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The nation faces an unprecedented threat to our democracy that thousands of young men and women gave their lives to protect. Former president Donald J. Trump, a pathological liar is actively plotting to overthrow American democracy. He makes no secret of it and his desire to be a dictator. He calls the free press the “enemy of the people.” He advocates discarding lawful ballots. Remember Hitler did not come to power in a coup. Remember Trump will do any thing to win in 2024. We learned just last week foreign countries had been filling Trump’s pockets with rubles and that’s just two of the four years investigated. The charlatan is not subtle about his plans. The only question is whether enough people will ignore the lies, insults, conspiracy theories and the disgusting snarly sneers and leering innuendoes spewed 24-7 on Fox News and all the other alt-right broadcast and social media sites and seek out the truth and the facts. Trump constantly threatens his enemies and inspires his supporters to harass his foes. We must be as aggressive in defending free and fair elections as he is in undermining them. We need to think imaginatively and creatively to combat misinformation, voter suppression, and election subversion. No gesture is too large. We must all pitch in. What we must do is guard our democracy from this serious threat to the foundation of our freedoms that so many have died to protect. We need rational, moderate conservative Republicans to grow a spine and stand up to the bully and his goons. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


10 Years Ago-2014

Orange County is where the ‘Sun Rises on Texas and the Stars Shine First.’ One of our early stars once carried a shoeshine box, where he shined shoes in Orange and Bridge City. He still has that box on display in his office. Former Stark High star, R.C. Slocum, went on to be the winnest football coach in Texas A&M history. Next week, Jan. 14, Slocum will be honored with the Alonzo Stagg award, presented by the coaches association.*****On Jan. 1, 1948, Ronnie Shugart was the first born baby of the year. That was 66 years ago. Not only did his family get a fine baby boy, they received other prizes from merchants.****Justice of the Peace Judge David Peck held 1455 arraignments, set bonds, signed felony warrants and held 36 inquest and dozens of trials. *****LBJ’s war on poverty speech was 50 years ago, Jan. 8, 1964. From it came Medicare and Medicaid. Some folks have been trying to do away with it ever since.*****Judge Buddie Hahn’s hometown of Sanderson is a fading West Texas town. The Ford dealership shut down, the football team went to six-men and Kerr Mercantile called it quits. The landmark 19th century Southern Pacific train depot Hahn remembers as a boy is no more. The Terrell County News Leader shut down in July, leaving only a public bulletin board for local news. It was more than some people could tolerate. A group of citizens rolled up their sleeves and created a newspaper with feel good stories. The Terrell County Sun hit the streets in December with a four page paper. County Commissioner Kenn Norris said, “You don’t miss it until you don’t have it, it created some buzz in town.” Today, the paper is up to six pages and printing 500 copies. The town, founded in 1882 as a switching station, before Hahn was born, was once an important center for wool and mohair production. I bet Buddie knows a little about sheep and goats. All but a few sheep remain and Buddie is long gone, off to make his mark in the world a long way from the West Texas town, 67 miles north of Fort Stockton. Buddie looks the part of a tall West Texan. He has those cool, handsome West Texas look, however, as long as I’ve known him he has never acted the part. I think he would look great, with his silver hair, in a white Stetson. He has never dressed western, boots, ect. He must have left Stockton before he got to be a horse-riding cowboy. I’d like to hear the rest of the story. I have wanted to visit with Buddie but can’t get Bearden to set it up.


20 Years Ago-2004

Orange County didn’t get snow for Christmas but Albino squirrels are adding a white attraction to various areas. Several residents report seeing entire families of the unique white squirrels. John Wayne and Janette Clark, of Pinehurst, report having several in their neighborhood. Jeannette says the fluffy, snow white squirrel, with pink eyes, showed up after the big ice storm a few years ago. Eunice Blankenstein, director of the Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation, said that Lutcher bought the original albino squirrels and some black squirrels from a dealer in Central Texas and set them loose in Shangri La. He started with a pair of each and they have since multiplied and spread throughout the area.*****On Sunday, Jan. 4, Renis Trahan, 81, formerly of Bridge City, died. A native of Maurice, LA., he lived in Mauriceville. He was the father of Shirley Walker, Tony Houseman’s “Girl Friday.” *****Willie Nelson to release anti-war ballad, “Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth.” One line in the song asked “How much oil is a human life worth.”*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Seth Allan Boullion, 22, of Bridge City, died Dec. 30.***Walter E. Snelgrade. Jr., 45, of Orange, died Dec. 31.***Charles “Jiggy” Adams, 63, of Orange, died Jan. 1.***Harry Elmo Davis, 82, died Jan. 3.***Betty June Landry, 57, died Jan. 3.***Linda Bailey, 37, of Orange, died Jan. 3.***Bob F. Crow, 83, died Jan. 4.*****The first baby born in Orange for the New Year is Dwight James Davis. (Editor’s note: For sometimes now babies are no longer born in Orange County. Native children, but not native born.*****George Navarro, Bridge City councilman, challenges John Ford, 33-year constable of Pct. 3. He is the first opponent Ford has had in 12 years. Johnny Welch and Larry Granger ran against him in 1988. Ford got 2,888 votes, Welch 1,198,and Granger 1,089. Ford won two races in 1984. He had three opponents, Bobby Lawrence, John Tarver and Leon Leonard. Tarver made the runoff with 1,866 votes to Ford’s 2,317. In the runoff Ford won a tight race with 2,332 votes to Tarver’s 2,092. (Editor’s note: Ford was re-elected in the race against Navarro. When Ford retired, Mark Philpott was elected to replace him and is the present constable in Pct. 3.


45 Years Ago-1979

Bill, Bill and Bill are the leaders of our state. Clements, Governor, Hobby, Lt. Governor, Clayton, Speaker of the House.***** Former judge Grover Halliburton receives invitation to Gov. Bill Clements inauguration. That had a bunch of Democrats wondering.*****Bill Townes named general manager of Howard Morse’s operations consisting of several convenience stores, Howard’s Superettes and Howard’s Big Red Pantry in Bridge City.*****Bum Phillips, coach of the Houston Oilers, subscribes to the Dunn family owned Opportunity Valley Newspaper. Dunn said in his note that Bum said he wanted to keep up with what is going on in Orange County. (Editor’s note: The OVN was a very popular weekly paper that the Dunns sold to Cox Enterprise in 1979.)***** Bridge City boxers win in Lake Charles. Jamie, Jimmy and Johnny Brooks were all winners. Also winners were Bubba Thurman, Shawn O’Dell and Bubba Ritter.



Twelfth Night has passed and Mardi Gras season, along with king cake has arrived. The gold, purple, and green colors are already out decorating houses and businesses as Orange gets ready for its 20th Mardi Gras parade and celebration. Hard to believe that much time has passed since Melvin Hogan and his late wife, Carolyn, organized the first local parade with local krewes. Who could have guessed the event, now sponsored by the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Orange Convention and Visitors Bureau would have grown so much. The Orange Mardi Gras parade this year will be on Saturday, February 3, because Easter is early this year. Mardi Gras literal translation is 'Fat Tuesday' for the feasting day before the Lenten season. Orange scheduled its parade 10 days earlier so it would not interfere with the weekend festivities of an established parade in Port Arthur the weekend before Fat Tuesday. Betty Harmon, who was director of the Orange chamber 20 years ago, helped establish the local parade. Melvin and Carolyn Hogan served as king and queen of the ball and parade the first year, and Betty, along with her late husband, Corky, were queen and king the next year. The ball this year will be on January 20. The United Way and Dow Chemical will have another free Together Thursday at 6:30 p.m. February 1, bringing back the popular New Orleans rock group Bag of Donuts to the Riverfront Pavilion in Orange. Bring your lawn chairs to enjoy the music. On Friday, February 2, the gates at the Orange Boat Ramp and the Riverside Pavilion will open at 5 p.m. with the chamber and city sponsoring a free concert by singer Chris Ardoin from 7 to 9 p.m. On Saturday, February 3, a kids zone play area will be open at the Boat Ramp with a Munchkin Parade for kids decorated bikes, trikes, and wagons at 1 p.m. Vendors and food trucks will be set up. The main Mardi Gras parade will start at 6 p.m. on Front Street at First, and then head through downtown to Fifth, then Division, then Tenth, and finally Green Avenue, where it will end on Simmons Drive at the Boat Ramp area. The Orange parade, with elaborate locally-made floats with costumed krewes has gained a reputation for tossing tons of colorful beads for the crowds to catch. As a celebration of the 20th anniversary, Heritage House Museum is having a special display of local costumes from past Mardi Gras royalty and memorabilia from parades.*****Partying and traveling seems to have taken a break this past week as people are recovering from the holidays. However, you know Jack Ishmael had to go to Houston to cheer on his Texans. The break won't last long. The MLK Gala will be this Saturday at the Expo Center with the Mardi Gras ball the next Saturday. Soon, there will be a cascade of events.


 A few folks we know having birthdays in the next few days. Jan. 10: Collin Gros, Sandy Uzzle, Brittany Ramos, Scott Gerrald, Emily Breaux.***** Jan. 11: Today is Harry and Margie Stephens 37th wedding anniversary. Congrats to two swell folks. Happy Birthday to Olivia Trahan, Ashley Rion, Fermin Brown, Grant Gilson, John Kraus,  Madeline Dawn Evan, Teresa Franklin.*****Jan. 12: Jill Sherrod, Beth Linder, Donald Edgerton, Bill Braus, Dana Sandlin, David Pendergast, Lynnette Lothman, Susan LeBlanc.*****Jan. 13: Commissioner Robert Viator, Lyndia Permenter, Rodney Townsend, Kent Hannegan, Ashton Simmons, JoLynn Sholmire, Mandy Jaarah, Patricia Coppage.*****Jan. 14: Stephanie Hurst, Chris Williams, Robert Simonton, Brittany Trantham, Mel Campbell, Rob Fisher, Tommy Thompson.*****Jan. 15: Martin Luther King day is celebrated the third week in January. This year the celebration falls of MLK’s birthday. He was one of the most prominent leaders in the Civil Rights movement. Celebrating birthdays are Paige Prejean, Bill Pryor,  Don Thompson, LaDonna Bell, Brennan Broussard, Carson Peet, Joy Hughes, Margaret Cavanaugh, Tyler Reves, Dee Culpepper.*****Jan. 16: Kaitlyn Potter, Jon Mott, Gary Dearing, Clayton Gearhart, Joel Meyers, Jerry Ashby, John Green III, Matthew Lee.***** Birthdays this past week included Bobby Bernard turning 90. Others celebrating included Barbara Dardeau, Mindy Currie, Bonnie Backer, Melissa Hattman, Jason Laughlin, Dustin DuCharme, Clint Reeves, Jeff Looper, Chari Clifton, Pat Butler Dyson, Joy Reeves, Erin Beard, Isaac Brown, Wendy Durham, Blinn College freshman softball player T’Era Garrett, Carolyn Martin, and Stephanie Blanda.*****Mike and Kitty Mazzola marked their 52nd wedding anniversary this week. Other anniversaries included Rodney and Dr. Amy Townsend, Marty and Charlie Wade, plus Elvis and Melissa Anne Rushing, who also have a new grandbaby.



Brother Gaspard, Sugar Bea’s cousin, is da preacher where she attends church, her. The Rev. Gaspard him, told his wife Agnes dat he was frustrated, dat he was failing to reach da young people and had decided with spring coming soon dat he would give a sermon on water skiing first ting Sunday morning.

Agnes agreed and said, “Honey, dat a great idea, da teenagers dem would relate to da sports reference.”

Wen Sunday morning came, Preacher Gaspard looked around da church. Since dere wasn’t enough youngsters in attendance, he changed his mind and decided to change da topic to sex, a sermon he had previously prepared.

He gave a brilliant sermon at the 8 a.m. service.

Agnes didn’t attend da early service. Wen she arrived for da 11 a.m. service, members stopped her to compliment her husband on da best sermon since dey arrived at da church.

Agnes said, “Why tank you so much, I can’t believe he sounded like such an expert, him. He only tried it twice and he fell off once, lost his breath wen he was short-stroking and it made him sick both times.”



Roy came out of the hospital for the second time over the weekend and had lost track of happenings so we will bring him up to date. His communication skills are not good yet. He says Rodney, running for judge, did it the right way. He came out with two guns blazing, invited all comers to be sure to bring their purses. They would be playing catch up. Thanks, but no thanks. Townsend will be a good judge. He’s from good people. Troy Johnson is a excellent judge that Rodney will replace. We are fortunate to have good judges, Courtney, Steve, Rex and Mary White-Rodgers. Over the years, we have always had great judges.*****The race is on for sheriff, and also constable in precinct 2 and 4. Usually pistol races bring out the voters.*****Mark and Ethel came down for his parents 69th anniversary but stayed an extra week to help care for his dad. They returned to Amber’s in Vero Beach, Florida, where they watch over the three boys ages 7, 5 and 3. They take them to school etc. Mark, since age 14, has been working for the paper, laying it out plus making ads. He does good work. Thanks to the internet he is able to work from Florida and still be a good granddad.*****January 10 is a special day for Roy. His grandson Collin “Billy Jack” Gros will celebrate his 29th birthday. It seems like yesterday Roy took him to Sam Moore’s for baseball lessons. That’s been 12 years ago.*****Janelle has kept a list of those who have called inquiring about Roy’s health. She informs Phyl and she passes the names on. Janelle says Judge Gothia calls often and recently Judge Pat called.*****Happy Birthday to a special friend on January 17th. Attorney John Cash Smith or “Jack” turns 85. Roy says, “Jack and I have gone to court several times, mostly over hurricane issues. We won every time.” Jack is smart, also a good actor. He acts like he’s so damn mad that he will blow up. It works.*****We need a few more local advertisers. Citizens are demanding more papers. We run out at all locations so we are hoping to increase circulation by 1000. No other publication reaches as many Orange County voters. Read the candidates statements and messages in this paper.*****Roy got to watch some football and a little CNN etc. He says he heard Trump say something amazing, “Mexicans are rapist.” Well, I know a gringo who is also.*****When candidates run for office they promise to work on both sides of the isle to get things accomplished. Now some hard-line Republicans, called “Trumpers” I guess, want to blame Speaker Phalan for working with Democrats. Go figure. The Speaker is good for our little part of Texas.*****Roy says as soon as he can he would like to speak with his friends Kenny Pigg, Mayor David Rutledge and Bear, and know about Quincy Procell and Sharon Bearden’s health. He also wants a good, deep talk with Judge Buddie Hahn that has been put off too long.******I must shut it down for now. Thanks again for your time and loyalty. Take care and God bless.



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