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Alternative medicine for any fisherman

In every sport there are different levels of accomplishment, different levels of skill. In baseball you have rookie leagues, minor leagues, and then you have the guys in the majors... — Updated 12/14/2021


Deep water and duck hunters

Some of the best days I have ever had as a fisherman happened in the Sabine River so to say I hold a fondness for that place would be an understatement. I have seen all manner of... — Updated 12/7/2021


Texas duck season closes for first split

The first half of duck season came to an abrupt end for most local Texas Hunters this past weekend and on Sunday it closes for Louisiana hunters as well. Reports from all along the... — Updated 11/30/2021


Good Vibrations

As a youngster growing up fishing every piece of water I could find from canals to stock ponds as well as the occasional trip to the river or lake I can always remember carrying... — Updated 11/23/2021


First time for a lifetime

Ask anyone who hunts or fishes about how they got started in the sport or what was the first thing they caught or killed and I'll bet you they can recite all the details about the... — Updated 11/16/2021


There is a lot to like right now

I would like to go on record as suggesting that we make some sort of holiday out of opening weekend of hunting season, give everyone the following Monday off to enjoy one of the... — Updated 11/9/2021


Dickie Colburn "a guide's guide"

Anybody from our part of the world who fishes has in some way been influenced by the man everyone referred to as "Dickie", he cut a wide path and will forever be remembered for his... — Updated 11/2/2021


Youth Weekend important for many reasons

One of perhaps the most anticipated hunting days of the year is upon us; Saturday morning starts off the annual youth hunting weekend in Texas. Young hunters and adults alike look... — Updated 10/26/2021


It's almost "showtime"

For a long time I always equated the best time of the year with the full moon in October, which coincidentally happens this week. For all intents and purposes summer is now in the... — Updated 10/19/2021


Bow season off to slow start, duck hunters making final preparations

Another opening weekend for Texas bowhunters has come and gone and the again the weather man is at the front of the conversation. Saturday morning started off as good as you... — Updated 10/5/2021


Local bowhunters prep for season opener

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures becomes slightly more tolerable it is plain to see that fall and hunting season are just around the corner. For local hunters, the firs... — Updated 9/21/2021


Teal season opens for anxious waterfowl hunters

In what has become a highly anticipated yearly ritual, wingshooters from all over Texas will make there way to the fields and marshes as the 2021-2022 waterfowl hunting season... — Updated 9/7/2021


Dove hunters beat the odds

The sleek silhouette coasted over the tree line with that familiar darting flight pattern, the volley of shots only confirmed the obvious and the dove continued on its way toward th... — Updated 8/31/2021


Trout, teal and doves take center stage

It doesn't make any difference if you're a hunter or a fisherman because this time of the year has something for everyone and it's all good. The brief cool down from near triple... — Updated 8/24/2021


August means it's time to switch gears

I know it's tough to even imagine it, especially when the mercury is threatening to burst out the top of the thermometer, but hunting season is right around the corner. August is... — Updated 8/10/2021


The real thing is hard to beat when it comes to bait

No matter how hard lure manufacturers try they will never be able to create a lure that works better than real thing, period. The typical profile of the weekend angler is not that... — Updated 8/3/2021


Prospecting with a purpose

As I ease the truck forward out of the launch I can already see the blur of motion in the rear view mirror, a cat squirrel with Costa Del Mar sunglasses disguised as a fisherman... — Updated 7/27/2021


Options galore for summer redfish

          It’s a familiar scene that is played out all along the gulf coast from Texas to Florida, anglers armed with light tackle weapons probe the shallow shorelines... — Updated 7/20/2021


Stick baits and suspending plugs are summer favorites

The slick surface of the lake was disrupted by skipping shrimp and the familiar sound of trout crashing the helpless crustaceans. Each cast with a soft plastic was met the familiar... — Updated 7/13/2021


Beat the heat with summer variety

Easily one of the most alluring features of Sabine Lake area is the fact that you can catch so many different species of fish in a relatively small area. The brackish water holds... — Updated 7/6/2021


Understanding patterns help anglers score more fish 

One of the biggest and most intriguing factors that keep fishermen coming back  day after day is the process of discovery, figuring out the puzzle so to speak. The task of... — Updated 6/29/2021


Texas makes statement with passing of "Constitutional Carry" law

In yet another blow to the gun control advocates the state of Texas officially passed the “Constitutional Carry” law this past week and it will go into effect on September 1st.... — Updated 6/22/2021


Spinnerbaits are a muddy water weapon

Any tackle geek knows they are the next great weapon in the angling arsenal, saltwater spinnerbaits have come to the coast and the redfish have a new enemy. They come in array of di... — Updated 6/1/2021


Fishermen shift focus and see "red"

It's no secret that Texas fishermen worship the speckled trout, anglers will go from one end of Texas to the other looking for that one magic 30" fish could define their angling... — Updated 5/25/2021


Super trout call for super tactics

Anywhere you go along the gulf coast there is an unwritten standard by which all fish are judged, the magic mark that each angler strives to attain. For inshore fishermen the glory... — Updated 5/18/2021


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