the department could thoroughly examine their records. (Article by New York Times Michael S. Schmidt, Maggie Haberman, Jonathan Swan and Alan Feuer.) *****Well my time is up. Thanks for yours. Read us cover to cover and please shop our family of advertisers. We thank you for your support. Take care and God bless.



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