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Sportsmen oppose continued Biden infringements

In a little less than 3 months the average every day citizen has been overwhelmed by an avalanche of executive orders from the new president Joe Biden. Many of those orders like... — Updated 3/30/2021


Moving water equals active fish

Most any fisherman who spends time on our local waters has a theory about how the tides work and where they need to be to catch fish during those tides. Surprisingly enough there ar... — Updated 3/23/2021


White House continues pursuit against 2nd amendment rights

If you are a regular reader of this column or most any outdoor publication its not a far stretch to say you should be concerned with new gun law proposals generated by the current... — Updated 3/9/2021


It's not for everybody

True trophy trout, like this one Carlin Leavelle caught, pushing 10 pounds and 30 inches long are what saltwater fisherman dream about. You ever wonder what a 64 pack of Crayola... — Updated 3/2/2021


It's not for everybody

You ever wonder what a 64 pack of Crayola crayons, 31 flavors of ice cream at Baskin Robbins, or bags of assorted candy have in common? The answer is they offer something for... — Updated 2/17/2021


Big fish step up as temperatures climb

As far as I am concerned February and March have to be some of the best times on the calendar for a wide variety of reasons. Spring is closing in and everything starts to heat up,... — Updated 2/9/2021


Big opportunities found in small windows

Big trout in the winter are not caught by accident, take advantage of the conditions when they get right. How many times have you had it happen to you? After hours of fishing,... — Updated 2/2/2021


Final weekend woes

Local waterfowl hunters finish off their main season this weekend and for many it will be welcome sight. Ducks and geese locally been beyond sparse and just down right non existent... — Updated 1/26/2021


Heading for the home stretch

 With just a precious few days left in the 2020-21 hunting season most outdoors folks are scurrying around trying to finish up on a high note. Whitetail season is done except for a... — Updated 1/19/2021


All you can do is laugh

From my perch on the poling platform I often have plenty of time to think while I push my little boat around the marsh. The standard stuff that goes through every fisherman's mind... — Updated 1/12/2021


Staying away from "Us vs. Them"

If I asked you to name a good old fashioned rivalry it probably wouldn't take you very long to name off a few contenders. Family rivalries like the Hatfield's and McCoy's jump to... — Updated 1/5/2021


Conquer your fear of muddy water for winter success

Here in Texas there are a few things that are common from Sabine to Baffin at this time of the year and everyone who calls the coast or saltwater home has an idea what those things... — Updated 12/29/2020


Lessons learned in warmer months spell winter success

Winter fishing heats up when you locate productive structure. It's a common known fact that we have some of the craziest weather in the world here in Texas, especially on the... — Updated 12/22/2020


Switching gears for winter success

Winter time fishing can be worth the effort when everything comes together. To the casual observer or holiday traveler the sight of a fishing boat during winter is a cry for help,... — Updated 12/15/2020


Waterfowl road trips more common than ever

For months the faithful waited in anticipation for opening day and in what seems to be the blink of an eye the 2020-21 duck season is just about gone. With a few weeks to go before... — Updated 12/8/2020


Louisiana duck season ends this weekend as hunters take advantage of the split season

With the Texas duck season closed for the split season the only game in town is for folks chasing ducks is hunting in Louisiana. This weekend will be the final weekend of the first... — Updated 12/1/2020


Texas duck hunters coasting into the split

The first half of duck season for most Texas hunters in our area will end on Sunday and will not re-open until December 5th for the North zone and December 12th for the South... — Updated 11/24/2020


Local duck hunters from both Texas and Louisiana have enjoyed solid starts to their seasons.

Louisiana duck season opens as Texas hunters continue red hot start. The glow from L.E.D. lights lit up all the local boat ramps as trucks and mud boats got cranked up for an early... — Updated 11/18/2020


A sportsman's take on the presidential election

Every 4 years during the elections I have always given a perspective on the candidates from the standpoint of those of us who enjoy outdoor pursuits such as hunters and fishermen.... — Updated 10/27/2020


Practice time on the range spells success in the field

It happens every year at this time, they come in huge numbers with that panicked look of “I am way behind schedule” etched all over their faces. They scurry to the shooting... — Updated 10/20/2020


Local bowhunters get ready for season opener

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures becomes slightly more tolerable it is plain to see that fall and hunting season are just around the corner. For local hunters, the... — Updated 9/22/2020


The Rice is Right

Saturday morning’s early teal season opener began with plenty of odds stacked against most hunters in our area but that fact did not dampen the enthusiasm associated with the... — Updated 9/15/2020


Local hunters prepare as teal season set to open

cut: Local hunters have already begun brushing blinds in preparation for the teal season opener this weekend.  cut: Local hunters need to take precautions during teal season as... — Updated 9/8/2020


Trout, teal and doves take center stage

It doesn't make any difference if you're a hunter or a fisherman because this time of the year has something for everyone and it's all good. The brief cool down from near triple... — Updated 8/24/2020


Cheap entertainment 

For some unknown reason society has always been interested in and amused by the misfortunes of others. Television has had countless shows dedicated to "bloopers" and other gaffes... — Updated 7/28/2020


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