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The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ordered Texas to allow federal border agents access to the state's border with Mexico, where Texas officials have deployed miles of concertina wire. The order for now, effectively upholds longstanding court rulings that the Constitution gives the federal government sole responsibility for border security. In recent weeks, Shelby Park in Eagle Pass has become the center of a standoff between Texas and the federal government over immigration enforcement. Most recently, Gov. Greg Abbott has ramped up border enforcement around the 47-acre park by surrounding the perimeter by the razor wire and limiting access to the city park. "The Biden Administration has repeatedly cut wire that Texas installed to stop illegal crossings. Since 2021, Abbott's Operation Lone Star initiative has created tension between the state and federal government. Under the operation, Abbott has deployed state troopers across the 1,200 mile Texas-Mexico border; ordered state police to arrest migrants who are suspected of trespassing; spent $11 million to install 70,000 rolls of concertina wire along the Rio Grande; and spent $1.5 billion on about a dozen miles of border walls. Border Patrol has cut through parts of the barrier to assist injured people. Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against DHS, claiming federal agents had illegally destroyed state property. On Monday, the Supreme Court vacated the 5th Circuit's order after the Biden administration sent a cease and desist letter to Paxton for blocking federal access to the border. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined the court's three liberal justices in issuing the order. In a separate lawsuit, President Joe Biden sued Texas over the deployment of floating barriers on the Rio Grande.


Pearl Harbor Hero Cedric Stout, 102,

passed away January 17

Cedric Stout, born November 7, 1921, was a member of the United States Navy aboard the Utah when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. For all the years since Cedric had been a hero survivor. Many words have been written about this good man. Over the past 18 years he was a proud member of the Wednesday Lunch Bunch and was treated as their special hero. He was an inspiration to all who knew him, always standing straight and proud. We will miss him. Our condolences to his large family. Special thanks to his wife Cherry, who cared for him his last quarter century. We pray for her to have a good life. May Cedric rest in peace. Please see his obituary. He will long be remembered.


Dorothy Mae (Leach) Cotton, 87, of Vinton, Louisiana passed away on Monday, January 22, 2024. When Henke & Pillot, located on Green Ave. in Orange built a new Kroger on 16th. St., the company transferred Bill Townes from South Texas to the new Orange store as manager. Townes picked Dorothy Cotton as his assistant. Towns often said she was just the right person for the job. She was a hard worker who demanded the same from employees, yet pleasant and the customers loved her. Tough but fair. I see a lot of her in daughter Tina. Ray Cotton and Dorothy were a perfect team. Ray is just a big, kind, puppy who will give the shirt off his back. He likes people and is a promoter. Dorothy was the business person. Two great people. Dorothy had been ill for some time. Her service will be held Thursday, January 25. She was a good, kind lady. May she rest in peace. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2014

Orange County is where the sun rises on Texas and the stars shine first. One of our latest stars is Earl Thomas, a downtown Orange lad who honed his young talent at West Orange-Stark High School m under the coaching of Dan Hooks and Cornell Thompson. WO-S has been a factory for developing young football talent over the years. Coach Thompson has been a master at taking an ordinary kid, with good speed, and molding him to reach his highest potential. It is said that if a kid is good enough to play safety for Thompson chances are he's a good prospect for college recruiters. West Orange-Stark, over the last three decades, has produced many outstanding football players who went on to make their mark in the college and pro ranks. *****I recently learned from Judge Pat that many years ago, the late Roy Wingate asked Judge Clark for permission to build a lawyers bench in his courtroom in order to have something for attorneys to place their papers on. Roy found cherry wood that perfectly matched the judge's bench and that's how the bench came to be in the 128 District Court room. Another tid-bit about Roy is that he designed, cut and nailed every board one by one, to make the nice, sturdy picket fence that surrounds the old Sims house, (Historical Museum). Roy built many things, including furniture that he donated to needy. ***** Making all the wire services this past weekend was Houston mayor Annise Parker, tying the knot with her partner of 23 years. Parker married Kathy Hubbard last Thursday in Palm Springs. She had waited for Texas to legalize same-sex marriage but it wasn't happening. Parker is the first openly gay mayor of a major U.S. city. "This is a very happy day for us," Parker said.


20 Years Ago-2004

Area police chief officers are Mike Stelly, West Orange; Dan Robertson, Pinehurst; Sam Kittrell, Orange; and Steve Faircloth, Bridge City.*****Young baseball player, Matt Hicks, 12, was hit by an auto on Hwy. 408 while riding his bike. He took a big hit and was broken up badly. (Editor's note: Matt did suffer some altering injuries but that didn't prevent him from seeking his dream. He was a great B.C. Cardinal pitcher and shortstop and is now a pitcher for the Ragin' Cajuns of LSU Lafayette. Matt is facing his senior season.)*****On Jan. 20, Jason Menard, of Bridge City, a soldier in the U.S. Army, left for war in Iraq.

45 Years Ago-1979

Bridge City's $172,000 administration building is dedicated. Legislators speaking at dedication include U.S. Congressman Charles Wilson; State Senator Carl Parker and State Representative Wayne Peveto. The Rev. Ed Robinson delivered the benediction. City Manager C.R. Nash proclaims the opening as a red letter day for Bridge City. Ground breaking on the new city hall started in January, 1978. On Dec.1, 1978, moving into the building started. Twenty-five employees, seven of them fulltime, will work in the building that houses the city administration, fire marshal, building inspector and police chief. The building contains 4,400 square feet. Nash was cited for bringing to pass the new building. He became city manager on Dec. 1, 1976. Nash and his wife have two children. They are members of the Second Baptist Church. *****Judge Sid Caillavet is in Orange hospital after taking a nose dive in his bedroom. Friends kidded that his big nose broke the fall.***** Senator Carl Parker and State Representative Wayne Peveto file joint resolution which would repeal all state ad valorem taxes and set up a higher education assistance fund (SHEAF) similar to the permanent university fund available to University of Texas and Texas A&M.

50 Years Ago-1974

Spotlight on Bridge City basketball coach Don Calvert. Players are Randy Fults, Steve Harmon, Billy James, Art Simmons, Jeff Gephardt, Shannon Martin, David Weishaar and Robert Truncale.*****Bridge City football coach Chief Wilson accepts new position with school district. He becomes vocational adjustment coordinator. Chief had coached in six different school districts. He has been in BC the last 12 years. *****Allen and Viola Bendy celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary.


60 Years Ago-1964

Flashy Eddie Sutton, bleeding from a gash at the mouth, threw caution to the wind and hammered out a unanimous decision over Lafayette's Anneal Foreman. Sutton won the 'Outstanding Boxer' award. (Editor's note: He was 'Showboat Ruby's' boy and he was tough.) *****The new First Savings and Loan is dedicated. Formal speaker was Congressman Jack Brooks. Officers are Ward Stephenson, director; Wayne Cox, executive V.P.; Davis Cooper, V.P. and director; Joe Powell, Walter Ebanks and Donald Cohenour, directors; and Jessie Dickerson, assistant secretary. *****Commissioners Casey Peveto and Asa Mansfield seek reelection. State Rep. Clyde Haynes asks for a third term. W.D. Bill Joyce, former County ID officer seeks sheriff's post in Newton County.


All hail the king and queen from the House of Pennington. Retired lawyer and city Judge Jerry Pennington and his wife, Susan, a retired educator, reigned over the 20th annual Orange Mardi Gras Ball held this past Saturday at the VFW in Orange. The ball drew a capacity crowd as the Mardi Gras Krewes paid tribute to past kings and queens. The Penningtons will ride in their elaborate gold and white costumes in the parade through downtown Orange on February 3. Former King Ebb and Queen Kim Moore even traveled from their new abode back to their longtime home of Orange. Betty Harmon, who was queen in 2005 with her late husband, Corky, as king, attended in a black gown with sequins and was accompanied by her daughter, Debora Harmon Lanciaux. Other former kings and queens attending included Gary and Angie Stelly, John and Glynnis Gothia, last year's Johnny and Becky Trahan, Bobby and Sherry Hommel, Kathy and Randy Brown, and Ross and Eva Smith. Former King and King Paul and Raul Burch wore tux jackets of colored sequins to contrast with their black shirts.  Kenneth Wheeler served as captain of the ball with dukes and duchesses this year named as Michah and Cody Trahan Tant, Rabon and Lori Ezell, Trent and Crystal Rogillio, plus Marty and Jan Klucik. Of course, Robert and Carol Sims were there, with Carol in a silver glittered gown and Robert in traditional black tie. Others packed into the elaborately decorated hall included Lainie Hall, Adam Conrad, Jody Chesson, Pam Stelly, Russell Bottley, Dale Ezell Foreman, Terri and Brad Childs, Cindy and Ambrose Claybar, Leslie Williams, Orange Mayor Larry and Trisha Spears, Bob and Cheryl Stalnaker, Andre and Lanier Robertson, Krystal and Michael Sanchez, Angie Smith, Meri Elen Jacobs, Eric Ellison, Tricia Gillis, Greg Rodgers, Alyson Nickum-Smith, Regius Guillory, Freddie Champine, Janice and John Semien, Olivia Reves, Gina and Skipper Yeaman, Trey and Amie Smith, Sarah and Jake Nash, Randy and Paula Ragsdale, Rebekah Ragsdale, Ida Schossow, Denisha and Matthew Lafleur.*****The Orange Public Library is looking for people who love jigsaw puzzles. This Saturday, January 27, the library is having a puzzle competition for teams beginning at 10:30 a.m. Teams will each get the same 500-piece jigsaw puzzle with a race to see who can finish first. Also Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., the library will sponsor a puzzle swap. People who have completed puzzles and are looking for new ones will be able to swap out with each other. Call the library at 409-883-1086 to get more information or to register a team for the competition.*****Congratulations to Mikail Molley of Boy Scout Troop 290 in Bridge City for completing his tasks to earn the title of Eagle Scout.*****Ross and Eva Smith found time Saturday morning to attend great-grandson Mason's basketball game.*****We finally located Quincy Procell. He's hanging in there but his wife Nancy is in Baptist Hospital where she is being treated for diabetes in hopes of saving her leg.


A few folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Jan. 24: One of my good buds Nancy Vincent celebrates on this day. Celebrating also are Larry Gray, Randy Franklin, Toni Robertson, Eric Shuford.*****Jan. 25: Our longtime friend Roy McDaniel turns 99 on Jan. 25, also Amy Kidder, Jessica Hobbs, Judy Rogers, Melanie Thevis, Tayler Thompson, Taylor Fraccastoro, and Chelsea Anderson celebrate their big day.*****Jan. 26: Noreen Cook,   Haley Parish, Flip Flippen, Hayden Anderson, Mike Faulk, Ginny Pelpier, Ron Huebel.*****Jan. 27: Roy and Phyl's great-grandson Leland Clay Gros celebrates his 15th also Tommy Wolfford, Hazel Reedon, Jonathan Arnold, Kimberly Barclay, Melanie Prosperie, Mick Weidner, Tori Lummus, Virginia Pelletier.*****Jan. 28: Cheryl Gonzales,  Hollie Fregia Justin Gearhart, Chase Rendall, Colin Briggs, Jim Snider, Cheryl Richard, Kerstin Jewel. Also on this date Rosalie Clark, twin to the late Mary Ann Scofield, celebrates. Her twin grandsons Jackson and William, sons of Pat Jr., celebrate along with grandmother.*****Jan. 29: Longtime friend, Bobby's better half, Devra Cormier, turns another year older, also Wyman Ogden, Paula Perkins, Caitlyn Eubanks, Rachel Beaulieu, Ricky Miller, Traci Anderson.*****Jan. 30: Jeanie Kreger,  Lindsey Garrett,   Shirley Whitley, Carolyn Martin, Brenda Dubose, Ted Blanchard, Chuck Rowley.*****Birthday greetings this past week to people edging closer to the century mark. Sue Repasky turned 99, Donnie Hutch is 97, and Les Patin is 91. Other birthdays this past week included Rita Bonnin Monson, Cecilia Pillsbury, Keith Lindsey, and Nell Futch.*****Congrats to Lawrence and Gerry Huckabay, of Bridge City, who are celebrating 75 years of wedded bliss on January 28th.


A few years ago, cussin Sostan got hisself a ticket for da Super Bowl. He gave $200 for it. He sure was disappointed dat his seat was so high up he nearly got nose bleed him. Tee-Boy had sold him da ticket but it was closer to da blimp dan it was to da field.

Sostan look through his binoculars and he spots an empty seat plum across Reliant Stadium.. After several minutes of observation, Sostan decides to make his way across the stadium to see if he can use dat seat him. "Excuse me please, is dat seat dere taken?" he axe.

No, says da man, you are welcome to use it."

"Tank you very much," Sostan say.

He axe da man, "Why do dis seat be empty, hanh?"

"Oh, dat was my wife's seat, after 50 years of marriage she died."

"Oh, I'm so sorry me, Sostan say, but couldn't you have given da seat to family or a friend, after all, man, dis is da Super Bowl."

Da older man replied, "No, I tried but they're all at da funeral dem.


Local Politics Become Toxic

Back before George W. Bush became Texas governor, most of Texas leaned toward the Democratic Party. Orange County was mostly Democratic (split in two parts by idealization, the liberals and conservatives, commonly known as labor and management.) The primaries were hard fought, often no holds barred, even attempted pipe bombings and picket area violence but they always reunited in the General Election. However, for the very first time, with the Republicans in charge of local politics, the violence has gotten toxic. In all my years I have never seen people being threatened and people running for office having to worry about their families being safe. It's been a problem nationwide since Donald Trump came on the scene. For some reason I didn't expect all the meanness Trump preaches to reach this little part of Texas. Maybe it's more obvious because the Speaker of the House Dade Phelan is from our district and is being attacked by even some of the Texas leadership. For the first time slates are vying for control of the local Republican Party. It is important that voters know who the players are and what type of local leadership we will end up with. It is important that you, the voter, is aware of who is running the party, who is chairman and most importantly that each voter makes the right choice for precinct chairman in their voting box. Be an educated voter. The local party is now at the crossroads.*****I've run way past deadline. Thanks for your time and please shop our family of advertisers. We thank them for supporting their local community paper. Take care and God bless.



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