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Sherlock Breaux in the Creaux's Nest


I pray the people will make the right choice in the 2024 presidential election. I agree we have two old men running but one is very disturbed and dangerous to our democracy. I’m surprised by the polling of women in this country that Nikki Haley is not doing better in the polls because her major opponent has so many negative issues plus he appointed the majority judges on the Supreme Court that did away with Rowe vs. Wade after 50 years. I pray that this is not the second time in my lifetime that the Supreme Court doesn’t help steal an election. Gore vs. Bush was the first. Please God, don’t let this be the second. I have to move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


After spending Christmas in hospital Roy went home two days later in hopes of spending New Year’s Eve celebrating with Phyl on their 69th wedding anniversary. Thursday night he took a turn for the worse. His oxygen count dipped and by 3 a.m. it had gotten so low that Roy, who has never been afraid, told Phyl, “I’m scared.” She went into action, called 911 and he was taken by ambulance to the emergency room at St. E’s. He has been very, very sick and doesn’t know how long he will remain in hospital. He’d be very appreciative for prayers for his recovery. By the way, Phyl spent their anniversary with him at St. E’s. 2024 will began their 70th year.


Cecile Louise Bourgeois Berard

We were saddened to learn of the death of Cecile Louise Bourgeois Berard who passed away Dec. 26 at age 93. Cecile died only days after her sister Lois Judice. Condolences to Gary, Laura, Brian and the family.

Irene Marie Stevens

Irene Marie Stevens, age 96, of Bridge City, passed away Dec. 27. A Mass of Christian burial to be held Jan. 6, at St. Henry’s Catholic Church. Our heartfelt sorrow to her family. She was a good lady. May she rest in peace.



10 Years Ago-2014

Well, here we are, the first day of another new year. What 2014 holds for us no one knows. We can speculate but that’s all it is. One thing that is certain, when this time next year rolls around some of us won’t be here. Losing friends is the hardest. Last year we lost way too many; Just to name a few, Betty Lou Womack died in Jan., then there was Jerry Wimberly, Don Shockley, Doug Harrington and several others in between.***** Congrats to Judge Courtney Arkeen and husband Cody on the birth of their new twins born on Dec. 15. Channing, a lovely little girl arrived first, followed by brother Chaplin. They both weighed in at exactly the same weight of 5 pounds, 8 ounces. Mom and the kids are home and doing great. I‘m not so sure about dad.*****Pretty Jana Ridgeway, of Bridge City branch bank in Orange, is due to welcome a new baby on Jan. 3. We extend our best wishes.*****About the time longtime friend Nancy Vincent celebrates her birthday on Jan. 26, she will be retiring from former Orange Savings Bank, recently acquired by First Financial Bankshares. I understand Nancy will be doing special work for the bank from time to time, however she wanted to spend more time with her mom, who is in an assisted living home. Many of her customers, as well as the bank, will miss her. Nancy has been at the banking business a long time.***** On Jan. 3, Our friend, married to the lovely Nelda, County Commissioner Owen Burton celebrates a birthday. He is retiring at the end of the year and not rerunning for office. As I recall, and it seems like yesterday, he defeated Sue Bearden in a runoff. He’s been a good commissioner.***Also on this day Roy Simar, Barbara Darden and Ann Burns celebrate.*****Jan. 4, finds lovely Vergie Moreland celebrating.. This would have been the birthday of the late BBRC Richard Corder.*****On Jan. 5, Tommy’s mom, Marilou Gunn celebrates as does our friend Fain’s widow, the always sweet Vivian Holbrooks. *****On Jan. 6, Joan Trivino marks 82 years and Louise Dubose and Sherry Morgan also celebrate.*****On Jan. 7, Sue’s little boy, Mike Collins celebrates. Happy birthday to all. ***** In Texas Children’s is Angel Sehon battling pneumonia and thyroid cancer. Angel was BCHS homecoming queen in 2013. We wish her a speedy recovery.

20 Years Ago-2004

Last weekend, Frances Harris celebrated her going away to prison on Jan. 6. The group of family and friends also celebrated the birthday of her granddaughter Nocona Burton. Frances was charged and convicted of federal kidnapping charges after taking Nocona to Honduras where they remained for eight years. Harris disappeared with the 3-year-old in 1994. Harris will serve her time at Carswell Federal Prison in Forth Worth. She was sentenced to serve seven months and seven months home incarceration and year probation. Harris said she shouldn’t be going to prison. She said, “I’ve gotten nothing but compliments.” (Editor’s note: Frances served her time and has since written a book about her experience. She does Christian work and enjoys every day. She’s a nice lady and I’m sure has no regrets. In life you do what you have to do. *****Bridge City graduate Theresa Hearn, a 1981 grad, is taking a break from her work in Nashville to visit her family here. Theresa owns her own company ‘Cornerstone Communications’ in Nashville. She is again working on the Academy of Country Music awards project to be shown in May. Theresa is involved in many other projects involving country music and is a friend to many of the big stars. She’s the daughter of Ray and Elaine Hearn and granddaughter of the late Inez Hearn. (Editor’s note: We haven’t heard if Theresa has been home lately. Last time we saw her she had two children, Grace was 6 or 7 and Jake was nearly 5. Theresa, like her grandmother is one of those rare people. Theresa has had a great career and makes her family and friends proud.*****Texas Monthly publishes Bumsteer Awards. Top of the list are Tom DeLay, Rick Perry, David Dewhurst and Tom Craddick. The magazine condemns the redistricting power grab. It will be the biggest injustice forced on rural Texas, disenfranchising them with no voice in congress. The new maps will create 22 Republican districts and ten Democratic districts. Most of the power will go to the cities, leaving out rural counties. (Editor’s note: Twenty years later, that is exactly as it turned out. *****Walter Riedel is chosen Citizen of the Year by the Greater Orange Chamber.*****Pat Pate, wife of H.D., had back surgery in Houston.*****Walter B. Hillard, 71, died Dec. 28.*****Buddy Bourque, 58, died Dec. 27.*****Joyce “Granny” Jones, mother of Arlene Howland, died Dec. 27.*****Jiimmy Tuppen, 83, died Friday, Dec. 26. Roy wrote a Down Life’s Highway column about his longtime friend Jimmy. In the column he wrote that with Jimmy you didn’t need a handshake, his word was good enough. Fairness was his creed. Being a gentleman and being courteous his way of life.*****Bridge City and Orangefield School Districts will see some major changes in 2004. Bridge City approaches completion of a new high school and Orangefield began construction on its recently passed bond issue. Bridge City superintendent Sam Lucia said he anticipates the new state-of-the-art high school to be complete in September.


Ryan O’Neal, Norman Lear, Sandra Day O’Connor, Rosalynn Carter, Bobby Knight, Matthew Perry, Suzanne Somers, Tina Turner, Lisa Marie Presley, David Crosby, Harry Belafonte, Robert Blake, Raquel Welch, Jerry Springer, Jimmy Buffett, Dianne Feinstein, Jim Brown, Tony Bennett, Len Goodman, Vida Blue, Willie Reed, Burt Bacharach, Jeff Beck just a few who left us in the year 2023.


We still have two months to go before the Republican primaries and already candidates and citizens are complaining their campaign signs are being torn down. Hope it’s only mischievous kids, because the behavior is juvenile. But then, local county politics have drawn a lot of immature acts through the decades.*****Non-party elections for city council and school board races will be coming in May. Those positions are a good way to serve a community and learn how government runs through rules. Filing will be from January 17 through February 17. See the story in this edition of The Record to see what spots will be open.*****The Ragsdale and McClelland families got together this weekend for the wedding of Kennedie Schnexnayder and Ryan Ragsdale. Son of Randy and Paula McClelland Ragsdale. The mother of the groom looked stunning in gold gown. Paula’s sisters are Myra Sanders and Analey Domas were there along with brother, Wes McClelland. Ryan had a bunch of cousins there. Of course, his childhood, neighborhood, baseball-playing buddies came, Jack and Chad Dallas, plus the Lee brothers. Dee Dee Windham and Pat Caillavet were also there.*****Former Pinehurst Mayor T.W. Permenter and his lovely wife Lyndia spent holiday time in Fredericksburg with daughter Parrish Bird and Tim Talbert.*****Orange City Councilor Caroline Hennigan with husband, Mike, are back in town after  Texas travels with a stop at the Fort Worth Historic Stockyards.*****Some of our locals have been taking European trips in recent months opted to stay in the great U.S. of A. for the holidays. Gail and Steve Maddox went to California to see the annual Tournament of Roses Parade in person, not on TV.*****Kelli Patin headed up to Broken Bow, Oklahoma, to hike around Mountain Fork River and Broken Bow Lake, where fly fishing is popular. Haven’t heard whether she took a pole with her.*****Speaking of trout fishing, because when you hear of fly fishing, you think of rainbow trout, Claiborne West Park will have their annual rainbow trout stock release on January 18 and February 15. These are popular events because the newly-released fish are ready to bit. The county park recently got some improvements thanks to Precinct 2 Commissioner Chris Sowell. Sabrina Gray is the parks director.*****The Orange NAACP will once again sponsor the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day March through downtown on Monday, January 15. Marchers may begin gathering at 9:30 a.m. at Salem United Methodist Church on John Avenue. From the church, the group will go to the Riverfront Pavilion on Division Avenue. No vehicles will be allowed. Marchers should wear comfortable shoes, plus bring singing voices and signs.***** Get ready for the Orange Blues on Green. Or almost on Green. A blues festival is planned for August 10th at the Riverside Pavilion on Simmons Drive off Green Avenue. More details will be coming.***** This Bowl season was the best ever. Usually there is one team with a runaway score. Bowl games played Monday came down to the wire. Two of our favorite teams Texas and Alabama lost but LSU came through to win 35-31. Saturday Dallas skimmed by with one point. Good games.


Folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Jan. 3: Jim Sharon Bearden, Owen Burton, Betty Johnson, Ann Burns, Alvin Wright, Barbara Dardeau.*****Jan. 4: Devin Force, Mary Williams, Angela Mazzola, Nancy Lapeyrolerie.*****Jan. 5: Lora Simpson, Catherine Young, Deborah Schlicher, Malinda Vail, Patsy Dowden.*****Jan. 6: DeeDee Viator, Clint Reves, Louise Dubose, Sherry Morgan, Marvin Ziller.*****Jan. 7: Michael Collins, Chance Chatagnier, Carley Barclay, Kim Haynes, Micah McFarlane, Betty Jagen, Carl Floyd, Libby Campbell, Ted Arnold, Teresa Collins.***** Jan. 8: Heather Mankopf (Montagne), Terri Gauthier, Lanston Fall, Mike Comeaux,  Joey Halliburton, Nadine Whitsett, Philipp Hunt, Sandra Cole, Sean Brinson.*****Jan. 9: Mattie Goza, Brenda Hearn, Caithlin Pastrana, Chad Meadows, Ken Steppe, Pat Gunstream, Ralph Buker, Susan Kelly.*****Others celebrating are Darlene Thompson, widow of beloved Constable Jack Thompson, celebrated her 91st birthday this past week.*****Linn Cardner, grand dame of the Orange County Republican Party, chalked up another year. She dates back to the days when the Republicans met at the country club.*****Bianca and Charles Garrett shared the birthday, but he’s older. Also with birthdays include Maggie Reynolds, Phillip Caillavet, Bridget Luna, Ronnie Perry, Cara Campbell, Bohn Dorman, Sage Marie Simonton, Stephanie Blanda, Debbie Peveto Taylor, Scott Eslinger, Karen Jo Vance, Kim Dickerson, Tony Theriot, Polly Gamblin, and Ashlyn Ellison.*****Those marking wedding anniversaries included Eddie and Kathy Anders, James and Stacy Boyette, and Johnny and Trudy Wilson.


Joe Thibodeaux, him, has been raising his tree little boys by himself since his wife, Clarise, run off wit Oris Mouton, da policemen, wen da boys was small dem. Da boys couldn’t’ get no one to play wit dem, probably because day stayed so dirty. Dey taught it was because dey weren’t baptize, so dey walk to da nearest church. Only da custodian was dere. One of da chillens said, “Mr. we got to be baptized cause no one will play wit us. Will you baptize us please.”

Da custodian him, took dem boys to da bashroom and dunked dem in da toilet bowl, one at a time. Den he say, “Now you baptize so get out of here and go play.

Wen dem boys got outside dripping wet da oldest one, Joe Jr., ax, “Wat religion are us hanh?” He continued, “We not Catlic cause dey pour water dem, and we not Baptist cause dey dunk da people in da river.”

Da littest boy, Tee-Ray him, he say, “Me, I smelled dat water and I know wat we is us, we’s Pisscopalians, dats wat we is.”



I’m very optimist about Orange County’s future. I see good things here, plus the boom is on with Chevron/Phillips. Our county is fiscally sound thanks to the leadership of County Judge John Gothia and a good, productive Commissioners Court. *****Thanks to our family of advertisers who help make it possible to continue this publication. We have great plans for the coming year. Take care and God bless.



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