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Monday, September 5, is Labor Day. Over the years, Labor Day in our area was always a big day of celebration. Just a few years ago, before the Reagan years, the labor movement that grew from the textile mills of the East became a strong liberal force in our country. Labor unions in this area of Texas were responsible for all workers getting better wages, even if they were not represented by a union. Labor, in the United States today, is at an all time high and unemployment at the lowest in my lifetime. Times are good and getting better. Thanks to the laboring, blue collar workers. Enjoy Labor Day, you earned it. Be thankful for those early unions that have made this country great.



Gene Edgerly, August 28, 2022

I was saddened to learn of the death of Gene Edgerly, age 87, my friend and sometimes foe for over 60 years. My grandmother would say about Gene, “He was good people.” Whenever I ran into him I would greet him with, “Little Drummer Boy.” Through his teenage years and through the Swamp Pop days, Gene played drums in a band. I recall he was in Vic Drago’s group. Vic could have gone a long way on the national scene, he was that good. Gene married Flo when he was 24 years old. They had a great life through the labor movement where they were both active in politics. They met and knew some of the most powerful government leaders, both state and national. Among their friends were Gov. Ann Richards, and many more. Locally, for many years, they were active in politics. Sometimes Gene, Flo and I were on opposite sides but we were always friends. Flo was elected Justice of the Peace of Pct. 3, and today she still is considered one of the areas most popular Justice ever and could still be serving if she wanted to. I never asked Gene for a favor, like helping someone get a job or whatever, that he didn’t do what he could. I spoke to Flo a few weeks ago but didn’t get the impression that Gene was so close to leaving us. A gathering of family and friends will be held on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM at Clayton Thompson Funeral Home in Groves, with a Vigil Service to be held at 7:00 PM at the funeral home. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held on Thursday, September 1, 2022 at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Orange at 2:00 PM.  Visitation will resume from 1:00 PM until service time at the church. Burial will follow at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens in Orange. Condolences to his family and friends. “Yes, Grandma, he was good people.”

Thomas “Sleepy” Smith, August 24, 2022

If you lived in Orange over the last 50 years and didn’t know or had heard of “Sleepy” Smith, you must have been under a rock. Sleepy spent his life in the real estate business. He broke into the business with some of the area’s best realty people. He started his own business, First Realty, which he operated for 40 years. A native of East Texas, Nacogdoches, Sleepy showed the city slickers how it was done. He was a fun guy to be around and never met a stranger. A few years ago, he called me from Canada on his birthday, August 6, and asked, “What are the poor folks were doing?” Sleepy would sell or trade for anything. He once called to ask me if I needed an intercom system cheap. I didn’t need one so he asked, “How about some cemetery plots, you can use them someday.” I laughed, but before I knew it, I owned six plots at Hillcrest. Through all those years in Orange, Sleepy belonged to most civic organizations. He was active in McDonald Baptist Church. Ms. Pearl Burgess, in her 80’s and 90’s said Sleepy always walked her to her car after church. About four years ago, his life changed and he spent his time in the Liberty area with his new wife Leslie. I was saddened to learn of Sleepy’s death. A life without Sleepy is just not the same. Condolences to his family and friends who are left, including his friend “Stick” Stringer. Funeral service was held August 30, at McDonald Baptist. Please see obituary.

Rita Anderson, August 22, 2022

Rita passed away August 22. Funeral services were held Saturday, August 27, at First Baptist Church in Bridge City. I first met Ms. Rita many years ago. She and George raised their family, four youngsters, at the same time we were raising our children. What I most recall about Rita when we were all young, was she was pretty, very, very nice, and had a different accent than most of us Cajuns and East Texans. She was a native of Massachusetts and had that heavy Boston accent. That faded as the years went by but nothing else changed about her. Her early years were spent as a seamstress. She held several jobs in Boston before moving to Texas and marrying George Anderson. For many years she worked at Kroger. I often saw her there. George and Rita were actively involved in Little League. Rita was one of the sweetest, kind ladies I’ve ever known. The daughter of Italian immigrates, with the maiden name of Savarino, she was different but very special Condolence to her children Mark, Jeff, Goober, Rebel and their friends. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2012

A census report on aging finds more people are reaching age 90. Among the 90-plus, women outnumber men 3 to 1. People who are 90 or older have nearly tripled since 1980. Analysts attribute better nutrition, advances in medical care, reducing heart disease and stroke. Living older states are North Dakota, #1; followed by Connecticut, Iowa and South Dakota. All cold states. I don‘t know if I would want to live 90 years there.*****Speaking of old folks, George “Possum“ Jones, a Southeast Texas native and country music legend, has announced his last concert tour will be in 2013. Jones, 81, has begun work on a new album with Dolly Parton. Many country stars consider Jones the greatest country singer. Jones dropped out of school in the seventh grade and started picking and singing in local venues around Beaumont. This writer recalls when he would help out at his brother‘s service station and ran with J.P. Richardson, Slim Watts and the guys from KFDM radio. His greatest hit “He Stopped Loving Her Today,” is considered one of the best country music songs ever. Also a standard is “White lighting.” The “Possum” never recorded a bad song. George died April 26, 2013.*****Judge Pat was complaining about Judge Buddie Hahn getting a front page story for jury duty. When Judge Pat served, he was made fun of for taking the $6 jury pay. We ran Judge Pat and Rosalie’s 43rd anniversary announcement which was Aug. 31.***** The Democratic convention opened Tuesday with a knockout speech by First Lady Michelle Obama and a keynote address by San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, who was introduced by his twin brother, who is running for congress. Wednesday will be a big day. President Bill Clinton will speak but his speech will be right in the middle of the Cowboy/Giant game. Bad planning maybe but they will get a lot of play because Bill is that good. A lot of good speakers on Thursday, including President Obama. It will be a fun convention, much different than the straight lace party in Tampa. I wouldn’t miss it.

20 Years Ago-2002

God solves murder. Ronnie Herman’s killer, Thomas Teal, 46, confesses to 25 years old murder. Teal said he confessed because he doesn’t want to burn in hell after he finishes his time on earth. Thomas and his brother Donald Teal, 44, were arrested in the shotgun death. Herman’s body was found floating in a slough off Ratcliff Road, in the Hartsburg area Sept. 10, 1977. “God told me to clean the slate and I had to do what I’m told,” Thomas said. Both brothers said they were involved in the illegal drug business with Herman. The shooting was related to the business. Ronnie was 29 years old.*****Tuesday, Sept. 3, County Judge Carl Thibodeaux undergoes arterial surgery for several blockages. Thibodeaux said his medical problems have come at a crucial time when the county is faced with a tight budget process. He plans on returning to the court house even if someone has to drive him. (Editor’s note; over the years, the Judge has had stints and other procedures but has always managed to get out a good budget. Budgets are not the best therapy for a heart patient.)*****Tyler Townes, a Bridge City High School student, has completed regular Army boot camp. PFC Townes is in the Texas National Guard. He had to wait until he was 17 to sign up.*****Coach Sam Moore underwent gall bladder surgery at Herman Hospital, in Houston.*****Coach Dan Ray Hooks wins 200th football game.*****Twenty-five gallons of gumbo, 900 links, 200 cut up chicken and four tubs of potato salad, prepared by Robert’s Restaurant, was eaten by 824 folks at the Pinehurst Labor Day picnic.*****John and Joyce Guidry celebrates their 50th anniversary on Aug. 30.*****Orangefield Bobcat Coach Kevin Flannigan says his team could go to playoffs this year.*****Claude Tarver is the new head coach of the Bridge City Cardinals. Defensive coordinator is newcomer Sam Pratt. A couple other coaches are Rick Deutsch and William Dotson. Bridge City beat LCM 27-7 in first game. Matt Peebles scored three touchdowns and had 225 yards rushing. Linebackers Robert Melich and Charlie Verrett led the defense. Cornerback Trey Rhodes also had a good night. *****Matt Bryant, of Bridge City, gets the chance he’s been waiting for. The New York Giants named him as their starting kicker. There are now three former B.C. Cards in the NFL. Shane Dronett and Jason Mathews are the others.

50 YEARS AGO-1972

Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Fain Holbook.*****Happy birthday to Judy Savoy and “Tonka Bill” (Rastel Lois) Hoosier, Judy is 23, Tonka 30 plus.*****Wyatt Paul Phillips, former LC-M Bear, was granted a football scholarship to McNeese and is working out with the Cowboys.*****According to Sharon Bearden, he’s been on a strict diet and lost 15 pounds. Friends are worrying that he might get too thin.*****Tucker Clayton, former deputy sheriff, is again toting a pistol. He is security officer for Nelda Stark.*****Moe Litton, trainer at Bridge City and Oral Roberts have something in common; they are both healers.*****Irving Street Appliance has a grand opening Saturday, Sept. 2.*****The University of Texas, with Steve Worster, made the Wishbone famous. Steve made Bridge City famous and BC coach Chief Wilson will use the Wishbone offense (a variation of the Houston veer). Roger Esterling is quarterback; Langston Fall tailback.*****Jim Crossland is head coach at LC-M.*****Mike Trevathan is the young head coach at Orangefield.*****Dexter Bassinger is coach at Stark High.*****Glen Green is the head coach at West Orange.*****Leslie Jones is Orange police chief.*****Clarice Sheffield, a beautiful blond, is the Jack Tar Restaurant manager. Star waitress is pretty Milly “Tall Boy” Harper.*****Joe Murray is the legendary shoeshine guy at the Jack Tar Barber Shop. Joe started his shoe polishing career at the Holland Hotel.*****Joe Dupuy runs the Jack Tar Travel Agency.*****Louis J. Fox is hired as Orange city manager.


This was the first official week of Texas legendary Friday Night Lights. Apparently Mother Nature was so upset about a Thursday night kick-off for the local high school season that a thunderstorm stopped the LC-M game and they had to go back to the field on Friday. Bridge City High got started with a Friday morning "kick-off" breakfast as the Bridge City First Baptist Church held its 42nd Annual Breakfast of Champions for the team, cheerleaders and other students. Everyone wore red (is there any other color in town?) and enjoyed the meal as Principal Tim Woolley served as master of ceremony for the event. Bridge City is equal opportunity for denominations. A few days earlier, the Knights of Columbus hosted a breakfast for the Cardinal band students. Friday Night Lights added another generation of Ragsdales to the sidelines. Mother Paula and Father Randy have retired from their longtime jobs at West Orange-Stark High, but son Ryan, a former Mustang player, began his WO-S Friday night coaching career. Proud parents, along with sister Rebekah, were there to take lots of pictures. My Friday night wasn’t the same without Stelly and Kimbrough and I miss Kimbrough’s college predictions.*****Gary Bonneaux had a birthday this past week and was gifted with an usual design for a Hawaiian-style shirt. His is decorated with pineapples and pups. The dog part looks like his German shepherd.*****New Orange Fire Chief John Bilbo celebrated a milestone with his 50th BD. On the other end of the spectrum was Cody Paul Marple turning 6 and now attending Little Cypress Elementary kindergarten.*****Over in Bridge City, Abigayle Philpott became a "Sweet 16" girl.***** Stephanie Roberts, who is everywhere across Southeast Texas, got a chance to be in the spotlight with her special day.*****Lamar University runner and former LC-M track star Eli Peveto turned 22 as he starts his senior year in college.*****Childhood friends Carolyn Gage Curran and Bobbie Jo Howeth joined together once again with longtime friends, including Kay Jones, for their annual birthday lunch.*****Donna Scales doesn't need a birthday to celebrate for a family gathering, but her birth anniversary was up. Outings included going to a Houston Astros game with granddaughters Stella and Indie Jaymes. Grown son James was also there. The mystery is, who spoils those girls the most?***** Other birthdays last week included Glynis Gothia, Carly Thibodeaux, Christy Smith, and Paulette Howington.*****Looks like West Orange has its own version of "ladies who lunch" with some powerhouse women names. Gathering this week were two West Orange City Councilors, Merritta Kennedy and Lanie Brown, joined by Jane Branch, wife of West Orange Mayor Randy Branch, along with Ida Schossow, president of the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce and Jane Branch's sister, Becky Arceneaux, Gail Langton and Patsy Menard.*****Looks like some Orange County folks didn't want to grind their axes, they wanted to throw them. Crossing the Neches on Saturday night competitive ax throwing drew a group including Jennifer McConnell, Robert and Mindy Currie, Jack and Nitia Smith, Brad and Terri Childs, plus Jody Chesson and Adam Conrad.

*****I understand Judge Derry just visited son, Dr. Mark Dunn and family in Oregon. Derry reports the youngsters are doing well and the weather was great.*****I’ve been meaning to get back with Quincy Procell, who sent us some goodies recently and I need to find out where I can purchase more. When old folks get a snotty nose, younger folks run them to the doctor. I’ve been run around a lot lately. By the way, I hear Quincy has found a new doctor he likes a lot. I’ll check on that also.***** American Legion, Post #49, 108 Green Ave. in Orange, will hold a fish Fry lunch on Thursday, Sept. 8th. The meal will consist of Fried Fish, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Green Beans with Pickles, Onions, Bread and Dessert for $10.00 each. You can place orders on Wednesday, September 7th or for orders to go on Thursday, September 8th call before 9 am. The number to call is 409-886-1241.


Folks we know who will be celebrating in the next few days. Aug. 31: Happy Birthday to Mary Behnke, Ron Kincade, Buddy Cox. Also Happy Anniversary to Rosalie and Judge Pat Clark.*****Sept. 1: Sandy Shugart, Julie Anderson, Virginia White and Bill McCorkle all celebrate on this day.*****Sept. 2: Happy Birthday to Cody Knight, Peyton Choate and Tanya Sterling.*****Sept. 3: Mayor T.W. Permenter celebrates today, also Happy Birthday to Rusty Dubose, Barbara Daigle, Kacey Harrell, Rachel Briggs, Ryan Fisette, Connie Gould, Debby Herrington and Debby Schamber.*****Sept. 4: Happy Birthday to Candi Cannon, Shirley Choate, Beverly Hanes and Jamie Forse.*****Sept. 5: Celebrating birthdays today are Virginia Oceguera, Jason Toal, Cindy Myers, Branden Bailey, Carolyn Ann Henry, John Tarver and Mark Forman.*****Sept. 6: Former sheriff, Keith Merritt, is still young enough but is a year older today. Also Happy Birthday to Gerald LeLeux, who is a big help to us. He gets our paper to hard to get to places. On this day, 53 years ago, in 1969, Lannie Claybar passed away on the operating table in what would be considered a simple surgery today.


Otis “Fats” Comeaux took his wife, Alice, to da big dance at da Dairy Festival. “Tee-Bruce” and da Cajun Ramblers was playing da music. Slim Thibodeaux, him, was on da dance floor dancing like a pro him. Slim was break dancing, moon walking, doing the back flip and da split. “Fats” him, he was jus sitting dere tapin his finger to da music and not dancing. His wife look at him and say, “Otis, you see dat man wat is dancing him?” “Yea, I see him me,” “Fats” answered. “Well, Otis,” said Alice, ”Twenty five years ago he propose to me him, and I turned him down.” “Fats” answer, “It looks like to me dat he’s still celebrating him.”


As I sit here to write this Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM, the other Mark Dunn is in recovery after undergoing a coronary angiogram. The procedure was done by Dr. Morbia, at Gulf Coast Cardiology, to allow Mark to undergo hip surgery. Mark’s wife Ethel is with him. Recovery from this dangerous procedure is usually 24-hours, but Mark has the Record Newspapers to produce today before 7:00 PM. That seems impossible but if you’re reading this he made it.*****Read us cover to cover, check us out on the web at therecordlive.com and please shop our family of advertisers. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.



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