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By Sherlock Breaux
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Last updated 10/6/2020 at 8:24pm


It's just outrageous what is happening to our country. What started with just one case of coronavirus has led to a recession and a sick nation. Life at every turn is a far cry from what we enjoyed as normal. We are four percent of the world's population and yet because of ill prepared leadership we own 20 percent of all COVID-19 cases and world deaths despite many deaths in the United States being undercounted. In Texas, a Houston Chronicle investigation shows that state officials were using low death rates to justify reopening. "A lot more Texans were dying of COVID-19 than were being reported. The undercount reached 3.811, roughly 44 percent of the deaths reported by July. We are seven months since the first reported case and are nearing one million cases in Texas and 7.5 million in the United States. We are far from writing the final chapter about the pandemic and its effect on our lives. Many of other world countries, Canada, South Korea, Egept, etc, because of good leadership, are back to normal. What we are now living through didn't have to be this way. It's pitiful, sad and it makes me mad at the stupidly that has led to this true failure of leadership.*****I must move on. Please come along, I promise it won't do you no harm.


The above headline is what President Trump told Bob Woodward in April and it's all on tape in his own voice. Just how deadly is the coronavirus in the United States? Citizens have become numb to numbers. They are just numbers after a while. Let me try to put the deaths in prospective. If we line up 1000 people, side by side, two blocks long and bring in 50 sharp shooters and killed them all, have 100 men in white suits load the dead in body bags, then load them in ten 18-wheeler trucks and two hours later repeat the procedure. Line up women, children, a 28-year-old female doctor, a 29-year-old father of three, old people, fat people, thin people, young and old. Kill them, put in body bags, load on trucks. We repeat the routine 12 more times and we have trucks full of bodies bumper to bumper from Orange to Beaumont. That is just the beginning, we would have to kill 200,000 more, load them in body bags, put in trucks bumper to bumper. The line of trucks would be past Houston. Our people dying of COVID are not just numbers, they are real people, loved ones, and 17,000 of those dead are fellow Texans. Right here at home 45 more have died that didn't have to if Trump would have acted on what he told Woodward in April. Yesterday, after a stay in hospital, he did a made for TV, reality show, saluting who knows what for five minutes and declaring there is nothing to fear about COVID-19. The move is to serve his own ambitions to get re-elected. He has no concern about people dying. Between now and when the new president takes office January, 20, we will have 100,000 more of our citizens die. Truck loads of body bags, yet we have a "Bobble Head" saying the virus is nothing we should be afraid of. In the U.S. 7.5 million will have underlying illnesses, "Long Haulers" that may follow them through their life. Remember his words, "This stuff is deadly."


10 Years Ago-2010

For near 40 years, we had known Vera Dolley, 71. She passed away Oct. 1. Services were held at Dorman Funeral Home, Tuesday, Oct. 5. Back in the 1970's, when Hamm Radio was in it's hayday, Vera and husband Gerald went by the handle of Blondie and Dagwood.*****We were also sadden to learn about the death of Louise Childs, 78, on Oct. 2. Ms. Childs was owner of Child's Building Supply in Orange. *****Melvin Croaker, 63, passed away Oct. 2. Services will be held at Claybar Funeral Home, Oct. 7.***** Rickey Granger, Jr., age 48, died Sunday, Oct. 3. Services were held Wednesday, Oct. 6.*****One of the saddest stories occurred over the weekend when 9-year-old twin girls drowned during a family outing at Texas City Dike beach when they were swept away by the undercurrent. Their 33-year-old father clings to life after attempting to rescue his little daughters.*****Tony Curtis, 85, was buried this week. He was born Bernard Schwartz in 1925.*****Madeline Bailey, daughter of Sue and Rob Bailey, was raised on Bailey's Point on Lake Sabine and learned survival from her parents. During Hurricane Ike she survived by getting in the attic of her Bride City home where she fought off water moccasins and other varmints. Last Monday, she wasn't so lucky when she was attacked, stabbed numerous times and beaten and left to die in a vacant Port Arthur building. We have known Madeline most of her live and if anyone was tough enough to survive, we knew it would be her. She's a fighter like her pioneer family who survived all elements that came to the Bailey's on Lake Sabine since 1923. We're glad Madeline survived but not surprised. (Editor's note: We haven't heard from Madeline in several years. Wonder how she is doing?)***** Our longtime friends Cecile and Ray Berard celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Oct. 7. Cecile marked her 80th birthday on Oct. 2. She is the sister of Lois Judice, "Jivin" Gene, Kenneth and Richard Bourgeois. She and Ray have three children, daughter Laura Blacksher, sons, Donnie and Gary Berard. Ray retired from Texaco.***** NFL star, Bridge City's Matt Bryant does it again. Two weeks in a row, Matt's golden foot has won the game for his Atlanta Falcons. In overtime, he beat the New Orleans Saints with a 46-years field goal. With just two seconds left in the game, Matt also kicked the field goal to beat the San Francisco 49ers 16-14.***Meanwhile, Orange native rookie, Earl Thomas, had another pick for the Seahawks who lost to the Rams 20-3. That gives Earl three interceptions in the last two games.***** Monday, Oct. 4, marked 40 years since Janis Joplin died of an accidental heroin overdose in 1970.***** Rick  Sanchez was fired from CNN after calling Jon Stewart a "bigot" on a radio program and Rick mocked a suggestion that Jews are a minority. Stewart is Jewish and had been making fun of Sanchez, a native of Havana, on his show

45 Years Ago-1975

Bridge City Cardinals pulled out a heart-stopping 21-14 victory over the South Park Greenies. After a scoreless deadlock in the first half, quarterback Richard Slayton and running back Toney Mulhollan provided over 100 yards rushing. Safety Gary Worster came up with the big defensive plays, which halted the Greenies on several occasions. Bridge City now 2-0 in district will face Silsbee also 2-0. *****Stark shut down West Orange 12-0 in the first half. Craig Couvillion threw two touchdown passes to Mark Bonnin. West Orange Chief tailback Lorrance Wills ignited a second half comeback tying the game 12-12. In the fourth quarter Couvillion threw a 43-yard touchdown pass to Wendell Rhodes. Late in the game Couvillion threw his fourth touchdown pass to Reggie Kelly for a 27-12 Tiger win. *****Jasper's Oliver Hadnot went over, around and through the Little Cypress-Mauriceville defense for a total of 260 yards rushing to beat the Bears 41-28. Next week B.C. visits Hadnot in Jasper.*****While river fishing, C.A. and Darlene Burgess mopped up on bass in a black water slough. They used humpback rebels to take their limit of sigh running from 2.5 pounds to 4.5 pounds. (Editor's note: I wonder is bass fishermen still use humpback rebels for bass?*****Former Charlie Sprott's Barbecue, at 92 Orange Ave., is under new management. Longtime Charlie employee Allene Stratton bought the business. *****On Oct. 15, pharmacist Carl Thibodeaux will turn 30 years old. (Editor's note: I remember when Carl celebrated that birthday. Since then he has been mayor of West Orange and is the longest serving county judge in Orange County history. *****Capt. William Bailey USAF, Kessler Air Force Base, announced that Tracy Addison has been placed on the academic honor roll. Less then ten percent ever make this status.*****Meat prices this week at Wingate's Meat Market. Round Steak, 93 cents lb. Select cut T-bone, 99 cents lb., Decker Bacon, 99 cents lb. Shrimp, 30 ct., $2.80 lb., Oysters, $18 gallon.*****Superior Tire, 105 W. Green, offers four-ply, Silvertown tires, all sizes, $28 to $34 each. Muffler, $19.95 installed.*****The Country Music Awards had a touch of Orange County and state of Texas with Vidor's George Jones and Willie Nelson performing. Freddy Fender, managed by Huey Meaux, won the "Single of the Year," with "Before the Next Teardrop Falls." John Denver, the pride of Fort Worth, was honored as "Entertainer of the Year." Waylon Jennings was also a winner. Charlie Pride and Glenn Campbell were masters of ceremonies. Unfortunately at that award show Charlie Rich was very drunk while performing.*****Sen. D. Roy Harrington has announced that he will not seek reelection. He has been a friend to citizens of Dist. 4. He is the father of Doug Harrington of Bridge City. The Senator is building a camp in Colorado and plans to retire there.*****Orange County's Wayne Peveto is State Representative.*****Bridge City Cardinals, everyone's pre-season choice to win it all, was defeated 12-0 by Jasper.*****McNeese assistant coach Hubert Boales, was on hand at the Stark-South Park thriller to watch the Tiger twosome, Reggie Kelly and Craig Couvillion. Boales said, "Kelly could kick for us right now." He also commented on local McNeese Cowboy, Jon Lee., "He's the best freshman lineman McNeese has ever had."*****Cincinnati's Big Red Machine, is picked to win the World Series in six games.*****Oct. 18 has been set as "Archier Fullingim Day" in Kountz. Many statewide office holders are expected. Fullingim was publisher of the Kountz News before Buddy Moore, of West Orange, took over the newspaper.

70 Years Ago-1950

Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Lutcher Stark announced that they were making a gift of a 60 foot by 360 foot tract of land at the corner of Cypress and 15th St. to the Orange School District.*****"Tiger Scratches," Stark High newspaper, announced the election of Sandy Sanford, student body president. R.C. Henderson, vice president, Dorothy Pettigrew, secretary, Betsy Bell, treasurer and Jimmy Schofield, reporter. Those elected were nominees of the Black Party. Candidates from the Orange Party were Tommy Adams, Billy Oliver, Margaret Peace, Pat Purdy and LaRue Armstrong.*****New West Orange School Carl Godwin Auditorium is dedicated. Mildred Crawford is principal, J.F. Hammers, superintendent, Joe Gallien, supervisor. School board members are Fred Carter, Carl Hudson, Cleo Bridges, Grady Gallier, E.K. Ratcliff, T.O. Landrum and L.A. Bingham.


I was pleasantly surprised to get a letter from a guy I knew as a youngster several decades ago. I was very close to the family of Doyle Wayne Morse, Jr. Doyle wrote in reference to a piece we ran in Breaux last week about his grandfather, Howard Morse. Doyle now lives in Tyler and reads The Record on the web. He had a sister whose name escapes me. Howard has now passed away. His dad Wayne still lives in Vidor. Wayne had a brother Kenneth whose wedding I attended in the big church on Main St. in Vidor. I lost track of Kenneth but understand the marriage didn't last. Wayne had a sister, Kathleen, who was the heart burn of the family. Quite a gal. I don't know her marriage status but was present at one of her divorces. They have a step-brother, the oldest, Tommy Morse. At one time Wayne, who was divorced from Doyle's mother, lived in our neighborhood with wife Sherry. Dugas Addition wasn't dull with Wayne, Chief Wilson Roberts, Curtis Lee and Roy as neighbors. Howard Morse was as fine a man as I have ever known. Doyle is thankful to have spent so much time with him. It's always nice to hear from someone out of our past. Thanks for the letter Doyle. Tell the folks hello and that I'm thankful for their friendship over a half century. Also I'm jealous of your penmanship.*****Speaking of friends, I haven't heard from John and Linda Heard since I've been out of pocket. I hope their health has improved since I last spoke with them several months ago.*****A few folks we know celebrating in the next few days. Happy Birthday Oct. 8 to Sandy Frye and Blaine Huff, and my God child Darrin Boudoin.*****A very special birthday wish to Marcell Adams, who will be 97 on Oct. 11. The former commissioner is a special person. The last time I visited with her, a year ago, she was still driving and appeared to be years younger than just being three years from 100. Best wished for many more.***Also celebrating on this day is Preston Pittman, a guy I have watched playing baseball through Little League to High School. Happy Birthday Preston.*****Oct. 12 is Columbus Day. Not much celebrated down south but I've attended big celebrations up north.***Today is also Milton Briggs III and Alan Johansson's birthday.*****Oct. 13, is the 87th birthday of longtime friend Nova Dee Holts Strickland. It is also the first day to vote absentee in the General Election, a day Nova has been looking forward to. She's been having health problems but she will feel much better after the presidential election.***We wish a special belated birthday to Frances and Craig Boudneaux, mom and son, who both celebrated Oct. 5.*****The V.P. debate is Wednesday, Oct. 7. The next presidential debate is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 15.*****Jamie Harrison is giving Sen. Lindsey Graham heart burn in South Carolina's senate race. The polls have them tied at 48-48 and Graham is out of money. Lindsey deserves to get beat after lying about bringing up a Supreme Court justice in Trump's last year and not giving Obama's nominee even a hearing with nine months to go. We are voting now and he's the chairman who will hold a hearing for Judge Barrett. He said his decision could be held against him and the voters of South Carolina are doing that. Lindsey sold out to Trump for a free membership and bar bill at one of Trump's golf clubs.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has been under indictment for the past five years is now under new allegations of bribery and abuse of office. These charges are compounded by an ongoing criminal case against him that has been hanging for more than five years. Top state officials staged munity that this time might put Paxton's neck in the noose. Stay tuned, it ain't going away this time.*****Meanwhile, Gov. Gregg Abbott keeps marching to Trump's orders. Now it's to suppress the Nov. 3rd vote. To help Trump in Texas, Abbott has ordered early voting drop boxes be reduced to one drop box per county. Five million voters in Harris County, ONE BOX. Where will the box be in Jefferson County in Port Arthur, Mid-County or Beaumont?*****So far V.P. Joe Biden is not spending any money in Texas, a state he has a good chance of winning. It would help down ballot Democratic candidates. Even Sen. John Cornyn is running scared and said Monday, "Trump took his eye off the ball with COVID-19."


Celebrating birthdays this week are Connie Elkins, Joby Brown, Ronnie Halliburton, Shelly Rose, May Campbell, Larry Welch, Robert Love, Susan Ayre, Linda Myers, Mark Prevost, Imogene Bailey, Barbara Fournier, Janell Matthews, Jessica Franklin, Anita Ryan, Laura Allen, Sadie Sellers , Katherine Jackson, Tara Edgerton, Suzanne Barlow, Wade Higgs, Janet Taliaferro, Sheri Wright, Ashley Theriot, Edna Collins, and Jason Sellers.


Elton Comeaux's wife, Agnes, wasn't feeling good her, so Elton took her to Dr. Desormeaux's office.

Da nurse Stella axe Agnes some questions to fill out da papers. She axe Ms. Agnes, "How tall are you?"

Agnes answer, "Me, I'm 5 foot, 8 inches."

Nurse Stella measure her and said, "No Ms. Agnes, you 5 foot, 4 inches."

Den she axe, "How much you weight?"

Agnes say, "Me, I weight 130 pounds."

Da nurse put her on da scale and say, "No, Ms. Agnes, you weight 168 pounds.

Den nurse Stella took her blood pressure and says, "Oh my, Ms. Agnes, you blood pressure is high, high yea."

Agnes screamed, "It's no wonder it's high. Wen I came in here me, I was tall and tin and you made me short and fat.


Fabricated Allegations IN FINAL DAYS

President Donald Trump recently shared a tweet with his 86 million followers that accused his Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden of being a pedophile. It was not the first time that the baseless smear came out of the Trump camp. On Instragram in May, the president's eldest son and campaign surrogate Donald Trump, Jr., made a similar insinuation, which he later said was a joke. Incendiary falsehoods are circulating in the mainstream before the November election in an alarming break from the norms of presidential politicking. The list of those targeted by false claims that they prey on children is lengthy and includes Tom Hanks, Chrissy Teigen, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama and Biden's running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris. None of them has ever faced a hint of impropriety with a child. The latest NBC, Wall Street Journal and CNN polls shows Trump trailing Biden by 57 to 41. Trump has lost voters over 65 years of age and suburban women, two groups that helped him win the White House with less than one month to go before the election it's a sure bet the Trump campaign, with the help of Tucker, Hannity and Laura at FOX, will throw caution to the wind. Expect an all out attack on Biden and Harris. They will desperately do anything and make up lies in hopes of peeling off some of Biden's support. You can expect a load of rotten conspiracy theories in the final days such as constant attack on Hunter Biden, even though V. P. Biden has been cleared of any wrong doing by a Republican intelligence committee and all other investigations.*****My time is up, thanks for yours. Stay safe, wear a mask. God bless.


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