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  • Orange County starts hurricane recovery -- again

    Dave Rogers For The Record|Updated Oct 13, 2020

    Hurricane Laura destroyed seven Orange County homes, left 70 with major damage and 1,317 more with minor and light damage, according to the first damage assessments from the Category 4 storm that did its worst damage east of the Sabine River, in Louisiana. Michelle Tubbleville, director of special projects for Orange County, read the list gathered from surveying 1,394 homes negatively impacted by the storm. She presented it at Monday morning's emergency meeting of the Orange...

  • Updated Sep 7, 2020

  • Updated Sep 7, 2020

  • OFISD to restart 9/9; other schools 9/14

    Updated Sep 7, 2020

    Little Cypress-Mauriceville and West Orange-Cove announced Friday evening that their primary and secondary schools will not be able to hold class for at least another week because of damage done by Hurricane Laura. Barring discovery of further problems, Monday, Sept. 14 should see all area schools returning to the mission of education as much as is possible under the still-with-us COVID-19 pandemic, which first affected area schools in mid-March. Bridge City public schools...

  • High Tides feed employees after Hurricane Laura

    Mark Dunn|Updated Sep 4, 2020

    Ronda Dishon and staff at High Tides prepare poboy sandwiches for City of Bridge City employees in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura....

  • County closes POD food, water sites

    Dave Rogers For The Record|Updated Sep 4, 2020

    Due to the lack of need a week after Hurricane Laura came ashore, all of the four Points of Distribution (PODS) sites in Orange County were shut down Thursday afternoon. Before they did, they attracted lines of cars as much as a mile long and members of the Texas National Guard joined volunteers, both local responders from around the state and local communities loaded many truckloads of supplies into residents' cars. This from the Orange County Emergency Management Office's...

  • President, Governor praise county's storm response

    Dave Rogers, For the Record|Updated Sep 4, 2020

    President, Governor praise county's storm response Dave Rogers For The Record Twice in three afternoons last week, Orange County Judge John Gothia spent parts of some of the longest days of his life in made-for-TV lovefests. First it was the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. He congratulated all the area leaders for getting citizens to evacuate early. Then it was the President of the United States, Donald Trump, celebrating how relatively smoothly things went for Orange County w...

  • Generator scares keep fire department busy 

    Dave Rogers, For the Record|Updated Sep 4, 2020

    City of Orange Fire Chief David Frenzel told this week's emergency city council meeting his department has had "an immense amount of calls reported to carbon monoxide" because of improper use of gasoline-powered generators. Fire Marshal John Bilbo updated that intel Wednesday morning: "We're still getting a lot of calls. Our preliminary thought is the death we had the other day is going to be called CO-related, but we won't know for sure until we get the report back." Tyrone...

  • Trump supporters didn't mind the rain

    Mark Dunn|Updated Sep 2, 2020

    Enthusiastic supporters of President Donald Trump wait in the rain across from the Orange County Expo Center on FM 1442 in hopes of seeing the motorcade as it passed. Law enforcement cleared the roadways before the motorcade arrived....

  • Sherlock Breaux in the Creaux's Nest

    Sherlock Breaux, For the Record|Updated Sep 2, 2020

    THE TIMES ARE WHAT THEY ARE You wouldn’t believe the difficulty we have gone through getting this paper put together and published. We still have no electricity or internet service at our office and are working from a different location. Most of our staff still has no service and our delivery people are still out of town or dealing with major problems at their homes. I have nothing but praise for Mark, Dave, Janelle and staff who worked so hard putting this publication out und...

  • Presidential aircraft provides tip-off on Trump's trip

    Dave Rogers, For the Record|Updated Sep 2, 2020

    The Record Newspapers correctly predicted President Donald’s Trump to visit Orange Saturday, but blew it on the Ospreys. Photos from the Orange County Airport of two U.S. Marine Osprey Vertical Takeoff and Landing airplanes, each reportedly costing about $70 million to produce, and a green and white United States of America helicopter resembling the President’s Marine One showed up at the County Record offices Friday. At the time, a visit by the President had not been men...

  • Local Dem chairman fires Trump zinger

    Dave Rogers, For the Record|Updated Sep 2, 2020

    Orange Mayor Larry Spears Jr. wasn't the only elected official in the county that didn't get a visit with President Donald Trump Saturday afternoon. Orange County Democratic Party Chairman Jack Smith didn't make it out to the President's private meeting with local and state leaders held at the Orange County Convention and Expo Center to review local damage from Hurricane Laura. Unlike Spears, who tested positive for COVID-19 on a rapid test given by the President's advance...