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The city of Orange is beginning a new year cleaning house


Last updated 1/23/2024 at 5:37pm

The city of Orange is beginning a new year cleaning house, or at least dilapidated houses and buildings.

As the city continues to give out Economic Development Corporation grants for new businesses and construction, the city is also tearing down eyesores, including another section of Sabine Park Apartments, which were originally Gilmer Homes built in the early 1940s for World War II.

City Planning Director Kelvin Knauf said a the city council a few years ago agreed to spend money from the general fund to demolish falling down buildings and clear the lots. On Tuesday evening, the council was set to approve 32 more demolitions.

Besides a unit in the Sabine Park Apartments between First Street and Simmons Drive, the buildings include two abandoned buildings off the 16th Street business section. One is the former Palms car wash next to HEB, and the other is the former washateria - Orange Wig Shop by Walgreen's.

The houses are spread across the city south of Interstate 10, which is part of the old parts of the city, which is now 196 years old. The neighborhoods include the Cove, East Town, Brownwood, Historic District, Roselawn, and Clairmont.

Section 3 at the Sabine Park Apartments for low-income tenants is set to be demolished of its 18 buildings plus a parking lot. Manshack & Sons was the low bidder with $55,000.

In the summer, the city demolished sections 1 and 2 when the tenants complained about not having water and raw sewage leaking into the street and units. The city could never get the out-of-state owners to respond and put a lien on the commercial property of $145,000 to cover the demolition costs.

Knauf said a new owner paid the lien and is looking for investors to renovate Section 4. He said other affordable housing for low-income tenants is available for the Sabine Park tenants in Section 3.

The two buildings in the 1666th Street business corridor have been eyesores for years. Knauf said the city has been working to improve the appearance of 16th Street, which is the main entrance off Interstate 10 into the heart of Orange.

Others buildings being demolished with the low bidders and cost are, 1004 Second Street, Lark Group, $10,500; 907 Seventh Street, Cypress Pointe Construction, $3,940; 605 Eleventh Street, Ceasar Landscaping and Construction, $4,000; 1610 14th Street, Ceaser, $4,250; 3025 16th Street, Lark Group, $4,800; and 3315 Bowling Lane, Lark Group, $14,372.

Also, 408 Burton Avenue, Cypress Pointe Construction, $2,880; 1605 Burton Avenue, Southern Style Service, $17,500; 3024 Byley Road, Cypress Pointe Construction, $5,880; 1311 Cherry Avenue, Cypress Pointe Construction, $4,240; 1601 Church Street, Manshack & Sons, $6,800; and 513 College Street, Cypress Pointe Construction, $4,140.

Also, 513 College Street, Cypress Point Construction, $4,140; 3308 Cosmos Street, Ceaser Landscaping and Construction, $3,000; 2224 Cross Lane, Manshack & Sons, $4,900; 515 Decatur Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping and Construction, $2,800; and 1215 DuPont Drive, Ceaser Landscaping and Construction, $1,800.

Also, 655 Gardenia, Lark Group, $6,250; 1300 N. Hart Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping and Construction, $2,600; 1310 John Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping and Construction, $3,600; 2001 Lincoln Drive, Lark Group, $4,400; 1603 Louisiana Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping and Construction, $3,600; and 707 Miller Street, Lark Group, $3,500.

Also, 1912 Missouri Street, Manshack & Sons, $5,000; 820 Moss Avenue, Lark Group, $3,250; 1046 Polk Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping and Construction, $2,200; 2319 Riverside Drive, Ceaser Landscaping and Construction, $1,200; 1012 Ruby Lane, Manshack & Sons, $5,000; 808 Sholars Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping and Construction; $2,800; 1501 Simmons Drive, Cypress Pointe Construction, $3,880; and 903 Texas Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping and Construction, $4,000.


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