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For the last 28 years, on November 7, we have been acknowledging Cedric Stout’s birthday and his surviving Pearl Harbor. He was 72 then, more than life expectancy at the time. The years have flown by and with the help of wife Cherry, Cedric has kept himself in reasonably fair health. He is the area’s only Pearl Harbor survivor, and only one of two sailors that still survive the attack on the Utah. He is being honored this week by both the city of Bridge City, according to Mayor David Rutledge, and a special recognition by Orange County, led by Judge John Gothia. A special birthday party is planned Saturday for family and lifetime friends. We join in celebrating the life of this WWII hero. We pray he will continue to be blessed with good health.*****I must move along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.



We are having a hard time getting over the accidental death of Dickie Colburn. He was truly a special person in so many ways. He wasn’t only a good church-going Christian, but in his life he demonstrated his Christian ways by his actions. Everyone should hope that their child will grow up to have the goodness and principal that he displayed everyday. I don’t know that I’ve ever known any other person that made it part of his life to treat everyone with so much dignity. He was a good example on how to live a decent, uncomplicated life. His personality revealed itself in his writings. We are re-running his last column in case you missed it and also to demonstrate his compassion and goodness. This world has lost a special, honest and humble man that will be truly missed. May he rest in peace. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2011

At Bridge City Wednesday, Nov. 9, at 2:10 p.m., three Cardinal baseball players will sign to play college baseball. Cameron Dishon, Ole’ Miss, Jacob Lemoine, U. of Houston and Matt Menard will take his baseball talent to Baylor.*****Dr. Conrad Murray, 58, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, “King of Pop.” Murray was accused of giving Jackson a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic. He could get four years in prison.*****We were sorry to hear about the death of Smokin’ Joe Frazier, 67, who lost his battle with cancer. I will never forget the “Thrilla in Manilla” when Joe beat Muhammad Ali. Frazier was a great heavy weight-boxing champion and a great class guy but spent his life in the shadow of Ali. He died Monday, Nov. 7, after a brief battle with liver cancer. *****The death of Andy Rooney, 92, is another loss of one of our national treasures. His kind doesn’t come around but once in a lifetime. He was an original, going back to WWII. ****** I found the following interesting. In 1948, A.F. Burns compiled the following information for the Chamber of Commerce directory, “Orange, the Gateway to Texas, the City of Your Future.” Population in the 1940 U.S. census, 7,472, estimate in 1947, 35,000. That was after the war years. During the war, up to 1945, the population was estimated to be over 70,000. Climate: annual temperature 68.26 degrees F. Here is what might surprise you, the annual rainfall 48.7 inches. What is significant is that in the last 30 years our annual rainfall has ranged from 63 inches to 77 inches a year. It might be that we are not in a drought but just returning to what is normal, somewhere around 50 inches of rain a year. The last few decades we have been getting way more rain than we should have. I certainly like it better when it rains too much but I understand it will be several years before we’re abnormal in rainfall again. So get used to normal rainfall, about 20 inches less of rain annually.*****Congrats to Bree Fontenot, Bridge City Cross Country runner. Bree, who came in second at regional, is the only Orange County runner to make it to the state meet. *****Commissioners Court honored Virgie Scales, age 100, with a proclamation this week. Ms. Virgie, who was a Mansfield from Duncan Woods, is the sister of the late County Commissioner Asa Mansfield and also married into the Scales family, Orange Oilfield pioneers.*****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: Spray a bit of perfume on the light bulb in any room to create a lovely light scent when the light is turned on. Works as well as burning a candle. *****On Nov. 8, 1960, John F. Kennedy, 43, defeated Richard Nixon to become the youngest and first and only Catholic president.

18 Years Ago-2003

Orange County sailor, Eddie Parks, marries Michigan Marine, Jennifer “Jenn” Patterson, on Nov. 9 at Brown Center. The couple will remain in the service. They had known each other over three years and met in Kuwait.***** All State Jessica Lemoine, a Bridge City baseball catcher, has received a full scholarship in sports and academics from the University of Louisianan at Lafayette. She is the daughter of Jody and Wendie Lemoine and the granddaughter of Billye Minter and Louis and Mildred Lemoine. Her brother Jordan is a freshman at Bridge City. ***** A LITTLE ABOUT THE PROFESSIONALS. The folks at Bridge City Bank are Jerry Davidson, president; Keith Fontenot, vice president, Phyllis Brint, vice president, Ben D. Organ, Jr., commercial lender, Thad Angelle, lender, Mike McGee, lender. ***** A NEW RESTAURANT OPENS: Robert Raminez, owner of Robert’s Meat Market, opens a new restaurant and steak house in Pinehurst adjacent to his store. The restaurant will open its doors Nov. 17. A few featured steaks on the menu will be 32 oz. Porterhouse, 20 oz. T-Bones and a 12 oz. Filet Mignon. (Editor’s note: Fast forward 18 years; Robert’s Restaurant is being remoded after fire damage.)

48 Years Ago-1973

Bridge City football coach, H.W. “Chief” Wilson, has coached his last season. He had high hopes to return to the state playoffs but missed by one game. He said this group was his best since the 1966 state championship team. The majority of senior Cardinals have been playing together since the PeeWee days. The seniors say they are like brothers. They are Kenny Brown, Mark Truncle, Bo Worrell, Terry Bridgers, John Clinton, Steve Trevino, Jimmy Lacomb, Steve Culp, Lanston Fall, Chuck Majors, Clint Belk, Jimmy Talbert, David Guidry, Mark Dunn, Craig Turner, Mark Flanagan, Darell Melancon and David Smith. (Editor’s note: Those were a great bunch of youngsters but on the field they were tough. A bunch of poor boys that came up rough. They are one of the top defenses Bridge City ever produced. They didn’t allow a point in their first seven games. Back then only one team out of a district went to the playoffs. West Orange-Stark beat the “Wild Bunch” in the last game of the season and went on to represent the district.)*****Twirlers at Bridge City High are Tracy Stout, Sharon Primeaux, Jonell Chauvin, Debbie Newsom, Sharon Clark, Melanie McClain, Mary Henderson and Debbie Voohries.


My thoughts this morning are about Frank Beauchamp, Dickie Colburn’s lifelong friend going back to Stark High football. Judge Sid Caillavet, Joe Blanda and I drove to El Campo for the famous game that the Stark Tigers lost to Pharr-San Juan-Alamo, in the state semi-final game. Frank and Dickie went on to play collage football and to coaching.*****Let me tell you about our friend Doctor Tom Johnson, Lamar Orange president. I’ve never known anyone who loves their job more than Doc. He’s 24-7 promoting his college. He never stops or slows down. I don’t believe he would trade his job for any other. There are some great things coming to Lamar Orange because of Johnson’s promoting the local college. You’ve heard of the hot dog eating championship, but I bet you didn’t know Dr. Johnson is the boudin eating champion. Raised in Port Arthur on Nick’s and Judice’s boudin, he can knock out a dozen balls in three minutes. I just love this guy. Here is a side note: Last week at the Gatemouth Brown ribbon cutting, Gates brother, Bobby Brown, was in attendance. What you might not know is that Bobby also was a great musician and many years ago he was leader of the house band at Lou-Ann’s club on IH-10, owned by Alton Steward.*****A few folks we know celebrating in the next few days. Nov. 3: Happy Birthday to Joe Palaez, Mary’s special daughter Debbie Stanton, Dave Carlton, and Vickie Lowe.*****Nov. 4: Celebrating today Louise Fusilier, Kim Moore, Wanda Shugart, Pam Guyote, and Gail Hass. Happy Anniversary to David and Harriet Dubose.*****Nov. 5: Happy Birthday Kember Ess, Chris Rogers, Gina Beaulieu, Camden Walton, Sharon Primeaux and Margaret Thibodeaux.*****Nov. 6: Former commissioner, CPA, John Dubose, celebrates today. Also having birthdays are Lori Chesson, Carolyn Phelps, Jackie Litton and port commissioner Johnny Montagne, Jr. Happy Anniversary to Tammy and Shawn Davis.*****Nov. 7: Pearl Harbor survivor Cedric Stout, is 100-years-old today. Also Rodney Mosier, Chuckie Ganze and former longtime lawman Wilson Roberts, the first and oldest living Bridge City police chief. Also Wilson met Veronica on his birthday and that date was so special, he got a saw mill license, good for two days, and married V.J. the next day. Happy 33rd anniversary to our longtime friends.*****Nov. 8: Happy Birthday to Keith Longlois, Dixie Brint and Debra Burch.*****Nov. 9: Celebrating today are Madalyn Carpenter, Jennifer Chaknine, Susan Veillon, Charlotte Wooten, Linda Faulk, Eric Meadows and Keith Royal.***** Over the last 20 or so years, the city of Bridge City has been one of the best run cities in the county, from mayors and council to city managers. Jerry Jones has done a yeoman’s job as city manager. He has announced he is retiring Jan. 14, 2022. Jerry will be missed. He saw the city through several storms and floods. He has made more improvements with water, drainage and sewer than all the years before him. Another loss is longtime public servant Lucy Fields, who resigned her council post this week. Happy sailing to both of them and thanks.*****Our friend Mary Alice Hartsfield underwent gall bladder surgery a couple of weeks ago. She is now on the mend. When she’s out of commission us old folks feel it. She does so much to help elderly people, including her mom.*****I predicted we wouldn’t have a hurricane this year but never would have believed Orange County would be hit with two tornadoes last week.*****The Houston Astros have to win two games Tuesday and Wednesday to win the World Series. The spirit of Atlanta’s great Hank Aaron has been with the Braves. There is no better team to watch than the Astros when their hitting is on all cylinders.*****Mark Dunn has quite a story to tell and he’s not very kind to American Airlines. He left home at 9 a.m. Thursday, prepared to fly out of Beaumont to Dallas, on his way to Florida. He was able to board the plane at 1:16 p.m., only to be stuck in the plane for three hours. They arrived in Dallas at 5:29 p.m. and boarded plane to Florida at 7:12 p.m. He finally got to Orlando at 11:p.m. but unfortunately his luggage didn’t make the trip. A driver picked him up in Orlando to make the trip to Vero Beach and his destination, daughter Amber’s home. He arrived at 1:00 a.m. Mark usually spends his birthday, Oct. 31, with Amber and her family and to his surprise this year daughter Jenna and her family were also able to spend his big day with him. All ended well. He got to spend his Halloween birthday with his two daughters, two son-in-laws and six of his seven grandchildren. He finally admitted American Airlines did the right thing by not taking off in the high winds.*****The amendments election turnout was very light in Orange County and around the state. Elections were held Tuesday all over the country, some with national attention like the election for governor of Virginia, New Jersey and New York City. New York will probably elect a Black, Democratic, mayor, who is a former police officer, and Boston will elect its first woman mayor.*****A lot more folks are dying from COVID than are reported as COVID deaths. Some one in Orange County dies every week. It’s still very dangerous. Most who are dying or end up in the hospital have not been vaccinated.*****I don’t believe the United States Supreme Court will let the decision on Texas Abortion Law stand as is. They will find it’s to restrictive, plus they will find neighbors spying on neighbors, for a $10,000 reward, to be wrong and third world.


Nov. 3: Actors Rosanne Barr, 67; Dolph Lindgren, 82; Activist Elizabeth Smart, 32.*****Nov. 4: Actors Mathew McConaughey, 50; Ralph Macho, 58; Comedian Kathy Griffin, 59; former First Lady, Laura Bush, 73.*****Nov. 5: Rock Singer Bryan Adams, 60; Actors Luke Hemsworth


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